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Only an Illusion?, Chapter 2, in The End of Certainty. Time, Chaos, and the New Laws of Nature, by Ilya Prigiogine, in collaboration with Isabelle Stengers, Editions Odile Jacob, Paris, 1996; First Free Press Edition, New York, N.Y., 1997, pp. 57-72. Designed by Carla Bolte 

/ «[…] In order to make fundamental progress, we needed to introduce new physical concepts, such as deterministic chaos and Poincaré resonances, and new mathematical tools to turn these weaknesses into strengths. In our dialogue with nature, we transform what first appear as obstacles into original conceptual structures providing fresh insights into the relationship between the knower and the known. » Prigogine, I., The End of Certainty, pp. 188-189 /

favorite books → waiting in the wings by melissa brayden

“This was the happiest I’d ever been in my entire life and I laughed out loud at the irony. If someone had told me at twelve years old how thrilled I would be to lose the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, I would have declared them certifiable. But life’s a tricky thing. It throws you curve balls. Sometimes, it is in the pursuing of one dream that you realize another. Adrienne, and our life together, is that realized dream for me. She’s the truest thing I’ve ever known. And while it took a long time for us to come together, I can say with utmost certainty that I wouldn’t change a moment of it. It’s our story.

“To Bonnie Lynn and Edward [III] I said, ‘I have a good picture of you all in a happy time and I am going to send it to you.’ One of the best pictures in The Living White House is of Ed White, young and strong, arms aloft, poised on the edge of the White House swimming pool. He had just tossed Bonnie high into the air.”

-Lady Bird Johnson, A White House Diary

The White and McDivitt families spent the night at the White House in June of 1965 after Ed and Jim received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal following the success of Gemini 4.

Sarah J. Maas’s Letter to the reader in the Special Target Edition of A Court of Wings and Ruin


“What do I do?” Blue asked cannily. “What have you guys seen me doing?”


Humans were so circular; they lived the same slow cycles of joy and misery over and over, never learning. Every lesson in the universe had to be taught billions of times, and it never stuck. Maybe it was good that the world forgot every lesson, every good and bad memory, every triumph and failure, all of it dying with each generation. Perhaps this cultural amnesia spared them all. Perhaps if they remembered everything, hope would die instead.”