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Should I read Shatter Me? What is it?


the plot is as follows: our main girl, juliette, kills everyone she touches. like. people literally die if she touches their skin. (what??? i kno) for this reason she’s been locked up for a really long time and becomes a little crazy bc of the isolation (it should be noted that the world is falling apart and everyone is dying and stuff) but tbh?? she’s like Extremely powerful and doesn’t really know it - BUT THE GOVERNMENT DOES!!!!! so they want to turn her into a weapon !!!!!! dang!!!!! what will juliette do?????????? will she save the world?????? WILL SHE FALL IN LOVE WITH THE RIGHT GUY??????????

a few things you should know if u want to read shatter me:

  • PATIENCE!!! the first book is……… an experience. there’s a special snowflake main character, “chosen one” trope, a crappy love interest, a SUPER cliche’d plot, and a very peculiar writing style. it is literally the epitome of the 2011/2012 dystopian YA genre. you will ask yourself so many times “why am i doing this to myself” BUT LISTEN TO ME !!!!!!!!! IT GETS BETTER!!!!! IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER THIS TRILOGY SAVED MY ASS YOU JUST NEED TO PULL THRU AND KEEP READING
  • the character development in this trilogy is seriously out of this world like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE FUCK !!!! every single character (except for the one dude i wont talk about) IS AMAAAZIZINZNGNG
  • tahereh mafi did THAT
  • (also romantic relationship u would die for but that happens later on because jesus that first book……..)
  • imo the pros outweigh the cons and tbh the only thing that matters is that u must
  • keep
  • and reach that third book u will thank me for it
  • this has been a psa thnk u bye 🌹

she had the world // panic! at the disco

(written by Grace)

I know we all love a good read, whether it’s sitting outside in a park with a sweet John Green book or turning off the lights and reading a thrilling saga under the covers. Sometimes the only thing to put me to sleep or to calm myself is to grab a book and start reading and fall into a world of words. So I thought, for my fellow bookworms out there, I would list my top reads that made me cry, laugh and left my eyes wide open until 2 am flicking through page after page:

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What I want to do in the Summer of 2015

Since my summer break is in about four weeks, I wanted to write about the things that I want to do this summer. Not only to share it with you, but to have it written down for myself. 
I think I have around six weeks of summer break, if I am correct, so got lots of time to do these things, hopefully.

- Read.
Read in the garden. Read just before going to bed. Read in the local park (<- I definitely should do that more often). Take a book with me everywhere I go, I guess. 

- Write.
I am currently working actively on two stories. I still want to continue working on rewriting one of the stories I wrote in 2012 and I got a lot more idea’s and of course write more posts for this blog! 

- PWS.
So everyone who’s graduating needs to work on this project during their senior year. Well, at least in Holland. It’s what they call ‘profielwerkstuk’. It’s basically a  research on a particular subject of your choice. I got to put 80 hours in it and we’re allowed to start during our summer break. So I want to at least get something done, because next year is gonna be a little harder than this year.

- Fun things with friends.
I’m planning on visiting one of my friends on the other side of the country in the beginning on my break. But I definitely want to do more with friends. Just walking around the town maybe, or go to the beach. Sit in the park.

Which brings me to the next thing;
- Get outside more.
I tend to stay inside, watch Netflix, read, write or whatever, so I definitely want to change something about that.

- Eat more fruit.
At the moment, the only piece of fruit I like is bananas, but I’d love to eat more. Like strawberries or raspberries? Maybe water melon?

- Take more photos.
Because why not?

There are definitely a few more, but these are the ones I really want to focus one. 
Let me know what you want to do this summer!!



Tidying: It’s Magic.

Out of my many flaws, there’s one that I will admit is probably the most ridiculous: I avoid hyped-up, popular things. Whether that be avoiding Harry Potter for almost a decade, shunning skinny jeans until they were almost out of style, refusing to say ‘on point’ and then when finally working ‘on point’ into my vocabulary, refusing to use ‘on fleek.’ While I don’t think this makes me a hipster, I do feel like I fall into the ‘too cool for school’ category, and not in a good way.

Forget the psychology of why I decide not to hop on certain bandwagons but then practically hijack and take over others (hello: Instagram stalking and hero worship). Maybe it’s a need to be different and stand out from the pack. Or perhaps it’s simply a case of “I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND HAVE ZERO PERSONAL IDENTITY!”

Which brings me to the KonMari method and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

I was hooked from page one.

I have always been notoriously organized. I’m sure if my mother ever reads this she will throw back her head in mock laughter until she pulls a muscle as she recalls a period in time - say from when I was 6 until 14 - when my room was so messy you could’ve easily convinced someone there wasn’t a floor. But I quickly grew out of this and organized the hell out of my life.

My school locker was meticulous. My college notebooks were an OCD dream. My handbag always cleaned out every Sunday for the upcoming work week. My kitchen cabinets were an organized wonder to behold.

Don’t even get me started on what I did to my friend’s closets. Many years ago I went hardcore tough love on @traceydanine and spent hours upon hours organizing, tidying and throwing away items in her closet. It was a truly magical evening. I remember holding her childhood in my hands (her Winnie-the-Pooh doll) and harshly examining why she needed it? (She kept it in the end, as she should have.)

So, you’d think, what in the world could I possibly need this book for if I (not-so-humbly) am proclaiming that I could’ve practically written it? Well, in a nutshell? I moved to England and promptly became a hoarder.

Every single item I owned suddenly became a life line back to America. That beautiful black dress I wore to a wedding in 2012 and would love to wear again? Brought it with me. That book I’ve been meaning to read because I loved the TV show? I brought it with me. Those amazing high heels that I lusted after and wore twice in America? I brought them with me. That expensive handbag I bought after I landed my first real grown up job post college? I brought it with me.  I’ve now lived in England for over a year and how many times have I touched/used/read the above? Not once.

And not only that, but my collection has grown. From handbags to make up to shoes to books, I just keep accumulating crap in the hopes that it’ll bring me some sort of happiness, or rather distract my homesickness and FOMO. That’s been my first mistake.

My second mistake and probably the most fatal of personality flaws and the hardest to admit is this: In addition to FOMO, I suffer from some sort of serious hero worship/envy. There are certain people out there that you know/watch on YouTube, read their blogs/are your friends that you think just have their shit together and life completely figured out. Their hair always looks effortlessly glossy, their handbags on point (On fleek? Groan. Stop. Please.) They seem to fall into the camp of those who wake up early, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, have cool jobs, throw together perfect capsule wardrobes effortlessly, have a life trajectory in mind and slay it, marry the perfect man, pop out a few adorable children who never have stains on their clothes or act up or scream for no apparent reason. Those people. Think about for a second. We ALL have at least one person.

And in comes my fatal flaw, because I think, “Right. If I can just accumulate that handbag/watch/hair product/book she has, then surely my life will resemble theirs, right?”

W R O N G.

So wrong. Not only does my life not resemble theirs, it now looks like some sort of schizophrenic mashup that can’t decide who or what they are. It’s a buffet of life choices. Constant trips filling up my life plate to taste this career or that location. It ends in serious anxiety. And credit card debt. (Editors note: the author is happy to report to put a nip in this monetary bud in 2012 when she paid off her credit card debt. A ridiculous sum that most people could buy a new car with… and has since never been in debt. Small victories.)

I’m not sure when this all got out of hand. I’m sure middle school. Don’t all horrific things in life happen in middle school? But we can’t blame our short comings on middle school traumatics forever, right? We have to grow up some time.

One would hope at the ripe ol’ age of 34, I could finally add “grown up” to my life resume, but I hear most people feel like they’re faking the grown up thing until they’re practically on their deathbed. Even having a kid doesn’t make me feel like a grown up. In fact, there’s nothing that will make you feel more like a child crying for your mommy than having a child of your own. You can quote me on that.

One book really isn’t going to change my life. It might be ‘magical’ but it’s going to take a lot more soul searching to understand the WHY behind the BUY. (Oooooh, catchy. If that slogan ever catches on, I want at least half the profits.)

But it’s a start. A start that ended with several black bags being donated to the dumpster and local charity shops.

So, to end this rambling book review: to the four people still out there who haven’t read this book yet, please do. Go forth and tidy, my friends!

Awakening Stories: From living a lie to living my truth...

I started going through the process of waking up (awakening/ascension) when I was 18, although I always had some awareness about society’s lies, I just couldn’t articulate it. 18 was when I was finally able to express some of my feelings and when I started the journey of erasing the brainwashing I had learnt, which has been an ongoing process ever since. From a young age, things never felt right to me, I was always confused because I had an inner wisdom that I wasn’t able to speak and that I couldn’t really understand, so it was repressed. When I was 18, I started becoming very aware of the control that I had been under most of my life and I was really getting into conspiracy ‘theories’ at this time. I can remember scrolling through Facebook and noticing that it was just a popularity contest, I also noticed how much conformity was going on around me, again realising how much I had been a part of it. It seemed at this point that all my life had been about was buying stuff and seeking approval from others. Although age 18 was when I started waking up, I definitely wasn’t ready to live my truth at this time. I felt kind of alone in what I was feeling, like I was just abnormal. I was also still carrying around that heavy load of conditioning and my ego was still getting in the way all the time, convincing me that I needed to continue living a lie.

During the age of 18-20 I made more mistakes than I ever had but I don’t regret anything because I believe it was all necessary for elevating higher. At the very beginning of 2012, I started to awaken to spiritual knowledge. I suddenly felt inclined to work towards inner balance in a way that I never had before. I read a lot of insightful books, experienced a lot of signs and synchronicities from the universe and felt for once, that I was starting to create meaning in my life. I started asking questions such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What’s my life purpose?’, 'What’s humanity evolving towards?’. My intuitive abilities also started opening up more, I was having interesting lucid dreams most nights and received a lot of subconscious impulses. I also had a lot of people come into my life that were truly a significant part of the puzzle, people that would mirror back aspects of myself which were in need of healing.

My life has been a constant flow of cleansing since then, which has been both painful and blissful. 2013/14 were major years of clearing and introspection. I faced so much/released so many emotions during this time, fear was definitely the biggest thing that I cleared. At the end of 2014 I was experiencing ascension symptoms to the max, It was like I had cleared away so much conditioning that I was ready to return back to the way I was created, back to the way that I was always supposed to be. I started experiencing intense energy vibrations coursing through my whole body, colors became brighter, my pineal gland started absorbing light, my heart was rapidly opening (I still experience these symptoms they are just more subtle), I knew that the person I had been living as my whole life was suddenly dying. I was no longer a person who was being spiritual but was in fact becoming my spiritual self, the spritual self that exists within us all. My ego didn’t know how to take this because I knew that people would think I was weird or bonkers if I told them, seeing as this process is completely unexplainable by science and modern medicine, so I just surrendered and trusted in the process.

I couldn’t hold onto the person that I believed myself to be, my spirit wanted to make itself known. I could suddenly see the divine perfection in all living things. I could see that we all live on a heavenly, utopian planet and aside from natural disasters, it’s just humans that create hell on the planet because of their unconscious, unempathetic choices. I suddenly understood my place in the universe as a co-creator like never before and my place on this Earth. I suddenly understood the perfect unfoldment of the universe and how everything in my life was meant to be the way it was and will always be how it’s supposed to be. I suddenly understood God (and that’s not meant in a religious context). And I came to accept that the term 'starseed’ was very fitting for myself.

Although I still read a lot of books, I receive so much knowledge intuitively that I’m always satisfied. I also receive so much guidance through signs, dreams and visions. I’m not going to say that my life is blissful 24/7, I’m still psychologically adjusting to these new changes and I still struggle in busy places and get a bit depressed by injustice. I obviously don’t ignore the problems of the world, I’m still aware of what goes on and how much people are suffering. I don’t propose that I know everything, that I have all the answers, or that I’m a guru or a saint, I just do what resonates with me. I also know that i’m still learning and healing because life is a journey and a mystery.

And the amount of friends and family that I have around me has definitely decreased a lot over the years as well. A lot of friends that I had in the past just liked what I did for them or what I gave them but didn’t really support or appreciate who I was. I would be there for them when they were going through hard times but when I was going through hard times, they were nowhere to be seen. They would even gossip about me behind my back, or take the piss out of things that I liked. I’ve realised the importance of being around people that allow you to be yourself and that uplift you. I’m definitely more appreciative of connections that are deep and meaningful now and people that I can enjoy life with. I also used to have expectations from my family that I had to be superficially perfect, if I didn’t look good or succeed according to society’s standards there would always be a comment about it…or on the other end of the spectrum, I would be in their company and they would just ignore me, like I was invisible. Withdrawing myself has been a healthy decision.

I’m also more sensitive now than I’ve ever been to energy, bright lights, chemicals, temperatures etc. which can be challenging sometimes. But it also has its plus side because I’m more sensual, which means that life is more wonderful.

A few months ago I had a profound dream where I died and transitioned to the 'other side’ (or 'heaven’, 'home’…whatever term works). I was surrounded by light and was putting jigsaw pieces on myself that were the color of my skin, which represented 'putting the pieces together’. I was then told that it was now time to return back to the light, so I ran and jumped into the light, I was then immersed with a feeling of love and oneness, which was a spiritual experience. I then rebirthed as a baby amidst a chaotic world. This dream represented that my old self had died and that I was now with the light. I’ve learnt that we are all supposed to be with the light but we are brainwashed to be in darkness as a means of control. In order to be with the light, we have to take responsibility for ourselves, walk through the door that’s always open and let the universe teach us. Life isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it’s just that the society that we’ve created is a serious problem.

By no means would I want to go back to living the life that I had before I woke up because I feel so much love and peace on a daily basis and that in itself is all I ever wanted. ALL human beings are equal and beautiful, we are all on a sacred journey of evolution, all our lives are important and we all have a part in changing the world…and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be in big ways, small ways are just as important. But in order to realise this, we have to have FAITH. When you have faith, you enter into the heart and everything suddenly begins to make sense…it’s rather amazing actually. Life is magical and amazing, too amazing to put into words. I’ve come to understand that the ultimate secret to life is just gratitude. And to summarise the process of waking up that I’ve been through up until now, as hard as it’s been, I’m just so grateful that it happened to me!


This is very beautiful, I can tell you are a very warm and awakened soul. It really is about gratitude and embracing the surrender of presence. i may come to you again if you would like to be part of the book in the future, thank you for sharing <3

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Any good books/movies/TV shows/ anything else that do a good job of explaining asexuality?

Asexuality is JUST BARELY breaking into the scene of published and produced media, a few things having come out very recently and most of the material still in the form of online resources. I personally am very excited to see this happening and am in the middle of catching up with it all. Here’s a list of what I know of:

Understanding Asexuality by Anthony Bogaert (2012) - This was the first book I found on the subject, and I found it a very interesting read. This book is asexuality told from a scientific point of view, as people begin to study what was previously a mostly dismissed orientation. It’s really just a kicking-off point, but it refers to many intriguing studies and gives me hope that more time will be spent on the subject in the future.

(A)sexual (2011) - A documentary (directed by Angela Tucker and featuring David Jay along with several other members of the asexual community) that, again, provides an introductory view of the asexuality, but with a focus on the community and personal experiences. It’s under 1.5 hours and available on Netflix instant and Amazon instant video. It was neat to see a little glimpse of how different people had integrated their asexuality with their lives and relationships. The movie also featured perspectives from non-asexual people which could at times be upsetting or insulting, just to warn you, but of course, a rounded view of the rising asexual movement is bound to have some negativity, and there were also some very heartwarming stories.

The Invisible Orientation by Julie Sondra Decker (2014) - This book, unlike Understanding Asexuality, was written by an asexual person, providing more of an insider view and a less formal atmosphere. It’s not about studying the orientation, but about describing the experience and the variation within the community. I’m actually only partway through this book (ironically, I had to slow my reading speed way down when I got busy with this blog!), but what I’ve read so far I’ve really enjoyed. Future sections of the book promise to address myths and questions about asexuality. *Note: both this and Understanding Asexuality can be purchased online, though if you need to find it physically, you may have to put in some effort. Personally, I wasn’t able to find either available for purchase locally, and had to visit a large and slightly more esoteric bookstore in another city. Searching for them in a library system may yield results, but be sure to widen the search to the county/system in general, not just your branch.

*Another note: Both book listed above have resource lists in the back, connecting you to further articles, blogs, ect on the subject of asexuality!

The above are things that I’ve personally read/watched (at least partly, in the last case). Listed below are things I have not yet been able to check out, but they’re on my list. As such, I have no personal recommendation for them, just what I’ve heard.

Sirens on USA network (2014 - ___) - This is the only tv show that I know of to have an actual, specifically labeled asexual character (who is not, say, a robot or an alien, and who is not merely an assumed/unspoken/headcanon ace character such as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory or Sherlock Holmes in various adaptations), and I’ve only just heard about it in vague terms. Apparently it’s a show focused around a few Chicago EMTs, and one of the side characters is asexual. From what I’ve heard, people aren’t sure whether they’re happy with the way this character is being represented, but since, like I said, this is the only character where they’re even TRYING, I plan to give it a shot, and we’ll see. At the very least, it’s nice to see some effort being made at representation. This show has been renewed for a second season and at least some of the episodes are available on the USA site.

The Heart of Aces by various authors (2012) - A collection of fictional short stories exploring asexual relationships, written by asexual authors! I heard about this just recently and I plan to pick up a copy ASAP. A couple of the reviews for the book complained that some of the stories were too corny, to which I say, YES PLEASE. I WANT silly, corny stories that simultaneously represent my orientation and support my experiences. Everyone else gets them, so why not us? Bring it on.

Asexuality: A Brief Introduction by Asexuality Archive (2012) - Another introductory book advertised as general information for anyone looking to find out more, written from an asexual perspective. Reviews say this books is helpful, clear, and easy to read.

Additionally, this rec post on tumblr lists six fiction books with asexual representation, though I can’t speak to how that might appear in the books. One of the books on the list is Heart of Aces (from above). I have read none of them, but they could be worth checking out!

Help me make my dreams come true?

My name is Kelly and I am an obsessive Harry Potter fan.  In 2012, my resolution was to save up enough money to take the trip of my dreams, a chance to see the place I have dreamed about since the moment I heard it was going to exist - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  As a teen, I discovered the series when I was grounded, I had no TV or radio so my only choice was reading.  My sister had rented out OOtP from her school library, and I had exhausted our personal library of books more times than I can count.  I picked it up and began reading, and my entire life changed.  I fell in love!  This was before the release of GoF though, so I had no idea what all of these references were to Cedric or the graveyard or this tournament.  I didn’t sleep that night as I finished in one day, and I got GoF from the library as soon as I got to school.  I read in classes, read when I got home, and finished it before 7.  By then I was hooked and there was no going back. 

I suffered from alot of bullying in high school.  Many, many days I went home in tears and didn’t want to speak to anyone.  I developed depression, and eventually anxiety.  I attempted suicide in the 9th grade.  I swallowed a bunch of aspirin, but all it did was make me very ill and I told my mom I didn’t feel good and laid down.  I thought alot that night, maybe there was a reason it didn’t work?  I vowed that night that instead of cutting, I would read instead.  I had the ability to delve into HP and really lose myself in it.  The pages of my seven books are stained with tears, and those books mean more to me than anything in the world.  They are my prized possessions.  They are my friends, they were there for me when no pone else was, they saved my life. 

They are also the only items I owned that survived when Hurricane Sandy ripped through my house and destroyed it.  We got eight feet of water in our home, but my books were up on their own shelf, high on the wall.   Upon walking up to our house the morning after the storm, you could see from down the street our house was ruined.  I stood in the street unable to move forward, and my girl at the time asked me what was wrong.  I told her I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t go in, could she please just go in and tell me if my books were okay.  She walked in and I waited outside with such fear I put myself into an anxiety attack.  She came back out and told me they were fine and I kid you not, I almost passed out from relief.

Since that storm, I was homeless for over a month, sleeping in my car, followed by about two weeks in a shelter.  I had to move in with my cousin, who allowed me to live at her house for free (on the living room floor) as long as I watched her kids any time she needed.  I lived there for almost two years because she really began to rely on me and if I left, no one was there to watch them.  So I stayed, and I had no income for all of that time.  I moved out eventually and I have been trying to deal with the crippling debt I have accrued since the storm. 

The point of this story is to really give you an idea of why I want to go so badly.  It is my dream to see the place that I escaped to for comfort for so many years, to stand in that world would mean more to me than I could possibly describe.  To some, it seems a frivolous endeavor, when I have all of this debt.  To me, it is what I really need, I need to escape this stress and this debt and everything in my life, even if it is just for a couple of hours.  I have a friend in FL, so I only need about 500 dollars for airfare and an entry to the park. 

I have a paypal, and could possibly set up a gofundme page if I can figure out how.  If you could find it in your heart to help me, even a dollar is one dollar closer to making my dreams come true.  Harry Potter means everything in the world to me.

Please share this post, so people can see it.  One little reblog could really make the difference.

Paypal email:

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about my legitimacy, and I will provide you with proof.

Publish Your Stuff Interview: Bryant Loney on Being a Young Writer

Bryant Loney is an 18-year-old growing up in the U.S. Heartland. You can follow him on Twitter (@BALoney) and visit his website at Loney, Bryant. You can find his book, To Hear The Ocean Sigh, on Amazon.
You can also check out his novella, Exodus in Confluence, as well.

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blogmyownworld  asked:

I saw you reblog something about 50 shades of Gray saying it was a glorification of abuse and ive never read it (nor do i have the intentions to) but I am curious as to why you say that about it? Cause it's popular which makes that concerning.

Granted I have only ever read excerpts, and various commentary from others about the book, so keep that in mind. 

My issue isn’t really with the book itself. Do I think it’s poorly written? Yes. Do I think the way it portrays the BDSM community is problematic? Yes. Do I think it’s an anti-feminist work? Yes. Do I think it’s dangerous when taken as factual evidence of the BDSM community or healthy relationships in general?  Most definitely.

Do I think you should never ever read it and burn it in effigy? No. That’s about as ridiculous as the book itself. 

From my own limited experience I have seen 50 Shades promote serious misconceptions with an already marginalized sexual community, from a woman that is not a part of that community herself. I have seen it portray truly terrible failings of proper, informed, enthusiastic consent. And I have seen it promote a manipulative, abusive, and dangerous relationship. 

But like I said I haven’t read it, have no plans to, and I’m not a part of the BDSM community so I really can’t speak effectively on the issues 50 Shades presents. 

But here are some articles that are better informed that I am:

And I’m certain there are tons more, especially on tumblr itself. 

Ultimately the only good thing I see from 50 Shades, is women, particularly older women, exploring their sexuality more due to this book, and other romance novels like. My concern comes from people begin to see this book, this sham of a relationship as positive, and as a honest representation of the BDSM community, when it is nothing more than glorified abuse and domestic violence. 

Commentary about this issue is welcomed from our followers since like I said I have never read much of the book myself (nor has Erin I think) 


YA Lit Meme: endless list of series/books >> The Survival Kit by Donna Freitas

Before, last spring, when everything began to unravel, it never occurred to me that the girl I’d always been in high school could bend and shift and change without breaking altogether. 
But the girl I am now, this girl—she survived.
I just needed a little help getting here.

On Thursday (10th September 2015) Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Astra Zeneca in Göteborg.


For the first time since the secret of her pregnancy became known Crown Princess Victoria  now talks about her feelings.
I feel very good, I am very happy. She [Estelle] seems very happy, too”, says Crown Princess Victoria.

In the foyer Victoria also received a gift - a children’s book from the Swedish Women’s Weekly congratulated the Royal Family because of the future addition to the family.
She told the interviewer that the family read a lot of books and Estelle currently is wearing down through the 200 children’s books she received as a christening gift in 2012 by the Swedish Parliament and Government.

The Crown Princess was then so eager to start the visit to the excess collateral doors to the company started to howl when she had to hurry up.

What does the Princess Estelle on her to be the big sister?
That, you must ask her, but she seems very happy.”

Amidst the joy of talking about pregnancy became Crown Princess considerably higher when the ongoing refugee disaster in the world came up.
There is of course nothing that leaves you unmoved. It is appalling stories and of course we try to take part of it like everyone else. There is a tremendous tough situation around the world and we have an extreme and complicated situation” says Crown Princess Victoria.


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater 

From Stiefvater’s Website:

For as long as she can remember, Blue has been told by her psychic family that she will kill her true love. She never thought this would be a problem. But now, as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

Rapid Fire Review:

  • What a book 4.5/5 but I enjoyed reading it more than a lot of 5/5′s
  • Read it in about 24 hours which is indredibly fast for me
  • Excellent characters, super super into all of them
  • Something I realy enjoyed was that all the characters went to school and talked about school but school was never a big part of the story. Like I don’t think we ever once go to Blue’s school. Even in Urban fantasy books I’ve read the characters lives are usually very tied to their school
  • Had a very hard time picturing what was going on at some points. Settings could have been described a lot better
  • Kind of predictable tbh, all the twists weren’t super twisty but

Genre Talk:

  • Ok friends
  • I am obviously v late to this party, I was told to read The Raven Boy before it even came out in 2012 and I didn’t because I’m an hypocritical little jerk when it comes to recs
  • But more importantly bc if was Urban Fantasy and I act as through I took a blood oath to only read Realistic Fiction
  • Even since I learned what Suspension of Disbelief was I’ve wanted to read books that require of little of it as possible. 
  • So I’ve missed out on a ton of v important YA books bc of it (I’ve never read Hunger Games)
  • But I’m starting to get into Magical Realism and I think Urban Fantasy is the next phase 
  • Like tbh I will never be reviewing the likes of Eragon and Lord of the Rings, v sorry
  • But you better believe the rest of The Raven Cycle will be on here.