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What does a word mean? And a life? In the end, it seems to me, the same thing. Just as a word can have too many dimensions, many nuances, great complexity, so, too, can a person, a life. Language is the mirror, the principal metaphor. Because ultimately the meaning of a word, like that of a person, is boundless, ineffable.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, In Other Words
Enjoltaire and Books

E and R basically having an entire library in their apartment. Every surface is covered in books. Law books for Enjolras, Science Fiction for Grantaire. History books they’ve both read– poetry they’ve been given by Jehan and books on how to cook from the JBM trio. Books with notes in two different inks that argue with each other on every single page. Books in language neither of them can read but Enjolras thought R would like the cover art. Children’s books for One Day. So many political theory books just waiting for someone to ask “source?”.  

E and R spend days reading next to each other, reading a lot to each other, talking over coffee about books they’ve loved and hated, books that have changed their life.

Just E and R loving knowledge and loving each other just as much.

Jason reads to Cass sometimes. She likes it because he does the voices too. He brings the story to life and it’s beautiful.

Once, Steph sat with them. Jason was reading the classic tale of The Little Prince that somehow got Cass hooked. Stephanie was entranced by the man’s voice and the passion seeping through the lines.

She wanted to listen to him again and again.

And then she looked at the book and saw that it was the original language. It was French but Jason was reading to them in English. He was translating the words to English on the go and in his head.

That was the day Stephanie learned that Jason knows a lot of language and he happens to be a supernerd. Who the hell would read a book in its original language? Who the hell would learn so many other language for the heck of it.

And then he decided to prove he was more than that… he apparently knows Khuzdul, the Dwarven language in the LoTR. He’d use it just to spite the others.

“When the language one identifies with is far away, one does everything possible to keep it alive. Because words bring back everything: the place, the people, the life, the streets, the life, the sky, the flowers, the sounds. When you live without your own language you feel weightless and, at the same time, overloaded. Your breathe another type of air, at a different altitude. You are always aware of the difference.“

- Jhumpa Lahiri, In Other Words

This is such a profound meditation on the meaning of language and one’s relationship with it. It’s making me re-examine my own relationships with the languages I speak and inspiring me to work harder to improve. I’m thoroughly enjoying this so far.

Concept: A children’s TV series similar to Dora that is meant to teach and immerse children in a foreign language, such as French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.
It would start out slow, with a few phrases and words in the foreign language per episode, and the content would increase in quantity and complexity as the series progresses, eventually resulting in episodes that are almost completely in the foreign language.
This, with books of a similar fashion, would help children become interested in learning other languages at a young age, and immerse them in a language they wouldn’t otherwise hear if they don’t live in a country that speaks that language.

little domestic andreil posts are my life so here we go:

> neil is definitely a tea kinda lad. andrew has his weird coffee combinations with cream and caramel and sprinkles and god knows what, and neil has english breakfast with just a splash of milk and sugar

> sometimes andrew will buy exciting new teas for their flat and refuse to own up to it, neil gets super excited and will sit on the sofa drinking them while andrew reads

> they buy a huge bookcase from ikea and build it together. half of it is packed with sci-fi and fantasy (because lets be real andrew likes books with something magical in them he doesn’t see the appeal of mundane real life stories) and the other half is art books and books in different languages

> neil realises he’s like seriously fucking good at sketches. he doesn’t really do painting or fine art so much, but he teaches himself to draw little comic style versions of the foxes

> so for their birthdays he draws them little cards of themselves which they all love. andrew may or may not secretly have a whole stack of neils scrappy little doodles he’s done on throw away paper saved in a locked draw

> andreil baking together?? in autumn just being cute and cosy and lovely, w out needing to show affection physically

> andrew will always love all black and dressing like an editorial model, whereas neil starts wearing all seasonal colours, so in october its dark greens, rusty oranges and dusky pinks

> the boys not feeling the need to conform to normal relationship ideals and being happy w out them. they love eachother w out saying it or ever needing to bcos they both know

> andrew just sighs when neil comes home with the kittens and goes back to whatever he was doing. neil is grinning whilst sir is climbing up his trouser leg

basically them just being happy and relaxed post tkm

Questions for the Mun

1.What’s your favorite pokémon?
2.Speak any other languages?
3.Last Book you’ve read?
4.Last drink you’ve had?
5.Favorite home cooked meal?
6.First cosplay?
7.Favorite Culture Mythology?
8.Favorite Type of Flower?
9.Name of your childhood stuff animal?
10.Do you still sleep with a stuff animal?
11.What do you do when you’re stressed
12.Favorite thing to learn about?
13.What song do you remember listening to when you were younger?
14.Favorite Candy
15.Favorite thing about your city?
16.Favorite Song Lyric?
17.Do you prefer to color or draw?
18.First friend you remember having?
19.Do you play any instruments
20.Relationship Status?
21.Rings or Bracelets?
22.Any Question you want to ask 

An Author Can't Get You Published

I recently received an email from an aspiring author who wanted me to read her book and help her get published. She promised me that she would donate all her proceeds to a charitable cause that I could designate. While I’m flattered that anyone thinks that I have this power, it is not true. I’m not a publisher. I’m not an editor. I can’t publish your book.

I think ideas like this come from a real misunderstanding of the world of publishing and also of the power of authors. People frequently write authors nasty emails about the cover of their book, about when their book was on sale, about if their book arrived to them in good condition from an on-line retailer, when or if books are available in other languages or sales areas, or who was cast in the movie of the author’s book. None of these are things the author has any control over. Even authors who have extraordinary creative control (like JK Rowling) still don’t have control over casting decisions. We could argue about whether authors should or shouldn’t have that control, but the reality is we don’t.

If you were best friends with Stephen King, you might imagine that he could get you published. Of course he could, right? He’s Stephen King. But think about this for a minute. What is he going to do? Write to the publisher and demand that they publish you or he’ll renege on his contractual obligation to write another book for them? Just ask his dear friend the editor for a favor that could end up costing the editor her career? Yell at someone on the phone until they give in to his demands? It would be completely unprofessional for an author to put this kind of pressure on anyone in the publishing world. And also, I just don’t think it would work. Maybe I’m being naive, but I also don’t think any author would want to be known as the kind of person who does this.

Stephen King could offer to blurb your book if he loved it. But if an editor didn’t love it also, it’s not going to be published. I don’t believe blurbs have that much power, even from Stephen King. They certainly don’t have that much power from me.

And yet, when you’re an aspiring author, you don’t know this. Or you’re desperate enough that you want to try for anything that might help. I remember sending letters to authors I knew, asking them for help with publication, too. They kindly sent me a version of this letter and a reminder that the only thing I could do was continue writing until I wrote something good enough that it found an editor who loved it enough to get her publisher to put up the money to publish it.

Here’s what you can do as a writer:
1. Write the best damn book you can.
2. Send it around to every possible editor you can find.
3. If they all reject it, consider revisions, possibly based on either professional recommendations or those of a writer’s group or a critique partner.
4. Send it out again.
5. Write a new book while you’re doing this so that hopefully all the lessons you learned will mean you’re a better writer.
6. Repeat from 1.

That’s it. I know it’s frustrating. I’m sorry.

I remember keenly the certainty that my life would change if I got a book deal, that suddenly everyone would want all my other manuscripts, that I’d be a household name and everyone who’d ever met me would be proud to know me. Those things did not happen when I did get published. What happened was that one book was out there and I got a bit of a reputation (a very small bit) and then I went back to work at the same list of 6 steps from above.

Authors can’t publish your books. They can’t make editors publish your books. Only you can make an editor publish your book and you can only do that by writing an irresistible book. And no matter how many books you’ve written or how hard you work, it’s still going to take another try for you. I know you think my life is easy and I just snap my fingers to publish a book. I think in some ways I work harder at my books now than I did when I got my first one published.

Good luck to all of you and just keep trying! It will be worth it, I promise!

I’m not sure if my book ask was just for Russian, but I wanted to go ahead and recommend some language books for other languages as well. These are books I have used so there probably are better ones that I have not yet used.

General: The Teach Yourself Series and the Colloquial Series.



  • Elementary Azerbaijani: The book most often used in college for the language. Can be a bit hard to use on your own without someone to help you.



  • Elementary Hindi: A good textbook. I haven’t seen that many Hindi books, but this one does a good job.


  • Korean from Zero: This book is so beginner friendly. It is free as an e-book/ on the website, but you can buy the print edition if you prefer it.


  • Ponto de encontro: I like it since it teaches both Brazillian and European Portuguese. It is very expensive so maybe buy a colloquial book instead.


imagine bilingual Gregor.

imagine bilingual Gregor speaking english in front of the Regalians and, when finally reunited with his father, breaking out into a foreign tongue. 

imagine bilingual Gregor trying to pick apart a mix of toddler english, beginner crawler and a third developing language as his sister tries to talk to him. 

imagine bilingual Gregor being made fun of by Ripred about not picking up echolocation fast enough and spouting something off that Ripred can’t understand.

imagine bilingual Gregor getting fed up at Solovet and shit-talking about her with Lizzie, while she’s right in front of them.

imagine bilingual Gregor spending hours on their journey singing the lullabies that his grandmother sang to him, and trying to comfort his baby sister. 

imagine bilingual Gregor trying to figure out why Lizzie is there when she’s panicking and switching between the two languages.

imagine bilingual Gregor telling stories in the night in his father’s tongue, treating his sisters to tales of heroism and adventure and Regalia. Imagine bilingual Gregor knowing that his mother- who never quite picked up on the language- has no way of knowing. 

imagine bilingual Gregor sending love notes in code, in the few words that he has taught Luxa of his native tongue. 

imagine bilingual Gregor helping Hazard understand where to stress the new words, where to roll his tongue, where to pronounce the t’s. 

imagine bilingual Gregor being able to pick up on different creatures’ languages easier, because their grammatical structure is similar to his own.

imagine bilingual Gregor sitting for hours on end, talking- just talking- to his baby sister. Because when their dad comes back one day,Gregor doesn’t want him to feel bad that he wasn’t there to teach her. 

imagine bilingual Gregor getting mad at Luxa and arguing with her in another language. imagine him being frustrated that he can’t properly explain what he means in english because there aren’t the right kinds of words.

imagine bilingual Gregor.

Hello, may I please have a BTS ship + scenario? I’m 4'11", Asian (long black hair, dark eyes, fair skin). My style mainly consists of dresses, heels/ballet flats, pearls. “Doll-like” or “real-life anime character” is usually how other people describe me looks-wise, and yeah, I’m not a supermodel but I’m pretty happy about how I look. ;) I seem like an ice princess because I behave in a ladylike manner, and I act aloof to mask my awkwardness (especially around unfamiliar people) but my close friends know that I’m a fluffy dork who giggles uncontrollably over puns and nerd jokes. I never get enough sleep because I’m always geeking over videogames/anime/fandoms–again, this is something most people don’t know and are surprised to find out since it doesn’t fit their image of me. I’m a huge nerd to be honest: I’m multilingual (with bits and pieces of other languages), book-smart, and a fount of useless trivia (I always win trivia games). I was in boarding school since the age of 12, so I’m independent and used to looking out for my juniors but I also enjoy being pampered and treated with gentleness in general. My little brother says I’m the best big sister in the world. :) It takes me time to warm up to people, but once I do, I’m an extremely devoted and protective friend. I love traveling but I also love just curling up at home with my books. Since most of my hobbies are of the sedentary sort, I’m not very physically active and I have no upper-body strength to speak of. I enjoy cooking and baking, and my family and friends enjoy eating what I make, LOL.


I ship you with Seokjin!

Seokjin would be enamored with how cute you are! I think that he would find your cold exterior interesting. Seokjin strikes me as someone with a Princess kink. He would pamper you and want you to dress cutely. He would love how devoted you are to family and friends. Once he breks that cold exterior he would be a goner! Especially because you joke about puns. I imagine couples aprons so you guys can do couple cooking sessions. He would love to hear all the languages you speak. Seokjin strikes me as a family oriented guy and the fact that your brother thinks so highly of you would be really important to him. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks


“Jagiya!” Seokjin called from the front door of your apartment. You were in your study reading, nestled into a big armchair. He bounded into the room his hands clutched an Amazon delivery box. 

“Seokjin, what is that?” You questioned, lifting your eyes from your book and arching a brow. Seokjin smiled at you and strode over to lightly touch your cheek. 

“I thought it would be cute if we got matching aprons!”

“Matching aprons?” You thought back to a number of aprons you already had and pinched the bridge of your nose. “Do we really need more aprons?”

“Jagi, they’re super cute! They have flowers and little rabbits on them!” He opened the box and pulled out the white apron, the bottom was decorated in frills and the pattern was small daisy and brown rabbits. You made an aww noise and set your book down, making sure to mark your place before taking the piece of cloth in your hand. Jin was right, it was really cute. 

“Are you suggesting we cook more together?” You smiled up at him and he leaned down to kiss your lips. You tried to meet him halfway by standing on your tip toes. Curse your small height! Why did your boyfriend have to be so tall? He pulled away and grinned. 

“Only if you teach me how to make crepes.” You rolled your eyes and took the other apron out of the box, pushing it into his hands. 

“Let’s go cook then.”

I hope you like it! - Admin Cat

Discovering that nothing of  Nina Bouraoui’s are translated into English. Like why. And at first I thought it was the same for Léonora Miano but they published one of her books, the first, out of twelve. One is too few but at least anglophone people can discover her style and stories. Well one story.

And it’s not just that. Many authors publish lots of books in their country, sell well, receive prizes, are translated into other languages than English, sometimes many other languages, but the Anglo-saxo translate so few seriously they don’t know what they miss.

Like I get they translate few… but… it kills me that it’s so few to the point that  for some recognised authors they don’t even translate one book? Nina Bouraoui has SIXTEEN books (novels) published in France? Her audience is’nt narrow? She received several awards? Her work is so great? She is translated in about 15 languages but not in English

And she is’nt an exception at all, really anglo-saxon publishers should try translating more. They’re depriving their readers of great books.

(Like I wrote why but it was rhetorical, in fact I think maybe know why, big hypothesis : it’s cause the publishing market is much more concentrated in UK and the US than in France, focusing on profit without taking much risk to translate and promote unknown works from other countries (while they publish a good diversity cutural identities wise within their own language, probably much better than France does. But hey! Léonora Miano and Nina Bouraoui are actually very interesting to publish regarding this,identity wise, not only for her style and character building and stuff. An afropean, afro-french woman, with only her first book translated, and a queer franco-algerian woman! with no book none translated out of sixteen)

France on the other side, translates a lot but I don’t know if its recognizes really its own diversity of identities in literature. I don’t think so, not as much as it should.

A very good, quite extreme example of the UK and US translating very few and France a whole lot is the Millenium saga. The USA were among the last countries to translate it. So they bought the translation rights for a very expensive price. France was the very first country to buy it for a very cheap price compared to the US price.

Two translators from the French publishing house Actes Sud discovered it within months and were allowed to translate it, it was published within a year and since it was such a best seller it contributed a lot to the growth of Acted Sud, that was’nt as big as now. But the US waited till lots of countries translated it and it was a big best seller everywhere the price had risen and stuff. Only when they were super sure it was a big best seller.

Basically, in a nutshell :

-The USA seems to thinks it has the whole world inside themselves to the point of not needing to translate much. They’re very diverse and very rich cultural identities wise, and they’re the most powerfull country in the world, but no, the world still does not revolve around them.

-France needs to realise its own diversity. To realise France is not only white and straight. That “the world” is inside too. France is diverse too. 

And if anglo-saxon countries, (not only the US it’s not fair, UK too) translated more, they too would see that France and other “old Europe” countries, like, say, Italy, are diverse too.


How to Sneeze in Japanese Kickstarter starts NOW!

I’ve put together a new book about the sounds people make in other languages (eating, drinking, sleeping, thinking, laughing, crying, stomping, sniffing!) because it turns out they’re all really fun and different

But I need your help to make it a reality! 
24 sounds, with 35 languages and new illustrations, this book is a doozy!

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Ahhh I was tagged by @quarterpasttired on my main blog @badwolfblind but I’m doing it here cause I never post anything on my main lol

5 Things you’ll find in my bag: 

  • my wallet 
  • a pen (Zebra brand usually cause those are my favs)
  • earbuds 
  • various chargers and a tiny battery pack
  • lipstick

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • a dreamcatcher that my father made
  • pens…so many pens
  • 10 succulents in my windowsill
  • art by @laurenallyse
  • a half finished crocheted blanket (I’ll get it done one day)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • write and publish at least one book
  • be fluent in at least one other language (the fluent bit is important lol, not just be okay which I already am BUT FLUENT)
  • travel (to sooooo many places)
  • mmmmm yeah thats about all i got here *shoots finger guns*

5 things I’m currently always into:

  • video games in general
  • writing
  • art
  • uhhh dogs
  • sleeping?

5 things on my to-do list:

  • write (that’s literally always on there btw)
  • clean
  • practice my ukulele
  • work on that half finished blanket
  • read something (I’ve got a list a mile long smh)

5 things people may not know about me:

  • I am incredibly boring and there’s nothing to put here lol

I’m gonna tag: @laurenallyse @corvegaassemblyplant @redprince and whoever wants to lol