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I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.

when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental

On a lighter note, I have been reading the 5E D&D supplement Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Or, as Clio has taken to calling it after I read her a few excerpts, Volo’s Guide to Having Unexpected Feels About Monsters.

Why? Well, let me share with you the same excerpts…

From the section on kobolds:

Survival of the tribe is more important that the survival of any particular individual. Even a cowardly kobold might sacrifice itself to give its fellows time to collapse a nearby tunnel and prevent invaders from getting to the rest of the tribe… This practice contributes to the reason why most common folk (and adventurers) think kobolds are stupid as well as weak; they’ve seen or heard of a lone kobold trying to hold off a group of armed attackers and attribute the act either to idiocy or the creature’s ridiculously inflated idea of its prospects for success. The truth is that the kobold - persuaded into this role by its peers - is just hoping to slow down the invaders long enough to give the rest of the tribe time to prepare a lethal trap, an ambush, or a quick getaway.

Poor brave kobold… What? I mean, I’m fine. Everything’s fine.

And then I hit the section of mind flayers:

Sometimes a mind flayer that’s away from its colony breaks free from the elder brain… Unlike colonial mind flayers, rogue illithids develop a healthy respect for those not of their kind. They treat especially powerful creatures and individuals as equals, not adversaries, and seek to cooperate with them. A renegade mind flayer might become a trusted advisor or a powerful ally, so long as it is kept well fed. Any alliance it makes, however, collapses if the mind flayer falls under the sway of an elder brain once more.

And my fellow Critical Role fans may know why this one is SO NOT OK.

malec + “I want to take care of you”

“I want to take care of you,” Alec whispered, nearly inaudible. The way that Magnus stiffened within the circle of Alec’s arms affirmed that he’d heard the statement plainly enough. Alec tried to pretend that it didn’t pull at his heart, make his chest tighten with sadness. Truth be told, Alec was a terrible actor. No wonder Magnus had read him like an open book when they’d first met.

 “I know that,” Magnus finally said slowly, carefully weighing each word as he spoke it. He was worried about what he was saying, which meant he was worried about tripping Alec’s insecurities. “I just… need time.”

 Alec pulled back so he could see Magnus’ face; see the raw damage beneath the layers of makeup. Magnus was a lot better than Alec at hiding his feelings, though, and all he saw was a tight-lipped smile. “I feel helpless,” Alec confessed, eyes searching out something, anything to latch on to. “I feel like I broke this before it even started.” He gestured a hand between them.

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Some people just like to watch the world burn ;)

okay but here’s the thing: i want to watch the world burn

—and then i want someone broken and scarred to take a deep breath, look at the mess, and start building something new with all those ashes

bringing a character back from the dead is easy. it’s cheap. it’s the same old same old same old ‘true love conquers all (even death)’ and usually that’s not even the point of the story, so writers don’t go out of their way to make it interesting.

i love ‘starting again’ stories with all my heart, and the possibility of watching characters i’ve already been made to care about hit rock bottom and then claw their way back up just makes me so happy.


A wonderful book I found at the library. I thought I’d share my favorite idea and instructions from it. How helpful and perfectly mori this apron is!

Find more Mori crafts and ideas here: ☙Woodland Comforts

All bisexuals please remember that during bisexual awareness week, our invisibility powers DO NOT WORK. During this week, please do not pursue your glamorous career as an international jewelry thief. OTHER PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF YOU.

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Caryl- ❄

AU where they never left the prison.


All he wanted was to ask her if anything needed to be added to the list for the run tomorrow morning. Everyone was ready for bed, the prison quiet except for the faint hum of quiet conversations and Judith’s soft blabbering in the cell downstairs.

But he knew Carol wouldn’t be asleep yet. She never is. The faint, yellow light of a lamp filtered through a crack in the curtain on the cell’s door that offers some privacy, and he wondered what book she’d grabbed from the library to read tonight.

But she wasn’t sitting up in bed reading. No. She was curled into a ball under her thin blanket, pulled up all the way to her ears so effectively that he might have missed her at first glance had it not been for her shivering.

The prison walls don’t keep the cold out very well, and it’s not like they can light a bunch of fires inside. Instead, they have to make do with thick clothes and multiple blankets, a few extra candles and staying close to other people.

Only Carol seems to have given away her extra blankets – again. He saw her handing one to Beth last week but he didn’t say anything. Didn’t want her thinking he’s trying to tell her what to do.

But seeing her wrecked by the cold like this – it put an end to his determination to ignore it.

She’d tried to laugh it off that first when he knelt down by the side of her bed and asked her how she could be so damn foolish. But she barely had enough strength left to really make a teasing remark, hissing when he pressed his warm hand against her freezing cheeks. Everything about her was cold when he climbed under the threadbare blanket with her and pulled her against him. Her fingers like sticks of ice when she slipped them under the hem of his shirt to press against his chest.

This isn’t the first time they are doing this. Last winter, when they were all out there on the road, huddled together for even the slightest bit of warmth, they had gravitated towards each other. Had fallen asleep like this, curled around each other, countless times.

But then spring had come and neither of them had been brave enough to keep it up – no matter how damn good it felt. Almost peaceful.

Or rather: he hadn’t had the balls for it.

It’s been months since they’d been this close but it doesn’t feel like it. They fall into place easily – naturally. Her leg curls over his and his arms wrap around her, hand pressing against the curve of her waist. Her cheek finds the crook of his shoulder, her breath damp against his skin – the only thing about her that’s warm right now.

“Thank you,” she breathes, and he shudders when her cold lips accidentally graze the side of his neck. For a moment, they are quiet, and he can almost feel her greedily sucking the warmth from his body.

“Can stay, if ya wanna,” he suggests, heart pounding and she must be able to feel it. “Y'ain’t gotta freeze every night.” He could just tell her to grab more blankets. Maybe pick some up for her tomorrow. Find her better clothes. But he says none of that and Carol doesn’t miss it.

Her head perks up, chin resting against his chest and there’s a healthy flush to her cheeks now that draws him in. “Are you asking me if you can move in with me?” she asks, raising her brows. “I don’t think we’re quite there yet, don’t you think?”

Shit. He fucked up. “Sorry, didn’t mean nothin’ by it,” he backtracks, already trying to scramble away from her but that’s hardly possible when she’s wrapped around him like this. “’s all right if ya don’t-”

Two cold fingers press against his lips, silencing him. “Daryl,” she says – much, much softer this time. “I’d love it if you moved in with me.”

She sounds way too serious for a moment, but then her lips curl into a familiar smile and he snorts, nudging her ribs with his knuckles. “Stop.”

All she does is smile wider, her nose scrunching up and damn, he can’t look away. “I don’t think I will, Pookie.”

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Sad because I can't afford to buy Kings Cage for another month :( but I'm so excited!! Thank you for the books that you so beautifully write :D I was just wondering if you have any other story ideas for after this series? Sorry if you've already answered :)

I hope you enjoy when you get the book! And yes, lots and lots of ideas. :)


I’ve had so much fun with this book because I could draw so many diverse characters. Moody was by far the most fun to do. Extreme faces give me a lot to work with. That being said, Cedric was the one who just didn’t want to happen. You’d think I’d be able to draw a “pretty boy”, but I did want to give him a unique and characteristic face and for some reason that was so hard.
Barty sr. and Rita look almost identical to their movie counterparts. That wasn’t intentional at all. I just think the creators of the movie did a wonderful job on those characters :D


For every book, I’m going to draw the most important supporting characters, staying as true to the books’ descriptions as possible (with a mix of my own vision). I’m leaving out the trio on purpose, because I feel that everyone should have their own idea of what they look like and I’d like to keep it that way.
Every character is accompanied by a set of items that are important to them in this specific book.

All books

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What else will she do to get attention write a book or maybe do a cooking show bc that's hot right now lolol

Hahaha! Thank you for the laugh, nonnie! I think celebrities create cooking shows because they’ve kinda hit rock bottom and have no where to go but they want to remain relevant. She is super mama so maybe she could show us all how to cook like a good mom! We could all learn how to make rice, tofu, vegetables and how to hide those vegetables in smoothies! I mean, those smoothies look really delicious, the boys seem to love them! Oh, that’s right, we have yet to see them actually drinking the swamp like drink.

A book. I wonder if she’d actually considering doing that because there’s so much about her past that’s sort of hidden. It’s not like anyone really cares about her enough to ask super in depth questions because all her followers care about is getting info on Jared or the kids. Here’s what we know about her:

  1. Her real name is Jennifer
  2. She was born in San Francisco
  3. Considers Seattle a second home
  4. Went to NYU
  5. Moved to Sun Valley as a teen
  6. Went to boarding school
  7. Has 3 siblings
  8. Likes soccer and yoga
  9. Is a moron
  10. Likes attention

It just seems a bit strange how there’s really nothing out there about her. She never even mentions her biological father, her mom and step dad are the ones that are talked about. There’s never been a picture of her dad with his grandchildren (that I’ve seen), makes me wonder if they’re even on speaking terms. With her, it’s like she has no past, she’s very tight lipped about her life and only tells enough to keep people satisfied for the moment but then coming back for more. 

I think that’s why PR chose her to beard because there’s not many that know anything about her and they also like how naive she is when it comes to the industry.

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Hi! Just wondering if you've read any Christian books that you'd recommend?

I do!! Some Christian books I really like include:
• the chronicles of Narnia (not technically a Christian book in terms of it being super instructional, but still really good!)
• Spiritual Depression by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This book really helped me when I was in the thick of my first really bad depressive episode (this was before I started antidepressants) and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with depression
• Because He Loves Me by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick. This book is an in-depth look at God’s love, and how we should live in light of this. It’s very scripture-packed, which is awesome because you can clearly see exactly where in scripture she’s getting what she’s saying. It’s not based on feelings, or a few out of context verses.
• Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This is one that everyone talks about, and the topics he discusses are laid out very simply. I personally like it because I really resonated with the way he talks about the absurdity of God’s love for us, but also the reality of it.
• Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke. Bethke is actually a youtuber, and I enjoy his videos quite a bit (more so his older ones, but his newer ones are still good). Much like Crazy Love, he lays out his concepts in a simple, easy to understand way. This is a good book as an overview of what Christianity is about as far as who we are, what that means in our lives, etc.
• Men and Women: Equal Yet Different by Alexander Straugh. This is yet again a brief overview. Specifically, it’s a quick look at biblical gender roles, and how they work. It discusses misconceptions about the way that men and women are “supposed” to act, behave, relate to each other, and so on. Mainly, it focuses in on the point that while God may have created men and women for different purposes, that in no way means he created us unequal.
• Biblical Manhood and Womanhood edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem. If you want a deeper, more thorough look into biblical gender roles and how those look played out, I would suggest this book. The only thing I will say about this one is one of the contributers (since it is a collection of writings by several different authors) does seem to suggest that women have to submit to every man in their lives, which I personally have never read from anyone else, and cannot find in scripture. What is found in scripture is submitting to your husband (which is not the same as unquestioned obedience, a topic thoroughly discussed in both of the books I’ve talked about), all Christians, both men and women, submitting to each other in love, and submitting to authority figures (parents, pastors, teachers, bosses, etc.) and again, this goes for both men and women. I cannot find anhthing, however, that would in any way indicate that I am required to submit to my younger brothers or their friends, or any other male that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories. Other than that one section, I haven’t found anything in that book which I believe is contrary to scripture. (And, of course, I could absolutely be wrong about my previous claims, I am just a teenager after all. With solid scriptural evidence showing that the contributer is in fact correct, I may rescind my statement)
• The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. He has written a bunch of books about his investigative journey to Christianity after his wife was saved, and this one is my favorite. He interviews several scientists about the possibility of God and creation. The information he presents is compelling, logical, and clear. Did you know that the theory of evolution isn’t really held as complete fact in the scientific community, despite what we’ve been taught? Or that there are a crap load of scientists, including many, many, atheist scientists, that don’t subscribe to the theory of evolution due to lack of evidence? Did you know that the third most cited chemist in the entire world doesn’t believe in evolution, and is an atheist (as far as I’m aware)? I sure didn’t. I also like the way he presents the interviews. Strobel isn’t trying to convince you, isn’t trying to draw you in. He merely presents you with what he found and challenges you to make your own decisions.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, though I’m sure there’s more. I hope this was helpful and gave you a few ideas! God bless! 😊

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Reading 'Jane Austen, the Secret Radical' at the mo, and it said that she felt the long delay in publishing her first book (which was possibly 'Northanger Abbey') made many references in the book obsolete. It makes me wonder what she'd think looking at everyone reading and enjoying and studying her novels 200 years later, when the references are even MORE obsolete. (I think it was supposed to be references to gothic novels everyone was reading when the book was written.)

It may really depend on the novel, and in particular with Northanger Abbey having a LOT of meta-commentary on Novels there are probably a lot more timely Easter-egg-type inside-jokes or references in that text, than in her later works. I mean, I think of old comedy fanfics I wrote years back that were absolutely riddled with countless meme references and nods/winks/hat-tips to things that were popular at the time. I’m not saying they’re Austen by any means, but my point is they have not aged well, in any respect. I can see how a years-long publishing delay for Northanger Abbey could have caused an issue like that.

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Hey, I was wondering if you'd read any classic Russian books in Russian, how you think they compare to English translations (if you've read any), and if you know what level you sort of need to be to be able to start reading classic Russian books? Sorry for all the questions

Hmmm. I wish I had read more books to give you a better answer, but I’ll try to answer. 

I’ve mostly read classic Russian short stories by Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol,& Nabokov. For books, I’ve mostly stuck with modern writers since they interest me. For classic books, the ones I am still in the process of reading in Russian are Anna Karenina, Eugene Onegin and Master & Margarita. I’m a lame person that definitely prefers the original, as that is a reason why I started to learn Russian. 

Right now, my opinion is that Gogol is the easiest writer to understand when you’re still at a B1-B2 level. Once you are at a high intermediate level, I feel that you can read books as you have covered participles. Maybe not War & Peace, but with the aid of a dictionary you can get by other books. I expanded my vocab initially by reading a bunch of short stories. I definitely recommend starting with a modern writer such as Victor Pelevin first because his language is easier to understand than those of the 19th century. However, feel free to read a classic first. Eugene Onegin is not easy for me to read, mostly because it is a novel in verse and I have to slowly go through it. Nabokov’s works in Russian were also difficult to read because of his very specific vocabulary.

I’d suggest reading Chekhov first, such as Дама с собачкой or this Dual Language reader to get a feel of which author’s you’d like to read.

Do my followers that have read the classics in both languages have any suggestions/advice?

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Do you have any favorite lgbt poets (maybe with books with lgbt poetry that I can buy)? :D

YES! What a wonderful question! 

I wish I could think of more! If anyone has any more suggestions, please let me know, because I am for sure forgetting people.

EDIT: Also, Google Angel Nafis and Shira Erlichman! I’d link but I’m so tired rn, but they are both absolute stars.