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Hey, you recently made a post asking booksellers why they put stickers on the books. I’m in the used books business and we actually use ronsonol lighter fluid to remove the stickers. It turns the adhesive into liquid so they can be removed with something sharp like a letter opener and you can wipe away the residue. Also the lighter fluid dries totally fast and without damage to the book at all. Hope this helps. 📚

Finally. No more messy sticker removal! 🙌🏼 

Hey Guys, so for those who wish to join in..
It was fast & testimony today in my ward. I would like to share mine, you’re all more than welcome to do the same in the reblogs(or post it separately in the Mormon tag). I’m going to talk about how the Lord has us in our trials.

• In the book of Matthew in the Bible there is the account of the Saviour walking on water and beckoning for Peter to come to Him. When we are baptised we covenant to come unto Christ and to follow Him, and the Saviour asks this of us daily. Just like in the account with Peter Christ is to be our focus in our lives. Peter walked out to the Saviour and instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus he looked at the choppy waves and winds around him. I think we do this in our lives occasionally too much. When trials come upon us and life around us seems to be crashing down upon us, when the adversary sends his storms we lose focus on the Saviour and fear installs our beings, just like Peter we begin to drown. We drown in our trials, sorrows and life’s difficulties and forget the mark which is the Saviour. Peter called upon the Lord to save him when he realised he was about to go under and drown. We must do this also when we feel like we are drowning because of life. Just like the Saviour did with Peter, He will save us IF we call out to Him and ask Him.
Brothers and Sisters you will and probably are experiencing hardships in your lives and things may be hard at the moment, but I promise you that if you keep focused on the Saviour and call upon Him when you need to then you can have joy amongst your trials, faith instead of fear and you can be saved each time. The Saviour has you, and whether you want Him to or not He will always want to save you. He loves and cares for each one of you and He cares about how you’re currently feeling and what you’re going through, He’s been there before for you personally in the garden of gethsemane and He was chosen to be your Saviour. He wants to help and I know He can.
When upon life’s billows when you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost.. please please please seek out your Saviour.

I love each and every one of you.
Have a wonderful Sabbath Day however you’re spending it, with your family, partner, pets, in Gods creation, at work.. whatever. Just know your Saviour wants to know you, hold you, help you… and that He has a love for you deeper than any ocean and stronger than anyone you have met or will meet upon this earth.

If you no longer have a relationship with Him, OR it is lacking.. ORRR you have never had one, yet.. I want you to know He misses you and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. However you worship, however you want to conduct your lives.. the Saviour loves you and will never give up on you.

He’s pretty rad like that ❤

“She seems different. She’s broken. Her eyes don’t light up the same and her smile isn’t genuine anymore. She’s not herself. I don’t know what to do. I can’t give up on her. She saved me.”

“You just have to save her back.”

“But how do you save a saviour?”

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4 // D.P

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Do you think there's any change of Maas saving the moral issues in her books? Is there any coming back from the damage already inflicted?

Maybe in a couple of years she will become a better writer, but I don’t see this happening in T0G #6 or AC0WAR. The morals in her books have never been that good. T0G has always been a white saviour story and AC0TAR is still sexist (because it’s 100% about the fae and the fae are sexist). 


“Thank you for finding her for me,” my saviour said to them, smooth and polished. “Enjoy the Rite.” There was enough of a bite beneath his last words that the faeries stiffened. Without further comment, they scuttled back to the bonfires.
I stepped out of the shelter of my saviour’s arm and turned to thank him.
Standing before me was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.”

You,“ I breathed, not taking my eyes from the musicians playing so skillfully that even the diners had set down their forks in the cafe’s nearby. "You sent that music into my cell. Why?”
   Rhysand’s voice was hoarse. “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Guys. Omg guys. His son is my saviour.

Thomas and Teresa's telepathy: a resume.
  • Thomas: um no i don't like her inside my mind it makes me so uncomfortable she shouldn't be able to invade my privacy just like that this is not okay i'm not letting her in again nope the next time she speaks to me i'll just ignore her yeah that's my plan i just met her she can't go around my mind as she pleases.
  • Teresa: Hey.
  • Teresa: lol just wanted to say hi bye.
  • Thomas: teREEESAA