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LGBT book list

Hey! I’m the anonymous who sent you an ask earlier about having an LGBT book list. I don’t have tumblr, hence the message :) So I’ve broken it into two major categories, and tried to include books from as many different genres as possible, so that there’s a wide variety for people to choose from.

Books whose major characters are LGBT and/or have LGBT themes:

Basically anything by David Levithan (YA)

If I Was Your Girl: Meredith Russo (YA)

Symptoms of Being Human: Jeff Garvin (YA)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky (YA)

Carry On: Rainbow Rowell (YA)

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Benjamin Alire Saenz (YA)

Every Heart a Doorway: Seanan McGuire (YA)

I’ll Give You the Sun: Jandy Nelson (YA)

Basically anything by Poppy Z. Brite (horror and general fiction)

The Raven Cycle: Maggie Stiefvater (YA)

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda: Becky Albertalli (YA)

Ask the Passengers: A.S. King (YA)

The Pants Project: Cat Clarke (MG)

The Song of Achilles: Madeline Miller (fiction)

Basically anything by Sarah Waters (fiction)

Nightrunner series: Lynn Flewelling (fantasy)

Valdemar: Last Herald-Mage series: Mercedes Lackey (fantasy)

None of the Above: I.W. Gregorio (YA)

Middlesex: Jeffrey Eugenides (fiction)

One Man Guy: Michael Barakiva (YA)

More Happy Than Not: Adam Silvera (YA)

The Art of Being Normal: Lisa Williamson (YA)

Gena/Finn, Not Otherwise Specified: Hannah Moskowitz (YA)

This is Where it Ends: Marieke Nijkamp (YA)

Tonight the Streets Are Ours: Leila Sales (YA)

The books in this part of the list have characters that are LGBT, but play only minor roles, or you don’t know about it until late in the book etc.

Books featuring minor LGBT characters:

Lola and the Boy Next Door: Stephanie Perkins (YA)

American Psycho: Bret Easton Ellis (fiction)

Garden Spells, Lost Lake, First Frost: Sarah Addison Allen (fiction)

Ready Player One: Ernest Cline (science fiction)

Emmy and Oliver: Robin Benway (YA)

The Millennium trilogy: Stieg Larsson (mystery/thriller)

Noggin: John Corey Whaley (YA)

Extraordinary Means: Robyn Schneider (YA)

Elusion, Etherworld: Claudia Gabel (YA)

Sarah’s Key: Tatiana de Rosnay (historical fiction)

Passenger, Wayfarer: Alexandra Bracken

And these books are ones I haven’t read but I believe have LGBT characters:

The Miseducation of Cameron Post: Emily M. Danforth

Rubyfruit Jungle: Rita Mae Brown

Keeping You a Secret: Julie Anne Peters

Fun Home: Alison Bechdel

Girl Walking Backwards: Bett Williams

Ash: Malinda Lo

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children: Kirstin Cronns-Mills

The Bermudez Triangle: Maureen Johnson

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart: J.C. Lillis

Annie on My Mind, Holly’s Secret: Nancy Garden

And the Band Played On: Randy Shiltz

Am I Blue?: Marion Dane Bauer

Maurice: E.M. Forster

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel: Sara Farizan

Lies We Tell Ourselves: Robin Talley

The Price of Salt, or Carol: Patricia Highsmith

Everything Leads to You: Nina Lacour

Luna: Julie Ann Peters

Written on the Body, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit: Jeanette Winterson

From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun: Jacqueline Woodson

The Color Purple: Alice Walker

More Than This: Patrick Ness

I am J: Cris Beam

For Today I am a Boy: Kim Fu

Hero: Perry Moore

Brokeback Mountain: Annie Proulx

Blue is the Warmest Color: Julie Maroh

Okay, I think that’s all I have for now, though I know I am missing a lot of books. This is a good start though for people looking for something to read. I’ve read all of these except for the last list, so any questions or recommendations, I am happy to provide. Also, I’m always up for chatting with a fellow johnlocker. The only friend I have who watches Sherlock is firmly in the ‘Sherlock is asexual, but if he loved anyone it would be Molly’ camp >_< Anyway, I love your blog. Keep up the great work. Cheers!


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Wowee! Thanks for the fabulous list, Kami! I hope this will help out all of my followers looking for some literature!! :)

Cold Imprint (Carlisle Cullen)

Originally posted by panlight

Pairing: Carlisle Cullen/Wolf!Reader
Warning(s): Injury mention
A/N: Wooo carlisle. i dont think i have written for him yet. Also sorry this sucks big time, my writers block was preventing me to do crap.
Request:  Can you do a fic where the reader is a wolf and gets caught in a bear trap and her imprint carlisle helps her?

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I dunno Derek Landy I think a Skulduggery Pleasant musical would have the potential to be fantastic

Preferences: When on Your Period

For @rowanismybae @writergash @aroyalbluedragon and Anonymous

Preference Tag List: @starzablaze @writergash @illyriangoddess (let me know if you want to be added to this tag list!)

These are a little shorter than usual because there are twenty two of them and I had to share the wealth.


He doesn’t normally eat sweets, but with you, once a month, he will make an exception. He knows all of your favorite treats, stocking up the bedroom with them and the two of you work together to get through it all. There’s chocolate and sour candies, gummies and chips, cookies and icecream. Once, he even tried to make a batch of blueberry muffins because he knows you like them and you both decided that he should stick to cooking instead of baking. Rowan knows that during this time, food is the way to your good graces, and he always delivers.


Cuddling. You and Rhys cuddle all the time, but when you are on your period, somehow it ends up happening even more. He wraps the two of you up in tons of blankets, like eight pillows stuffed around your heads, and allows you to figure out the configuration of your bodies. Sometimes, your legs can be entwined, other times your knees are up and you’re tucked under his arm. He lets you lay on top of him, using his chest as a pillow as he runs soothing patterns up and down your spine. It relaxes you to no end.


You curl up in the blankets next to her, your head on her lap and Aelin will read for hours. She will go through two books in one cycle and her melodic voice distracts you from any sort of discomfort. She does funny voices for all the characters, and makes comments here and there about how something is stupid, or how she would have written it differently, etc. And the books range in genre depending on your mood. And Aelin always knows. One look at you on the first morning and she just shrugs, ‘Sci-fi adventure it is.’ and then heads to the library, coming back later with a stack to choose from.


With her artistic abilities, Feyre is amazing at painting nails. So, when it’s your time, she sits down and gives you a pedicure, massaging your feet before painting little flowers on your toes. When she’s done, she’ll cap the bottle and place kisses up your body, making you melt under her touch. When her lips finally reach your own, you pull her into a passionate kiss to thank her for the treatment. You can’t go too far though because Feyre will not be happy if you smear the wet nail polish on the sheets.

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so i’m reading the book blue remembered earth by alastair reynolds. it’s such a complicated piece of science fiction with intricate detailing of science fact. it’s just so obvious that the author was an astrophysicist. it’s evident that he knows his stuff and every passage is so eager to share the knowledge that he’s accumulated.

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Inside Choices: It Lives in the Woods

BOO! Halloween’s almost here, and we at Pixelberry love celebrating the spookiest time of year. We’ve got pumpkin carving, tons of candy, and a new horror book! The newest Choices book It Lives in the Woods is a nightmarish look at past and present terrors. Can you fight off the monsters that lurk in the woods? And will your friends survive the encounter? It’s all up to you in It Lives in the Woods!

I followed the sound of eerie, haunted wails to find the writers all crouched around a single laptop in the woods. To find out what the writers behind It Lives in the Woods have to say, keep reading… if you dare!

It Lives in the Woods is the second horror book in Choices. What is this one about?

Kathleen: Okay without spoiling too much, It Lives in the woods is a lighthearted woodland romp full of fuzzy friends and cool nature facts! It’s fun AND educational! …LOL, JK. Do not go into these woods. There’s something in there. Something old and powerful. Something you and your little friends should never have toyed with. Now it’s reawoken, and it wants you to come back to play…

Are there any new gameplay features in It Lives in the Woods? What’s the deal with Nerve? More specifically, are we all doomed?!

Kathleen: The major one is Nerve Scores, which are basically a measure of how well a character is at dealing with the terrifying stuff happening to/around them. Nerve scores start out high, and are gradually chipped away over the course of the book as things get scarier and scarier. I think horror stories are most compelling when you can see the toll that the scary events are taking on the characters. With Nerve, we’re trying to incorporate that feeling in a way that’s realistic, but still gives players some control over the outcome (certain choices you make can boost those scores back up!). Other than that, we’ve got some awesome animations, and a sick new inventory system that I’m really stoked about :D

This is basically standard procedure for Inside Choices at this point, so you know what I’m gonna ask. Who can we date in this book?

Kathleen: So many people, hahaha. We’ve got guys and gals, tough rebels and popular kids, all super cool (and hot) in their own way.

To be honest, I was pretty freaked out playing the first two chapters. (I may have screamed in the office.) Do you ever scare yourself when you’re writing?

Chelsa: Very few things scare me, except for like repaying my student loans and, in general, dolls. I will say I got chills playing some of the scenes in these first few chapters and there was some screaming involved, though less of the scared kind and more of the ‘YAAAAASSSS’ kind.

Kathleen: Never, except for those times when I was mid-spooky scene and you suddenly tapped on the window that’s right next to my desk because you are an EVIL PERSON, JESSICA.

#SorryNotSorry, Kathleen! So in this book, you’ve got both friends and foes. Who is your favorite character?

Brandon: Ava is really fun (snarky characters all day every day). I’m also enjoying writing for Andy a lot. In general, it’s just pretty cool to write for such a diverse cast as It Lives has. It can feel a little scary sometimes—putting these characters through the unsavory stuff that pops up in a horror story, while still trying to be inclusive and respectful—but it’s also super important. It’s exciting to explore the kinds of characters and subject matter that videogames don’t tackle very often.

Chelsa: Ava hands down. Around the office we’ve been describing her as 'if me and Kathleen had a baby’ but somehow more sarcastic? I also really love Britney, but I will never say no to writing a mean girl.

Kathleen: Hahaha, I was gonna say Ava but I had a feeling everyone else would pick her too so I’m gonna talk about someone else. I have a special soft spot for Jocelyn, partially because physically intimidating women are so rare in fiction, and partially because she’s a much-needed source of comic relief in a pretty dark story. Here’s hoping she learns the error of her ways and stops being such a jerk to people.

What’s it like to write for a horror book as opposed to a series belonging to a different genre?

Chelsa: When I first started working for Choices I was asked what my dream book to work on would be and horror was number 2 on my list. Up until now I’ve been leading The Sophomore, so working on It Lives was definitely a change but one that I couldn’t be more excited about! It’s been really fun branching out and working in the romance genre, but working with these guys on It Lives feels like getting back to basics.

Brandon: So, when I wrote for The Crown & The Flame, one thing I think I leaned on pretty heavily was a lot of big florid event texts and descriptions. In practice, though, those don’t work very well in a horror game, as they really kill the momentum. So that shift has entailed a lot of adjustment. And red ink. And sobbing.

Kathleen: I’m just stoked that I get to use modern slang in dialogue. Writing in fantasy-speak all the time is hard, man.

Sounds like It Lives in the Woods will be the ultimate test of courage. Any final advice for players?

Chelsa: For the maximum spooky experience, PLAY WITH YOUR SOUND ON. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kathleen: Be nice to your friends <3

Brandon: (frantically scribbled in blood) RUN

Yikes! To those reading along: What do you think of the new horror book? With the holidays on the horizon, we’ve got plenty planned - including a brief return to Rules of Engagement with Newlyweds, a holiday special epilogue, and other new books that might just be set on a certain mysterious island…


When is writing advice worth following?

I’m a big fan of taking all ‘writing rules’ with a grain of salt. But when are they truly worth listening to, and when will they only slow you down?

Four key things to consider when judging writing advice:

(1) Every reader enjoys something different. There is no perfect way to write, because all readers favors different types of characters, different story lines, different forms of prose, different genres, different books. If you have a story, there is someone out there who will enjoy it, no matter how many ‘writing rules’ it breaks.

(2) Rules on how to write prose are not quite the same as rules on how to write a story. Prose varies greatly between writers, and it changes based on genre and era. Read advice on how to write prose, but pick and choose whatever fits your personal style. Story has many theories and standards. Read advice on how to build a story and then evaluate it based on how well it fit with the stories you personally find enjoyable.

(3) Your genre has its own rules. If you want to publish your work, then write however you wish. But if you are interested in publishing someday, know what writing advice is generally seen by most publishers as a rule within your genre, and differentiate that from what is merely personal preference between individual writers.

(4) Books impact their readers. Just because there is an audience for everything does not necessarily mean that all stories need to be written. Always consider the effect something might have on any readers who happen to pick up your book. If a piece of writing advice tells you to be conscientious of how you portray something that’s potentially problematic, then be conscientious. 

So, do take all writing advice with a grain of salt, but dismiss things only once you’re certain they don’t align with your writing goals. 

Happy salting…?

You Accidentally Hit Them in Their Private Area // Seventeen Reaction

Requested: Yes

I haven’t seen any reactions on your blog, so can you make a seventeen reaction when their gf accidentally hits their “private part”? 😂 (if all 13 members is too much just the performance unit is fine) thank you~~

Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting! I was able to do a reaction for all 13 members. I like to do little scenarios with my reactions, so a couple of them got a little lengthy. I hope that’s okay. Also, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I had mid-terms and two analysis papers to write for my Advanced Composition class, but hopefully I’ll have time to write more often. Thank you!


Originally posted by sevixxteen

Seungcheol and I have been in a relationship for a couple years now, so it isn’t uncommon for me to sleep over at the dorm. After a long day of work for the both of us, we figured that it would be best for us to get some sleep. After I got ready for bed I climbed under the covers with him as he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face into his chest, “Goodnight, oppa.” He kissed my forehead, “Goodnight, babe. Get some rest.” Soon we both dozed off into a deep slumber, but Seungcheol was soon awaken by a sharp pain in his lower region. Clutching his private parts, he looked to his right in confusion only to see me still asleep, but moving around. He quickly realized that the pain in his lower region was caused by me kneeing him in the crotch. “Aish, what am I going to do with you?” he questioned even though I was asleep and couldn’t hear him.  


Originally posted by junghan

Jeonghan and the boys got home from practice early that evening, so the two of us decided to watch some movies together. After a while we both got bored and started goofing off. I loved hearing his laugh because it was contagious and the only way I knew to make him laugh was to tickle him since he is quite ticklish. Running my hands up his sides, he began to squirm and laugh, “Stop,” He grabbed both of my wrist and held them above my head as he began to tickle me. I happened to be more ticklish than he was. Laughing, I tried to break free from his strong grasp, but failed to do so. My legs flailed uncontrollably, which ended up coming into contact with his lower region. Instantly, he let go of me so he could cover his private area. Groaning, he gave me a death stare, “What the hell was that for?” I shrugged my shoulders, “You know how ticklish I am,” I giggled, “Maybe you shouldn’t have done that and you wouldn’t have gotten nailed in the crotch.”


Originally posted by visual-17

For some reason Joshua thought that it was a good idea to try to teach me some cords on the guitar. “Joshua, this is not going to go over so well. The last time I tried to teach myself to play the guitar I ended up breaking it.” Grabbing my hand he pulled me over to his bed, “That’s because you didn’t have me as a teacher.” I laughed as I sat down, “I doubt that you’ll be able to teach me. I’m hopeless.” “Nonsense.” he said and shook his head as he grabbed his guitar. Walking over to where I sat on his bed, he gave me his guitar and climbed on the mattress behind me. Blushing, I pushed a loose strand of hair behind ear as he wrapped his arms around me. He placed his hand on the neck of the guitar and strummed the strings a few times causing a beautiful sound to emit from the guitar and echo throughout the room . He placed my hands on the neck of the guitar as he showed me what to do. I attempted to follow his instructions, but I eventually got fed up after a couple hours because I was not making any progress. Not aware of the fact that Joshua moved slightly to the left, I threw my hands up in the air and let out a exasperated sigh, “I give up!” I brought my hands down and my left hand collided with Joshua. Looking over my shoulder, I seen Joshua cup his crotch and slightly scrunch up his face. “Oh my gosh! Joshua, I didn’t mean to do that. How bad does it hurt?” I questioned as I rubbed his arm. His face didn’t show anymore signs of pain and he removed his hands from his crotch, “It’s okay, it didn’t hurt that much,” He noticed my guilty expression and tried to comfort me, “I was more surprised and caught off guard, so don’t worry about it.” I laughed at myself and shook my head, “Told you I was hopeless.”


Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

The boys had a day off of practice and decided to spend the day at the dorm resting. Jun invited me over since his busy schedule has prevented me from spending a lot of time with him. We were the only two in his room, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It started off with a simple peck on the lips, but it soon escalated into a heated make out session. We were sitting on the edge of his bed when he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned back onto the bed. I trailed kisses down his neck and to his collarbone, which was were his sweet spot was. He moaned quietly and I started to climb onto his lap. I ended up losing my balance and  kneeing him in the crotch. He swore and pushed me off of his lap as he covered his private parts. “Oh my gosh, Jun! I lost my balance, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” I rubbed his back, “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” As soon as those words left my mouth Jun smirked, “Anything? I can think of a few ways you can make it up for me.” I shoved his shoulder and giggled, “Maybe you deserved that you cocky bastard.”


Originally posted by fyhoshi

When Hoshi was younger he used to do taekwondo, but his love for music and dance took over. He loved doing it, but he doesn’t have time to anymore since he’s been busy with Seventeen and their music. Even though he doesn’t have time to go out and practice anymore, he still likes to mess around and show off some of his moves. We were in his room at the dorm when he somehow talked me into having a little competition with him. I didn’t know anything about taekwondo, so he showed me a couple of the basic moves. We went on for a half an hour messing around when Seungcheol called out for him. “Yeah?” he yelled back. He was too distracted by his hyung and put his defences down, but I wasn’t paying attention, so I swung my leg up towards him and my foot collided with his private area. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. He collapsed to the ground and cupped his crotch as he groaned in pain. “Soonyoung! Oh my gosh!” Panicking, I rushed out of his room and towards the kitchen. While gathering a bag of ice, Seungcheol questioned me as I left the kitchen, “What’s going on? Are you okay?” As I rushed past him and the boys towards Hoshi’s room, I only managed to say squeak out the three words, ‘taekwondo’, ‘hurt’, and ‘Hoshi.’ Entering his room, I see that he sat up and was no longer groaning in pain. I handed him the ice pack as I ran my fingers through his hair, “I’m sorry, babe. Does it hurt that bad?” Putting the ice pack onto his crotch, he let out an airy laugh, “A little bit, but I’ll be alright.” I held my hand out to help him to his feet, “I’m never going to do taekwondo with you again.”


Originally posted by visual-17

There’s no doubt that Wonwoo loves to read. If he isn’t busy practicing and preparing for comebacks or attending fanmeets, then he’s most likely reading. I love to read too, it’s one of the things we have in common. Our love or books landed us at one of the many bookstores in Seoul. Wonwoo and I wander from isle to isle looking at many different books that varied from genre. I held his hand and pulled him towards the back of the bookstore where they kept the fiction books. “Wonwoo, I read this book earlier and I loved it. You have to read it, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.” Reaching the fiction section, my eyes began scanning through hundreds of books looking for the book that I wanted Wonwoo to read. I squatted down, so I could look at  the lower shelves while he stood behind me. My eyes stopped as they fell upon The Kite Runner. Smiling to myself, “There it is!” I pulled the book off of the shelve and held it up for Wonwoo to take, but unfortunately, I ended up ramming the book into his lower region because of how close he was to me. I gasped as he groaned and covered his crotch, “Wonwoo,” I stood up and placed my hand on his shoulder rubbing it softly while trying to comfort him, “Babe, are you okay?” With being in public he didn’t want to make what just happened obvious, so he straightened up and waved me off, “It’s okay, jagiya. Don’t worry about it, let’s just get the book and head home.” Grabbing my hand, he led me to the front of the store, so we could check out. I didn’t stop apologizing until we got back to the dorm and he reassured me once more that it was okay.


Originally posted by hoshinoyas

With Seventeen planning on releasing a new album soon, Woozi basically lives at the studio these days. When he’s working on a new song, he gets so consumed with his work and he pretty much forgets to take care of himself. I figured he hasn’t eaten since this morning, so I brought him so food. Entering the studio, Woozi was at one of the computers working on one of their songs. I noticed he had his headphones in and probably didn’t hear me come in. After sitting the bag of food down, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He jumped slightly and pulled his headphones out. “Hey, babe. I brought you some food.” I said as I released him and shuffled towards the bags of food. I was bent over pulling out a couple containers when I brought my elbow back and it collided with Woozi, who happened to get up and follow me. Turning around, Woozi groaned as he clutched his private area. “Woozi! I am so sorry! I didn’t know you were behind me.” He straightened up slightly, “It’s alright, I shouldn’t have been standing so close.” Feeling guilty, I handed him the container of food and smiled at him sheepishly, “I got your favorite, so maybe that’ll makeup for it.”


Originally posted by pledis17

The boys had a day off and DK invited me to the park with them. They wanted to relax and play some soccer together, which was something that they all enjoyed doing in their freetime. Let me just say that I suck at soccer and someone always gets hurt when I’m playing. The last time we played together, Seungkwan took a soccer ball to the back of his head. Once we arrived at the park, we began to pick teams. Jeonghan and Seungcheol were the captains. The two bickered back and forth on who they were going to have on their team and it got down to the last few players, which happened to be Joshua, Seungkwan, and I. “Can someone just pick me already? I’m really not that bad,” I whined. Most of the boys laughed at me and began to recall all the times someone got hurt when I was playing. DK turned to Jeonghan, his captain and begged his hyung to pick me. “Finally!” I shouted and threw my hands up in the air as he called out my name to be on his team. The game started and it didn’t take long for it to become intense. Surprisingly, so far no one got hurt. The ball was being passed from player to player as we ran across the field. “Y/N!” shouted Hoshi as he passed me the ball. I began to run with it towards the goal and I saw DK in the corner of my eye, “Seokmin!” I kicked the ball with all the force I could. The ball flew towards DK, but it ended up nailing him in the crotch causing him to let out a scream. “Seokmin!” I yelled as I ran towards him. He instantly fell to the ground and cupped his private area hoping it would help make the pain would go away. I crouched down on the ground and tried to comfort him the best I could. The rest of the boys surrounded the two of us trying to help DK. “Babe, are you okay?” I questioned. He rolled around in pain, “Yeah, I’ll be fine just give me a minute.” Looking up at the boys hovering over the two of us, Seungkwan raised an eyebrow at me, “You were saying?”


Originally posted by wonhomed

I was over at the dorm hanging out with the boys. After a long day of practice, I figured that they would be hungry and tired, so I thought that the least I could do was to cook a nice meal for them. Leaving the warm arms of Mingyu, I got up and headed towards the kitchen. “Y/N, where are you going?” questioned Mingyu. “I’m going to cook the boys something to eat.” After the word ‘cook’ left my mouth, he was already on his feet following me to the kitchen, “I’ll help you.” I reached the refrigerator and looked for something to eat, “How about Japchae?” Mingyu helped me gather the ingredients, “Sounds delicious.” I prepared the beef so it could marinate for a little bit. We washed and cut up the vegetables and then started to boil the water, so we could cook the noodles. I got a wooden spoon and began to stir the noodles. “This is going to be so good.” said Mingyu from behind me. I turned around and noticed that he was eating the vegetables that we cut for the Japchae, “Hey, stop eating that!” I hollered as I swung the wooden spoon at him. He started to move just as I was about to hit him, which caused me to hit him in the crotch. “Aigo, what was that for?” Mingyu whined with slight pain in his voice as he tried to move away from me, so I couldn’t cause him anymore harm. “I guess that’s what you get for trying to eat all of the food.” I said as I shrugged my shoulders.  


Originally posted by minghaeo

It’s no secret that Minghao is one hell of a b-boying dancer. I happened to also be a dancer, but I loved to dance contemporary. Minghao never fails to amaze me with his dancing skills. I have always wanted to try b-boying and since Minghao was so good at it, who would be better at teaching me than him? He has been teaching me the basics of b-boying for a while now and he has been starting to teach me more advanced moves. The latest move we have been working on was called The Flare. Minghao was demonstrating it for me, “You have the upper body strength for this, you just need to spread your legs farther so you can get up enough momentum to keep your hips elevated off the ground,” I listened carefully as he continued to give me pointers. “It’ll make the move a lot easier for you to do if your legs are spread further apart. Go ahead and try again,” he encouraged me. I got into position and began to execute the dance move. “That’s it, just spread your legs farther!” I did as he told me and the move became a lot easier and I found that I did not have to use my core so much. I could hear Minghao cheering, “That’s it! Good job, jagiya.” I continued until my foot came in contact with something. Losing my balance, I fell to the floor and looked up to see Minghao on the floor too. I quickly got up and made my way towards him. Once I reached him, I noticed his face was scrunched up and he was holding his private parts. Realizing that my foot hit his crotch, I panicked, “Minghao! Are you okay?” I rubbed his back hoping it would comfort him some, “I did not mean to do that!” He looked a little flustered as he sat up, “It’s okay, jagiya. I should have known better than to stand so close to you.” Giggling, I pulled him into a hug, “ Maybe you should do the b-boying and I’ll stick to contemporary.”


Originally posted by 001liuqi

Seungkwan texted me a couple minutes ago that they were heading back to the dorm. I didn’t want the boys to have to come home and worry about fixing something to eat, especially after such a long day at work. I decided to head to the kitchen and begin to fix dinner for them. I sang along to the music that blasted from my phone that was placed on the counter. The music and my singing drowned out the noise of the boys entering the dorm. Seungkwan saw me cooking and walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso, which startled me. I screamed and turned around. When I spun around my hand hit him lightly in his lower region. He let out a scream too and doubled over in pain, “Aigo, jagiya! That really hurt,” He looked at me with disbelief, “I can’t believe you just did that.” Rolling my eyes at him, “Are you serious right now? I really didn’t hit you that hard.” “You probably just ruined any chance of us having kids in the future.” I smacked his chest, “Stop being so dramatic, Seungkwan.” “It’s what I’m best at.” he said as he grinned at me.


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Vernon and I were in the living room of the dorm having a movie night with the rest of the boys. While waiting for everyone to settle down, Vernon and I argued over which movie to watch. We were scanning the shelves when I grabbed a horror movie and Vernon grabbed an action movie. He looked at me, “We are not watching a horror movie.” I raised an eyebrow, “Why? Are you scared?” He rolled his eyes at me, “No, action movies are better. Besides, the same thing happens in every horror movie.” I shook my head and waved the movie in front of his face, “We’re watching this movie.” He gave me a smug look, “Not if I get to the DVD player first.” As soon as those words left his mouth, we both rushed past the boys and towards the DVD player, “We’re watching the action movie!” “No, we’re watching the horror movie.” Upon reaching the DVD player, we fought to get the movie out of the case and into the DVD player. He stopped fighting with me and I was able to get the movie into the player. I turned around and seen some of the members crowding around Vernon. Rushing towards him, I realized that the only reason he stopped was because I hit him in his private area. “Vernon! What Happened?” He squeaked, “What do you think happened?” He shuffled his way back to the couch and sat down. Full of guilt, I sighed and turned around and put on the action movie instead. Climbing onto the couch next to him, I kissed his cheek and brush his hair out of his face, “I’m sorry, babe.”


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I was at the Pledis building with the boys when they had a short break. They have recently became interested in ping ping, so they decided that they should play for a little bit while they were on their break. Chan and I trailed behind the older boys as they ran excitingly towards the room that the ping pong table was in. We both sat down and watched a few of the boys play against each other. We cheered as the match between Joshua and Woozi became quite intense. Shortly, Woozi beat Joshua and Dino jumped to his feet, “I want to battle Y/N!” Chan yelled as he turned towards me and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to my feet and began to drag me towards the table. I kept refusing to play and tried to pull my hand out of his grasp, but he was to strong. “Come on, jagiya. It’ll be fun and I’ll go easy on you.” he smiled and winked at me. Taking the paddle from Woozi, the boys began to cheer us on and started to pick sides as to who would win. After a couple minutes, we were tied and the person who got the next point would win. The ball went back and forth between us and I decided to hit the ball with a little more force and Dino failed to stop it as it flew towards his crotch. His eyes widened as his face scrunched up and he closed his eyes. He dropped the paddle onto the table and we all swarmed around him to see in he was okay. After he confirmed that he was fine, I looked at him and laughed, “You didn’t need to go that easy on me.”


things i’ve learned from this class on literary theory so far:
- philosophy in literary theory is not like philosophy in philosophy :(
- i do not know the difference between form and genre
- books are weird
- literature is not one of my strengths

i’m trying so hard to be open minded about this class but so far the only thing that’s making it worth it is my really rad TA. shoutout to my boyfriend for putting up with all of my complaining 😂

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me: i probably should extend my horizons and watch different kinds of musicals to be able to widen my knowledge on different genres

also me: ok so this book of mormon bootleg mckinley didnt point to kevin during the “being gay is bad” line while the other boot he did. and this bootleg there’s an elder who was acting super gay for kevin before two by two. wait this boot kevin was looking away durin mckinley’s line abt being gay in turn it off while the othe

Writing Sexual Content

Anonymous asked: What are some ways to write sexual content?

Good question. I wouldn’t say there’s a simple answer either, because much of what will be expected will depend on your genre. There is a big difference in expectations for literature, YA, romance, erotica, and so on. The important thing is to consider these expectations along with the relationship between the characters involved and style or tone you intend to convey.

First, what genre are your writing in? 

This sounds like a simple question, but I get that for a lot of writer’s it’s not. If you do not know your genre, pick the one (or two) you think it is closest to.  Now, my go-to answer to almost everything writing-related is to read and here is no different. Try to think of books in your genre that include scenes like the one you’re working on. Never jump to the conclusion that here are no books that can help because especially when writing sexual content, that’s definitely going to be something. 

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Reading slumps are the bane of my existence. If you haven’t been one you’re extremely luck, I envy you. If you’re currently in a book slump, I feel your pain and I am so sorry. Hopefully these tips will help you get out of this bookish hell you’re stuck in.

  1. DON’T PANIC! What you’re going through is completely normal. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to finish a book or not being able to even start one. It’s okay! You’ll get past it; your love for reading hasn’t gone away. 

  2. Start small. Jumping into a huge book when you’re in a book slump can be dangerous. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to read a 700 page book; I wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Start with something short and easy. Maybe a novella, even a fanfiction. Anything that will slowly get you back on track. 

  3. Setting a goal. What I find works best is setting a schedule or a goal. Maybe read for 20 minutes a day or 3 days a week for 15 minutes. It’s just enough to lure you back in without getting frustrated. Set something up that works for you! 

  4. Find a friend to read with. Reading with a friend is always fun. Your friend will hold you accountable and hopefully making reading more interesting. If your friends aren’t big readers you can find someone on tumblr to read with or join a reading group! 

  5. Shake things up a bit. If you always read contemporary romances maybe try a different genre. Spice things up by picking a book you wouldn’t normally read! 

  6.  Audiobooks. You can rent audiobooks from your library or buy them from Amazon and even iTunes. The good thing about audiobooks is that you can take them anywhere. Cleaning out your closet? Listen to an audiobook. Going on a road trip? Bring an audiobook with you! Someone annoying you? Pop in your headphones and listen to a book. (Just kidding about that last one…maybe.)

  7. Browse your local bookstore or library. Sometimes surrounding yourself with books and people that read will get you excited enough to pick up a book! 

  8.  Read reviews. Nothing sparks my interest to read more than talking about books with my friends and reading reviews. Check out review sites ::cough:: mine ::cough:: like Goodreads! 

  9. Re-read one of your favorites. Sometimes when you re-read a familiar book it can jump start your desire to read.

  10. Don’t push yourself. You don’t need to read every single day. Give yourself a break from reading and pick up a new hobby or maybe watch a new show. If you try to force yourself into doing something you don’t want to do then you’re only going to frustrate yourself. It’s okay if you don’t feel like reading.

I hope these tips and the above suggested books help you get out of your reading slump! Good luck!
xoxo Jessica



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  • a/n: half of this plot I give credit to @wooziclef I was on call with her dorky ass while writing this so she contributed to parts of the backstory of Wonwoo. We also had way too much fun with creating the side characters for Jihoon, Seungcheol, Chan. 
  • vampire wonwoo here we go
  • born half human half vampire
  • his mother was a vampire who had fallen in love with a human, struggled to have a baby, thus sought help from the Lee clan who are a prestigious family of warlocks and witches
  • was conceived in the Lee home, when complications arose after Wonwoo’s birth, his mother had fallen incredibly weak due to the vampire’s body not being able to sustain a life in the womb
  • the result ended with Wonwoo’s father giving himself up and letting his mom feed on him because they believed a vampire would protect Wonwoo better than any human could
  • This only resulted in a struggling relationship between Wonwoo’s mother and him, she slightly blames the death of the love of her life on her son
  • Wonwoo lived his whole childhood in the Lee home, as repayment for helping conceive Wonwoo and birthing him, Wonwoo’s mother was assigned to protect the Lee’s youngest son, Jihoon
  • Wonwoo and Jihoon grew up side by side and watched each other grow through their years
  • As a half human, Wonwoo displays human morals therefore having more self control than other vampires
  • Therefore, he tends to feed off of animals or anything Jihoon gives him rather than humans
  • has century old books ranging from different genres, a lot of them are romance though since he leans towards the genre more
  • all books were given by Jihoon who retrieved them from his visits to the city
  • never really gotten out into the world until he was in his mid-teens when Jihoon coaxed him into the nearby forest to search for herbs that Jihoon needed for his potion
  • the sun was a lot brighter than Wonwoo imagines, the clouds were whiter, and the sky was bluer 
  • Wonwoo begins to go out more and knowing his mother would disapprove, he always states that Jihoon ordered him to go retrieve something
  • Jihoon, knowing how confined Wonwoo often feels, covers for the many trips that Wonwoo takes and reminds Wonwoo to always bring something back as to not seem so suspicious 
  • As Wonwoo reached his later teens, he begins to show aggressive attitudes towards his mother and often sneaks out more with no excuse
  • During one of his outings, Wonwoo runs into a band of vampires who quickly catch on to the fact that he is a half human
  • Being half human, Wonwoo’s body system still produces amounts of fresh blood which causes the band of vampires to charge towards him
  • While retreating does he notice another figure coming to defend him, seeing as the newcomer is much larger and stronger, the band of vampires disperse and scatter
  • Wonwoo notices that the newcomer is also a vampire but seems to have no trace of blood in their system
  • Introducing himself as Seungcheol, he offers Wonwoo a lemon out of kindness
  • Unsure of the situation, Wonwoo takes the lemon and Seungcheol explains that he is one of the rare vegan (but honestly the only one Wonwoo knows) vampires in the world
  • Considering it was dead middle of the night, Seungcheol offers Wonwoo a room in his home
  • upon arriving to the small home, Seungcheol is quick to give up one of his juice packets to Wonwoo
  • Wonwoo doesn’t reject out of politeness and kind of leaves the drink sitting on the table while Seungcheol drinks his own packet cheerfully
  • In the morning, when Wonwoo makes his way down the stairs, he’s greeted with an irritated Jihoon who then grips him by the ear, dragging him out the door, leaving Seungcheol who watched the commotion when he was cutting fruit
  • when brought back home, Wonwoo was chewed out by his mother who stated “why couldn’t you have been born as a full vampire”
  • hurt by the statement, Wonwoo sets out to prove that he is as much of a vampire as his mother
  • Wonwoo once again leaves the Lee home and sets his sights to hunt a human, 
  • Moving towards the countryside, he spots you walking away from the city and stalks behind you slowly
  • When you finally reach the door of your home is when Wonwoo makes his attack, when you unlock the door, Wonwoo places his hand over your mouth, and pushes you into your home
  • he bares his fangs, his eyes turning bloodshot,
  • Wonwoo can feel the fear radiating off of you as your heart contractions thump in his ears, he lowers himself to your neck his fangs scratching the surface of your skin and the small slip of blood reaches his lips
  • and that’s when he feels it, the tears sliding down your face barely touching his skin and he pulls away, fangs hung out but eyes reverted to their normal color,
  • your hand covers the wound on your neck as wonwoo’s face drains of color, the most silent “sorry” escapes his mouth before he’s dashing out the door
  • When Wonwoo arrives at his home later, he runs into Jihoon who’s casually levitating a bowl of fruit in the kitchen
  • “Can I ask you a question”
  • Surprised by the talking, Jihoon drops the fruit bowl onto the ground smashing it into pieces, Jihoon shrugs before he gives a wave of his hand and the bowl goes back sitting perfectly on the table without a scratch
  • “Sure”
  • “What do you do if someone gets injured. Like what do you give them to make them feel better”
  • Jihoon shrugs once more “I don’t know. A basket of fruit and some bandaids”
  • Jihoon was a bit sarcastic with his words but Wonwoo took them to heart
  • The next day, with a basket of fruit in hand (courtesy of Seungcheol) and a small packet of bandaids, Wonwoo sets them down in front of your doorstep, ringing the bell before quickly sprinting to the nearby tree, hiding behind it as he watches you step out
  • He notices your neck has been wrapped properly, your hair sways with the small wind, and he carefully watches as you examine the basket and bandaids with caution.
  • The confused expression brings creases to your forehead and Wonwoo can’t help but find it cute
  • as the days go by, Wonwoo visits more often than he had intended, at first he wanted to make sure your neck recovered fully, but then he noticed little things that often went wrong like the lightbulb in your front porch had burned out or how the small plant by your doorstep started to die
  • you were often puzzled when the light started working just as you were about to change it, or the plant suddenly started to come back to life or how the birds had suddenly stopped eating your growing fruits (thanks to Wonwoo who coaxed Jihoon into finding an agriculture spell that warded off birds)
  • One day, as he comes around, Wonwoo halts before he can reach the tree, the scent in the air has thickened, a demon
  • Wonwoo pounds on your door, when the door opens you halt, almost slamming the door in fear before he screams
  • “Wait please, I’m not here to hurt you! You need to leave!”
  • “How can I trust you when you tried to eat me a few weeks ago”
  • “You need to leave there’s a demon here!”
  • Your struggle with the door stops and your expression falls, a demons was wayyy worse than a vampire, Wonwoo grips your arm and pulls you out the door, telling you to run.
  • Wonwoo stays put, he follows the thick air to the backyard, and it starts to suffocate him slowly and he finally reaches the garden where he spots the person and just as Wonwoo is about the attack, the person whines
  • “Oh my gosh, it died. Oh no, what do I do. I feel so bad. How do I make it grow back, can I make it grow back? Do I have that power? Oh gosh”
  • Wonwoo is kind of in an awkward situation now like isn’t this suppose to be a demon, aren’t demons suppose to be mean and cold hearted
  • “um excuse me, demon guy, what are you doing?”
  • “Oh! A vampire! Good! I’m Chan, in training demon!” Chan pulls Wonwoo closer to the dead plant, “I think I killed it, is there a way to fix it. I feel so bad for the owner.”
  • Wonwoo tells Chan that it’s okay, he knows the owner and that they wouldn’t mind. Chan is overjoyed at the fact and leaves quickly to report that he has done his first evil deed (baby chan doesn’t know what evil even is)
  • Wonwoo finds you, he follows the beat of your heart that thumps loudly in his ear as it did before and he discovers you hiding in between trees
  • In silence, Wonwoo and You walk back to your home. At the front of your door you mutter a thanks and when he hears your voice for the first time, a soft and sweet tone, it makes his whole body jittery and he feels as though his heart is pumping more than it usually should
  • Wonwoo’s visits become more frequent and each time closer with you. As weeks pass, he finds himself helping you tend to your garden, light conversation of books passes the time, and with you, all his worries, all the expectations of being a ‘real’ vampire disappear because with you he feels as if he’s human
  • asks Jihoon why his chest hurts when he’s with you and why he always can’t stop thinking about you and Jihoon snickers
  • “You like her duh”
  • And now Wonwoo contemplates now because you are human, and he is half human half vampire. The fear of becoming just like his mother causes him much anxiety
  • on a late, when he’s sitting in your living room with you, the quietness sits in between you two and all there is, is eye contact and steady breaths
  • “I love you” Wonwoo states bluntly at that moment and he watches your expression fall, he feels your heart rate accelerate, “but I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t ever want to hurt you. And it scares me because what if I do hurt you, what if I become just like my mother”
  • and you move closer to him, your hand lightly pressed against his cheek, and you whisper the words the makes his heart thump as it skips beats
  • “I love you so much to know that you’ll never turn out like your mother.”
  • in the kiss, he feels warmth, it radiates from your hand and lips and the warmness causes him bliss that he hasn’t felt in forever.
  • sees Seungcheol in the garden with you “What are you doing here Seungcheol?”
  • “Wonwoo? Y/N here gives me discount on fruit. I use to steal from her until she caught me and now she gives me fruit for really good prices.”
  • remember little demon Chan, yeah he felt so bad later that he sent over a bunch of fruit seeds that lasted you for the next season
  • Wonwoo had become estranged with his mother to the point that he left the Lee household, technically didn’t leave, it was more of Jihoon giving him permission to have a separate home because if Wonwoo did decide to leave then there’s a lot of paperwork and his family had put spells on the paper so that Jihoon couldn’t just sign it quickly with magic
  • oh no, he had to sit down and sign each one with his hand and he was not going to sit and sign 200 pages just for Wonwoo
  • so Jihoon visits here and there just as a check up, also convinces you to grow certain plants for his potions
  • anyways, vampire Wonwoo loves you to the point that he would drain every drop of blood in him just for you. He’s protective but it’s a good protective. He just loves the way you make him feel, he loves how his blood heats up with you, and when he touches you, it’s the most electrifying feeling. The way he feels with you, it’s like being fully human.

actually a collection of books that originated from oral tradition with many authors in multiple different genres with a plethora of cultural and contextual connotations that spawned a metric fuckton of interpretations.

so when you say, “but the Bible also says X” from an entirely different book, different author, different genre, and different cultural context deeply embedded in history, forgive me if my eyes roll back into my sockets as I descend into Gehenna. 


Trailer: ‘The New Mutants’ - Apr 13

Written and directed by Josh Boone, starring Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton and Alice Braga.

OK so this trailer is cut as a horror/thriller, which is a genius marketing move as horror movies sell tickets and are particularly hot right now. If the move embraces the horror genre as much as this trailer does, that will be a really exciting step forward for super hero and comic book movies taking on different genres. 

“You said, ‘You could still do something.’ Your exact words.”
“I meant talk your queen into surrendering, not destroy our navy in its own harbor!” the magus shouted.
—  Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia, making me wonder why these books are classified as children’s fiction when this level of intrigue would fit into any adult fantasy
The Bookstore - Sam Holland Imagine

A/N: This was requested by @zendmylife weeks ago and I just finished it now. Sorry it took me so long to write it, I hope you enjoy it! 
Sorry if you don’t enjoy the books mentioned, I just picked two random books that I happen to enjoy. 1984 isn’t my favorite (tbh it was just easier for me to insult), but Peter Pan is for sure. Also, sorry about the title, I literally could not think of anything so I put something random that still related to the story.

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Warnings: none(?)

Words: 690 (shorter than usual)

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  • Me: *runs a semi-successful booklr, owns my own book review website and has been blogging for six and a half years, talks about books on Twitter/Instagram, has been reading since I was a baby, has read tons of books from many different genres, owns way too many books*
  • Someone: So, can you recommend some books to me?
  • Me: *sweats nervously*

Check it out! Here’s two illustrations from Fujio Akatsuka’s “Manga Nyūmon”, a 1971 kids’ book about being cartoonist. This a from a chapter about understanding different genres. The book is a great resource for vintage manga wonks and I will post more of it, but honestly, Vampire Iyami and Cool Space Dude Chibita are worth the price of admission on their own.