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I wanna talk more about maia and magnus’ friendship:

- magnus is always teaching maia some of his own alcoholic creations he’s mixed over the years so maia can add them to the menu at hunters moon so that no other bar in the area can compete with the specialty drinks they’ve made. (magnus likes to tell her that he invented all the popular cocktails but maia just shoots him that look of “I know you’re lying but sure”)

- they totally have hour long conversations about the bachelor/bachelorette, discussing who they think should be given a rose and who should be booted out. they get super passionate about their favourites and always shout at the tv while they’re settled in magnus’ loft, eating takeout and sipping on margaritas

- maia loves reading so magnus let’s her borrow books from his library that contains every genre you could think of. for maia’s birthday, magnus gifts her a first edition book of jane eyre because he knows it’s her all time fave

- maia always takes magnus out for coffee at least once a week so they can catch up and she can tell him about all the crazy things that happened at the bar that week, how she had to break up a fight between two vampires, how some drunk seelie tried hitting on her and ended up vomiting on her shoes. magnus finds it all hilarious.

- maia is super worried when she finds out magnus has a shadowhunter boyfriend because she doesn’t want magnus getting hurt and she wishes all the happiness in the world for magnus so she’s very cautious when she first meets alec until she sees the look he gives magnus, one with such adoration and love, a look she’s often seen in magnus’ eye when he talks about his boyfriend and maia feels this huge sense of relief because magnus is truly happy and out of everyone she knows, magnus deserves love and happiness the most

- maia loves jewellery, not as much as magnus does but she’s always wearing gorgeous necklaces and rings which magnus always compliments. so they always get little gifts for each other. maia gives magnus a small black box at the bar one day containing a silver spiderweb ear cuff which maia claimed it was something she thought he’d like. maia comes round for dinner at the loft and get given a beautiful sapphire ring that magnus saw on his trip to Italy and tells her “something so beautiful must be worn by someone equally as beautiful” and maia just laughs.

- maia is a really giggly drunk which causes magnus to be a giggly drunk too seeing as maia’s laugh is so infectious. they were watching a tv show they usually love but lost interest and as magnus got up to get another drink, he stumbled and fell into the book shelf and stands there shocked “a book just fell on my head, maia” and maia giggles and says “I guess you only have yourshelf to blame”. they laugh over that pun for 20 minutes which is how alec found them, tears streaming down their face while they struggle to tell him what their finding funny without breaking into another laughing fit.

Knight in a Dirty Blue Coat (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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Request by Anonymous: Hey, I was wondering if you could write a Newtxreader where he gets all overprotective over the reader please? Lots of fluff if that’s okay😊 I love your account btw❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,423

Warnings: Wounds, bleeding, intention of drugging

I think I made it angsty again…

A/N: I kind of went on a tangent away from the main point of the request, sorry.


You couldn’t focus on the book you were reading. You kept glancing at the clock, Newt should have been back an hour ago. Normally, you wouldn’t have payed it much mind, Newt was always getting caught up in his research but he was observing a werewolf today and you were worried, you were terrified and you were kind of pissed. You knew Newt had to collect information on many magical creatures but this was so dangerous. It was common knowledge that when a person turns into a werewolf they lose themselves entirely and are overtaken by a ravenous hunger. Newt was experienced in dangerous creatures but you couldn’t believe how reckless this was. You tried to convince him not to go but he went anyway, apparating before you could declare that you were coming with him. You were also angry with him because of this. You could make your own decisions, you didn’t need him to protect you, he needed you to protect him.

You two had been dating for two months and were already head-over-heels for each other, you had been friends beforehand so you already had a relationship to build on. You loved Newt but sometimes you couldn’t take how careless he could be, throwing himself into danger for the sake of the beasts and his own knowledge. You’ve had to mend many of his injuries, though none of them serious, but you couldn’t help but feel you were just waiting until his life was on the line.

You slammed the book shut and stood up swiftly from the couch, your mind a swarm of thoughts. You could feel your body buzzing, waiting, expecting. It’s not like you could go and look for him, he had refused to tell you where he was going for the very reason you needed to know. You were pacing in front of the clock, staring at it’s slow moving hands.

Suddenly you heard shuffling from outside your hotel door and your heart leapt in relief and joy. A moment later a very pale Newt stumbled in and your smile fell and stomach clenched as you saw he was clutching a bleeding gash over his abdomen. He gave you a small bashful smile as he started to fall. You leapt forwards and caught him.

“Merlin’s beard, Newt.” You gasped as you dragged him over to the couch. He groaned as you lay him down. You removed his hands from the gushing wound. You slapped a hand over your mouth as a sob escaped your lips. Two deep, wide gashes slashed across his stomach. Your gaze flicked up to his, he was trying to hide his pain, you could tell.

“I seem to be in a little bit of a predicament.” He said, trying to sound lighthearted. You didn’t say anything as you removed his coat and scrambled into the kitchen, pouring water into a bowl and grabbing a few rags. You ran back into the living room and placed them on the coffee table and then ran into Newt’s case, grabbing vials and bandages you thought you would need. You then returned to an even sicker looking Newt. He looked deathly pale and his breathing was shallow, eyes heavily lidded.

Your mind was screaming and tears pouring down your cheeks as you hurriedly cleaned the wounds, staining the water and rags red. You then poured the appropriate solutions onto his wound, rubbing them in with your hands. You could tell the medicine was hurting him because overtime you rubbed it in he would flinch lightly. He was so weak he couldn’t even hiss or groan. Your hands were surprisingly steady as you murmured healing spells, hovering your wand and hand over the gashes. Your mind kept screaming his life is on the line, save him, save him, SAVE HIM.

Colour soon returned to his face as you were finishing up and bandaging him up an hour later. He was half-conscious and gazing at you as you finished wrapping his abdomen. You finally sat back and looked at his face. He smiled at you weakly.

“Thank you.” He whispered, reaching out to you. You scooted out of his reach, shaking your head and covering your mouth as you released a sob. His smile fell as he looked at you worriedly. Why in the name of Merlin was he the one worried. You wrapped you arms around yourself as you sobbed in front of him. Your mind not yet calming down from his near death experience. “Y/N? Don’t cry. I’m okay.” He said, trying to reach out to you again but you were still out of reach. It was cruel, you knew he wanted to comfort you but he couldn’t actually move his body but you couldn’t go to him, not yet.

“Was it worth it?” You asked, not bitterly but sadly. The tears were cascading down your face as he flinched visibly.

“Y/N…” He started but you shook your head, silencing him. You stood up, realising you were now shaking violently. You let another sob escape as you ran out of the room, hearing Newt call your name behind you.


You still weren’t fine, but you felt better. Partly because of the alcohol but you weren’t sobbing or shaking anymore. Your heart wouldn’t unclench though and was in a constant state of stress. You were sitting at a bar, frowning at your drink. You weren’t drunk and you didn’t intend on getting drunk. That wasn’t what you needed, you just needed a drink and a place away from Newt. You were angry and upset and have been sitting here for a while now with a sour expression. You suddenly saw someone out of the corner of your eye slide into the stool next to you and order a drink.

“What’s eating you, doll?” The man asked you. You shrugged, not looking at him. He chuckled. “Alright, alright. I get it, you don’t want to talk. It’s just not everyday you see a spiffy dame sitting alone.” He said, looking at you. You glanced down at yourself, you were just wearing a simple everyday dress and you didn’t even want to know what kind of state your hair was in. You definitely didn’t think you looked ‘spiffy’.

“Look, I’m just looking to have a chat.” He said. You gave him a suspicious glance, finally looking at him. He wasn’t bad looking, he wasn’t as attractive as Newt but not horrible to look at. If just having a chat was all he was looking for, you could use something to distract you. You would go back to your hotel room once you had calmed down a little more and maybe some human interaction would help. Now you weren’t completely naive, you knew of men and how they drugged women but if you kept your drink in your hand and your eyes on it you would be safe and he wouldn’t do anything in a bar full of people, so you were safe. “Come on, don’t be such a wet blanket.” He said, smirking at you. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Fine, but just talking.” You said, looking at him pointedly. He raised his hands up to show he meant no harm.

“Hey, that’s all I’m looking for.” He said smiling.


Where on earth could she have gone? Newt wondered as he stumbled down the street, looking for you. His wounds had healed a little more since you left thanks to your healing abilities, enough so he could get up. He knew he technically shouldn’t be up and should be resting and letting his wounds fully heal but your tear stained face kept flashing through his mind. He felt so guilty for making you so sad and worried. He had just made a stupid mistake when he was observing the werewolf, alerting it of his presence and things had just escalated from there. He kept remembering your heart wrenching sobs and shaking hands, making his heart clench painfully.

His wounds still aching, he stumbled into a pub and looked around to see if you were there. His eyes finally landed on your familiar H/C hair. His face immediately brightened and he started to walk over to you, thinking of what he would say to you. Apologising profusely being on the top of his list. He then saw you talking to another man, laughing and gesturing animatedly. His face immediately fell and he took a step back.

He didn’t quite know what to feel. He know he shouldn’t feel jealous but he did, the last thing he made you do was cry and here was this stranger making you laugh. Newt always knew you were too good for him but he was sure that you loved him too. Well, he hoped. He stared at you sadly, deciding to go back to your hotel room and wait for you there. He didn’t want you to be sad and here you were laughing, he wasn’t going to interrupt that so he’d wait.

He was about to turn around and leave when he saw the man point to something behind you, making you look, in this moment the man slipped something into your drink. It was swift and sudden so there’d be no way you would notice. Newt’s eyes widened and he felt anger and disbelief bubble up within him. You then turned around and went to take a sip of your drink.

“Y/N” He exclaimed, dashing over to you, ignoring the flare of pain in his wounds.

“Newt?” You asked surprisedly, putting your drink drown. “What are you doing here?” You asked, confused, your eyes then flickered to his stomach and they filled with worry. “You should be resting and healing.”

“Don’t drink that.” He said urgently. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“What do you mean?” You asked.

“Yeah, mate, let the lady do what she wants.” The stranger said. Newt whirled on the man, fists clenching.

“Don’t you dare even look at her.” He said, deadly calm and moved in between you and the man. You were still confused.

“Newt, what are you saying?” You asked.

“He drugged your drink.” He said, keeping his eyes on the man.

“What?” You asked, disbelieving. “That’s impossible, I’ve had the drink in my hand the whole time.” You said, you were sure he would’ve had no chance to drug it.

“He did it when you looked away.” He told you. You released your drink and pushed it away, feeling sick at what had almost happened.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re insinuating -“ The man started.

“Oh I’m not insinuating anything.” Newt interrupted angrily. You placed your hand on Newt’s arm, fearing he was going to do something he’d regret.

“Newt, let’s just go.” You said. Newt turned to you, his expression softening and eyes filling with a mix of love and worry. He nodded and slipped his hand into yours and giving the man one last dirty look, started to walk away.

“Too much of a bearcat for me anyway.” The man mumbled, turning back to his drink. You felt Newt clench and his hand flew to his wand in his coat pocket.

“Newt.” You said, stopping him. He clenched his jaw and looked down. His hand fell away from his pocket and he kept walking. Once you had left the bar you crushed him in a hug, making him yelp. “Oh, Newt, I’m so sorry. I forgot about your wounds.” You said, jumping away from him fretfully. He just took a step forward and gave you a hug, a lighter hug than yours albeit. You noticed he was still tense, from the recent encounter or his wounds you didn’t know.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered into your hair. You knew he was talking about his werewolf incident. You had already forgiven him but was glad he apologised. You could never stay mad at him for too long.

“I’m sorry too.” You murmured. Newt leaned back a little to look at your face.

“For what?” He asked, confused.

“For running out like that.” You said. You hadn’t meant for him to worry so much that he would go looking for you especially in the state that he was in. But what did you expect from the caring mummy that was Newt Scamander.

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about.” He said, bringing you back into the hug. You inhaled his scent, he always managed to smell like cinnamon. Even after having bled out for a good while. “I know what you went through was sudden and a lot and I’m so so sorry, I just didn’t know who else to go to.” He said softly.

“No, you always come to me, ok? It doesn’t matter if it’ll upset me, I’ll always be here.” You said against his chest. He gave a sigh and squeezed you a little tighter, ignoring the small prick of pain in his wounds. You both started to walk home, opting not to apparate due to Newt’s state. He had relaxed a little but you could tell that he was still angry by the set of his jaw and how he kept looking you up and down as if somehow the man had hurt you since you had left. “Newt, I’m fine.” You said, stepping closer to reassure him. He smiled sheepishly and ran his fingers through his dusty auburn hair. A new habit he had picked up, you realised.

“I know. It’s just I can’t stop thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t been there.” He said, pain lacing through his words even at the prospect of the stranger’s plan succeeding.

“But you were there and I’m fine.” You reminded him. “You were my knight in a dirty blue coat.” You joked, earning a smile from Newt.

“Maybe I should have rode in on a hippogriff.” He said, pretending to disappointed that he hadn’t thought of the idea earlier. You laughed and squeezed his hand.

“Where you really going to use your wand on him?” You asked, gazing at him tentatively. He nodded firmly.

“I had a very particular hex in mind that would have given him a nice pair of antlers.” He said. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Good thing I stopped you then. Though antlers may have suited him.” You said, keeping the mood light. He grinned at you and pulled you closer.

“Thank Merlin I have you.” He sighed happily, pulling you in closer as you gave him a joyful smile.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I know this scenario is a little bit over used but this is one cliché I kind of like…does that make me a bad person? AH SORRY!

Please tell me what you think of it. Constructive criticism is welcome. (◕‿◕✿)

Happy World Introvert Day!

My dear introverts,

today is the 2nd January - it’s World Introvert Day! I think we should celebrate that by doing something we really love. Meet a friend, read a good book or play a video game you haven’t played in ages. Do something creative, paint or craft something, write a song, story or poem. Whatever it is, that fills your heart with joy, you shoud take the time to do that today. Celebrate World Introvert Day, celebrate being an introvert, celebrate being one of us.

Lots of love to you all!

i remember someone told me i should read the tmi books because helen and aline were such a cute couple and have such a great love story and i?? was like?????? where tho???????? where did you find this??? where?? like Straight people astound me like they really think one scene in a book before getting banished is good lgbp rep like honey 

I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong.
—  Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun

An Accident of Stars by @fozmeadows

Okay guys this book is fantastic!

Seriously, I found it by chance at Barnes & Noble and you should all go read it. It’s a portal fantasy book (think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia) and its really well written.

As someone who gets tired of reading real books cause there’s never as many LGBT+ characters as there are in fanfic.. GO READ THIS BOOK! Absolutely fantastic characterization, plenty of LGBT+ people, polyamory, fantasy, magic. I love it. And it deals with darker themes as well, everything has consequences, the kind that can be ignored in books like Narnia. People struggle physically and mentally just like real life. Plus the author is gender fluid and bisexual!

Go support LGBT+ authors and LGBT+ fiction books!! There’s a sequel coming out in a few months and I’m very excited for it.

So go read it and then come talk to me about it cause it’s great.

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Prompt: Hekapoo steals Tom's diary mid "running with scissors" and gives it to Marco along with his newly earned scissors?

Ahhhhh! Tis was so fun to write! It’s a lot different than what I normally write because there’s hardly any dialogue in this! I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I liked writing it! Enjoy!


“You earned this too.” Hekapoo told Marco. Marco looked strange as the deity was standing with her head sticking out of the fiery portal. She was holding forward a ratty brown book. “Look, kid, just take it. It belongs to my little brother… but I think you should read it. He’d want you to read it.” Hekapoo promised, and she ducked out. Marco looked at it oddly and opened the cover, his mouth dropped open when he saw who it belonged to.

Tom the Demon


Yes Hekapoo that means you.

You too Star.

Marco bit his lip. This seemed personal and something he shouldn’t be meddling in. Hence the big warning on the inside of the cover. But Marco’s curiosity was peaked and he really wanted to know why it was Hekapoo thought he should read it. They were siblings? There was so much about the demon he didn’t know! And there was so much he felt like he HAD to know. Maybe because they were friends? And he actually liked Tom. He wanted to know what he was thinking, and make sure he was okay.

So Marco opened the book. The book was big and thick, and when he opened it the first handwriting was sloppy and thick, like a child’s. It was written in odd, sloppy, symbols, but when Marco touched it the book glowed and translated to english.


My name is Tom and Rose told me to write in here. She said it would help me learn. Rose also said that I didn’t just have to write the classic symbols, I could write what I want!

Marco smiled at the passage that was most likely written by Tom when he was very young. Marco flipped through dozens of pages to try and find what Hekapoo was talking about, it had to be recent. In the timeframe of when he and Tom knew each other. Marco flipped to the later passages and kept reading.

I never actually wrote in here for a long time. Dad said it was stupid and childish. But I really have some stuff I need to say. I’ll just burn the pages later. I asked Star to go with me to the Blood Moon Ball a while back, and she said yes. But it was ruined when her friend Marco came in and stole the dance. That’s not important now. Bottom line is I kidnapped him today because he lied about dating Star. I was messing with him for a while, I think he actually thought I would kill him, but then we started talking and he was being really nice to me. Like giving me advice and stuff. It was nice of him and it made me happy to know there are people out there who care enough to take the time to help others. So I talked to Star and we talked and I apologized for the first time, for real. And I felt really good about it. I’m supposed to hate Marco, and I do! But I think he’s a good person, and I think I’m going to try to be more like him. And maybe less like what my dad wants me to be.

Marco was astounded by the passage. Tom thought he was a good person? He hated him! Marco looked down at him and reread it over and over again. “He wants to be like me?” Marco asked himself. He didn’t know that the conversation they had over ping-pong helped Tom out that much. But it did. Marco smiled a bit and turned the page.

I made a really big mistake. I agreed to do that stupid thing for anger management and spend time with Marco without getting angry. But I messed up and freaked out on him. I don’t know what it was actually. I was just going to hiss and rolled my eyes at him, and act annoyed. It wasn;t a big deal. But the thought of him wanting to leave made me feel… bad? I don’t know what it is, but, when he seemed so keen on going to the movies and ending our night together I just started to feel sad and kind of hurt. So I lashed out like I always do. I wish I could say I’m sorry in person, a real apology. But I can’t bring myself to talk to him. So I did the most logical thing and cursed him with naysayer.

Marco fell back at this. “I thought he cursed me with Naysayer a long time ago? Not after our night together?” He whispered. Did Tom lie about that? He must have because the journal kept a totally different story than the one he claimed to be real. Marco flipped the page and was taken back by how the words turned more angry.

JACKIE LYNN THOMAS! THAT MORON ASKED OUT JACKIE LYNN THOMAS! What the hell is so great about her!? She’s blonde? I can be blonde! She can skate? Big deal! I can surf on lava! She’s not impressive and I hate her.

Marco raised his eyebrow at the short passage. “Does Tom even know Jackie?” Marco asked himself. He didn’t think he did. But this passage expressed some deep hate for the girl. Marco made a face. This was all beginning to sound strange. How did all of these connect? Tom seemed to have a lot going on in his head that he just wasn’t putting down on paper. Marco turned the page, hoping to find another clue, but he got much more than that.

I’m in love with Marco Diaz.

That was all it said. Marco gasped and slammed the book closed. That couldn’t be true! Tom hated Marco! That was how it always was. He was the person he hated most, Tom said so himself. But this said something totally different. Marco picked the book up and held it against his chest. He was actually beginning to feel… happy? Tom liked him! Tom LOVED Him! This actually made Marco joyful! He squealed and looked at the sentence Tom wrote over and over. Marco smiled and took his scissors, cutting a hole in the air.

“Hey Tom?” Marco called. He had to say something! He had to tell him he read this and felt the same way! Tom poked his head out of the other room and Marco held the book out. Tom’s face went totally pale and shocked and he looked completely unable to place. He looked like he was either going to cry and become enraged with Marco, but Marco cut him off. “Tom! I can’t believe…” Marco trailed off. “I took this by mistake… thinking it was mine. But I saw your name in it and brought it back.” Marco lied, all of the sudden feeling a lot shier.

Tom’s tense and distressed expression relaxed completely. It looked like someone just told him news he’d been praying for. “Oh.” Was all Tom could muster. “You didn’t read it?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head.

“I saw it had demon symbols, and it changed I read your name and it said not to read it. So I brought it back here.” Marco responded. Tom smiled and took the book.

“Thanks for returning it to me, I um…” Tom cut himself off before he blabbed something he wanted to keep secret. “You didn’t read any of it?”

“Nope. Not a word.”


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Still not over Aleksander

Killing off Aleksander was the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING. Bardugo could have done for the Grisha Trilogy and I’m about to tell you why.

First off, the most major thing I think I should cover here, everyone’s reasoning for Aleks dying. It all seems to be that “the villain turning good and siding with the heroes in the end is sooOOOOooo cliche.” Alright. Fine. Name me ONE FUCKING BOOK OR MOVE WHERE THAT HAPPENS. ONE!!! Please! Because I’d love to read a book or watch a movie where the “villain” is redeemed. I never have before, it’d be a nice experience.

Secondly, Bardugo spent a shit ton of the first book AND the second making it seem like there was hope for Alarkling. That’s a shit ton of page time FUCKING WASTED IF YOU ASK ME. Let’s take Red Queen, for example. The whole thing with Maven? That was good shit. Broke my heart, but it was good. You know WHY it was so good? Because Aveyard only spent a portion of the first book making you think Maven was chill. That there was hope for that relationship. SHE DIDN’T WASTE TWO WHOLE BOOKS ADDING TO THE RELATIONSHIP TO HAVE HIM POINTLESSLY DIE AT THE END!!! And actually, it wasn’t even two. It was more like 2 ¾. Smfh.

Aleksander definitely could have been redeemed. The whole killing of the orphanage shit didn’t have to happen, the “I will strip away everything you know and love till you have no shelter but mine” didn’t have to happen (I honestly might be able to argue that it was out of character), and he could have been saved. Not to mention, Alina ending up with Mal was complete shit. I would have been more okay with Aleks dying if she had ended up with Nikolai, which was literally the only thing that MADE SENSE OTHER THAN ALEKS.

The book literally ended EXACTLY how it started, and instead of that being literary genius, it was absolute bullshit. Alina losing her powers and ending with the same shitty dude she started with (and oh yes, Mal is a shitty guy, but that’s a post for another time) was ridiculous. It threw away any and all character development of Alina’s that could have possibly happened throughout the trilogy. Everything she learned about her powers and herself was for NOTHING.

I want the ending half of the trilogy REWRITTEN.

Dating Calum would include...
  • Staring at your ass whenever you walk away
  • Forehead nuzzles!!
  • Constant hand holding and hugs
  • Standing behind you and holding you in his arms whenever you guys are talking to someone
  • “Babe, can we get a dog?” 
  • Stopping for every dog you see on a walk so Calum can say hello
  • Doing everything you can to make him laugh and smile
  • Seeing him naked most of the time
  • Music always playing in the house
  • Singing in funny voices just to see you smile
  • Getting to hear him writing and practicing new songs
  • Always referring to you as “my girl”
  • Tracing his tattoos when you’re lying in bed together on a day off
  • Leaving little sticky notes on the mirror when you’re in the shower that remind you how much he loves you
  • Being shaken awake at 3am so Calum can tell you about this amazing song he just thought of
  • Spending the next four hours just lying in bed and thinking about the future
  • Bad pick up lines
  • “I think I should call heaven because they’re missing an angel.”
  • Catching him reading and exchanging book recommendations
  • Being blushy and shy about PDAs
  • “I just want to keep you all to myself. No one else’s.”
  • Lovingly squishing his cheeks. Sometimes both sets of cheeks.
  • Hearing him sing in the shower as he gets ready in the morning
  • Tickle fights!!
  • Kissing you when you’re on a rant about something just to shut you up
  • “Babe, I was on a roll.” “I know you were, you’re just so cute when you’re babbling.”
  • Tugging on your belt loops when he wants a hug
  • And pouting his lips when he wants a kiss
  • Movie marathons on the couch when it’s rainy outside
  • Working out together and motivating each other
  • Leaving hickeys in the most visible places so everyone knows you’re his
  • Date nights where he is a perfect gentleman because you are his world
  • Piggy-back rides!!
  • “I know I forget to tell you sometimes, baby, but you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” “What about the band?” “I guess they’re okay.”

Luke | Michael


i lov u all <3

Thank You!

I just realized I hit a pretty cool follower milestone so I wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to all of you guys who put up with my posts scrolling on your dashboards. 

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Since I’m getting into analysis and metas again, I thought I’d invite you to send me any ideas/subjects/themes/books/movies/shows/etc that you think I should write about to my inbox. I love writing about Outlander and will absolutely continue to do so, but I’m always open for a challenge and new things too so I thought this could be fun. 

(I’ll try to have some kind of giveaway stuff ready for my next, bigger milestone… maybe something Game of Thrones inspired since I just started reading those books and am really enjoying them… still developing ideas and patterns though)

We have become very fearfull society. We grow up thinking that worry is what we should do our whole lives.

“What college should I apply to? I’ve always loved art, but it’s not paid enough. I will go with medicine, there are always money there.”
“I just looove reading books all day long, but that doesn’t give me money. So I will spend 8 hours of my precious time doing thing I hate so I can bring food to my table.”
“We have huge problems, I think he’s gay, but he will have big salary one day. So I’m staying with him.”
“I’m gay, but I don’t want to dissapoint my parents, so I will fake a relationship with a girl I can tolerate.”

How many other examples of joyless lives do you know? How many people suffer instead of enjoy this time on Earth that we’ve been given?
After all, Love is greater than fear, and will always be.

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They have a such a rich history, a beautiful connection, a great friendship, not to mention sooo much chemistry it’s not even funny. And the best part of it? We got to watch the whole thing, all the build up, in one million of Gifs, moment by moment, so slow it hurt sometimes, but it was never not beautiful :)

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So they can talk all they want in an infinite number of interviews that they’re happy with other people, and that I should be happy when the characters are happy, and I can even try, but it will never be the same. It’s like when I read a romance novel that was very well written but I wasn’t sold on the love story of the couple because the author told me what I should think, he didn’t let me get to my own conclusions, so you can’t expect me to rate said book with 5 stars, right?

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Books that I think you should read (Individual/Series)

  • The Perks Of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahen
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
  • Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
  • The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
  • The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight by Jennifer Smith
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  • Why we Broke up by Daniel Handler
  • 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

everyone should read the engelsfors trilogy (and then come talk with me about it because i have no one to yell about this book with). it’s so good

  • all the main pov characters are teenage girls and they’re all very different in terms of upbringing, socio-economic status, personality, etc. you get to know each of them along with their families and friends and it’s just really lovely, discovering their nuances and hopes and fears over time, and i never had a least favorite point-of-view, they were all good and interesting which is not always the case with multi-pov books
  • they’re the chosen ones and they have to save the world from the apocalypse by working together despite their differences
  • they’re not very good at it 
  • but that’s what happens when you grab a bunch of very different people and make them work together. the story is all about them learning to do just that
  • ~~contemporary fantasy with elemental magic and a good balance between real-world stuff and fantasy~~
  • also consenting body swap with character and relationship development, it’s really good
  • the main romance in the trilogy is between two of the girls and it’s beautiful slow-build goodness and it’s the best and they make me cry i love them so much <3
  • actually a lot of the characters make me weep, either in pain or joy or both
  • you will definitely over-identify with one or more of them and then you will cry about it
  • the supporting characters are also interesting
  • like you get the families of each of the chosen ones and all of them have unique relationships with them - some good, some not so good. same goes with friends outside the main group
  • and then you have the villains who also have their own reasons for doing the things they do. some of them are magical, some of them are not.
  • also mona who gives cryptic advice and makes money by selling magical stuff and scamming non-magical people and is generally hilarious
  • lots of issues are covered but it’s all done naturally through the characters and it’s good. 
  • plus a really lovely slow redemption arc
  • basically it’s a book about teen witches saving the world while becoming friends (or girlfriends <3), learning to respect one another + work together, and growing into better stronger people. if that’s what you want in a book, GO READ THESE NOW AND THEN COME TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM
Just Kiss Him

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Word Count: 1,193

Tags: Punk!Cas, first kiss, high school au

Notes: This is my first time writing Punk!Cas so feel free to set me on fire if it sucks as bad as I think it does. Jimmy makes an appearance in this fic because I love him so much.

Requested by: @snugglejensen (winner for best theme in my TA) 

           “You should just ask him out.” Castiel’s twin brother, Jimmy, was sitting across from him. He was reading a book while listening to his brother complain about his miserable love life.

           “It’s not that simple.” He ran a hand through his already disheveled hair and reached for his lighter to light the cigarette between his teeth.

           Jimmy rolled his eyes and snapped his book shut, “It is that simple. You like him, I’m hot, which means you’re hot, so there’s no way he’ll turn you down.” He leaned forward and plucked the cigarette from Cas’ mouth, “And stop smoking those cancer sticks. It can kill you.”

           “But what if he does turn me down?”

           “For someone with so many tattoos, you sure do have a lot of doubts and insecurities. Jesus, this is like eighth grade all over again.”

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I have been trying to write this letter to you for three days. And if you still know anything about me, I never get writer’s block for this long. I’ve read some books and they say to let your words sit, do not reedit a thing until you have drained the neck dry of ink. I have been trying to write this for you for three days and I have been sleeping right before the words came out, but I think there’s no better time than now. I should not write this, but I must. That’s the thing about loving someone like you. You may not be here, but the little clearing you left beside my bed has grown weeds and I’ve been plucking, baby, I’ve been trying to grow myself and I have been trying to forget about the times we have spent smiling and I talked to your sister in law two days ago and I told her about my guilt, but she reassured that I always made you happy even if it meant you ended up breaking down in tears and I have spent these last three days wondering as to why you fall in love with boys who have dark eyes and their favorite color is red. I have been lost in the sea of this so called ocean in my eyes that you have sank into and I have been trying to burn this thick bridge made from gold, but it shortens away and you claim the soul of your lovers are all made from fire, but I’ve been around your heart long enough to know that it isn’t us.

Not your new guy. Not your old guy.

Not the ones who have tried
to unhook your bra.

Not the ones who have tried
to face your smile.

Not me.

It’s you.

Before we started to write this painful story, we were just friends and like everyone else we decided to write these little letters from across the hallways of history and empty skulls of the past and the first time I felt the weight of your soul as you hugged love into me near the red stairway of high school, I think I finally felt the embrace of beauty and sin and the time I got caught at your place and knew your parents would never accept young kids who didn’t plan to grow up– I think they knew too.

It would not end well for us and I know I’ve said it in the worst way, but: I still love us.

And I have been trying to call you for the past three days, but I am this close to forgetting your number and I have been trying to text you, but I am this close to forgetting the way your smile looks and I have been trying to not love you because your new guy deserves everything that you could not give to me and you deserve everything that I could not give to you and I love him this much for it and if the poetry isn’t enough, do you know our curse?

You are burdened to read forever
and I’m burning to always write.

The fucking fireplace you lit never doused.

The fucking smile you put into my thoughts–

It never fucking left.

And I know I have a sailor’s mouth–
and I know I loved like a snake’s bite–

But if it meant anything to you,
the poetry is not painful,
it just sounds like pain.

The poetry still reminds me of two kids who sat and laughed at the corniness of love and what it meant to make mistakes. To get jealous of lovers who could never touch us again and I stopped comparing you to the sun when you started to show colors of a phoenix that never stops dying to keep my heart forever in ashes–

Forever in flames and baby,
I know I don’t call anymore and I know the poetry isn’t sweet anymore and I know it just means that we’re becoming islands and you’re filled with different variations of birds, of nightingales who dare to travel the sea–

Who don’t give any care about loveless people we have fell for and I’m sorry that we still love like those two kids who sat in front of that piano and played our sad, sad notes about never stopping for a second as long as we were together and I’m sorry that we came to this.

We’re five planets away and three oceans apart, but these past few days–

These last three fucking days.

I have been thinking about you.
I have been meaning to call you.
I have been wanting to love you.
I have been needing to need you.

And it’s not the same as before,
because the past is the past
and I have broken my promise
of always being there and I
could not keep such a simple one:

To always pick up.

How can I pick up when all I want to do is scream because I am not okay and it’s been almost a year and I should be over this and I should not reach for a heart that still has mine attached to it and they say that love creates emptiness where fullness used to be, but if being there for you everyday said anything about me, it was that even if I did love you wrongfully, even if I was the worst.

There was some right to me.

And we used to do this cute thing where we would take turns being right and I loved it so much, but selfish as it seems we always fought to be right and I know I haven’t written to you lately about things that really mattered unless I hid behind a song of metaphors all intended to break you, but I’m tired of hiding from myself and if I’m being honest.

I still love you like we never broke.
I still love you like the first time we smiled.
I still love that picture of us eating ice cream.

I still remember the blues you have left in my dark brown shirt and summer made the fireflies jealous and I know my heart is still around you because I have not made an attempt to steal it back and if you didn’t know or if you’re hiding too. You always had it.

Wrapped inside of a blanket.
Kept inside of a chest.
Locked inside of your safest laughter.
Hidden beneath your palms.

I have been trying to write this for three days and I finally got the guts to address you directly and I know you said that I have been forgiven for the longest time and I know you tried your hardest to remain as friends because when you lost a lover, baby you also lost your best friend and for all of the tyranny that we put each other through I still remember two kids who walked the sand and counted each little drop of the sun ray that dripped into the wrinkles of our youth and I know I couldn’t love you right, but if we could do this cute little thing once more?

Baby, can I be right once more?

Can I be right this time?

I know you still love us
and I still love you too.

I’m sorry that it took three days to write this and I know you love boys with fire in their souls because you placed it there and I know you love the ocean in our eyes because you drowned into it with those blue lightning lips that we once shared. And I know each time your body is shared with boys like us, we tend to electrocute you and we tend to wither your pretty little smile and if you don’t know me anymore, baby, it’s okay. I still look for you in a crowd room and I found you in people that I couldn’t love and it’s okay to fill your heart with things we can’t feel anymore–

But even if you have already let go of us,

I don’t think that I can.

I know that love meant that we spent April trying to find out the perfect way to say it and I know your room is still stained with the times when I threatened to leave and I still find ways to make you feel even if we don’t talk anymore.

I know you have cried a few times because you lost a best friend. I lost mine too.

I know you wanted to call, but know I would never pick up again.

I know you still think about my first smile.

I hope you know that I still think about yours.

I hope you know that I have been meaning to call you mine, but we have moved on and it’s just a slow process to forget the love of my life and I know– I’m 23 years old too young to say such things, but if the poetry you left for me meant anything at all, it is that no one can replace you even if they tried.

Can I be right one more time?

Just this once?

I hope I never become your only regret.

I hope I never forget about you.

I hope he loves you right.

I hope you love him right.

I have been trying to write this for three days and I finally understand why love doesn’t break hearts even.

I finally understand all of the quotes I have read because we are still that deep into this hole like we were when we fell into it.

I finally understand you.

I understand why you left.

I understand why you left the poetry.

I understand why we are.

I understand why we were.

I understand why we will be.

So. I finally wrote this–

—  After three days because I still love you.
// k.c.