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Hooow about... Nr. 3? I would just send a picture of a heart that I doodled somewhere... but maybe you're more interesting....

Aww that heart would bring so much joy though. Literally spreading love :D

And uh… idk about mine. I’m a bit embarrased because apparently… the last thing i drew is a serious all out thing that i never bothered to finish… and it wasn’t royai… *blush*

*runs away sCREAMING*

Yesterday I had a friend tell me how one of her close friends has a whole bunch of succulents, and she has given each one the name of her close friends. She nurses them, takes care of them, talks to them, and if one ever starts to get sick or not grow well, she talks to the friend in question and something is almost always bothering them.

And if that isn’t one of the cutest examples of subtle green witchcraft I don’t know what is.


Skipping school to go on a road trip with Stiles.

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My ML art book came in yesterday, so I decided to play with some of Chat Noir’s early designs because some of them are super neat!

I personally love the idea of his hair being black-tipped and shaped like cat ears and kind of wish that detail had made it to the show. The creepy, soulless looking eyes? Not so much…

(I still adore that beanie.)

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“Marcello, Marcello…La rincorsa del sole non sarebbe stata così intensa e ricca di soddisfazione senza Marcello. Il suo sguardo dolce, il suo sorriso buono mi hanno sempre accompagnato, dandomi sicurezza, gioia, e mille altre emozioni. In effetti, dodici film insieme lasciano il segno. La prima volta io avevo vent'anni e lui trenta. L'ultima, lui settanta e io sessanta. In mezzo, una lunga amicizia, densa di affetti e tenerezza, che sul set sapeva illuminarsi di passione. La nostra alchimia non ci ha mai tradito. L'intesa che ci univa -di volta in volta sexy, allegra, malinconica, ironica, sempre profondamente umana- era così spontanea, che in molti si sono chiesti se tra noi ci fosse davvero qualcosa di più. E noi abbiamo sempre sorriso, alzando le braccia: ‘Niente di niente! Sono i miracoli del cinema, e della vita.’ Marcello lo confermò persino in pubblico, scherzando con Enzo Biagi che gli chiedeva di noi: ‘La donna con cui ho avuto la storia più lunga è Sophia…la nostra vicenda dura dal 1954…’ E poi, continuando più serio: ‘Mi piace il fatto che Sophia non sia solo una brava attrice, ma una persona vera. Tra noi non c'è stato nulla. Un affetto profondo: dire fraterno è anche banale, perché è qualcosa di diverso.’
Ancora oggi non so dire dove stesse il segreto del nostro successo. Quel che è certo è che ci divertivamo moltissimo, e credo che trasparisse dai nostri film.”

-Sophia Loren, da “Ieri, Oggi, Domani. La mia vita.”


There will only be yesterday, only the fading land, / […] Where the beautiful faces wait, and the faithful friends. / They will people your mind. / You will never touch their hands.
—  George Woodcock, from “Imagine the South,” The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse in English, chosen by Margaret Atwood (Oxford University Press, 1982)
On 2 November 1973, John, George and Ringo counter-sued Klein for alleged misrepresentation. Klein counter-counter-sued, demanding $19 million in back fees and damages. A separate attempt to pursue McCartney individually for $34 million was thrown out of court. During the early days of the Klein litigation, which came to occupy some forty attorneys, the Lennons split up.  For most of the next sixteen months, John lived with Yoko’s young assistant May Pang. After a particularly heavy session with the lawyers (he was also fighting deportation) Lennon would flop into his music room, pick up a guitar and tear into a primal-scream version of ‘Yesterday’. Sometimes he tried a little writing of his own. Usually he just sank further into the one Beatles song he never quite got over. Friends would find him sitting in the dark, lost in Paul’s ballad.
—  Christopher Sandford, McCartney. (2005) [Note: I would advise caution for anyone interested in reading this biography, as the credibility isn’t exactly sterling and the authenticity of some of the accounts Sandford provides can’t be easily vouched for. That being said, for anyone with a notion of John’s documented preoccupations and/or a fannish inclination for speculation of the same, the image conjured by this quote is curious and striking.]