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Pairing: Dean x friend!Reader, Sam x friend!Reader, John x Reader
Word count: 8,284
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, usual SPN stuff

Episode 2 of Season 1

By the time that Sam and Dean joined you, you’d failed to see anyone that was acting weird. Well, weirder than a normal human would in such a situation. The trunk was wide open, and Sam loaded up one of the guns, needing to do something with his hands. Dropping it back in, he slammed the trunk. “We got work to do.”

You had your back against the door, shoes on the floorboard, and your knees bent. The book you were currently working through was on your thighs, the fingers of your left hand resting gently on the bottom. Sam jerking awake scared the hell out of you, making you drop your book. Your heart was racing, but you understood. You’d been there yourself. Leaning down, you grabbed your book and found where you’d been.

Dean glanced over at Sam, looking a bit concerned, but said nothing. The three of you continued down the road, only Dean’s music wiping out the silence. Finally, once he was sure Sam was more awake, he spoke up. “You okay?” He asked simply.

Sam looked over at Dean, looking at him as if he’d asked a stupid question. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He lied, looking back out the windshield.

“Another nightmare?” Dean pushed. All he earned was Sam clearing his throat, not wanting to talk about Jess, or his nightmares. He’d have to sooner or later, or it’d make it so much worse. You’d found that out the hard way, and it had nearly gotten you killed. “Wanna drive for awhile?” Your eyebrows went up that that, surprised. Hell, you barely got to drive Baby, and that was only because John had told him to let you. Something about it was ‘his damn car’ first or something.

“Dean, not once in your whole life did you ask me that.” He looked amused, letting out a slight chuckle.

This time, Dean kept his eyes on the road. “Just thought you might want to. Nevermind.”

Sam had been staring at his brother in shock, but licked his lips and looked away. “Look, man, you’re worried about me. I get it, and thank you, but I’m perfectly okay.” He tried to convince Dean, not that it was working.

Sighing, you closed your book. “You’re a terrible liar, Sam.” You told him gently. “You are not ‘perfectly fine’. Pretty sure if you were, you’d be like…a sociopath or something.”

That wasn’t anything he wanted to hear, causing him to sigh and change the subject. Sam grabbed the map from the dash, ending the topic of his possible nightmares. “Alright.” He cleared his throat, looking over the many lines on the map. “Where are we?” Despite his voice still being soft, it was no less annoyed than moments before.

“We are just outside of Grand Junction.” Dean announced.

Sam folded the map in half and took a deep breath. “You know what? Maybe we shouldn’t have left Stanford so soon.” He thought out loud. Closing your eyes, you put your head back against the window.

“Sam, we dug around there for a week. We came up with nothing.” He reminded his younger brother. You knew he wasn’t saying it to be a dick, he was just being honest. “If you want to find the thing that killed Jessica–”

“We gotta find Dad first.” Sam cut him off, knowing where his mind was going.  

“Dad disappearing, this thing showing up again after 20 years?” Dean started, looking over towards Sam.

“That’s no coincidence.” You finished for him, knowing he was completely right. Anyone who thought differently was an idiot. “John will have answers. He’ll know what to do.”

Sam’s eyes never strayed from the map. “It’s weird, man. These coordinates he left us, this…Blackwater Ridge”

Shifting, you leaned forward to look over his shoulder. “What about it?” Dean asked, pretty much speaking for both of you.  

“There’s nothin’ there.” That was odd. “It’s just…woods.” Your eyes were trained on the red ‘X’ that had been quickly drawn beneath the coordinates that had been left by John. Sam dropped his hands and map to his lap. “Why’s he sending us to the middle of nowhere?” Sam asked, more to himself than anything.

You sat back, shrugging. “Dunno.” You replied, not that he was actually asking a question. “But, I’m gonna get some shut eye.”

Dean chuckled lightly. “Alright, sweetheart.” He glanced at you in the rearview. “Although, you have any ‘funny’ kinda dreams back there, I will not be held responsible for my actions. I can, and will, slam on the breaks to wake you up.” He teased.

“Jerk.” You chuckled, shaking your head.

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Angie Thomas’ debut novel follows 16-year-old Starr Carter, who lives in a gang-ravaged neighborhood but goes to school at Williamson Prep, where she’s only one of a handful of black kids. One day, she’s in the car with her friend Khalil when he is shot and killed by a cop. The case becomes national news, putting the dichotomy in Starr’s life into even greater relief.

Thomas tells NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro that, like Starr, she grew up in two very different worlds. “I went to a mostly white, upper-class private college … but I was from a neighborhood that is known for all of the wrong reasons and, for lack of better words, we will call it the hood. So I knew I had to fight against the stereotype of being a ghetto girl, and I had to fight even harder to show that I was intelligent and that I was capable of being there, just like my counterparts.”

Listen to our interview here: ‘The Hate U Give’ Explores Racism And Police Violence

Iron Fist Isn’t Bad. People are just Racist.

I watched it and based on the media I was expecting it to be somewhat disappointing. However, I loved it. I loved it more than I did Daredevil. I thought the plot was fun and Finn Jones is a GIFT. How dare you racist (and yes I do mean racist) people attack the show and lie about it because Danny Rand is white. It does not deserve the hate it is getting. Racism is defined as discrimination based on someone’s skin color and I have seen nothing but hate for Finn Jones based on nothing but being a white guy who is playing a character from a comic book released in the 70s and in case you guys didn’t know, Danny Rand in the comic books is white. If we changed Luke Cage to be white that would be the exact same thing and I would be just as pissed if not more so. Danny being white allows for a very special dynamic between him and Luke Cage.

When you write hateful things about Iron Fist because they didn’t hire an actor that has an Asian background,  it isn’t progressive; you are putting distances between cultures again by covering up that history between Danny and Luke and what that relationship stood for.

Iron Fist and Power Man were written as a way to bridge the gaps between two cultures during a time where that relationship was considered a little more taboo. They are best friends (Luke actually names his daughter “Dany” after him) and race didn’t matter to them. Luke didn’t care that Danny was white and that meant something at that time. This relationship means more with Danny being white because it helped overcome a great deal of racial disagreements; it showed a black man and a white man could have that relationship that was entirely accepting and respectful of both cultures despite those cultures having a history of bad feelings.

 I’m not saying I don’t want other cultures to be represented; of course I do, I’m just saying I like that Marvel honors the comic book origins especially when it has that unique history. My message here is; don’t hate Iron Fist because he’s white. Watch the series and if you hate it that’s fine but actually look at the series and not just the skin color. 

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I asked wheather God was black or white
A deep sigh. “ Oh boy … God’s not black. He’s not white. He’s a spirit. ”
“Does he like black or white people better ?”
“ He loves all people. He’s a spirit.”
“ What color is Gods spirit ? ”
“ It doesn’t have a color ,” she said. “ God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.”
—  The color of water