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Parents with Children
  • "It's like I'm playing germ warfare and I'm loosing."
  • "Why is this sticky?"
  • "No! That's mine!"
  • "Cleaning the house is like shoveling snow during a blizzard."
  • "Hot dogs don't come from dogs, do they?"
  • "I love answering 'why?' 32 times in a row."
  • "I don't like taking naps."
  • "Daddy, put that thing back in your pants."
  • "Silence around here is very, very suspicious."
  • "My child is one year old, not twelve months. They aren't a cheese."
  • "Do you have any friends?"
  • "Why is this wet?"
  • "They won't leave me alone for a second... not a second..."
  • "Bed time is reserved for discussions on how the universe became what it is."
  • "That's funny!"
  • "How do I undo scissors?"
  • "Children have their own set of rules."
  • "I haven't slept in three days."
  • "What is that?"
  • "I eat breakfast with screaming kids."
  • "I wish I could fly."
  • "Just because you can amaze our child by chewing with your mouth open, doesn't mean you should."
  • "You lost me in the store!"
  • "Grown-ups are boring."
  • "What is that smell?"
  • "Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why is the sun so bright? Is the moon still up there? Where do the stars go? I want a sandwich."
  • "I would ask why there are crackers all over the floor but... why?"
  • "When is the last time I took a shower?"
  • "I just want to read a book."
  • "Were you always old?"

                                               “Nope, not today.” 

                                                                             Written By Yang || Personal blogs don’t reblog. 

Sentence Meme || [YA book quotes edition]
  • “You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes.”
  • “I did want you. I still do. I wish... we could be together."
  • “What the hell kind of therapy are you in?”
  • "You're imagining things, clearly, my stunning beauty has clouded your mind.”
  • “Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?”
  • "Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck.”
  • “There's plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it.”
  • “I know myself well enough to know how I act around cookies.”
  • “You're impossible, but you're worth it.”
  • “Good Soldiers don't sacrifice the cause for love.”
  • “You gotta learn how to take a compliment, because I'm not going to stop making them.”
  • “I hear your insults and plan to silence them with my victory.”
  • “Nobody else will ever be able to save me if I’m not fighting as hard as I can to save myself.”
  • “Only you could be brave enough to die with me. But I want you to live for me."
  • “Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn't.”
  • “Being with you never felt wrong. It's the one thing I did right. You're the one thing I did right.”
  • “Killer skirt, deadly legs.”
  • "Last I heard, Homecoming requires a date.”
  • “You make me believe in the impossible”
  • “You are the one girl that made me risk everything for a future worth having.”
  • “We're actors in our lives, pretending to be who we want people to think we are.”
  • “I want to try making things right because picking up the pieces is way better than leaving them the way they are.”
  • “But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.”
  • “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”
  • “I know you aren't perfect. But it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.”
  • “Boys turns girls into such idiots.”
  • “I'm saying I'm in love with you! I've been in love with you this whole bleeding year!”
  • “Girl scouts didn't teach me what to do with emotionally unstable drunk boys.”
  • “So do you believe in second chances?"
  • “You're delightfully screwy, and I wouldn't have you any other way.”

Neverwhere Sentence Meme Pt. 1

  • “It starts with doors." 
  • "I’d watch out for doors if I were you." 
  • "You look like a drowned rat." 
  • “Now: Onward. Things to do. People to damage." 
  • "Bugger and blast." 
  • "Please, no. It’ll be fine. It’s not as bad as it looks. “ 
  • "Don’t worry, most of the blood was someone else’s." 
  • "I suppose you could call them men, yes. Two legs, two arms, a head each.”
  • “We’re not going to get very far if you keep repeating everything I say, now, are we?" 
  • "People who put their noses where they aren’t wanted sometimes lose them." 
  • "I understand that the words favor, really, and big have been used. In conjunction." 
  • "We don’t need a bodyguard, _______. We hurt people. We don’t get hurt." 
  • "If you cut us, do we not bleed?" 
  •  "Well? Say ‘Open sesame,’ or whatever it is that you do." 
  • "You’re a piece of work, aren’t you?" 
  • "I don’t know how I could have missed it before." 
  • "I’m afraid we don’t have any redeeming features." 
  • "Now is the time to be afraid of the dark." 
  • "Well. You’re here. Safe and, more or less, sound.”
  • "We’re hopelessly lost. We’ll never be seen again.”
  • “In a couple of days we’ll be killing each other for food." 
  • "He’s a little bit dodgy in the same way that rats are a little bit covered in fur." 
  • "Scare her?  We’re cutthroats, not scarecrows.”
  • “So what is it that you want me to do this time? Theft? Arson?“
  • "My sides are splitting, my ribs are cracking, and my mirth is positively uncontainable.”
  • "Things like that, they’re too vicious to die. Too old and big and nasty.”
  • “That was okay. Nice food. And no one was trying to kill us.“
  • "Yes. Well. Some people thought I was dead. I was forced to keep a low profile.”
  • “Can’t make an omelette without killing a few people.”
  • “He’s traveled so far beyond right and wrong he couldn’t see them with a telescope on a nice clear night.”
  • “You mad little witch. What have you done?”
  • “Who do you think she is–the Wizard of Oz?” 
  • “We can’t send you home. This is your home.”
  • “Then we won’t ever see each other again.”
  • “Just walk. Don’t look back.”
  • “Have you ever got everything you ever wanted? And then realized it wasn’t what you wanted at all?" 

different kind of post from me, sry, just a question to my lovely followers!

what kind of fandoms are u guys in that have askblogs / are you guys into askblogs????

I used to be an askblogger and I kinda wanna get back into that, what fandom would u guys suggest? I’m open to any fandom, I rly like all things, (movies, tv shows, vidya gamez, youtubers, books) I just want smth I can get into and draw regularly and casual rp c:


My aunt and uncle come home today which means cat sitting is basically over so I actually have time! I’m going to:

  • Try to catch up on nano
  • Try to catch up on drafts
  • Get through my asks
  • Finish one of the books I’m reading
  • Watch some things!

If you want to rp with me feel free to message me here or hit me up on discord (message me if you want my discord). And if you have any fanfic prompts throw em in my asks!

Homeward Bound starter sentences

“I’m not gonna hurt you, I just want to chew on your neck!”

“I swallowed a button!”

“Well, look who’s down in the dirt with the dogs!”

“I know, I know you’re sad…..I wish I knew why.”

“Oh, you don’t have to prove it. I believe you’re stupid.” 

“Hasta la vista, kitty!”

“I thought you were gonna stay, _____?”

“How’s that? Is that worth most of your food? All of your food? A little bit? Please?”

“I can’t sleep. I’m too tired to sleep.“

“But it’s my responsibility. I had a responsibility to ____ - to love him/her and protect him/her - the same as I have to you… and to ____.”

“My hero! Guess I’m gonna have to stare at YOUR butt the whole way.”

“Do you have any idea where that’s been?”

“____, sweetheart, _____ can’t breathe.”

“I don’t care about gates. I’m going home!“

“You just woke me up from a very deep catnap.”

“Even a great beauty needs her beauty sleep!”

“Beauty sleep? You’d have to sleep for, like, a month!“

“I can do better! Just give me a second chance!”

“Ow ow! He bit me with his butt!”

“Yeah, well I’m just gonna go mingle.” 

“Hey, _____, you want to have some fun? Stick your head into that hole.”

“…..I just hope that one day, I can be like him/her.”

“Oh, _____. When will you grow up?”

“You pushed me this far, now I’m pushing you the rest of the way!”

“Well, you’re not going to quit, not now, not when we’re this close!”

“You think it’s easy for me to admit that I can’t do it?“

“That’s not true! There’s nothing you can’t do…”

“But I want you with me…..I love you _____.“

“You’ve learned everything you need, _____. Now all you have to learn is how to say goodbye.”

“Oh, ____….I’ve missed you so!”


“I just want shortbread cookies. How do we have six cookie cookbooks and no short bread cookie recipes.” He whined as he flipped though another book.

“Why don’t you go to the bookstore and look for one since the internet is down?” Stephanie suggested.

“Maybe I will.” he laughed as he grabbed his coat and keys and drove the hour to get to the bookstore. He sat in his car glaring at the snow outside before climbing out and running in. “Cookie books, gotta find the cookie books.”