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It is a theory generally accepted in certain circles that love, like the rest of the known universe, can be broken down into an exact science. It has been demonstrated in a series of animal models that neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin facilitate the warm and fuzzy feelings so often associated with the phenomenon of “falling in love”. Using a descriptive analysis of the case subject, this study aims to understand the mechanisms involved in this highly described and documented, yet poorly elucidated phenomenon. While it has yet been possible to provide definite answers to the questions, it is hoped that this study will stimulate further investigation in this field.

― Six de los Reyes, Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions (Talking Nerdy Book 1)

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concept for the host’s (official) introduction video:

him with his white cane in a book store, feeling the spines of the books. and muttering under his breath

cut to someone screaming in pain as they’re beaten by an unseen assailant.

back to the book store, he holds his hand out seconds before another, unseen patron knocks a book off the shelf.

the assailant slams a bat on the person, and they cry out in pain.

the host hands the book to the patron, who smiles gratefully. “thank you…. do you need help finding anything? I don’t work here but you look a bit…. erm…….”

the assailant stabs the person’s eyes.

“the host likes feeling the books. their stories are very interesting.” “do you have someone read them to you, or….?”

the assailant swings the bat again.

“the host can read just fine on his own.”

the person begs for release.

“alright…. have a good day.”

the person is still, lifeless. the camera pans up to the host, who pants heavily as he leans on his bat.

back at the book store, the host watches the person walk away. the camera pans up, it’s the same person he beat to death. “the person feels a sudden urge to go for a walk in the forest, where he will find a lonely cabin….”

((in case you couldn’t tell, the host narrates the person into going to his cabin. the scenes with the attack are in the future))

obvsly ive always loved the “you’d be m’lady” scene even though it had a fanfic-y tone because i do feel like its at least honest about the nature of arya’s feelings when gendry joins the brotherhood - she wanted him to be her pack and is heartbroken - and im a shipper fangirl ofc but the execution is all wrong because like book!arya would rather die than display that kind of vulnerability lol she’d never let gendry see how much she cared after he hurt her like this. show!arya tearfully offers to be his family but book!arya looked down on gendry and told him he could hang for all she cares. its not a change i hate tho. the way both characters react is very different but its born from the same place 

As someone who has never watched the show Shadowhunters but has read (and loved) ALL the books, will I be upset/disappointed/unsatisfied if I watch the show? Does it stay true to canon or diverge? If it diverges, is it still good?

more importantly, does it stay true to the characters, and the relationships between the characters? Is it good to Clace? To Malec? To Sizzy? To Maia and Jordan (have they been introduced yet)??

Proof my Father and I are related: We were talking about Stephen King at dinner and how much we love his characters and his writing and how he makes us feel to the point where we’re both practically shouting. He begins crying because he’s so overwhelmed with his love for these fictional characters.

Finished ACOWAR and the only real thought I have right now is that Azriel, the infamous spymaster, the badass shadowsinger, my sweet lil’ bby bat, better find the love and happiness he deserves in one of the spinoffs because Azriel ‘Be careful how you speak about my High Lady’ is the real fucking mvp of Prythian