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“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”


Kung Fu Panda + LOK Parallels: [1/?]
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Truth Within A Lie

Title: Truth Within a Lie

Summary: What happens when your mom invites you to a family dinner and wants you to bring your boyfriend for the family to meet? Usually nothing, but when you are dating the fallen angel Lucifer, you have to expect for the worst.

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You looked down at your phone and sighed.  This was the third time your mother had texted you about this particular topic. You had been dodging it, deliberately not responding, but you knew this time you had to answer.

Mom: Family dinner @ 6:30 this Saturday.  I NEED to know if u r coming!!!


There was nothing wrong with going to your family dinner, the issue was every time you went everyone hounded you about what you were doing with your life.  A year ago, you were on the fast track to a law degree, but your life turned upside down when the Winchesters saved you from a rouge vampire.  You then dropped out of school and became a staple in the guy’s life as a sort of researcher, kinda like their friend Bobby.  You spent a few months traveling with them and you met him.  After a bad hunt, you decided you were in the way with the guys and got an apartment, making it a bit of a home away from home for when your two non-biological brothers stopped by.  But, you obviously couldn’t tell your family that, so you had made up little lies, but you knew that wouldn’t last too long.  You just couldn’t tell them the truth!  What were you supposed to say?  Oh, well, last year I almost got killed by a vampire, I got saved by two guys, who are now my best friends, and they let me travel with them for a while. And the cherry on top…I met the king of hell, Lucifer, you know, the devil?!  Oh, and if that isn’t enough, Lucifer and I are dating now.  

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Just let me appreciate Moffat’s book ends for a little longer

Still can’t get over how well Clara Oswald’s book ends were set up in Hell Bent. It could be tied back to all these:

  • 11th/Clara era’s:Run you clever boy and remember me.” (Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowman, The Bells of Saint John, The Name of the Doctor, Hell Bent)
  • 11th/Clara/12th era’s: “Be a Doctor.” (The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, The Whole Series 8, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent)
  • 12th/Clara era’s: “Just see me” / ”If I met her again, I would absolutely know.” (Deep Breath, Hell Bent)
  • 12th/Clara era’s: “Do you happen to know how to fly this thing? / Clara gets her own TARDIS and flies it like she is born to it. (The Time of the Doctor, Hell Bent)
  • 12th/Clara era’s: “I’m not your boyfriend.” / “I have a duty of care.” (Deep Breath, Hell Bent)
  • Clara Oswald: Short cut! / “Gallifrey, the long way round.” (The Snowman, Hell Bent)
  • Clara Oswald: “I don’t believe in ghosts.” / “Time isn’t healing. I am still frozen.” (The Bells of Saint John, Hell Bent)
  • Clara’s portraits (The Bells of Saint John, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent)
  • Songs: Carmen, Clara’s theme. (Asylum of the Daleks, Hell Bent)
  • The Doctor is finding Clara: (The Snowman, The Bells of Saint John, Hell Bent)
  • The Doctor/Clara, the ultimate mirror-self: Stealing a TARDIS and running away.
We Have Time (ReaderxSam)

Request: Could you possibly do one where Sam and the reader both like each other but are both oblivious to it an they hide flirts with playful banter and then one night Sam is out on a hunt and comes home to her pleasuring herself but goes to stop her but then she moans his name and then he watches then the next day he like teases her about it and then she gets all cocky about it and then they have like rough loving sex and then it has a cute ending Sorry it’s a long request but yeah x

Warning(s): all the good stuff~ smut, dirty talk, hair pulling kink, fluffy ending

Words: 3208

Note: Oh Sammy, you loveable giant. I don’t know what happened at the end…fluffy Sam gets me though :’) X

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ok so horrificsmut i wrote this earlier but holy shit the mobile app sucks.

this au has been bouncing around in my head for a while, but since i kinda have a hatred for food, i’ve been afraid i can’t write it. but maybe i can anyway:

geoff is a jaded food critic in new york, a town that chews writers up and spits them out, but fuck if everyone doesn’t just swallow his bullshit because. well, honestly, because he panders to his audience. he’s known for being a tough critic, a tense judge. he wishes he could be honest, could just eat good food and tell the world to give that restaurant business. but writing is its own business. he has to judge every little detail, has to slam a restaurant every now and then. okay, most times he slams them.

anyway, he’s jaded. just do the job.

and one day he walks into this little italian restaurant in brooklyn of all places, and he isn’t expecting much. ITALIAN, how CREATIVE. he doesn’t have a reservation, but as soon as the staff realizes who he is they’re apologetic and tell him he’d have a table right away. if they’d known he was coming it would be faster. here’s a glass of wine on the house.

it’s fast anyway, which is nice, and geoff settles in as his waiter helps him. he eyes the kid that stalks up to him, obviously forced to come do a job. he says hello, that his name is ray and he’ll be geoff’s server for the night. he reads off the specials, he points out the wines they have just for that weekend, and then he closes off and geoff knows he’s about to get some kind of bad news. an excuse, maybe. “hey, so, uh, i dunno if you knew this or not, but our head chef is out of town for the weekend. so if you wanted to, you know, come back next week it might be better.”

and geoff scoffs and orders a party’s helping of food, tasting each item once or maybe twice if it’s good. and it is good. he convinces himself that it’s just alright, despite the meat being perfectly cooked and the vegetables roasted on real fire for a smoky flavor. he picks out the minute details, because he won’t have himself writing one of his first heartfelt, excellent reviews on ITALIAN FOOD.

so he goes home and he writes his review and it isn’t scathing, no, but it isn’t great either. it’s just so-so. people eat it up, and geoff goes about his week. halfway through, though, he gets a call from an unknown number. he ignores it, and a few hours later he listens to the voicemail. it’s some kid, with a scratchy voice and a jersey accent, frustrated and requesting geoff come back to his restaurant - ohhh. geoff laughs it off and, yeah, he admires the kid’s spirit but he’s not going back.

and then one night, while geoff is at his favorite little hole in the wall coffee shop, he hears a commotion at the front. and he looks up to see this fiery redhead insisting he take two plates of foil covered food in, and they make eye contact and suddenly the kid is headed right for him. saying his name, setting food on his table, uncovering a steaming pile of lasagna. his voice matches the message geoff got earlier that week, and soon geoff is laughing out loud and setting his book down and asking how the HELL this kid found him.

and michael, he says his name is “michael jones, the guy you dissed behind his back, you know?”, tells geoff it isn’t exactly hard to find him. that asshole writer types like him are always in little shitty coffee shops, and that geoff has mentioned this one at least three times in reviews. he doesn’t have to be a detective to find him. and he tells geoff to eat.

so geoff eats and it’s fucking good, honestly. it’s really good. just enough ricotta to moisten handmade pasta, sauce that michael must have tried every two seconds to be sure it was cooked just right. he hums, watching michael watch him eat, and laughs. michael’s quick to dive into why he’s there, to tell geoff that he needs to reevaluate his food, that he needs to redact his review. and geoff almost chokes on his bite, shaking his head and leaning back into his seat.

he leaves michael there, still chuckling about it. he laughs about it for days, whenever it comes to him. as he writes his next review, he giggles. he just cradles the thought and the incident into the back of his brain, pulling it out whenever he hates his job and his life. whenever he thinks about the grumbling hum of the kid chef’s voice. whenever he thinks he might go back to that restaurant, just for the company. whenever he feels himself slipping out of the independent, successful, lonely as fuck lifestyle he’s cultivated for himself.

and as time passes he sees more and more of michael. he sees him at the grocery store, and michael comes up to him without any shame. he sees him at the coffee shop two more times, and he always goes back home with a plate of hot food. it’s fucking hard to forget the kid when he keeps poking his way into his life, keeps inSISTING that geoff give him a shot, that it wasn’t fair that he’d judged his restaurant when he wasn’t even there.

so geoff gives in a little. okay, he gives in a lot. he gives michael his address and one friday night, michael is on his doorstep with a huge tray, and with wine, and with a fucking caprese salad chilled so it won’t wilt. and geoff groans at the sight of the osso buco, and fuck if it isn’t the best meal he’s ever had in his life - better than his own cooking. better than any michelin star awarded restaurant he’s been to.

and michael’s funny and delightful and doesn’t even mention the review. he just pours geoff wine and eats his food and talks about his favorite episode of Always Sunny and about how he’s thinking of tripping over to italy for a real education. he asks geoff if he’s always liked food, if he’s a chef himself, if he cared more about the food or the writing. and geoff tells him. he finds himself gushing about writing, about how he doesn’t want to review restaurants anymore, about how he got into it to be an artist and he ended up some pseudo-celebrity with an ego he didn’t notice get too big.

they have a fucking good time, and it’s almost one in the morning before either of them notice, and geoff walks michael to his car for an awkward, mumbling goodbye. michael gets in his car, and before he heads on down the street, he rolls his window down to look at geoff with his brows raised and a dorky, almost-nervous smile on his face. and geoff shifts, glancing up the walkway to his house before back down to him, and michael laughs loud and shaky.

“jeez, geoff, how many meals do i gotta make before you realize i like you?”

anyway that’s all i got i’m sure they bang in the end

Between a rock and a hard place

Context: We have been playing a very weird VTM campaign. The party consisting of a Bali (who is doing her best not to live up to the clan stereotype), an Assamite (mostly chilling and waiting for people to stop being weird) and a Ventrue (ordered by the Counsil to babysit and monitor the two others who are fledglings). A LOT of shit has gone down. The Balis sire seems to be the villain. The Group heads to Egypt to fight it out and make him stop being evil. They get trapped in a tomb where the Sire explains his reasoning and forces the Balii child to read the book he is basing his theory on. She reads it, the Assamite reads it. The Sire is killed. They read it again. The Ventrue is chilling in the back trying his best just to not get involved.

B: So… As I am reading this… He was kind of right.

V: That is evil talk.

B: No… no, read this. This are signs. This has happened.

A: Shit. Here is a ritual, it binds the Keeper of the Book. That’s kind of you now, right?

B: Yeah I guess.

A: It binds the Keeper to … what does that say? The Guardian? 

B: Or truth seer, kind of ambiguous.

V: Can we go? We should go. Burn the book.

A: Okay, so this would prevent you from setting loose hell on earth?

B: Yeah, or at least make sure someone is there to stop me.

A: I’ll do it.

V: Are you? I.. I can’t even…

They do the ritual. Mr. Ventrue is upset. He thinks it is stupid.

B: Okay so now you are bound to me and can stop me good. So… I think my sire is right.

A: Me too.


A: No, no listen. Something old and dangerous is being kept at bay by this. It is… a lesser evil?

V: Didn’t that book describe sacrificing babies!?

B: Well yes but… you know.. sacrificing a few.. not all babies to save the rest of the world. That is… okay no?

V: You know what? Have fun with that! Here! I have 15 000 dollars on me, take it, take it and stay the fuck away from my life! I’m going home! You can have it all if you just stay the fuck away from Chicago!

B: I guess…

A: We need to research this.

Mr. Ventrue storms off to live his life trying his best to forget the Bali and Assamite he left in that Egyptian tomb.