books shycat reads

I’ve heard good things about Ms. Monette’s work, and so I was pleased for an opportunity to read something of hers. A very enjoyable set of stories. “The Venebretti Necklace” actually scared me; I’m not sure if I could’ve finished it (or slept that night) if it hadn’t been for the aid of the ever courteous Lady Juliet, one of my cats. “Elegy for a Demon Lover” made me sad; poor Booth needs someone to love him, and it kinda broke my heart that he can’t even remember the one being who did. I can’t decide if my favorite was “The Wall of Clouds” or “Listening to Bone,” though. The former activated my “main character is sick and needs to be taken care of” kink, and it let Booth really show his stuff.

But the opening to “Listening to Bone”… *shudder* Brilliant stuff. One of those “I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and write this because I am so jealous of the person who did” kind of stories.

“This is my bone. I want you to have it. (I got away from the bad man and I want to go home.)”