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My pictures from Bachelors Grove, the path to it, and the quarry pond behind it. It ended up raining. I feel a little shaken but I literally just finished reading a book about this place yesterday, so the legends and history are fresh in mind. I went here once with my dad when I was 15, during the day on a weekend in October. So there were many other people and nothing felt at all weird. I was completely alone there today. There were corners I couldn’t get myself to walk through. A squirrel chattered really loudly and scared the crap out of me. The pond was full of ducks.

I doubt I will ever see the infamous disappearing house or the hooded figures or the weird lights; you couldn’t catch me dead here at night. But today felt just a tiny bit on the side of uncomfortable. I’m not stupid; I was in the forest, there was wind, it had started sprinkling. It very easily could have been a twig from the breeze that hit my back. It just felt significant enough that I immediately turned around, I don’t know. But I grew up so scared of this place that I would cry when we drove past it, and I’m proud that I was able to just stroll in by myself. Don’t know if I would do it alone again, though.


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)


From debut through two incredible comebacks and all the fun times in between, congratulations KNK on reaching your first anniversary! Tinkerbells everywhere are so proud of you, and we cannot wait to spend many more years supporting you!


For @thisshouldbegayer who has a lot on her shoulders at the moment and requested wolfstar hugs.