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Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman // Bordighera, View Of Cap D'Antibes, Peaches, The Sheltered Path by Claude Monet



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And everywhere, everywhere, there were books. Not the tidy stacks of an intellectual attempting to impress, but the slumping piles of a scholar obsessed. Some of the books weren’t in English. Some of the books were dictionaries for the languages that some of the other books were in. Some of the books were actually Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. Adam felt the familiar pang. Not jealousy, just wanting. One day, he’d have enough money to have a place like this. A place that looked on the outside like Adam looked on the inside.

English Week 1

Staid - adj - Sedate, respectable, and unadventurous.

Nubbin - n - A small lump or residual part.

Amiably - adj - In a friendly and pleasant manner.

Desiccate - v - Remove the moisture from (something), typically in order to preserve it.

Megalomania - n - Obsession with the exercise of power.

Ostentatiously - adv - In a pretentious or showy way designed to impress.

Opulent - adj - Ostentatiously costly and luxurious.

Balustrade - n - A railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace.

Oleaginous - adj - Exaggeratedly and distastefully complimentary; obsequious.

Palaver - n - Prolonged and tedious fuss or discussion.

Supercilious - adj - Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.


Lahiri, renown for her work in English, writes not only of her obsession with Italian and the difficulties of writing in a new language, but also her complex relationship with her birth tongue, Bengali. While I listened to this on audiobook, I found a physical copy at work to show off this book’s unique format: both audiobook and print versions have the English translation accompanying the original Italian text.

Simple yet profound, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in writing, languages, and identity.

In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

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Ok so I gotta know where your tag 'we darken by looking at each other' is from because it's driving me insane and I can't get it out of my head.

it comes from a turkish proverb, ‘grapes will darken by looking at each other’ & the idea of it is that we reflect the company we keep around us (i first encountered the phrase in ella frances sanders’ book ‘speaking in tongues’ which is a collection of idioms & phrases from around the world)

Enjoltaire and Books

E and R basically having an entire library in their apartment. Every surface is covered in books. Law books for Enjolras, Science Fiction for Grantaire. History books they’ve both read– poetry they’ve been given by Jehan and books on how to cook from the JBM trio. Books with notes in two different inks that argue with each other on every single page. Books in language neither of them can read but Enjolras thought R would like the cover art. Children’s books for One Day. So many political theory books just waiting for someone to ask “source?”.  

E and R spend days reading next to each other, reading a lot to each other, talking over coffee about books they’ve loved and hated, books that have changed their life.

Just E and R loving knowledge and loving each other just as much.

Finally here’s Dashie for the Arranged Marriage!AU. She’s a kirin in this AU, a creature who looks like a mixture between a dragon and an equine. Believe it or not, though, the Kirin aren’t dragon/equine hybrids, they’re a species of their own and they typically reside in Neighpon, but many have immigrated from their home country to escape the rigid and harsh leadership currently plaguing it in this AU, not to mention the war that’s waging there.

Rainbow Dash was born in Equestria but her parents are immigrants from Neighpon, and they’ve worked hard to allow her the best life she can possibly have in the country. Because of how things are, however, Equestria is more xenophobic than it typically is in my headcanon (despite the king trying to alleviate it), some species experiencing it moreso than others, and as such there has been many hardships Rainbow Dash and her family has faced by simply existing. This is part of the reason why her parents are as supportive to her as they are, but also just because they simply love their daughter.

Dash has pushed herself twice as hard as anyone else to get into the Wonderbolts, and now she has the esteemed role of being one of the family’s primary bodyguards when needed. When bodyguarding she’s often tasked with shadowing Rarity or Sweetie Belle, a job she typically finds a bit boring but she embraces the role all the same. She and Rarity have actually become quite close because of it (and she’s often seen as a cool sister-like figure).

Aside from Rarity and Spike, Rainbow is probably the fastest to get Twilight to open up to her, especially through their shared love for books (particularly Daring Do) and perhaps teaching each other their native languages. She’s known Applejack the longest and is already in a relationship with the minotaur, and she, Pinkie, and Shy are all good friends as well before the start of this AU.

Funfact! Kirin can all breath fire regardless of what element their magic gears itself mostly to, but only a select few can “breath” lightning. Rainbow and her father are a couple of the few who can breath lightning, and the trait is usually paired with the unusualness of rainbow-colored hair, which is the rarest hair-color combination seen in the world.

Aaaaaaaand there ya go! Now that the Mane 6 is done I’ma move on to the likes of the CMC and princesses and Spike and…. well you get the idea. Who’d ya like to see next? Until then you’re free to ask any questions if you have any, and I hope you like the sketch! I’ll be uploading a height comparison and links to each individual bio for this AU of the Mane 6 soonish. :3

Soulmate AU where instead of a countdown or whatever on their arm, it says what song the other is listening to.


-People with deaf soulmates are really confused for a bit and they then try to think of all the different reasons they don’t listen to music ever.
-People who were born deaf being confused because they’ve never heard music/have only heard the bass line.
-People who became deaf after an accident/infection/other smile because that was their favorite song and it’s nice that their soulmate listened to it.
-People get screamo music and are really turned off until they try to listen to some and find out they rather enjoy it.
-People have classical music and the titles are really long. (“They’re listening to ALL of Vivialdi’s Four Seasons! It’s been an hour already!”)
-People who have recordings of poetry or books on their arms.
-People have songs in other languages on their arm. (They learn the language for their soulmate.)

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{Special} College!AU Hyungwon
  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: german 
  • sports: considered doing basketball for a bit but…..
  • clubs: on campus book club (more like gossip club), sometimes he writes critiques for the uni journal, co-founded nap club which is Exactly what it sounds like, works w/the german club to help out transfers 
  • the most annoying thing about being a linguistics major for hyungwon is when people ask him what the HELL linguistics even means 
  • and when hyungwon’s like “it is the scientific study of language” people seem to look at him like he’s out of his mind
  • but hyungwon loves language, ever since he picked up his first book, and since then he grew an overwhelming fondness to classic literature and authors like hermann hesse and thomas mann 
  • so hyungwon decided to learn german
  • german & korean ??? seems like it shouldn’t mix at all but the fact that not many people study it makes it in-demand when it comes to translators and TAs in the language so hyungwon easily finds an internship with the government where he works alongside the german translator for the prime minister
  • and it’s like a really upscale position and a rare opportunity but it’s funny because hyungwon treats it so casually, but because of his looks, everyone there is like he’s not the dongsaeng,,,,he’s too,,,,,,too,,,,,chic
  • hyungwon is really outspoken in his classes like you’d think there isn’t much to talk about in a phonology class or a syntax class but hyungwon is the student that always raises his questions and isn’t even afraid to get into an argument with a teacher if he has a different understanding of the readings
  • and he’s been like that since he was a freshman and everyone in his major looks up to him because like WOW he’s never nervous all his presentations and ideas are always so clear and to the point
  • as for german class, hyungwon can get really frustrated with it
  • because learning a language so different from his own sometimes gets him all riled up
  • and he’ll only speak german for like three days so when wonho, his roommate, tries to ask him if there’s any food left in the mini-fridge hyungwon is just like “ich bin beschäftigt, ich kann gerade nicht reden*” and wonho is like “….did you just curse me out or what???”
  • but hyungwon works hard like people at his internship and in school think this knowledge comes easily to him but they don’t see him sitting up till 4 am at his desk recopying notes and listening to german conversation recordings
  • and yeah he might look cool and unapproachable as he’s sitting in the campus cafe,  reading a book titled “Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages”, and sipping an americano but 
  • he’s actually just a suffering college meme like the rest of his friends 
  • i.e. hyungwon cheering jooheon on when he said he’d salt kihyuns gummy worms when kihyun wasn’t looking or when he fell asleep standing up in the line at mcdonalds with wonho OR when he saved 126 photos of pepe the frog because minhyuk once compared him to the meme and now hyungwon can’t get over it
  • so as much as he model walks his way into intermediate german or down the halls of the government building he works at………like in his free time hyungwon’s napping in mismatched pajamas or laying upside down off the couch in his dorm watching dramas for 5 hours straight
  • long story short; looks cool but isn’t actually cool on the inside
  • and you know hyungwon since middle school you two grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends ever since
  • granted there was that one fight back in high school you two had but that you Never Speak Of but anyway
  • you know hyungwon better than most people and so his balmain jacket, lemaire sweater, acne studio sneakers, and SL glasses don’t scare you away
  • instead you sneak up on him as he’s sitting in the library and ruffle the top of his hair like whATS UP bro and hyungwon’s like wh Y do you always do this it took me 45 minutes to comb my hair and you’re like ‘because when you’re sitting it’s the only time i can reach the top of your head’ and hyungwons like rolling his eyes like you’re so short
  • and you’re like NO YOU ARE THE TOO TALL ONE SHRINK and by this time everyones looking at you and you have to slink down into the seat across him and hyungwon’s like seriously you’re so loud and you’re like pfft whatever
  • and you guys have this dynamic that’s playfully teasing since you know it has been years that you’ve known each other it’s just comfortable
  • and you’re close to minhyuk and wonho too so it’s like you four are your own lil group with inside jokes and funny kakao talk chats 
  • so as you pull out your own notes hyungwon keeps writing and it’s just you know……..normal
  • until kihyun appears three minutes later, slapping down his stuff on the table and almost making you fall off your chair
  • and he’s like HYUNGWON SHES HERE
  • and you’re like ???? and hyungwon is like “who-”
  • and kihyun is jumping up and down more excited than ever and he’s like hyungWON HOW COULD You F O R G E T 
  • and hyungwon gets up and hes about to put his hands on kihyuns shoulders to stop him from bouncing around when suddenly someone else appears and everyone in the library turns to look because
  • the girl that walks up to hyungwon is gracefully tall with curly brown hair and glowing tan skin 
  • and kihyun hops over to you and he’s like “doesn’t she look like a model????” 
  • and hyungwon smiles and the girl introduces herself in stumbling korean as a transfer named agatha 
  • hyungwon’s voice turns warm and he says something about showing her around and after that the two start speaking in german
  • and you watch until you feel kihyun pat your back and say “don’t those two look great together? two models, really. we gotta make sure hyungwon doesn’t leave us for germany for good now - amiright?”
  • but you don’t really know what to say like  you’re not…’re not jealous it’s just weird because hyungwon never told you about this. usually he tells you about the transfers that come to work with him but he’s never mentioned this agatha person
  • but you don’t let it get to you, you shake it off and roll your eyes and tell kihyun that he needs to stop being so dramatic
  • and you gather your things and decide to just go and kihyun shakes his head and you don’t hear him but he’s like ‘….maybe this will finally make one of them confess’
  • and a couple of days later you run into hyungwon and agatha and for some reason you try to duck and hide but hyungwon sees you and waves you over
  • and he’s like “hey, you haven’t met agatha but she’s her from germany to study korean and ballet -” and in your head you’re like no wonder she’s so gorgeous and thin she’s a ballerina ho W WI ll i eV  E R stack up
  • but the other part of your brain is like: um hello no we aren’t jealous shut up and be nice to the girl you don’t even know her
  • and so you smile and introduce yourself back and hyungwon is like “actually, can you do me a favor?” and you’re weary like no i wont tell shownu you got food poisoning again so you can avoid his cooking but hyungwon’s like nO i have to go to my internship but agatha needs to find the language department can you take her????
  • and you’re like sure,,,?? and hyungwon gives you a lazy little smile and wait. did your heart just - it did. it. totally did
  • your heart just skipped for hyungwon. chAE HYUNGWON 
  • and hyungwon, completely oblivious, turns to agatha and is like “ill see you later, tell me if my friend does anything dumb” and you’re like heY ExcuSE m E and hyungwon just peaces out
  • and you’re standing there looking at him from afar and huffing like where does he get off saying you’ll do something dumb
  • but then agatha is like “is the language department over there?” and you’re like right i need to help this girl out
  • and so you walk her over and ask her a bit about herself and she’s really nice and sweet that in some ways you feel even more worse because obviously she’s so great and …………..hyungwon gets to spend an entire week with her
  • finally you guys get to the right department and agatha thanks you but before you leave she asks you how well you know hyungwon and you’re like um i guess pretty well?? we’ve been friends for some time and she smiles and she’s like “do you know if he’s seeing anyone?”
  • and you’re like …………………………………………..
  • well you’re like frozen because thinking back to it you and hyungwon barely ever talk about like………like as long as you’ve known each other neither you nor hyungwon has ever brought up your relationships or crushes with each other
  • which only know you’re starting to realize is kinda weird because like you went to middle school with him. high school. and now even college and you’ve never like heard him bring up a significant other
  • which is a shock considering how much minhyuk is always talking about romance and how many people have come up to you when you hang out and ask hyungwon or wonho or any of the boys really for their numbers 
  • and you must have been silent for a bit because agatha asks you if maybe she mispronounced something but you’re just like no no no it’s just….i don’t know im sorry
  • and she’s like “oh, i thought you might because you and hyungwon are close” and you’re like sorry,,,,,i …….
  • and you don’t really feel comfortable talking about anymore so you make up some quick excuse about running late for a club and basically make a dash across campus 
  • that night you get some texts in the group chat but you don’t open it and it gets the point where hyungwon even texts you outside of the chat to see what’s wrong but for some reason you can’t bring yourself to answer
  • and like ok maybe you’re being a little dramatic but it’s just weird ….romance never got between you and him but maybe in the back of your head you always knew hyungwon was good looking on a whole different level…..
  • like you were destined to only be his friend
  • AND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OK until you found yourself looking through your old photos where he’s standing with his hand casually around your shoulder ……. or where he’s doing some funny face……or when he’s not even the main focus of the photo but still
  • you can’t take your eyes of him
  • you /like/ him and……….you’d never admitted it to yourself until now
  • so when you wake up you tell yourself that no. you have to get over hyungwon. and you know just the way the do it
  • it’s lunch and you’re sitting beside minhyuk who said he’d be studying but fell asleep and across is wonho playing on his phone and hyungwon reading another thick, intimidating looking book of his
  • and you clear your throat and you go “does anyone …… does anyone know someone whose free this friday?”
  • suddenly all three boys are looking at you like ????? what
  • and you bite your lip but keep your composure and you’re like “i got free tickets to this movie and,,,,idk do you guys know anyone who’d wanna go with me……..c’mon minhyuk you like playing matchmaker”
  • minhyuk, whose wide awake now, is just a gaping fish and he’s like um U M i mean…………um……… friends with mark maybe he…um i know taehyung a bit…..
  • and wonho’s like “do you want a boy or girl or does it not matter?”
  • and hyungwon. hyungwon is silent
  • and for the first time you actually feel awkward around your best friends until suddenly like out of thin air appears………kihyun
  • and with a grin he’s like “i heard you had tickets to a movie, how about you take me?”
  • and you don’t see it but hyungwons fist clenches a bit over the edges of his book
  • and tbh you don’t like the smug grin on kihyun’s face, but your heads spinning and before you know it you’re nodding and reaching into you bag to hand him a ticket
  • and kihyun winks your way and ruffles your hair telling you he promises he won’t be late
  • and when he dashes off you turn and wonho and minhyuk both go into a fit of whistles and minhyuk gives your shoulder a little shove and they’re both like ‘ooOOOOO kih YU N~~~~~’
  • but hyungwon just shuts his book, mumbles “das ist zu viel” under his breath and gets up
  • wonho asks him what he says but hyungwon says he needs to go to catch the bus to his internship. wonho shrugs and turns back to you but in the back of your mind you know that….hyungwon doesn’t have his internship today
  • at 8 pm u get the text from kihyun that he’ll meet you outside in front of the college’s library. you feel bad  and consider texting him to cancel the plans but the movie isn’t even like a rom-com it’s some random title you picked and plus it’d be a waste to just throw away the money you spent so you try to pick a cuter outfit but in the end you end up late, rushing across the quad with your hair still slightly messy and notes from one of your classes scrawled on your arm
  • but once you get to the library,,,,,there’s no one there 
  • and you frown and call out kihyun’s name because c’mon don’t hide and play childish jokes like this
  • but ,,,, kihyun doesn’t appear
  • and then your phone rings and you pick it up expecting it to be kihyun with some lame excuse and you’re like “just tell me where you are kih-”
  • but then you hear hyungwons voice and he’s surprised like “kihyuns not there yet?” 
  • and you kind of freeze because why is he calling you all of a sudden?? but you’re like “n-no, do you need something?”
  • and hyungwon sighs on the other end and he’s like “no, i was just….worried” 
  • once again your test tightens but you try to ignore it and ask him why he has no reason to be and the other line is silent for a bit until he says that you just seemed weird… and when kihyun invited himself along with you…..hyungwon just stops there and sighs again 
  • and then your phone lights up against your ear and you look at it to see a text from kihyun’s number with thirty crying emojis and a ‘im sorry i can’t make it tonight’ text and you’re about to hang up so you can text back angrily but the next thing you see is the text:
  • ‘i know you didn’t want it to be me. ask hyungwon to go with you.’
  • and in your head it clicks, kihyun knew all along. he must have even predicted hyungwon would call you
  • and you’re quiet for so long until hyungwon’s voice asking if you’re still there is on the other a line
  • and you take in a breath before asking hyungwon if he wants to maybe……….go with you instead
  • and im not saying hyungwon runs over to you, because we all know about his inclination to doing the least amount of physical activity ever, but that’s exactly what he does
  • he gets to the library five minutes later huffing with his hands on his knees
  • and you’re about to make some joke but he beats you to it, pointing at your arm covered in reminders from class and messy hair and he’s like “seriously? you were going to go on a date looking like that?” 
  • and for a moment it’s as if everything is back to normal and you threaten to kick his shin and hyungwon laughs and you’re like let’s go we’re gonna be late
  • and at the movies hyungwon pays for your snacks and only complains the usual amount and you guys try ur luck at the crane games outside the theater and make fun of minhyuk’s snapchat story as the commercials play
  • and when finally the lights dim and the movie starts you finally realize that right now you’re technically on a date with hyungwon
  • your best friend
  • but as warm as you get for a moment, you remember agatha’s pretty face and how smart and handsome hyungwon is
  • and when you turn to see his profile illuminated by the lights from the screen you can’t help but just get sad again because ,……date? what a joke you guys are just doing what you always do….you’re just hanging out
  • and once it’s over, hyungwon is saying something about how bad the script is and you two are walking and laughing couples are passing by and all of a sudden you feel someone grab your hand in theres
  • and when you look down, hyungwon is lacing his fingers with yours and you stare at your hands and then up at him and hyungwon takes a step closer and then another until he’s so close your bodies are practically touching and he leans down
  • and for a second all you can see are his lips and when they move hyungwon says, “im glad it was me with you today and not anyone else.”
  • and your mind starts to interpret that one million different ways but your body just picks one and then moves you so your pressing your mouth to his
  • and hyungwons hand lets go of yours so his arms can wrap around you lazily
  • and it’s a gentle, slow first kiss but it’s made better by the fact that you can tell that it’s a hyungwon kind of kiss and his smile against your forehead when he pulls away makes you feel like you’re dreaming
  • until he whispers against your skin that he’s been waiting since fucking high school to do that
  • and that’s how you two finally - FINALLY - express how you feel
  • and as you’re going back to campus hyungwon stops and he’s like “i need to tell you something” and you’re like oh no. is this already the end what is happening
  • and hyungwon bites back his lip and he’s like “don’t be mad, but kihyun told me about how you think i like agatha.” and your eyes widen and you’re like hOW DID HE KNOW WH A  T i n EVEr sA Id Th AT TO  HIM and your cheeks turn red with embarrassment
  • but hyungwon just chuckles and puts a hand around your waist to pull you over and he’s like
  • “when he told me i thought he was joking because honestly, no one compares to you for me. like i literally can’t see anyone else but you - it’s kind of annoying at times.”
  • you hit him playfully on the arm and hyungwon just buries his nose in your hair and he’s like “kihyun told me, and then when you asked to go out with someone all of a sudden i thought it was over, that you had really……given up on me…..but then that rascal kihyun comes over and i knew he was planning something….”
  • you pull back and narrow your eyes like “wait - are you saying tonight was a set up????????????”
  • and hyungwon shrugs and looks away like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you’re like oh my GOD you conspired with kihyun
  • and hyungwon’s like don’t blame me!!! i thought you were seriously gonna move on without me,,,,,and date kihyun,…..
  • and youre like oh my god and hyungwon’s like ok ok ok at least we’re here together now - that’s good enough right?
  • and you huff but also like,,,how can you resist this tall memes smile
  • and so you just tell him to make it up to you by buying you lunch and he just grins and leans down to litter your neck in sloppy kisses and he’s like “are these not enough?” and you’re giggling but also like hyungwon,,,please,,,,,,
  • when you come into the cafe holding hands the next day minhyuk damn near spills his coffee over himself and runs over to demand and explanation
  • and you wanna say something but hyungwon just kisses the top of your head and is like “wenn du ihn/sie" anschaust, kille ich dich” and pulls you along
  • and minhyuk is like WHAT
  • agatha from like her seat at a table somewhere: “he said that if you look at his significant other, he’ll end you”
  • speaking of agatha she thinks you and hyungwon are so cute and tbh she’s so adorable at one point you’re like hyungwon i might break up with you and run away to germany with her,,,,,, and hyungwons like ha ha ha don’t or ill tell her in german that you’re toxic or something
  • but now that you two are dating like you still tease each other like before
  • except now you tease each other while cuddling and/or making out
  • and every time you’re like “you look dumb” hyungwon’s like “you look dumb too” and then you both laugh and kiss each other and literally everyone is like awwwwww except for jooheon who’s just like ??? yall just call each other dumb and then proceeded to kiss What Kind of Millenial Romance….
  • when it’s just the two of you though, hyungwon always makes you clear your lap so he can lay his head on it and read
  • and you play with his hair or do your own homework while he lays there
  • and sometimes you have to like pull his ear cuz he’ll doze off and you’re like c’mon focus buddy
  • your dorm ends up being filled with books that hyungwon leaves lying around when he comes over
  • and your roommates like “i didn’t know you were studying german?” one day and you’re like im not and she’s holding up like the advance textbook for german language and you roll your eyes because right my boyfriend left that here
  • you try on hyungwons expensive (but always too big) clothing and he’ll be like ‘that jacket cost 5k’ while sitting on his bed watching and you’re like ‘why it’s so ugly’ and hyungwon shrugs like ‘it’s fashion’
  • sometimes you’ll go to meet him after his internship and when he comes out you wave and he’ll purposely pretend to look around and not see you because he’s tall and you’re always like hyUNGWON and he’s like “i hear a voice but where is it coming from,,,,,,”
  • the funny thing about this is you two are joking around like this and hyungwon’s coworkers are watching from the windows like,,,,,,,hyungwon??? has a dorky side???? that boy with his perfect face is actually………..cute????
  • and yes yes he is he’s esp cute when he hasn’t had his morning coffee and keeps falling asleep with his head in the crook of your neck
  • and when he talks against your collar it tickles and you have to try and wake him up and he refuses until you literally get him his iced americano and put the straw to his lips
  • hyungwon once tells you that one of the prettiest words he’s ever heard in the language is actually your name and you get all blushy like what no,,,,and he’s like “im a linguistics major, trust me when i say your name is just so pleasent to say…”
  • and whenever he gets out-of-nowhere romantic like that you fret and say a corny joke but hyungwon just pulls you over so you’re ontop of him and gives you those slow kisses of his
  • and you wanna be like hEY but ……… he always smells good and his lips are always so soft how would you even say no
  • hyungwon and you go shopping together and you’re like watching him pick good outfit after good outfit and you’re like ….how….does he do it
  • like you pick something and hyungwon’s like shaking his head
  • and soon enough he’s shopping for you
  • but it’s worth it because when he picks something out and yall go out on a date to like a bookstore or a new art exhibit everyone does a double take because you two look GOOD
  • power couple amiright 
  • people always ask how it feels to be dating a male model and you’re like he’s not,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re right he should be
  • that and you also can’t help but laugh because these people think hyungwon is so chic and cool when last night you literally wheeled him around in one of those grocery carts in the parking lot of the school
  • it was funny because his long legs hung out of the cart and you were sure they were gonna touch the floor at some point
  • but that corny, playful side is just for you and hyungwons close friends
  • there’s a time where hyungwon starts refreshing his memory for a big german test he’s going to have and he’s going over the words for the body, like the translations 
  • and he pulls you by the wrist and points to your eyes and then nose and then lips and he’s reading them off in german but somehow………
  • his mouth trails over the curve of your neck and he starts whispering the words against your skin
  • and like im not saying that you guys are alone in his dorm, wonho’s gone on one of his study abroads, the windows are dark and it’s raining ever so slightly outside and hyungwon’s big warm hands work their way up your shirt
  • and no way am i saying that he lifts you up to sit on his hips and before you know it he isn’t speaking in german or korean or whatever he’s just listening to the sounds you’re making and yeah
  • you all know where im totally going with this ok
  • waking up in the morning and helping hyungwon find his glasses, sitting up in the sheets with him and brushing his bangs from his face, kissing his pretty more puffy than ever lips ^^
  • sometimes you’ll sit in between his legs and the two of you will look at those old photos from the past and embarrassingly confess that you guys have been into each other for way longer than expected
  • and hyungwon might bring up that time where he felt really bad about not asking you to prom
  • and you’ll tell him how sad you were when you guys got split up for different math classes that one year
  • and then you’ll laugh about it because you’re here with each other now
  • hyungwon makes you join nap club and when you’re like “what do we do?” when you show up in the room to find all the tables moved to the sides and a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor
  • hyungwon just wraps you up in a hug, pulls a blanket over you two and he’s like “we. Nap.”
  • every time you guys walk past kihyun he does the finger guns at you and you’re literally like hyungwon hold me back i want to fight him 
  • reading your paper outloud to hyungwon after you guys make out and order pizza and he offers critique and you wanna be like gOd why is he so smart and always right but you just settle for rolling your eyes and hyungwon grins because he’s like “ill take that as a you agree that im right” and you’re like dont make me shove this slice of pizza in your mouth
  • one night as you’re falling asleep in hyungwon’s arms, he says “du bist die wichtigste Person für mich auf der ganzen Welt”
  • in the morning you try to memorize it and put it into google translate but it doesn’t work, instead you find someone else whose taking german and they’re like “oh! it means you’re the most important person to me in the world”

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)

find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here)college!seunghceol(here), college!seokmin (here) , college!jun (here) college!mingyu (here), college!jeonghan (here), college!hoshi (here), college!joshua (here), college!the8 (here) & college seungkwan (here) !

find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here) college!youngjae (here), college!jinyoung (here)

find special college!wonho (here) , find special college!im (here

and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

anonymous asked:

how can you support Veronica Roth's book? It's racist. Do you even know what racism is? You should revoke your support of her book.

I’m going to answer your second question first. Do I know what racism is?

Being called Paki, Sand N*****, Camel Jockey, etc. and hearing my family being called that since I was a small child, having people vandalize my parents’ motel; having them trash my brother’s car; my father getting assaulted and arrested for being brown in white town; my teachers telling my mother I didn’t belong in their classes when I was 5 years old because I didn’t speak English even though I was 100% fluent; having a checkout clerk tell my mother I was stealing when I was a 3yo because I ate a grape at a grocery store; a teacher attempting to sabotage my education by forcing me to spend a year in remedial classes in junior high to put me behind despite having high test scores; being harassed, insulted and attacked by a group of teenagers as a 7 year old walking with my brother in the desert; getting ordered out of a store in my hometown for ‘looking like a gangbanger’, getting pulled over and hassled with my best friend for driving around my home town because she was white and I was not; having a group of guys surround me on a bus in college and mock me for my appearance;  being told over and over  GO BACK, GO BACK, GO BACK; Even now, dealing with micro-aggressions and getting regular messages and anon asks (b/c I choose to keep an open line of communication with fans) telling me that I don’t deserve any of my success, that I am a ‘diversity case’ or that I am, somehow, inferior because I am brown.

Does that constitute as racism? If so, then yes, I know what racism is.

Now that that’s out of the way: I have had many people asking my thoughts on Carve the Mark, the book in question, or telling me my thoughts are wrong, so here’s what I have to say:

I read Carve the Mark critically and did not find the book to be racist or ableist (which was the other criticism leveled at it.)   To be absolutely clear–I read the criticism thoroughly and found that I did not agree with what it was saying. I thought that there was plenty of evidence in the book that the exact opposite was true, and that the cultural groups represented were varied and nuanced and open to many different interpretations. (One example: I felt that the cultural group portrayed as more “violent” was comprised of many skin colors and reflected a hodgepodge of different societies, and that the main character was portrayed both critically and sympathetically. And I felt that the group portrayed as more “peaceful” also had an array of skin/hair types, and again, was portrayed as nuanced–both good and bad.)

(Re: the issue of ableism, more informed folks than I (see Leigh Bardugo and Kody Keplinger) have spoken about the issue. I direct you to them because they are more knowledgable about issues of ableism than I am.)

What is happening here is a difference in opinion. It is a normal thing in a free and fair society. For some reason, this upsets a few people, as they apparently think that people of color are some sort of Borg Uni-mind who all think exactly the same way. Here’s a tip: we don’t. POC can disagree with one another, guys. And we can discuss, and we can learn from such disagreements.

This is a case in which I disagree with the criticism that another POC has for this book. Not because I like the author of the book. Not because I haven’t read the book. But because I just don’t agree with the criticism. This, by the way, does not mean I don’t like or respect the people who have leveled the criticism. Quite the opposite. It. Is. A. DIfference. In. Opinion.

As the wise Somaiya Daud said, “there is no One Reading”, meaning that people can read the same book and have different takes on it.

Example:  I read a book a couple years ago by a POC author that unintentionally denigrated my language and people. Other people read this book and did not see this at all. In fact, some of you might have read it and not noticed it or found it offensive.  To me, that’s ok. You read and interpreted it differently than I did. I can inform you of how I feel, and discuss it with you (I actually did with the author, and the author was receptive) but if you read it, and hear my opinion and ultimately don’t agree with me, I’m going to respect your right as a free citizen to have your own opinion. I do not expect you to trash the book or not read it because I was hurt by it. In fact, I’d rather you read it, because then you’ll have an informed opinion about it and speak about it intelligently.

And that’s sort of what this comes down to:  In dealing with other POC, not all POC opinions are immediately the ONLY opinion. We are not a monolith.

As a WOC who has dealt with racism, often violent, since I came to this country, and as a WOC who has spent much of her life being told to sit down and shut up, I find it very odd that some of the people who consider themselves allies are essentially telling me to sit down and shut up. (Not all of them. I’ve had many civil and intelligent conversations about this.) Essentially, they want me to revoke my opinion about the book.

So here’s the thing: You can criticize me. You can say “Sabaa, you are an idiot and I disagree with you.” That’s fine. You have that right and I absolutely support you being able to voice your opinion. But don’t tell me to undo my opinion. Because by doing so, you are, in effect, attempting to silence me, and I am sick of people trying to silence me.

The Mods Describe Common Rooms

Ravenclaw (By Abigail) 

  • always music playing, a different member of ravenclaw chooses the music every day, varies from classical, to indie pop, to rock, to well, whatever that person wants to listen to 
  • super duper cozy, literally a billion quilts, a bunch of pillows, and beds/study zones perfectly made for each person 
  • huge windows on different walls, Ravenclaws spend so much time studying, or well not studying that sometimes it’s hard to get out, this helps, Of course though, there is a huge telescope for night time, like a huge telescope
  • there’s an enchanted dumbwaiter that can bring thing’s up from the kitchens, mostly snack foods, and things you can eat while doing other things and not make a mess 
  • depending on when you get there, if you fall asleep in the common room, the head girl or boy, or well anyone who decides to wake you up will help you back to your room 
  • one wall is literally a huge book shelf, people leave a book for every year they go to school there and leave there favorite book of the year there, theres copies of some super old books that have been there for over eighty years, the first book there was Romeo and Juliet, the pages are a little tatered at the tops and bottoms, but other than that its good as new 
  • shoes are totally not required, but theres millions of pairs of slippers in a bucket if you want them 
  • The room is enchanted to sense what the claws are feeling and flows smells that will calm them down, or make them happy 
  • plastic stars and planets are stuck to the ceiling everywhere
  • there are two walls devoted completely to art, on the area beside the wall, theres a huge raised up thing filled with paint, paint brushes, pastels, crayons, sharpies and anything else they need. They started with only one art wall, but that quickly changed when the first wall was covered in the week, every month they repaint the wall so they can start over. 

Hufflepuff (By Jinxy and Star)

  • Fireplaces on every wall, all constantly stocked, stoked, and cosy, all with plenty of pot plants with flowers, succulents and a few herbs. The fireplaces have plants climbing up the sides and making a nice covering for the front.
  • Wide windows, with the sun permanently pouring in (even in winter), except at night, when the stars give off a yellow glow and it lights up the room.
  • Scented candles everywhere: caramel, chocolate, and popcorn scented to make the room smell sweet.
  • Trapdoor to the kitchens, so students don’t get caught out of bed after dark.
  • Couches have piles of fluffy blankets next to them, and tables all around the common room are covered in hot chocolate.
  • Hardwood floors, with sunflower pattern rugs dotted throughout the common room (which occasionally bloom real sunflowers!)
  • Birds always chirping in the background.
  • Lots of cats lying in the sunspots on the floor, or curled up on the couches under the blanket piles. Whenever students from other houses lose their cats, they’re always in the Hufflepuff common room.
  • Milk bowls and lots of food on the floor for the cats.
  • Students’ essays framed around the rooms if they got the highest score, so students can get inspo, and so that other students can admire the work (and feel proud of beating the Ravenclaws, because of the silly rivalry).
  • At Christmas time, one of the prefects always puts up an elf on the shelf, but it moves by itself, does all sorts of silly things, and winks at you. Students add gold tinsel to the fireplaces, and plenty of big colourful bows.
  • At Easter, bunnies roam the room, and love getting cuddles and letting students’ smush their faces. One prefect every year is assigned to do an Easter theme activity with the students, be it egg hunting, bunny face painting, painting new curtains, or truffle making, and the room adjusts and provides what the students need.
  • Big cheery curtains framing the windows (white lace, that’s been hand painted with yellow prints or flowers). They’re always drawn apart to let the light in, but can be closed as needed.
  • There’s a humongous bookshelf (because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones who are allowed to read) where students share books. All of the covers are worn and bent, but it’s okay because everyone gets a chance to enjoy the books that others love. Some have highlighting in them, mustaches on the pictures on the front and love letters to other students in them. There’s textbooks for if you couldn’t afford one that year, muggle books about foreign countries, books in other languages, and muggle books about what they think wizards are, and students have graffiti all over them, as a protest. There’s a surprising lack of cookbooks. Because, despite common thought, Hufflepuffs aren’t always the best cooks, and the kitchens are close anyway.
  • There’s a giant hand painted portrait of Helga Hufflepuff on the far wall, which students have enchanted to host Helga, so she gives advice, welcomes new students with a song at the start of the year, and tells students to go to bed.
  • Bathrooms all have large luxurious baths, where the whole person can fit, and no need for bubble bath or scents, because it fills automatically with it when a student presses a button. Each student has customized shampoo, conditioner and products made by older potions students to keep their hair and skin healthy and glowy. Each student gets an ‘appointment’, and the older student makes up bottles that only that student can open, with constant refills.
  • Privacy curtains that students can choose to pull or not, and all have yellow flower patterns on them.
  • Warm fluffy towels, in the students’ favourite colour, with their name embroidered on it. Always warmed up, and fresh every time.
  • Students’ beds have multiple covers on it, and unlimited pillows, and teddies galore. There’s a basket at the end of the bed for dirty laundry, returned clean within 6 hours, and folded. Each student gets a nice window at the head of their bead with their favourite flowers growing there, and most students choose lavender to help them sleep at night. Curtains can only be drawn on weekends and until certain times on weekdays, so students can sleep in, but pull open at 7:30 to wake up students naturally and without alarm clocks.
  • Bedside tables for each student, and students can choose 15 knick-knacks from home to remind them of home, and each student automatically gets a moving image of their families back home.
  • No mirrors (except in bathrooms), because students will tell each other when they have their uniform askew or their hair is messy. Uniforms hung at the ends of beds so students can sleep in and not need to find their clothes.

Slytherin (By Tory)

  • Knick-knacks galore on the bookcases and mantels, each with a special story. Like that shattered crystal ball? That was smuggled out of Professor Trelawney’s class one day by a Slytherin student as a joke, but after the theft, he and others swore it could predict test answers. (It broke when some particularly stupid student tried to smuggle it under his desk for his OWLs, but thankfully a Slytherin prefect retrieved it and put it back.) That old music box? Brought in by a Muggle-born student in the 19th century and soon enchanted her classmates to the extent that they got used to hearing it play every night before they fell asleep. When she left the school, she decided to leave it behind for the younger classes as a memento, enchanting it with a Self-Repairing Charm so that it would never break no matter how many times it was played. That skull? Found buried under the tree by the lake by a Slytherin student…alas, no one knows who it belongs to, but the students have taken to calling her Salazara and treat her with utmost respect.
  • Slytherin students frequently wave to the merpeople swimming outside their windows. The merpeople don’t really understand what waving means, but sort of shake their hands back and forth in response in an attempt to be friendly.
  • Their bathrooms are classy, elegant, and off-the-hook. Each student would have access to their own special area made up of a shower/bath and a changing area with several mirrors behind a curtain. That way each student would have complete privacy getting ready before anyone else saw them – no sharing mirrors or sinks here. Each stall would also be equipped with old-fashioned fixtures that offer both fresh and salt water baths, as well as bubble baths!
  • There is a baby grand piano set up in the corner. If no one plays it, it plays itself.
  • There are all sorts of trapdoors and secret compartments hidden in each dorm, perfect for hiding personal items or even just escaping from your dormmates. Most Slytherins haven’t found them all, and if they are in use, the handle goes red hot, so as to deter any stranger who might want to disturb the person using it or their belongings.
  • WINDOW SEATS. SO MANY WINDOW SEATS. Also a few chaise longues.
  • Lots of portraits of old witches and wizards litter the walls, and they always love giving career advice.
  • The fireplace actually is part of a revolving wall. If you push a certain brick on the mantle, it spins around and reveals a secret passage that leads to the kitchens.
  • The huge grandfather clock in the main common room tolls the hour to the tune of “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.”
  • Because it’s very hard for owls to get down to the dungeons, they are trained to drop their mail down a chute in the Owlery that magically drops the mail down into a collection tray in the center of the Slytherin common room. A separate collection tray then spits any outgoing mail up to the next available owl, if the student doesn’t care which owl sends it.

Gryffindor (by Boudica) 

  • The Gryffindor common room…what can be said about this wonder of gold and scarlet?
  • That cork board in the corner is the bravery board. It plays host to a number of everyday moments of bravery
    • Volunteering in class because you’re afraid of public speaking.
    • Asking out that cute Slytherin in potions; it’s up there.
    • Every day victories that make life worth wild are praised on that board
  • The chairs in the common room are both capable of heating and icing. The house charmed them years ago. Every year the house team renews the spells. 
    • On more than one occasion, the Gryffindor Quidditch team has commandeered the chairs, their groans filling the air as the chairs soothed their aching muscles
  • There’s a set of enchanted free weights that allow you to work out without a partner. 
    • Doing a chest press only to drop it from fatigue will elevate it above your chest as long as you’re a certain body temperature.
  • That box next the fire holds an enchanted dueling mat. 
  • When removed from the box it begins expanding into a cushioned dueling deck. 
    • This allows most Gryffindor to practice dueling in a safe environment without to much harm……most of the time.
  • This is accentuated by the shoot down to the hospital wing. 
  • Madam Pomfry has enchanted the door to play achy breaky heart when it’s accessed. That way she can catch the poor darling.

i get that some languages have an aesthetic look - like Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese… the characters are arguably more visually interesting than the Latin alphabet used in English, but it’s disrespectful to just treat the language like a personal aesthetic outside of its linguistic or cultural context, i.e. getting a tattoo of it (esp if you only have the shallowest grasp of what the tattoo means) 

there are ways to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of languages that aren’t part of your culture without being disrespectful. for example, there are Japanese and Chinese calligraphy classes where you can learn from someone who actually knows the language to write and paint the characters in an artistic way, while actually knowing what they mean in an environment that is designed for that purpose.

you can purchase decor, books or other merchandise made by people in the culture that include the language, especially if it is meant to be seen aesthetically. for example, i recently saw a book of paintings featuring hebrew calligraphy by jewish artists. purchasing such a book would be a respectful way to honor the aesthetic beauty of hebrew. getting a tattoo on your arm of a random hebrew phrase is not.

Questions for the Mun

1.What’s your favorite pokémon?
2.Speak any other languages?
3.Last Book you’ve read?
4.Last drink you’ve had?
5.Favorite home cooked meal?
6.First cosplay?
7.Favorite Culture Mythology?
8.Favorite Type of Flower?
9.Name of your childhood stuff animal?
10.Do you still sleep with a stuff animal?
11.What do you do when you’re stressed
12.Favorite thing to learn about?
13.What song do you remember listening to when you were younger?
14.Favorite Candy
15.Favorite thing about your city?
16.Favorite Song Lyric?
17.Do you prefer to color or draw?
18.First friend you remember having?
19.Do you play any instruments
20.Relationship Status?
21.Rings or Bracelets?
22.Any Question you want to ask 

If you want to read a really good book that has lots of bits about languages, and other cool stuff check out The Last Samurai by Helen Dewitt its a treat

1. the narrator teaches her four-year-old (and the reader) kana 
2. teaches you how to read ancient greek 
3. interspersed with bits of german, inuit, french, icelandic, old norse, arabic and more
4. makes you want to know EVERYTHING (in a review someone called in knowledge porn (ew))

French Children’s Books

An anon asked me for french beginners books, which I’m assuming meant children’s books. If not, just let me know what you did mean, nonny.

1. Le Petit Nicolas- these are adorable short stories that are about a little french boy in the 60s. I’ve read a few, and they were all pretty simple to read, plus the pictures were cute.

2. Le Petit Prince- this is a story about the little prince and those that he meets. Though it’s super famous, I actually haven’t read it yet because it’s said to be pretty hard for a “children’s” book.

3. Max and Lili- this is a series about Max and Lili, 2 siblings. It talks about everyday life and seems really cute.

4. Madeleine- stories about a little girl and her 12 classmates.

5. Mr. Leon’s Paris/ Le Paris de Leon- a book about the adventures of a taxi driver in Paris.

There are also some great sites where you can find children’s books:

1. The French Experiment- a site with a few famous stories like the 3 little pigs and goldilocks and the 3 bears translated into french. This site is great because it has the English translation along with the french.

2. Children’s Books Forever- they have a ton of children’s books. There are a lot of languages other than french too.

3. Jeunesse- this site has stories for ages 0 to 12, and it separates it’s stories by time it should take to read them (less than 5 mins to over 20 mins). The stories are all pretty cute and fun to read.

I hope this list was helpful, nonny! Good luck with your reading!

Concept: A children’s TV series similar to Dora that is meant to teach and immerse children in a foreign language, such as French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.
It would start out slow, with a few phrases and words in the foreign language per episode, and the content would increase in quantity and complexity as the series progresses, eventually resulting in episodes that are almost completely in the foreign language.
This, with books of a similar fashion, would help children become interested in learning other languages at a young age, and immerse them in a language they wouldn’t otherwise hear if they don’t live in a country that speaks that language.

enjoloras  asked:

Les mis headcanon me please. Bc people are being shitty transphobes about my pregnancy, gimme some hcs of Enjolras and Grantaire as parents please and thank friend.


Grantaire absolutely JUMPS into parenthood head first and with full force. Especially in the first few months when Enj is recovering and dealing with the minor dysphoria.

Their kid has clearly inherited both their opinionated parts because even before she can speak she WONT SHUT UP. Grantaire has taken to singing to her. The first time it happened Grantaire pulled the first thing that came to his mind which happened to be Ca Ira bc Enj had been playing it all day. It’s now the only song that works and Enjolras is ENDLESSLY smug about it.

Enjolras reads out his speeches to bean as a way of proofreading and also he knows it helps with language development. Grantaire is constantly terrified that bean’s first words are going t o be “destroy the government” and Enjolras never fails to whack him over the head with his speech when he voices this opinion.

They raise the child bilingual. French and English cartoons and children’s books. However Grantaire and his language and travelling ass keeps swearing in other languages and Enjolras is terrified bean is going to pick them up.

Enjolras has been known to give speeches holding bean when Grantaire can’t make it and she won’t stop crying. The first time he did it he was so scared people wouldn’t take him seriously but if anything the opposite happened. Just holding his child made all his emotions come to the surface (more than he had expected) and he probably gave his most  compassionate speech… ever? Jehan cried. Courfeyrac filmed it. Grantaire cried when he first saw the video.  Whenever E gets stressed bc he thinks he can’t do it and it’s all too much Ferre sends him the video. Bean brings out the best in him and he’s the most amazing father. 

I’m sorry people are being shitty hun! You are gonna be a great dad! 

What does a word mean? And a life? In the end, it seems to me, the same thing. Just as a word can have too many dimensions, many nuances, great complexity, so, too, can a person, a life. Language is the mirror, the principal metaphor. Because ultimately the meaning of a word, like that of a person, is boundless, ineffable.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, In Other Words