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Top 10 reasons to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

#1 Dr. Jesper Fahey

“Why is he looking at me this way.” (Kuwei)

“Kaz is wondering if he should keep you alive,” said Jesper. “Terrible for the nerves. I recommend deep breathing. Maybe a tonic.”

#2 True Friendship

“Are you hungry? We have chocolate biscuits.” (Nina to Inej)

“Oh sure,” said Jesper. “She gets the cookie hoard.”


“I’d tell you to ask the White Blade, but…” Inej shrugged. 

“I hope she suffered.” 


“What? We can’t both be merciful and serene.”


"You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.” 

“I think you’re ahead on that count.” 

“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

#3 The student becomes the teacher

“Wylan Van Eck, you lied to Kaz Brekker.” Jesper clutched a hand to his chest. “And you got away with it! Do you give lessons?”

#4 Mature and responsible adults

"I have been very patient with all of this, Jesper, but I am at my limit. I want you down here before I count ten or I will tan your hide so you don’t sit for two weeks.” Colm’s head vanished back down the stairs.

The silence stretched. Then Nina giggled. “You are in so much trouble.”

Jesper scowled. “Matthias, Nina let Cornelis Smeet grope her bottom.”

Nina stopped laughing. “I am going to turn your teeth inside out.”

“That is physically impossible.”

#5 Once again  Kaz being the bastard of the Barrel, the demon full of tricks, the mad man everyone feared  a 17 year old with a crush

His eyes scanned her face as they always had, closely, hungrily, snatching at the details of her like the thief he was—the even set of her dark brows, the rich brown of her eyes, the upward tilt of her lips. He didn’t deserve peace and he didn’t deserve forgiveness, but if he was going to die today, maybe the one thing he’d earned was the memory of her—brighter than anything he would ever have a right to—to take with him to the other side.


She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he mightdie to earn again.


Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured.

#6 Grisha characters cameo

Kaz’s eyes narrowed. “Sturmhond.”

“He knows me!” Sturmhond said delightedly. He nudged Genya with an elbow. “I told you I’m famous.”

Zoya blew out an exasperated breath. “Thank you. He’s going to be twice as insufferable now.”

#7 Jealous?! Me?! Never!

Kuwei turned to Jesper. “You should visit me in Ravka. We could learn to use our powers together.”

“How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim?” Wylan said with a very passable imitation of Kaz’s glare.

#8 True love understands

“You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.”

A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”

#9  I’m not crying. You are!

“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”

#10 Nice and peaceful things

"Genya Safin knows poisons like no one else, and David Kostyk developed all kinds of new weapons for King Nikolai.” She glanced at Matthias. “And other things too! Nice things. Very peaceful.”

i have never understood people who think musicals are boring/lame. they get away with way more violence, sex, social commentary, and profanity than mainstream movies do, just because its all done onstage in song form

and thats amazing

Top 10 reasons to read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

#1 Kaz’ first time

“You were first arrested at ten,” he said scanning the pages.

“Everybody remembers their first time.”

#2 Inej’s deepest desires

Inej crossed her arms. One minute he made her blush and the next he made her want to commit murder.

#3 Jesper being reassuring

“Just stay behind me and try not to get killed. Ready?”

Wylan shook his head.

“Then forget that I asked.”

#4 Nina

“It’s just so much easier to kill people than take care of them.”

#5 Ladies discussing their suitors with upmost esteem

“He was afraid for you.”

“Kaz isn’t afraid of anything.”

“You should have seen his face when he brought you to me.”

“I’m a very valuable investment.”

Nina’s jaw dropped. “Tell me he didn’t say that.”

“Of course he did. Well, not the valuable part.”


“How’s Matthias?”

“Also an idiot.”

#6 Kaz being the bastard of the Barrel, the demon full of tricks, the mad man everyone feared  a 17 year old with a crush

“You know i can do it, Kaz, and you know I’m not going to refuse. So why ask?”

Because i’ve been looking for an excuse to talk to you for two days.


He needed to know that she believed in him.

#7 Girl power

“It’s not natural for women to fight.” (Nina)

“It’s not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand.” (Matthias)

#8 Power of seductress

“Oh, I see. I’m the wicked Grisha seductress. I have beguiled you with my Grisha wiles!” She(Nina) poked him(Matthias) in the chest.

“Stop that.”

“No. I’m beguiling you.”

“Quit it.”

She danced around him in the snow, poking his chest, his stomach, his side. “Goodness! You’re very solid. This is strenuous work.” He started to laugh. “It’s working! The beguiling has begun. The Fjerdan has fallen. You are powerless to resist me.”

#9 Heartbreaking, emotional and painful love declarations

“Maybe I liked your stupid face.”

#10 101 Swearing with Prof. Jesper Fahey

“Prepared to hear the sound of certain doom?” he asked.

“You’ve never heard my father mad.”

“That sense of humor is getting progressively more Barrel-appropriate. If we survive, I’ll teach you how to swear.”

For those of you who might still need some more convincing I made part 2: Top 10 reasons to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo


Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
When Jace discovers that the sandwich he left in the fridge has gone missing he starts accusing everyone in the house of eating it. Alec tries to cool him down. 

I remember when you stopped saying “I love you.” Unless you were saying “I love you too.” And I remember when even saying that was hard for you.

And I remember the day that our blue suitcase on the top shelf of my closet disappeared, and so did the passion you had for me here and the fear of knowing you could leave me had vanished but so did the reason I ever felt purpose.

If Tumblr Was a Country

Everyone would be reading and sobbing and fangirling and walking at the same time, which would cause many accidents, but we would just find it totally awesome and sob and fangirl together (like “watch it !” “Could you just shut up ? my favourite character just died” “oh, honey ! What happened ?” *4 hours of crying and complaining and fangirling Iater* “uhm btw, what’s your name ?”).

Everyone would be so supportive and friendly, there would be no crime… until you insult their ships. You better run fast if you do so.

There would be libraries for everyone opened 24/7 and free Netflix memberships.

There would be Civil Wars of Fandoms and OTPs where people violently try to force their opinion on others instead of just enjoying this peaceful place but we’d still enjoy it because pain demands to be felt and you’ll definitely feel it when you insult my fandom/otp

Everyone is welcome, no matter how they look like, where they come from or whom they love.

Each part of the country is dedicated to a special Fandom (like Courts in ACOTAR), but every now and then we all have fandom gatherings where we just enjoy our lives together (and yes, it is a social event you’re allowed to read at in public.)

We’d send our parents postcards because all their worries got true : we got too involved with strangers on the internet… but it’s not particularly a bad thing.

Nobody would tell us to grow up or live in reality since we know how much comfort you can get out of books.

It’s a country where all of us will find a home, no mater how out of place we felt in the normal world every now and then.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely move there.

Filmlerle bir ömür

1- Amélie

“Hayat asla sahnelenemeyecek bir oyunun sonsuz tekrarından ibaret.”

2- The Pianist

“Bizi yaralarsanız kanamaz mıyız?
Bizi gıdıklarsanız gülmez miyiz?
Bizi zehirlerseniz ölmez miyiz?

Ve bize karşı yanlış davranırsanız,
intikam almaz mıyız?”

3- Les Misérables

“Görmek için Tanrı'nın suretini, başka bir insanı sevmeli.”

4- Into the Wild

“Düşüncelerimi anlatan kelimelerin git gide anlamsızlaştığını farkettim.”

5- The Hangover (1, 2, 3)

“Phil, banyoda bir kaplan var!“

6- Matrix (1, 2, 3)

“Kimse sana aşık olduğunu söyleyemez. Sadece sen bilirsin. Her şeyinle. Tüm bedeninle.”

7- Fight Club

“Dibe vurmadan özgür olamazsın.”

8- Léon: The Professional

“Uyku umrumda değil Leon, ben aşk istiyorum ya da ölüm…”

9- The Book Thief

“Gözlerin konuşabilseydi, ne söylerdi?”

10- 500 Days of Summer

“Tom, Yaz'la 8 Ocak'ta tanışır. Aradığı kişinin bu kız olduğunu onu görür görmez anlar. Bu, bir kızla oğlanın tanışma hikayesi. Ama şunu hemen söyleyeyim bu bir aşk hikayesi değil.”