books are my entire life

my entire life as a writer
  • Me: *spends 8 hours inventing wild types of dragons, re-writing the rules of death, and naming ancient curses*
  • Also me: *spends 8 hours researching the entrance to a clock tower in Mumbai as it stood in 1917 and how one could conceivably sneak into it just in case one person reads the singular scene featuring it some day and says "wait a minute, that staircase that probably only engineering officials have ever entered has 16 steps, not 17!!", sweats nervously, checks 18 sources, maybe cries*

Found the book i have been looking for my entire life…
It is all about rocks, birds, plants, gem-stones, butterflies , stars and everything Nature related and it has cute little illustrations all over it!
I personally think it was made just for me!🌿🐚
Have a nice day!✨
Edit: all info about the book is on my latest post!💕


Thirteen million volumes? I’ve read like, what, three hundred books in my entire life and I’m already sixteen? Do you know how long it would take me to read thirteen million books? But honey, you don’t have to read every one of them. “Tuesday’s with Morrie?” Skip that. “Who Moved My Cheese?” Just stuff you already know.

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when i was a kiddo i would go everyday to my village's library and when i was about 8 the librarian upgraded me to books for 10+ never been prouder of anything in my entire life!

Nice! And, firstly, I love that you had a village library. I was missing that sort of relationship with my town’s library because we kept renovating it and the librarian kept changing!

When I was…ten? Eleven? I had a similar experience with the books my elementary school let us read! We had them rated based on grade level (8.3 was a book that an eighth grader should be able to read by the third month of school) and I maxed out the system!

Fat girls have fucking nothing.

I’ve been reading for, it feels like, as long as I have had sentience and consciousness, and it has taken me my entire life to meet someone in a book who looked like me and felt the same way I do and has struggled with some of the things I have struggled with, and is still loved.

Fat girls have nothing, and fat girls are told they are worth nothing. Fat girls have Aunt Marge Dursley, and Jane Umbridge, and eating disorders to beat and people to prove wrong by losing a lot of weight and letting out Their True Self, aka the Thin Girl Within. The Thin Girl Within is worthy; she is radiant and triumphant and beloved. She cannot be all those things and also be fat; at least, not in the young adult fiction I had at my perusal when I really, really needed someone to tell me it was possible to be radiant, and triumphant, and fat.


How Finding a Fat YA Heroine Changed My Life

my latest on buzzfeed is a love letter to rainbowrowell and Eleanor and Park, and also a love/hate letter to Harry Potter, and I hope you will read it and tell me what you think. muah!

“What am I to you?” she asks,

“Well,” he begins, “You are the sun of my day. You are the moon of my night. You are my favorite morning coffee. You are my favorite book before bed. You are the songs I listen to each day. You are my favorite chapter of my life or better yet, my entire book of my life. You are the whole ocean. You are my summer and winter, both at the same time. You are my south, my north, my east and my west.”

“You are,” he pauses for a moment,

“My everything.”

—  L.W. // Forgotten Words #10 // 1 March 2015

Oh, by the way, I did go to confession and I can receive again! Thanks for praying, everybody! <3