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I wanted to do this Oath justice. It has gotten me through so much, and has shaped me so nicely, that I want to give it the best treatment I can, and give its author @dduane a piece of art that properly shows my thanks for all of her inspiration. I hope to ever improve. Thank you again.


Books gave me a way to connect with my father. Some of my most precious and treasured moments. I just remember him reading to me before bed and how he used to do all the different voices. I grew up on film sets, and books were my connection to the outside world. They were my connection to my friends back at school because if I was reading what they were reading we’d have something in common. Later in life, they became an escape, a means of empowerment, a friend I could rely on.


No one ever talks about how good the Jacob Two-Two show was… like, maybe it’s a niche Canadian thing or something, but the art style was so influential for me. Whenever I see super lazy, bland Flash animation I think back to how this show managed to create a really unique look with its character designs, ink-like outlines and watercolor-inspired backgrounds.

Anyway, it’s worth watching an episode for the style at least (and certainly if you grew up on the books like I did!)


I’m actually a huge fan of Joyce Patti’s original illustrations for Tamora Pierce’s books because they’re the ones that I grew up with. Her illustrations really defined my childhood and gave life to the characters I loved reading about. So I thought it would be a fun idea to compare them side by side with my 2017 versions :)

Today’s Twitter thread: Hey did I ever mention my Phantom of the Opera r76 AU?

So like, the thing is that Reaper makes a pretty obvious Phantom, right.  But Jack as an ingenue? Jack as an ingenue would be the kind of pretty young thing who survives by dumpster diving in Paris back alleys & fist fighting for cash. Probably, in the grand historic tradition of pretty, broke young actors, offering blow jobs to smitten rich dudes.

And this is where it all goes off the rails. Because Eric goes all jealous murder-spree and drives Christine away. Whereas Jack chases Gabe down, screams in his face to knock that shit off and help him practice if he wants him to succeed so bad.

Raoul’s still a thing I guess. Dunno who he’d be but Jack is trash enough to enjoy watching two hot guys fight over him. Laughs at them after for thinking it has any bearing on which one he fucks. It’s not like they asked HIM. He was just enjoying a free show.

Let’s think about the seduction scene for a sec, though. I’m here for Jack in a corset & a frilly lacy white thing that reveals his thighs. Takes Gabriel’s mask off.  Whispers, “Holy shit.  You’re so hot.”
Gabe like, “Don’t mock me, I look like a burn victim.”
Jack: “Your face is fucked up, true, but I would happily die between those thighs.”

I always found this hilarious about the musical. Does anybody care what dude’s face looks like under that mask. Look at the rest of him.
Jack: Fuck it man, just put that Red Death costume back on and we’ll roleplay our way through this.

I just love the image of ethereal, angel-voiced Jack with bull shoulders, a filthy mouth and an inclination to brawl like a drunken sailor.

Somebody really Breakfast at Tiffany’d that boy up. They put him in a corset because his copious boobs won’t fit in the costumes otherwise. Gotta rein those suckers in or he’s going to pop buttons every time he deep-breathes for a high note.

Gabe follows that beautiful voice and finds him, aglow in the light of a stray sunbeam and singing as if he’s a human nightingale.
Then Jack’s like, “What the fuck’re you supposed to be?”
Clubs him with a stand lamp.
“Keep your shitty hands off my costume, creepo, they’ll make me pay for it if it gets ripped.”
Gabriel’s dazed.
Partly by Jack and also partly because he might have a concussion.
But he focuses on what matters.  "Your voice is incredible but you need to lose that accent if you want to make it in this business.“
"What, the Ghost of Christmas Future breaks into my rooms to mug me and then criticizes my diction?  Christ, I really am in Paris.”

And in the end Jack’s been saving up his money and buys them two tickets to San Francisco. “I hear they just opened an opera house. Let’s get the f**k out of this hellhole. Bet they could use a decent director and script writer.”


Books gave me a way to connect with my father. Some of my most precious and treasured moments… I just remember him reading to me before bed and how he used to do all the different voices. I grew up on film sets, and books were my connection to the outside world. They were my connection to my friends back at school because if I was reading what they were reading we’d have something in common. Later in life, they became an escape, a means of empowerment, a friend I could rely on.

On Edible Wilds

this is a reminder ppl cuz i saw a post earlier just listing “nettle” under their list of potion ingredients….

please dont do that.

im not sure what nettle means in relation to op’s local flora, but in my area it means stinging nettle. Without the proper preparation, using stinging nettle in a potion would be extremely bad. Not everyone lives by experience and not everyone knows that stinging nettle can sting, since the full name isnt often used and it is commonly referred to as just “nettle”.

My point being that when making a post with ingredients even remotely including your local flora, please include the specific area in which the said flora can be found. i say this because edible wilds exist in different variations, like cousins, from area to area. Each one should be treated respectfully to their own preparation requirements. The nettle in one area may be (and almost definitely is) different to the next. Please include any important details surrounding the ingredients of your spell/potion/etc. im not asking for a huge breakdown of each individual plant, because whoever uses your spell should do their own research as well, of course, but important details like the plant’s full name, what region it grows in, and details as to it’s nature are extremely important. please try to limit your ingredients to include only what you have experience/extensive knowledge on handling. This isnt a game. Anything you put in your body (especially from the wild) will affect you.

Remember that some people, respectively, dont know what they’re doing. Could be their first time ever using edible wilds. And a vague ingredient like “nettle” or “mushroom” (never tell someone to use edible wild mushrooms, ever, ever no matter the circumstances) could mean something very different to them than it does to you. If, in your spell/potion/etc. you mean that any nettle or mushroom is usable, please mention that and make your meaning very clear.

Im very concerned about the number of posts i see (specifically about potions meant to be ingested) that are extremely vague and brief. Remember that while you may be a grown adult with “common sense” you are not just speaking to other adults with “common sense”. There are kids on here and a brief sentence to cover yourself at the top of a post like “do your research before proceeding!” Is great, but its also your responsibility to make a good post and make sure you know what you’re doing. Especially with edible wilds.

Edible wilds are dangerous just as much as they are useful, but please dont play with fire like that and put more effort into your plant ingredients. It could save someone’s life, no joke.

I grew up in a house filled with books.

A lot of them stood there for a long time, patiently waiting for me, before I finally read them. Watership Down was one of them; The Silmarillion was another. It had always stood there, on my mother’s Tolkien shelf, probably the first German edition of it (which is extremely strange, as the entire rest of my mother’s Tolkien shelf was in English). I can’t remember the conversation that must have happened, but since I took so long for me to read it and my mother doesn’t like it, it’s clear that I asked her what it was and if it might be relevant to my interests, and she answered that it was cumbersome and confusing and not like the Lord of the Rings at all. So it remained there until I was sixteen, sullen in its brown fabric cover (the dustjacket had been lost for as long as I can remember; I wonder what it looked like).

When I was sixteen, I went to a new school, where I encountered my first real fellow nerds. They read Fantasy books, and they role-played. I had never heard of RPGs, but they introduced me to them, and I took to them like a house on fire. We played MERP (Middle-earth Role-Playing), and the Gamemaster had never read any Tolkien, and a fellow gamer and I constantly reminded him of it. That fellow gamer did something I was not used to: He kept bringing up Tolkien lore I had never heard about. I had grown up on Tolkien. It was inconceivable that anyone should outquote me. I asked him how he knew all these things, and he told me it was all in the Silmarillion.

So I took out the brown hardcover from my mother’s bookshelf and read it in one go.

I distinctly remember that first reading. It was reading for knowledge, not for pleasure. I kept making notes of things to make use of in RPGs, and struggled with all the names. Some stories touched me (Maedhros was already one of them) but I remember feeling that I was missing something essential.

I reread it, almost as soon as I had finished it. This book had something to say to me, and I had missed it the first time around. I wanted to find it. I wrote down excerpts and lists of Valar and Elves.

Then the English version fell into my hands, and I was blown away, and remain so.

The German version is cumbersome, and bone-dry. In retrospect, it’s surprising I ever got through it. The English one is like music. It’s a composition that has been honed for so long that its language feels effortless and virtuoso. Beneath a single line, a single paragraph of text,  there are whole worlds to be found. This is what amazes me every time I talk about the Silmarillion with others: Tolkien hardly characterises. His characters have very little dialogue. And yet the tiny bits that are there on paper resonate with everyone in the same way.

It took Tolkien a lifetime to write, and I’m happy to spend a lifetime reading it.


I made it through Inktober! I’m so proud of myself!


Books gave me a way to connect with my father. Some of my most precious and treasured moments. I just remember him reading to me before bed and how he used to do all the different voices. I grew up on film sets, and books were my connection to the outside world. They were my connection to my friends back at school because if I was reading what they were reading we’d have something in common. Later in life, they became an escape, a means of empowerment, a friend I could rely on.

cinnacorn  asked:

Hi there! I love your books and grew up with them, I'm so excited to read your upcoming works! Anyway, I wanted to know what kind of future Kel has in regards to her career - how does she move up in the world? Does she take over the King's Own eventually?

I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s awfully good, and she’s got the right temperament. It remains for Jon to see that she’ll be accepted, but at some point, after something like ten years at New Hope, she’ll be shifted to other parts of the country to see how she manages with other lords, other groups of the Own, other groups of the army, and other threats to the kingdom. Hill men, coastal raiders. 

I think by the time she’s 45 or so, she’ll either be moved into command in the army or she’ll be head of the King’s Own. She gets along with other knights and other lords a lot better than Alanna does. She’s a lot more like Raoul in that respect. She works a lot better with the King and Queen than Raoul does, sometimes. (Raoul gets along better with Thayet.)

In the mean time she takes whatever position she gets, she doesn’t offend people by walking in and saying “I’m going to set this place right,” she talks to not just the commanders, but the foot soldiers and the servants and the local people. She does her own shopping, at least until Tobe catches up, and if somebody has a problem with her she offers to take it to the training yard. Usually the problem goes away.


Happy 20th anniversary to harry potter and the Philosopher’s stone book! I grew up with the stories and i’m proud to call myself a potterhead❤️ the book and the movie are both amazing and so close to my heart❤️ the amazing soundtrack and the amazing actors, daniel emma rupert and many other actors have made the stories legendary!❤️ i miss alan rickman so much… i wished he could celebrate with us❤️🥀

It pains me to see the Cuca be called “a snake” or otherwise stripped of her context now that she somehow became a popular reaction pic (???), but that’s mainly because her actual self is much cooler, like guys, she is honest to god an Old Alligator Sorceress from Brazilian folklore who is the apex of Pettiness because all she wants in life is to murder the annoying kids that always best her dastardly schemes of the week.

anonymous asked:

Have you at least read the Harry Potter books?

I grew up in a religious home that didn’t permit the reading or viewing of any and all things Harry Potter (I still managed to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy tho 👍).

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Recently you answered an anon and mentioned how a belief in spirits is directly tied up in traditional witchcraft since it is from spirits that a witch divines her power. I was wondering if you'd be willing or able to speak a little more on the relationship between spirit belief and trad. witchcraft.

I will add a disclaimer here first, stating that this is traditional witchcraft as I know it, and that others may have other opinions and practises. Traditional witchcraft is not a monolith. 

Okay, so on to your question. Traditional witchcraft is animist. It (broadly) believes in spirits of many things. This is largely where differences come from, because localities are so different. Swamp spirits are not going to be the same as desert spirits, because the environs are so different. They are not going to want the same things and they are not going to have the same ways of relating. That’s not a bad thing. However, because of this, a witch surrounded by swamp spirits isn’’t going to be able to teach someone traditional witchcraft who is in the desert. It’s sort of like learning proper etiquette for meeting people in America and then applying that to Japan – it doesn’t really work. It may get across, but it will be awkward and look exceedingly stupid. 

I have gotten asked multiple times for books suggestions on traditional witchcraft, and every time I stumble. Partially because I just haven’t read many, and partially because it’s not something that can be learned from a book, and me talking about how I love to read Three Books of Occult Philosophy because I am a giant nerd who writes theories on well, magical theory, for fun isn’t going to help anyone understand traditional witchcraft, because it isn’t, it’s ceremonial

My first experience with modern witchcraft was mean teenage girls who had gotten a copy of To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf, and after reading it, were witches. I had no idea how to relate to it.I grew up in a little town where books on witchcraft just wasn’t a thing. I grew up in a family where books were supplementary, if anything. My father hasn’t read a book since he graduated high school. 

In my last post post I likened modern witchcraft to wizardry in Dungeons & Dragons and I still agree with that. The wizard takes time and study to learn and research and tap into magic. My understanding of modern witchcraft is that it believes everyone can practise magic, and that everyone has the capacity for magic, all on their own, they just have to learn and find it, then exercise it like a muscle. There are tons of starter books, tons of posts on tumblr about new witches, and that’s all brilliant! I am not crticising any of it. 

Traditional witchcraft, on the other hand, is not so…independent. It will absolutely accept that people are born with power, and some people more than others. It also accepts that anyone (and perhaps even everyone) can do magic. However, traditional witchcraft stalls there. It doesn’t say ‘read this in a book,’ it doesn’t say ‘power is inside you.’ Traditional witchcraft is taught by the spirits you work with, and especially the spirits you initiate with.These spirits are the ones who teach you, they are the ones who guide your feet. They are the ones who power your workings, beyond that which you could hope to achieve on your own. In many circles to try and teach traditional witchcraft fully to another person will literally kill the witch fire in you, because you have given it to someone else – you are human and thus, not able to light someone’s witch fire without losing your own. This is why people like @ofwoodandbone and I will say that we can’t tell someone something – it isn’t our place, and for that matter, it may not be right for that person. It may be something that our spirits have sworn us to secrecy on and we cannot share, even if we wanted too. (And why would we want to, when the witch learns so much more from the journey?) This is also why someone on a trad path may not call themselves a witch until they’ve completed The Death.

Someone who initiates with the Witch Father is going to have a very different experience and a very different craft from someone who initiates with Melusine, just like how, in my analogy from my last post, the Warlock in D&D who is pacted to an Archfiend is going to have a different skillset and spell list than one who pacts with an Archfey. They’re both warlocks, their classes are the same, but it’s not universal, and it’s going to be very different from that wizard. Why? Because their spirits are not the same. Spirits are not some homogeneous blob, some Jungian universal memory with no personality. No – what my ancestors and spirits are going to want served at Supper are going to be different than what yours do. 

For example, some people have guests remove their shoes once they enter the home, because shoes are dirty. Other people find this disgusting, and don’t want people taking off their shoes, because feet are gross. So it is with spirits – they tell you – they teach you – what it is they want of you. That relationship is why spirit belief is vital – you can’t learn it from books just like how you can’t get a girlfriend by reading romance novels – you have to go out there and meet the girl. 

Bite Me

In honor of a few new people following this old tumblr I’ve decided to quickly post a few stories I have from other places on the internet. Enjoy.

“Help save Terra? Help save Terra? Sir, sign a petition to save Terra? You, you there! Human! Sign a petition to save Terra?”

Hank Miller looked up, bleary eyed, from his drink. A young, idealistic looking quextal male shoved a dataslate under his eyes.

“Terran, won’t you sign a petition to save your planet?”

The human grunted noncommittally and shoved the slate away, waving over the hotel bartender to fill his glass again, and attempted to shove the thoughts of the quextal to the back of his head. An impressive feat really, quextals look like a remarkably ambitious blue furred bipedal dog had the brilliant idea of mating with an anteater.

Rather, it was an impressive feat until the data-slate was shoved under his nose again, jarring Hank’s wrist and nearly causing him to spill his cheap xeno-brand knockoff whiskey wannabe. Which, while it wouldn’t have been used to clean toilets in a human bar, was the closest Hank could get to something remotely familiar tasting in this ass-backwards corner of the universe.

“Fuck off.” He grunted, and tried to turn his attention back to his drink for a third time.

“C'mon man just sign the damn petition. We have to protect Terra!” Hank sighed, placed his xeno-whiskey down on the table, turned, and half turned towards the seven foot tall quextal.

“Look pal, I ain’t in favor of your stupid fucking petition, for reasons I think I just made clear, namely, that it is a stupid fucking petition. Now please let me drink my stupid knock-off whiskey in peace.” His short speech given, he turned for what he thought was the last time back to his drink.

“Why don’t you wanna help man? It’s your fucking planet isn’t it?” The quextal demanded in its both low pitched yet somehow irritatingly whiny voice.

Hank took a deep breath, slammed the faux-whiskey down on the table, turned, and stared the xeno in the eyes. Despite being seated and nearly a foot shorter while standing, Hank still managed to give the quextal pause.

“Listen to me you little shit and listen good. That’s not your fucking planet to save. It’s ours. We were born there, not you. When your species was communing with nature and figuring out your precious fucking place in the fucking ecosystem, we were barely scratching out a living. When your arrogant species had developed a per-fucking-fect system of getting into orbit, and were busy singing your way into spacecraft we were busy not dying.

"Mother Terra is a stone cold bitch. A lot of scholars like to call it ‘resistant to developed life’ which is code for 'it’ll chew you up and spit you out’. When we were shat out onto the cold, uncaring surface of our bitch mother we were scared hairless primates barely able to understand who we were. We were born without teeth or claws, without armor or fur. You were breast fed your worlds gifts, not a poisonous fruit in sight. We tore open the breast of our mother and took what we needed, because she wasn’t going to give it to us.

"Did we fuck her up? You bet your ass we did. We plundered the bitch for all she was worth and then some. She birthed a race of vicious primates and we turned on her in our fury. We pockmarked her with explosions and tore her with mines, we burned her forests and plundered her oceans. We razed her surface all the while desperately outrunning her wrath. Storms that could wipe this bar and half of this godforsaken planet off the map. Waves that could drown cities, human cities mind you not these pathetic bend-in-the-wind deathtraps you xenos call cities. We fought earthquakes that could swallow coastlines, and you haven’t the faintest fucking clue what an earthquake is do you?”

Here the quextal tried to butt in.

“Of course I know what an earthquake is you arrogant-”

“No you don’t you pup, now shut up and listen. You think you know what an earthquake is because you read about it in a book. I grew up on that bitch earth, in a place known for earthquakes. I know what a real goddamn earthquake feels like, it feels like judgement day has come and the world is ending.

"We fought storms and waves and earthquakes, we fought fires that set half a continent ablaze. We fought and fought and fought and finally we said 'fuck it’ and gave dear old mom one last kick in the teeth, nuked the hell out of eachother, and fucked off that godforsaken rock forever.

"Not five years later your expeditionary fleet comes in, tells us we’ve 'lost our planetary mandate’ and that they’re placing our home, our planet, under quarantine from us. We can’t do a damn thing about it because we’re still reeling from leaving home, still reeling from the knowledge we’re not alone in this universe, still reeling from the deaths of millions in atomic fires and the throes of Terra both. Billions of us, adrift in space. We just barely manage to colonize Mars and Europa in time to save our species, because we 'lost our planetary mandate’.”

Hank leaned over and spat onto the floor.

“That’s what I and every goddamn human thinks of your precious planetary mandate. Fifty years later, half a century of the most hard-core terraforming known to the most esteemed scientific minds in the galaxy, and the Galactic Council is considering letting us back onto our home planet. Considering it, as though they weren’t the most imperialistic bastards we’ve ever known and trust me you fuzzball we’ve known some fucking imperialists.Considering letting a few of us live on our bitch mother again, and an entire goddamn movement arrives to try and say we can’t go back yet, it’s not safe, we’ll destroy our planet again.”

Miller stood up, swiped his wrist-pad against the counter to pay for his drinks, and placed his coat back on.

“How dare you tell us what we can and cannot do to the bitch. We’ll heal her up, but because we want to not because you and a dozen species like you told us to. We’ll take care of the hag in her old age, but don’t you think for a goddamn second its because of your precious 'Galactic Council’. It’s because despite the fact that she’s a hag, and a bitch, and the worst mother in the goddamn galaxy, she’s our mother. And I swear by all that I hold dear, Whiskey, John Moses Browning, Sergei Ivanovitch Mosin, Mikhail Kalashnikov, and the United Terran Republics, if you space-communists keep us from taking care of our mother how we see fit, I will make it my life’s mission to eradicate your government and your way of life.”

Brigadier General Hank Miller, UTR Marines, stood up, and a half dozen of his staff stood and followed him.

“And if one day she dies, when she comes to hell, she can bite me.”

I grew up with the books and always saw myself as a Hufflepuff. I cried in pure joy when I saw that I was one on Pottermore, that feeling of finally belonging increased when I saw Fantastic Beasts. Seeing that the most famous Hufflepuff was socially awkward and spent his days with animals instead of humans like me helped me realize that it’s okay to be awkward, people will love you anyway.

Plump Lips

Genre: Smut, dom!reader, sub!jimin, dom!jimin, sub!jin, romance, threesome, bisexual smut, jinmin

Word count: 3.8K

Warnings: Short story on two wonderful people and their plump lips involving a third wheel.  You have been warned.

I strictly liked only one type of guy, the ones with natural plump lips. Other woman loved muscular or chiseled faces and sometimes to overdone with everything. I liked my men more docile and gentle with gorgeous features, sometimes gay. However they were hard to come by and I wasn’t one to let my standards lower for a petty man that didn’t meet the standards. Everyone always tells females to have a strict requirements for their husband or significant other, however my standards were to high, not any man would be able to reach them. For a while I thought that I would grow old and still be an unmarried woman and even had to drop my standards if I didn’t find my ideal man. That was until I met the perfect pair of plump lips.

One with broad shoulders and one who was shorter than I. Such a wonderful find, but of course they were in a relationship, which I respected. Until the one that was shorter than me approached me with a book to check out of the library. His flushed face was cute and his eyes that avoided me, always looking down as his hands were so small that I wanted to just hold them. I worked a part time job at the college library where the plump lips attended. However I never officially met them, I only knew what their names were. Both very attractive and popular with the ladies and the guys, which allowed no peace for them and they often hid in the far back of the vast library to avoid the mass crowd.

I didn’t mind that they come everyday to relax in the library, since I got to see them everyday, I was rather happy to have such wonderful people spend time in a lonely and quiet library. Then on one faithful day, I saw those plump lips in action with a steamy exchange of lock lips. I was putting the returned books back on the shelf when I heard a distant moan and groan. Quite loud in a empty library, which was already closed. I looked around, thinking that I needed to tell the students to leave, because I had already closed the library. Only to slow my steps as a moan escaped through quivering lips.

I halted and almost froze as my heart beats quicken. I saw movements from behind one of the tall shelves, two heads with black hair tangled in each other as they kissed so loudly that it seemed to fill my ears. Wet tongues, licking and biting one another as they moaned, fabric brushing as they grinded against each other.

“Jin hyung… you taste so good.” The short boy stated as he broke the kiss and kissed the one with broad shoulders neck. “You really love sweet fruits, don’t you hyung?” His accent heavy as he continued to place kisses, suckling Jin’s collarbone.

“Jimin-ah, your intuition… It’s dangerous… to dangerous…” Jin moaned heavenly that it almost made my knees buckle at the sound. I wanted to join them so badly, but I was afraid they would stop if they knew they were being watched.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Jimin looked up through the books to lock eyes with me. My eyes widened as his grew just as large, before he looked away and stopped his actions. Oh god, I have to leave.

“Jimin why did you stop?” Jin asked disappointedly as he looked at Jimin as he cover his face with his hand.

“Its her. She saw us.” Jimin whispered and Jin whipped around to lock his eyes with mine, mouth gaping in shock as I stood and watched the both grow awkward. A few seconds past before Jin stood out from behind the shelves and bowed deeply.

“Ma'am, I am so sorry that we are doing this in your library. It-I-its just been such a stressful day, ma'am. I’m sorry for our inappropriate behavior!” Jin almost yelled his apology, never lifting his head an inch. Undoubtedly ashamed that they were caught kissing in a library at the college they attended. However his black hair was so fluffy and tangled by the make out seemed so tempting to me. Without a thought, my hand was placed on Jin’s head. Rubbing my thumb and fingers in his soft hair, almost like a dog’s fur. Jin looked up at me, slightly raising his head, wondering why I was touching his hair. However my eyes grew dark as my thoughts turned into one of my darkest fantasy. “Ma'am?” Jin asked softly as he began to rise his head higher to stand straight.

“You will apologize in another form than words.” My voice almost sounded so different that even I was scared of it. “A form of sex.” I blurted and gripped Jin’s hair and pulling him into my kiss. His plump lips so heaven that I thought that I was in heaven just by a kiss. Before I could explore his mouth, be pulled away.

“M-Ma'am! What are you doing?!” Jin exclaimed and brushed the back of his hand on his lips. “Jimin is my boyfriend, you can’t just kiss me!”

“Oh, so kissing is off limits? That is a pity.” I grinned and before I could lean in for another kiss, a shout knocked me out of my tranced lust.

“Is anyone over there?!” The person shouted as I heard footsteps close in on us. I hissed under my breath as I grabbed Jin’s hand and Jimin’s small hands, tugging them to a private study room in the back of the library. Locking the door behind us, I stuck my ear to the door and heard the person yell out. Jin and Jimin stood awkwardly as they watched me confirm the voice becoming my distant.

“Ma'am, it’s fine if we leave. We have homework to finish.” Jin said holding Jimin behind his broad shoulders. “Just let us out and we can sneak past the person.”

“Yes, but I can just expose the both of you to the dean and get you expelled.” I muttered as I sighed deeply. “Either way, you still haven’t completely apologize to me.”

“Ma'am, if you want money. I can just give it to you!” Jin yelled with veins popping out on his neck and forehead.

“Money will never be a good form of apology. I want one thing, if you give me that one thing, I will let you go.” I narrowed my eyes and thought to myself that this situation could turn sour and I would be named a sex offender or something like that. In fact what was I even saying. Before I could say anything, Jimin finally spoke up.

“I will do it.” Jin whipped his head and asked him why and don’t do it, but Jimin shrugged him off. “I will give you the proper apology through sex.” Jimin blushed as he tried to maintain eye contact with my narrow ones. My mouth parted then turned into a grin, before I closed in the space between the both of us. Cupping his cheek and softly gazing into his eyes as I towered over him. His brown eyes searched over mine as my eyes soon fell to his lips. With a groan, I nearly gave into the plump lips that taunted me.

With a flick of my wrist, I pushed Jimin back into Jin’s arms. I felt my face blush as I covered my face slightly.

“Leave.” I whispered.


“I said leave!” I shouted and pointed at the door. The both of them jumped at my shout and soon opened the door to run out of the library. Whimpers left Jimin’s lips as Jin pulled him out of the library. I slide down on the wall and sat with my face in my palms, thinking that I nearly made the greatest mistake of my life. Plump lips are really dangerous, I can’t see them again, otherwise, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control my desire.

I didn’t see the plump lips come in the library again, knowing full well why. Thinking that I must be a villain in Jin and Jimin’s eyes. Putting my head into the palms of my hands, I silently cried to myself.

“Uh, miss. I would like to check this book out.”

When I looked up to the person, my eyes grew so round, I thought my eyes were going to pop out.

“Jimin! What are you doing here?!” I nearly shouted as I rose off my seat. God, its been nearly a week since I saw his plump lips, but more importantly, I wanted to apologize for what I did to them a week ago.

“Ah, I needed reference for my essay on relationships.” He beamed slightly and soon toned it down as he stared into my serious face. “So I just want to check the book out.” When I finally let him give me the book, it was a rather thin book and it raised my eyebrow.

“Relationships and sex, what a wonderful book that is only 52 pages long.” My brow raised as I looked up at Jimin’s blushed face who turned to look at the students that typed furiously on their essays or homework. “I have better material in the back that you can use as a reference.” I motioned Jimin with a small nod and began walking through a door, not looking back to see if he followed. In the room was large shelves with thick books that were more expensive. I walked into one of the shelves and when Jimin came around the corner, I pushed him against the shelf and locked lips with him.

His eyes were round and bewildered as my tongue pried opened his plump lips and explore his sweet minty mouth. How heavenly, that my eyes almost rolled back with a groan. Soon Jimin returned my forceful kiss with an eagering one. I wanted to taste him so badly that I every night I couldn’t go to sleep without seeing his lips. Seems like I got a class A plump lip fetish. My hands moved down from his cheeks down to his chest and gently rubbing my hands on his thick and muscular thighs. Considering he is a small fragile boy, he was quite ripped.

Just when I was about to slip my hands inside his pants, someone opened the door loudly and we jumped apart. I cursed under my breath as I looked out to see the boss. She was talking to another person about what book they needed as reference. I felt my heart slip as Jimin moaned, he was biting his lower lip and it was hot. His hand was palming itself against his enlarged member. However did he have to do that now!

“Jimin you are going to have to hold on for a little while longer.” I hissed as I bit the love of his ear. “Tell me where you live and I will bring you there.” I eyed the boss though the books as I tried to pry Jimin’s hand from his member. He whimpered and looked up at me with need eyes that me gulp in awe.

“I-I don’t wanna go.” Jimin sighed as he began to grind against my thigh. Finding his pleasure amongst the crowd of emotions that dwell deep in his heart. “Just… Please…” With his begging, I couldn’t stop my lunge to push him back on the shelf. Lips latched on his neck as my hand was palming his raging cock. He sang a moan which I immediately put my hand over his lips to quiet his moans. His lips pressed against my hand as he stuck his tongue out, licking in between my fingertips.

Gripping and tugging his hard member, Jimin finally jerked his hips up into my palms as he found his release. He groaned so loudly as he nearly fell apart and into my arms. I let my finger into his mouth as he suckled it with great desire, silencing his groans from my boss. I, too, was hot and sweaty from the steamy exchange. Slowly massaging Jimin’s climax out, I leaned in to kiss his plump lips, as we wrapped our tongues around each other.

“Now let’s bring you home.” I said softly as I looked into his lustful eyes. He replied in a nod as he straighten himself and tried to make his appearance appropriate, but it don’t stop him from beaming in happiness. Considering he just came while being in a tight spot of being caught and being palmed at while I was biting his neck was quite something. And now he was really happy, what a strange boy.

When we arrive at Jimin’s apartment, I wanted to just leave him there. Not knowing what he thought of me or what our relationship was. As soon as I turned around to leave, Jin opened the door and immediately pulled Jimin in for a deep hug. Seeing that they both cherished each other very much, kind of broke my heart since I couldn’t have either of them. Just as I began to walk, Jin halted me to stop with his loud voice that echoed throughout the walls.

I turned to look at the two beautiful men and regretted my decision. I needed to leave, I almost raped them and now I just made Jimin come while my boss was in the same room. I needed to go, before I do anymore damage. Suddenly I felt someone hug me. Jin pulled me into a big hug as his broad shoulders curved around as he held me in a tight embrace.

“Jin?” I whispered.

“Thank you for bring him back to me.” He smiled and put me at arm’s length to look into my face. “Thank you so much.” Jin’s squinted eyes and bright smile that made his cheeks chubbier made me ease the tension in my muscles. I returned a small smile and Jimin popped out from beside Jin’s side. With a pat on Jin’s back I stepped back and bowed slightly and stated my apologies.

“I’m sorry about the actions that I did towards the both of you last week.” I looked at the ground as I clenched my fist. “Please accept my apology!” I didn’t want to lose them, I wanted them to come back to the library often, so I could see that they would be healthy and lively. Life at the library would be dull without them.

“You will apologize in another form than words. A form of sex.” Jin softly repeated my words from before. I looked up at him with wide eyes as I saw Jimin stare up at the tall man with just the same surprised expression. Jin let a small smile out before reaching down to kiss my hand. Looking up at me with those watchful brown eyes, I nearly melted at his plumped lips coming into contact with my hand. I stared down at Jin and just before he lift his head, Jimin grabbed my other hand and did the exact same thing.

When they both looked up to meet my eyes, I felt my heart almost burst as their lips were slightly moist and puckered, just to kissable. Out of nowhere, my thumb drove themselves into their mouths. Catching them by surprise, but immediately they took the hint and closed their lips around my thumb, lapping their wet tongues around my thumb. Their face so lewd and blushing that it made me blush. Jimin and Jin gazed up at me with pleading eyes and their hands were wrapped around my wrist to hold me there.

It seemed that there was no way out of it. With that, I pulled out my thumb and planted kisses on their lips before walking past them to stand at the open doorway of their apartment room. I smirked and nodded slightly before entering their home. It was a clean and spacious room, neat and ordered beautifully. The two followed me in and looked at me with a questionable expression.

“Where is your bedroom?” I asked and they both pointed at the door down the hall. I smiled at their answer and walked to the door to open it and see such a fluffy type room. Decorated with bright and colorful things but yet it contained items that were both edgy that spiked the colorful room. The bed was huge and fluffy as well with lots of pillows. I had a hard time to imagine that this was a man’s bed, but I guess the two aren’t really the typical guy.

Once the two followed me in behind me. I grabbed Jin’s hand and pushed him down onto the bed. While Jimin looked at me, I pulled his hand to stand beside me. My lips were attached to his earning a surprised gasp from him as I stroked Jin’s thighs. Jimin eagerly thrusted his tongue into my mouth to taste me more, while I heard Jin’s small groan as my hands wandered his inner thigh to his growing cock.

Jimin’s hands had wandered down my body over my butt and up my back, making me shiver as he did so. Such small hands were so skilled in making someone fall apart. I broke our kiss only to crawl on top of Jin and hover over his flushed face. Not touching him, I leaned down to kiss his plump lips. Both lips were amazing but each had a different taste and feel. Jin was sweet like fruits and great food, while Jimin tasted like mints.

Jimin watched as I was on Jin kissing him and grew a little jealous at how his boyfriend was getting kissed and not him. So Jimin stood behind me and pressed his bulge into my butt and slowly grinding against me. I moaned into Jin’s hot mouth and began kissing down Jin’s long thick neck and shoulder. Hands wandering under his shirt to pull it over his head and expose the fine lean body he had.

“Your really handsome.” I whispered in delight as I lean back down to kiss his chest and flicked my tongue over one of his erected nipples. He groaned softly and brought his hips up to grind against my wet area. Thankfully I wore pants and not a skirt, otherwise I would have had both of them in me already. However when they had grinded against me I felt so tingly good that it was like I was about to come.

“Miss you feel amazing… god, can I go in?” Jin whimpered softly to himself as he quickened his pace.

“You want in?” I smiled and looked down at his half closed eyelids, moving my hips along with his. Jin nodded and I smirked, leaning back, I kept my pace only to wrap my arm around Jimin’s neck to bring him in for a kiss. Molding his lips with mine as I broke the kiss only to tell him. “Do me a favor and fuck Jin.” Jimin stared at me in disbelief.

“W-what?” Jimin stuttered and Jin looked up at me in surprise.

“That is the only way I will fuck Jin.” Jin groaned and pleaded Jimin to fuck him.

“Jiminie, just take my pants off and do it.” Jin cried as he moved his hips under me. “I want to feel her so badly.” Jimin hissed softly before yanking Jin’s pants off and tossing them aside, removing his pants off as well. When he pulled his underwear off, Jimin’s erection was sprung free and wiggled around next to his stomach as he move to get into position. Taking Jin’s underwear off at last. Where Jin’s cock was thick and resting on his stomach as I ride him to give him some friction.

Before Jimin eased into Jin, Jin gazed up at with lustful eyes before shutting them tightly as his fingers gripped the bedsheets beside my knees. His mouth gaped open to let out a loud moan as Jimin grunted, feeling Jin’s walls clench around him. Once Jimin reached balls deep in, he slipped my blouse off and began kissing the base of my neck. Licking and biting Jimin went on as he pulled out and rammed back into Jin.

Entranced by the situation, I was so amazed at Jin’s face and the sound of Jimin’s cock thrusting in sweetly, clapping his muscular thighs on Jin’s soft ass. Jin reached up panting softly through moans to take my bra off. My nipples harden at the sudden chilled air, only to be played with Jin’s finger tips. I was already grinding on him, but I move slightly to take my pants and underwear off. Being completely naked with two gay men was the hottest thing that I had ever done in my life.

“Are you ready?” I asked Jin. He nodded and pulled his bottom lip into his clenched teeth, watching my drippy wet pussy slowly take his thick cock. I groaned as I threw my head back, feeling Jin slide in me was the best feeling. His thickness stretched me and made me wet even more was mouth watering. Jin’s and Jimin’s moans filled my ears completely as our wet juices was exchanged. I turned my head to catch Jimin’s wet lips. His tongue clashing and mingle with mine as Jin lifted himself up to wrap his arms around my waist. Helping me drive his cock in me, he leaned into our kiss and began exchanging a three way kiss.

Our saliva was mixed in a circle as our bodily fluids were also going in a circle as Jimin neared his climax. Feeling him get rougher and sloppier by the seconds to find his release. Jin groaned as my hips rocked faster to match Jimin’s pace. My left arm wrapped around the back of Jin’s neck as my right hand wrapped around Jimin’s neck. Jimin bit into my shoulder as Jin sucked on my nipple while I resting my head on Jimin’s shoulder and pressing my body against Jin.

“Fuck! You guys are the best I’ve had.” I moaned as I found my climax and moaned loudly along with the other two. With that Jimin had spilled his load and was panting hard to stop his jerking movements. Jin cried out in a slur of moans and words as he felt my walls clench down on him tightly and squeezed his cock of his climax. All three of us halted and panted as we stayed together. Gazing at each other and kissing our way into bliss.

“If you guys want to do that again in the library, make sure you call me.” I stated finally and the three of us laughed. Knowing full well it would be hard to fuck in a library that was meant to be quite.

“I think we can manage that, ma'am.” Jin winked and kissed my lips.

“But I want to feel her next, hyung.” Jimin whined and pulled my face away from Jin to plant a kiss.

“Boys, there is enough for everybody.” I smirked and winked at them. “I told you, you guys are the best I’ve ever had.”