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February Book Haul

February may be the shortest month of the year, but just look at all them amazing books that I have been sent this month. So many books, so little time! It’s lucky that I have a fortnight off soon… I’m going to need to it catch up on my reading!

Also, check out the adorable Geekerella candle that Quirk books sent me, to say thank you for spreading the word about Geekerella. Marketing done right!

The Different Shades of You and Me: Blue Aura

Submitted by: duhlydiamartin

Description: This fic was inspired by a red paint shade called “Blue Aura,” by Behr paints. One night Lydia sleep walks her and when she wakes up she’s right next to Stiles. Stiles doesn’t seem too upset about it since this is the third time this has happened.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Angst, Comfort, Established Relationship

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practicallyinnocent  asked:

Hi and thank you for reblogging all things hilarious and cute and informative and everything inbetween. I stumbled upon your blog at random and have since become curious about your writing, but money is tight and I can't afford buying piles of books, and apparently you're not too well represented at my local (Swedish) library </3 So - where do I start? At your first publication or somewhere else?

There are so many free short stories online!  So many!

Try the archives at Lightspeed Magazine and Nightmare Magazine and Uncanny Magazine and my website.  That will let you decide whether you like the way I put words in a line.  If you do, the first book to snag is probably Rosemary and Rue.  It was my first, and there are things I would do differently now, but it tells you whether you like the way I put words in a very long line.

And then the world’s your mollusk.

William Nylander - Book Store fun

soemthing cute with william nylander? ily!

You made your way down the rows and rows of different shapes and colors of books. You ran your finger down the spine of the books on the bottom of the shelve as you read the letters on the spines on the top shelves. The book store was quiet just like you liked it. It made it easier to look through the millions of books. 

You took a sip of you hot tea and pulled out a book from the top shelf. You began to read the back of the book as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. 

“Ohhh what’s this one about?” William asked as he rested his head in the nook of your neck. 

“A murder of kids, I don’t know.” You giggled as you placed it on the side by you next to you. 

“Book pile?” William asked as he placed his book down on top of the pile of books you had. 

“Maybeee.” You smiled. 

“Gees, how many is that?” He asked as he became to count through your pile of books. “20…well at least I know you won’t be bored when am on the road.” He laughed as he kissed you cheeked. 

You kept looking through the books for a couple more minutes before you looked over at William who was already looking at you with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” You asked confused as you grabbed some of your books and made your way to the checkout. 

William grabbed the rest and followed you. 

“I just love watching you look through the books. You look so at home and at peace. I love it. Plus you make the cutest faces when you look at the books.” He laughs as the lady checks you out. 

“Your total is $233.50.” The cashier said with a smile. 

Before you could pull out you money William pulled out his card and gave it to the lady. 

“Thank you.” She said taking it and sliding it. 

“WILLIAM!” You yelled as you turned around. 

“What?” He laughed at you. 

“You just spent $233.50 on books for me, really. I would have gotten that.” You said feeling bad at the money he just spent. 

He just grinned and pulled you in to his chest while placing a kiss on the top of your head “One of those were mine!” He giggled as he grabbed the bags and card from the cashier. 


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furai-chan  asked:

!!!!! Amamatsu 15 from the prompt meme p l e a s e?

This probably wasn’t quite what you had in mind! Whoops. This is based around the fake spoilers that were circulating around the time the game first came out, however I’m putting it under a cut and tagging spoilers to avoid confusion.

Also on Ao3!

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on a scale of snape to snicket, how well are you gonna treat the orphaned kids of the married woman you loved?

We said goodbye to our fall interns a few weeks ago … and with no one opening the mail and shelving the books, well – it gets ugly fast. Weekend Edition editor and Friend of the Desk Barrie Hardymon demonstrates the appropriate stance when confronted with an out of control book pile. And the results:

Clearly, um, I need to follow Barrie’s example actually USE this book that just came in the mail to tame my cubicle.

Here’s to getting stuff cleaned out for the New Year!

– Petra “Too Many Books” Mayer