books read by other people

reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling

The only books you need to be careful with are library books and other people’s books. You know why? Because they aren’t yours.

If you own the book, you own the book and can do whatever you want with it. If you are super careful when reading your books, that’s great! If you break the spine on every book you own, that’s awesome! They are your books! 

Respect other people that read differently than you. Y’all need to chill.


The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

I wouldn’t have written any books at all if I hadn’t taken this advice

I excavated my most private, never-discussed feelings and wrote them into a story. In the process, I learnt so much about myself. Reading my books may have changed people’s lives, but writing them certainly changed my own life. 

Always, always write those things you are terrified of saying aloud. 

My Opinion on the Zodiacs
  • Aries: Crazy bitches; lovable but god sometimes it's hard. Don't know whether they are about to yell or cry.
  • Taurus: Super awesome great perfect. A lottle materialistic, kind of stubborn, and makes friends when they are given food.
  • Gemini: I love Gemini's. Complicated on the outside, simpler on the inside. Don't talk about feelings bc they have so much they couldn't possibly describe.
  • Cancer: The perfect parent. Caring, protective, but catch onto and don't put up with bullshit. Usually funny and already know their zodiac sign
  • Leo: These fireballs go from gentle warmth, nurturing the Earth, to damn near roasting it in a second. Emotional, and yet deny emotion. Usually fun and flirty.
  • Virgo: The nerd friend who gets most of what they know from books or other people. Plays an instrument, reads the instructions but substitutes something different if they know better.
  • Libra: Not as balanced as you may think, they search for it more than find it. Indecisive and patient; hard to frustrate. Loves to care for people and will often sacrifice even needlessly.
  • Scorpio: Also emotional, but has no trouble hiding it. Come in a wide variety and it's often hard to point one out. If you want to get close to a Scorp be ready to be more open than them.
  • Saggitarius: The party guy of the zodiacs. Likes to have fun, go on adventures, and take risks. Never holds a grudge, and is usually an open book.
  • Capricorn: The perfect blend of capri-sun and corn. Maybe you like it maybe you don't. That is all.
  • Aquarius: Argumentative grammar Nazi's who can never keep an opinion to themselves. Some how still lovable. Frustrating yet funny.
  • Pisces: All you sweethearts out there, a thumbs up to you. If you've been hurt, it's okay to take a break but remember who you are.

The Book Thief → Travelling Book Project Edition 

In March 2014 I sent out this book, along with two others, to be read and written in by people all over Australia. This was the result. It is beautiful and wonderful and I will be forever grateful to everyone who participated. This is my favourite copy of The Book Thief now. 

Witch Tip - Book of Shadows / Grimoire Part 1

Just a few tips for your book:

- Don’t bother writing things into your book that don’t feel right to you or you simply don’t agree with/believe in.
(It’s pointless because you’ll never use it and you need faith in yourself and your magic for it to work, it’ll just be a waste of space and it will pee you off keep seeing it in your book)

- There’s not a set way to make your book- you don’t need to include all the sections and information other people include in theirs.
(You’re making this for your own reference, not to publish it as an all encompassing witchcraft guide for other people to read)

- Either get a book with movable pages and dividers or don’t bother trying to organise spells by type by leaving pages blank to enter more spells of that type in.
(It will do your head in. You’re bound to come to the point where you need to write another spell in but there isn’t enough room and then you’ll have one spell in your book that isn’t in the right section 😭 either that or you’ll end up with loads of spare pages dotted around inside your book that you desperately want to fill but you can’t think of what to fill them with… You can’t predict how much space you need for things!! So instead try…)

- Make a contents page.
(You don’t have to number the pages in case you decide you want to tear a page out at some point. Just list your spells, rituals, entries in order and you’ll be able to find them more easily 😊)

- Consider making your different spells easily identifiable when flicking through your book by using different ink for different types of spells.
(E.g. In mine I write the name of each spell in a colour and then write the directions in a normal pen. I use blue for blessings, purple for psychic and spiritual spells, pink for emotional healing… Fine liners are perfect for this 👌)

- Some people put all their spells, correspondences and diary entries into the same book. Others use separate books. Some people don’t bother making diary entries. Some people simply buy a book of correspondences… All are acceptable options- choose which works for you 👍

- Elaborate books with witchcraft symbols already on them are lovely. They’re also expensive and not necessary. If you want to treat yourself go for it, but a pretty note book works just the same 😊

- You don’t even need to have a physical book- you can keep scraps of paper in a ring binder, you can keep your notes and spells as a file on your computer, you can keep them in your notes on your phone… Kindle even provides you with your own kindle email address so you can email a word document to it and it appears as a readable book on your kindle!!
(Technology based book of shadows are perfect if you’re a secret witch- password protect your files!)

- When choosing your notebook choose one that actually appeals to you, rather than one that looks ‘gothic and stereotypically witchy’ unless that’s genuinely what you’re into otherwise you’ll regret it eventually. You want this book to represent you so be honest with yourself and don’t get too sucked into the image cos there’s nothing worse than having a book of shadows you can’t stand the sight of, especially when you then find another note book that would have been just right…

- Fountain pens are lovely but be aware that if you’re using water in your witchcraft there’s the chance you could accidentally splash your page and make your writing illegible and that would be really annoying and sad… 😔 consider fine liners or ball point pens unless you know you don’t tend to be clumsy!!

- A bookmark of some description is really handy in your book of shadows. If you’re using a ring bound book you can tie a piece of ribbon into the top spiral to use as a bookmark!

- Try to leave a little room under each spell/ritual in case you want to amend it in the future


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I’m re-reading “A New Dawn” and I never realized that there are so many women in this book that actually read like real people compared to other Star Wars books. With different personalities, strengths, weaknesses and actual speaking roles so to say.

I mean of course we have Hera, young and on a mission. Inexperienced perhaps but not taking any of Kanan’s shit or letting herself get distracted.

There’s Zaluna, having lived all her life looking and listening. Being thrust out of her comfort zone for the sake of her friend/found family who was taken by the empire.

Rae Sloane of course, a black woman captaining a Starship. Scheming her future in the Imperial Navy. (And shows up as a Grand Admiral in later books I believe.)
And her over the top chatty science officer.

Lal Grallik, the boss of Moonglow. Giant Besalisk. Happily married.

The patrolling stormtroopers with two pointed out as female, one of which was the squad leader. The way it’s mentioned seems very much like a big “fuck you” to the people going “women can’t be stormtroopers!”

It’s also nice that the reading perspective switches between the mains and that half of the main characters are female.

Judgemental Reader

I know you do it, I know because we all do. 
You’re sitting on a train, in a cafe, doesn’t matter where. 
The person across from you opens their bag and takes out a book, you glance up, make an assessment. Best friends? Or enemies? It looks like Twilight, oh no. How can they be reading such trash- wait. It’s not Twilight!
They break the spine, that’s okay. We can get past that. 
They fold back the book over, wait. Where’s the bookmark? Are they unfolding the page?
They’re a dog ear kind of person. Maybe this won’t work after all.
If I could just see the cover…

Shit, they seen me look. NowI look weird, now we’ll never be friends. 
I should take out a book. Then they’ll know we both read. Yes. They’ll know I was looking at the book and not being strange.

Why are they staring at me? 
They’re looking at my book!
They look like they’re judging my book? 
Hey, why are you shaking your head? 
It’s a good book! 

People can read what ever they want you know…… 

guys, we all hate sebastian but he’s a major character in the books. he’s the villian of 4 books of the mortal instruments.
it’s normal that i and other people that read the books are exicited to see him.
being exicited to see sebastian doesn’t mean ‘i like sebastian’.
i HATE sebastian with all my heart. he’s an abuser, he tried to rape his sister, he killed max and he did a billion of terrible things but i can’t wait to see who’s going to play him.

Ok but consider

(This is kinda long, I am sorry. I never write like this but i just had this idea and it fits so well with the klance nakey part in the trailer for season 2. So enjoy? Please tell me what you think!)

Keith can’t swim. Like, for his life. He is a pretty fast sprinter, can run for miles leaving the other paladins far behind and was at the top of his class in P.E. back at the Garrison. But he cannot do the swim.
He tried, really. He read all the books and studied the theory and watched other people do it plenty of times but. It just does not work. Also, the boy lived in the desert for a year so it has probably been a long time since The last time he has seen a body of water bigger than a sink. So not a good place to learn how to swim.
When the paladins land on an earth like planet and Lance hears that there is a BEACH and OCEAN there is no way to stop him from going. So they all go. Keith is a little nervous because he never told anybody about his little problem. It’s a weakness. It makes him vulnerable. And he suspects that he would never hear the end of it if Lance knew. And at first it is not a problem. After they find out that they won’t die if they touch the water, Lance and Pidge and Hunk jump right in and have the time of their lives because it has been so loNG. The rest just sprawl out on the beach and relax, just for a few hours. (Shiro mostly tries not to stare at Allura because she looks so dang beautiful with her hair shining in the sunlight like smooth ivory and pearls and her skin seems to glow from within and her eyes have the color of the sea and he should probably wear a hat because his face is suddenly very hot and red- he is really not that subtle.)
Pidge comes back after a while and they build a sandcastle with Coran because he never did it before can you believe?? Turns out Coran might really have missed out on something because he is really good at it and soon he and Pidge are competing for the best sandspacecastle and they turn out gigantic. Allura is the judge and she can’t decide because they are both so good so Pidge and Coran do a rematch. They won’t stop until there is a winner or someone surrenders. This could go on for ages.
And Keith just tries to relax. It’s not easy for him. Being out under the hot sun, surrounded by all the sand reminds him of his year in the desert. His survival instinct kicks in. He has the urge to go back to the castle and to the training deck and stay there for hours and just let himself go until he is ready to take on Zarkon himself. But when he closes his eyes and breathes, just breathes for a moment and does not think of the loneliness of the desert and the dark thoughts that haunt him sometimes, he can smell the sea and hear the calming sound of the waves and the laughter of his friends. His family. And it has been a long time since he has been this happy. And he might have fallen asleep, just a little, because he wakes up suddenly when someone grabs his ankles and his arms and he his hauled in the air and he doesn’t have time to comprehend what is happening because in the next second he finds himself thrown in the water. His head is underwater. He open his eyes but he can’t see much. Just a blur of blue and green and gray and stirred up sand and he panics. His feet don’t seem to touch the ground even though he would be able to stand if he was calm. He swallows water, wants to scream but can’t and it seems like hours until he feels arms around his body that pull him back to the beach. He coughs and pants and clings to the arms that still hold him. When his ears stop ringing he opens his eyes and sees Lance, kneeling over him with a worried expression on his face. The rest is not far behind, shocked, eyes wide and he thinks that he might look similar. And this is how everybody learns that Keith can’t swim. But really, nobody mocks him for it. Not even Lance. He and Hunk apologize approximately 300 times on the way back to the castle for just grabbing him and throwing him in the ocean. And Keith is not really mad. They did not know better. And they really look sorry. He is more ashamed of himself because even though nobody makes fun of him, he knows that He could have told them and trusted them. It would have been fine.
A new nights pass and nothing happens. The paladins fight a few Galra ships, train, eat, sleep, repeat. But one night there’s a knock on Keith’s door. He opens, bayard in hand, and is surprised to see Hunk and Lance standing in the hallway. And even more so when they tell him that they want to make up for ‘the incident’ at the beach. And it takes time, a long time to convince Keith to let them help him to learn how to swim. But after a few nights of sneaking out of bed at night and going to the pool (because yes, there is a pool in the castle but how would Keith know) he almost likes it. Some nights it’s both Lance and Hunk training with him. Some nights it’s only Lance while Hunk is in the kitchen to prepare a snack for them. And it is one of those nights when the alarm goes on, just when Lance and Keith are ready to go, already in their shorts and Hunk in the kitchen, in his apron and about to make some pancakes. There is no time so they just go straight to the control room. Questions are asked. Mouths are kept shut. Pancakes burn.

(Sorry again, English is not my first language pls don’t judge me)

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: why do people give writers such a bad rep? Why are people convinced that we sit around doing nothing all day and just stare at a computer screen and one day words magically appear and then they magically turn into a book and then we never have to write ever again because they think publishing a book means you’re set for life and can travel the world and never have to work again? Where does the notion that creating art is lazy come from when it used to be the most celebrated form of work in history? Why do people think that that writing isn’t a Real Job™ and just a hobby, and that writers somehow freeload their way through life to avoid the Real World™ and that all writers somehow live in a disconnected utopian fantasy and need to grow up? Why? Where does that come from?

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Broadchurch S2 is over. What are we gonna do now?

Now we wait