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Grigg might just be a little bit in love with Sunglasses Mark.

He’s gone to Lecter Coffee for only two weeks now but Sunglasses Mark is always there, writing in his notebook and sipping coffee while holding a spoon between his fingers playing with it.

Grigg has always found sunglasses attractive but Sunglasses Mark makes them a whole other level.

Week two melts into week three, Grigg coming in on a Saturday afternoon and for a moment not seeing Mark among the customers. His hopes are brought up when The barista calls out, “Mark!” loudly enough that Grigg sees the man in question lingering against the counter.

’T-shirts were invented so Mark could wear them,’ he thinks, just as a shot rings out and someone yells.

“On the ground! On the ground! Give me the cash!”

Everyone gets on the ground, though Grigg sees Mark set down his coffee and slowly lay among the others. He then starts to almost expertly slither close to the robber who is screaming at the poor barista.

What happens next takes all of a minute and Grigg memorizes every detail.

Mark grabs the man’s ankle and he drops the gun before it falls, losing his sunglasses, smacking the robber’s head into the floor and hitting his neck so quick that he passes out.

“Wow,” Grigg whispers just before the applause, surprised to catch Sunglasses Mark’s eye.

His beautiful brown eyes.

It’s official.

Grigg is in love with Sunglasses Mark, who just might be a superhero or a secret agent. He’s not sure.

But he’s going to find out.

Sana and the locker imagery

In  the ‘Snakket ikke om han’ clip, I love the re-use of the imagery of the locker. It was used in Isak’s season to signify him coming out and the secret he’d been keeping of his sexuality. 

Sana opens the locker (here to mean a secret), Even walks up nd it’s still open. Sana was putting away books before he arrived (putting away secrets, keeping them hidden), but when Even arrived she started taking out books (signifying that their secret about Even;s past is going to come out), Then Isak arrives and the locker is still open (showing that he will also find out the secret), then they both leave and Sana shuts the locker trying to hide the secret again, but it’s already been opened and the imagery has already signified that they will all know the secret and it’s too late to hide it again

[Image: tweet by Titanium Cranium (@FelicityTC) including three screenshots of a Harry potter book in three different formats on Amazon. Text:

“Harry Potter on Amazon -

Print: $6.39
Audio: $44.99
Braille: $100.00


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So over on 4chan someone posted a page from the FCBD issue where Hydra Cap is shown worthy of lifting Mjolnir. They are really doubling down.


Cap was supposed to be worthy not because of what he could do or the strength of his convictions, but specifically because of what he stood for and what he believed in. If he’s worthy while standing for Hydra, the ability to lift Mjolnir in the 616 means fucking nothing.

A Secret Witches Guide to Concealing your craft

Make sure practicing witchcraft in your home does not put you in any imminent danger! 

Drink tea - A mundane thing, make it a daily thing in order to make people less suspicious. Say short incantations while stirring in your honey. 

Keep a small plain notebook to use as your grimoire - Use this to write all your witchy ideas in. 

Find a well concealed hiding place to put all of your witchy stuff - Put anything that you want to keep concealed in here. 

Create a portable altar - One easy enough to take down and hide quickly. Draw an altar in your grimoire for a simple portable altar.

Meditate - Sit somewhere you won’t be disturbed and meditate. You don’t need any special supplies to meditate therefore, it is easy to hide.

Paint your nails to match your intent  

Glamour your Clothes

Braid your hair while say an incantation

Trace sigils around your room - Use your fingers so they remain discreet and charge them with intent.

Glamour a piece of jewelry to wear daily

Keep plants and candles in your room - No one will draw conclusions if these are in your room.

Decorate a shoe box to dedicate to your practice - Put any witchy things you want if you are unable to find a place to hide your stuff. 

Use knot magick when tying your shoes

Cleanse your room and home using intentions

Water your plants with growth spells - Speak to them while doing this in order to help them grow.

Do your casting in a discreet location outside - this way no one can interrupt you when you are in the middle of a ritual.

Use color magick when picking out what you want to wear

Use scented candles - Although lots of candles may raise suspicion, if they are scented they won’t draw much attention.  

Write sigils in lotion - Cover your body in lotion sigils, in a couple minutes they will fade away and not be visible.

Stir counter clockwise - In your baking or your tea to banish negative energy.

Use playing cards instead of tarot cards

Go for hikes - A way to be with nature and not raise any suspicion.

Clean your room - This is the equivalence of cleansing your room.

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

i wish there were some famous ya books like the raven cycle, the foxhole court, ari and dante, the song of achilles, pjo, the mortal instruments, i’ll give you the sun but with f/f for instance………. it gets so tiring, like i love the rep but it’s exhausting that there’s literally no f/f rep in popular ya lit