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Here I am; writing about you again. I thought that after a year I would either be with you or over you. But here I am at the same place I was last year, school is coming to an end for the year and I’m stuck thinking about how much time is going to pass before I see you again.
—  You have somehow become a constant in my life, and you don’t  even know it. 
isn’t it weird how one simple existence can impact your very own so much? it’s like, you’re sitting in class and then one day the boy with brown eyes passes you a paper, flash forward four months and you’re dating. you’re different now. you notice the sun on your skin, you hold hands under the desk but you’re a little less patient. you rush into everything now. flash forward five months and you’re broken up. you’re angry at everything now, winter feels 10x colder this year. you don’t really notice a difference but it’s getting harder for you to walk. there’s a permanent chill in your bones. then you meet the girl who tells stupid jokes and you become best friends. she shows you the highs of life and how you can get through your lows. she makes the chill in your bones a little more bearable. see, you go through things and they change you whether you want them to or not. you become vulnerable. when their hands trail along your skin, your bones fit into a mold, you become someone else, you unfold. and once you walk into something, you never walk out quite the same. last winter made me so cold, and then i met a boy who made my bones ache a little less, i caught on fire this time. and i became a wildfire, i set every single tree around me on fire. my forest came tumbling down. i didn’t notice this until he left. i didn’t notice how flammable i was until his skin was pressed against mine. the thing i didn’t realize was that you never really know how easily you collapse until someone sends you flying forwards.
—  i have met thousands of people and every single one has changed me in someway. i have yet to determine if this is good or bad.

FUN FACT that I learned while at an Active Shooter training yesterday: books stop bullets. And they can hurt people. I work in a library, so the officer who was teaching the course literally told us to use the books as either 1.) a weapon, or 2.) a shield.

So basically next time anyone questions why you need so many books just tell them that you’re stocking up your arsenal. 

It’s been a year and it’s you. It’s never ceased to be you. Quite frankly, I don’t think anything will ever change that.
—  m.r.s// I think you will always love your first love 1:17am

Went on a tangent tonight about how I love how Death’s “THERE IS NO JUSTICE. JUST US” catchphrase goes from saying ‘There’s no divine order making sure good is rewarded and evil is punished, so just accept that life sucks sometimes. I’m only here to pick up the pieces’ to ‘There’s no divine order making sure good is rewarded and evil is punished, so it’s up to us to roll up our sleeves and try to stand in for it as best we can.’

proving my level 900 nerd wizard cred and exercising the ol’ sindarin pronunciation - ‘passing of the elves,’ the song that sam and frodo hear the elves singing on their way to the grey havens! 

it’s a song honoring varda (or elbereth, as the elves call her) - o elbereth! gilthoniel! we still remember, we who dwell in this far land beneath the trees, thy starlight on the western seas!

lyrics in sindarin and english at the track page c:

I’m tired of being in a place where everybody lives with half their heart.
—  Hushed-words || why I wasn’t sorry to go

Hi !! I am Dog/Nate and I love Pokémon too much

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There is nothing better to them then being anywhere warm with a book. And by anywhere that could be in bed, outside, in a field of flowers, in a stack of books; anywhere. 

I’m no longer accepting astrowarts aesthetic requests!

I’d search the heavens and wish on every star in the atmosphere just to see you as you were, one last time.
—  V.B//we were, we’re not

this city just showed you that it’s full of people ready to believe in good !

following selina kyle’s coronation as the new godfather of the collapsing roman empire – aka the falcone crime family – the newly reconnected couple face crucifixion in the tabloids and press alike. questions arise about bruce wayne’s legitimacy because of his involvement with the new don – and whether or not the wayne legacy was built on something bloody. simultaneously, new evidence of a shared family past with carmine falcone is leaked, giving the police reason to investigate the billionaire himself. as for selina, her life-risking facade is a dangerous role to play, her life on the line each and every day. 

because of this, people begin questioning bruce wayne. business is lost – so are friends and trustworthy allies. batman and catwoman have to get to the bottom of this, before it leads to something much more nasty.

this is my mainverse arc w/ @purrsuasion !  based heavily off the telltale game, the long halloween trilogy, as well as the godfather saga. jules thought of the bulk of this stuff too. this will be the default plotline for my blog, as it has for awhile. this is what it all culminated to, really !