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Choices Universe Explanation

Wait the heck a minute.

Most Wanted Book One is set in 2016. In Chapter 4 if you bring Reza along, and you chose to “check out the internet cafe”, he said “Its 2016”.

Let me start over. Here’s my theories. And hella long so brace yourselves.

- The Freshman Book One is set in Fall of 2016. The events of this series happens before RoE but the same timeline as Most Wanted. The same time MC is struggling with college stuff and also at the same time in Los Angeles, Sam and Dave are working on the John Tull case. (I mean the real-life case)

- So Most Wanted is some sort of a tv series based on a real life case if we look back at Kaitlyn’s Perfect Date (the arcade scene) & Amara wearing a Most Wanted shirt. Kaitlyn’s Perfect Date is some sort of an interlude like what happened in Surviving High School and Cause of Death. Yes, interludes. Kaitlyn’s Perfect Date happens AFTER The Freshman Book One but BEFORE TFB2 if you chose Kaitlyn as your love interest in Book Two of The Freshman in Chapter 1.

- RoE and The Freshman Book Two (two theories.)

  • The Freshman Book Two happens after the events of Snowed In (The Freshman side story). So in this story, we see Madison and Tripp meeting each other but then again in RoE, they’re on a cruise ship together, listening to Hayley Rose. We all know Hayley is presumely dead towards the end of Book One of Most Wanted. Alyssa Griffin appeared in The Freshman Book Two too on February 5th (2017???). So if Alyssa’s the new Hayley Rose, then Hayley’s dead when she was in custody (inrl and the series because the series is based on the real-life event). As for Alyssa in Most Wanted, her portrayal in the series would be herself, along with Ryan Summers (Zack said this in Snowed In). Its possible that Dave and Sam covered up Hayley Rose’s death and no one knew about it except the Law Enforcement themselves. That’s the reason why probably there are still some people playing a dead singer’s song. Or the news of the singer’s death had been told. Its like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. These singers are dead right but there are people STILL listens to their songs. This could happen the same for Hayley Rose and her fan base. The singer’s dead, people still plays her songs.
  • Another theory about Madison, Tripp and Hayley Rose is RoE happens BEFORE the events of TFB1 and MWB1. In the premium scene of Chapter 4 of RoE, we see Madison and Tripp are on a cruise together. We thought they already knew each other when they were in a cruise together but what if the cruise trip is actually Madison and Tripp met each other for the first time and became friends when they started dancing to Hayley Rose. Then in TFB2, Tripp suddenly has a crush on her and has to compete with Logan to win over Madison’s heart. Hayley Rose isn’t dead yet when RoE was set in Summer and before the events of TFB1 and MWB1. (this possibly means that RoE is set in the Summer of 2016)

- Endless Summer. There’s also a mention of Hayley Rose. From the title we know the story is set in Summer, the same setting of RoE. This could mean Endless Summer and RoE are in the same timeline.

- The Haunting of Braidwood Manor. We see the MC (Ima just use my headcanon name so mine’s Charlotte) is a student at Hartfeld University, the main setting of The Freshman. The setting of THOBM might be the same as The Freshman Book Two because its Winter and also they belong to the same universe.

- The Freshman Book Three is set in Spring of 2017. This time we see Amara wearing a Most Wanted shirt. So I’m guessing the Most Wanted series is a franchise in The Freshman universe based on the real-life events. It’s like TCaTF which is also a franchise that has been numerous mentions of the tv series and such and there are fans of the franchise. (Edgar, Tyler, Abbie, Reza…). But for Reza Fassihi, he’s a moderator on TCaTF Official Forums so it’s real life. Most Wanted Book One is actually we, the players, witness the real life events of the John Tull case.

- Dave’s dog [insert dog name but mine’s Tommy], has appeared in Most Wanted, RoE and #LoveHacks. There has been a few theories:

  • Claire Pierce owned the dog before she abandoned it and Dave adopted it. (this is for the theory that RoE happens BEFORE TFB1 and MWB1) but not the same dog in #LoveHacks.
  • The dog of the same breed. It’s not necessarily Dave’s dog. This is quite logical.

- Now for #LoveHacks, Nikhil Mantha, LAPD forensic specialist in Most Wanted and Yasmin from The Freshman appeared in Chapter 3, when we play as Cole. When Cole goes to talk to Nikhil, he said that he’s “married to his job”. But why is he in San Francisco if he’s married to his job? There’s a possibility that Most Wanted Book 2, the investigation continues on to San Francisco. What about the timeline and the connection? #LoveHacks is set AFTER Most Wanted Book One. Then we also see Yasmin in the story. It’s a possibility that she never meets the MC, James and Vasquez yet until The Freshman Book Two. So, I think #LoveHacks is set between the events of MWB1 and TFB2.

-To summarize this:

/ means same timeline.

- means what comes next, different timeline.

RoE / Endless Summer - The Freshman Book One / Most Wanted Book One - #LoveHacks - The Freshman Premium Stories - Snowed In - The Freshman Book Two / The Haunting of Braidwood Manor - The Freshman Book Three

With The Crown & The Flame as everyone’s favourite franchise. Meanwhile, the events of Most Wanted we play is the real-life event itself, which became a franchise too. 

Hayley Rose, Alyssa Griffin and Ryan Summers are the A-Listers in the Choices universe.

- Also, the Choices universe is connected to High School Story and Hollywood U. Also connected to Surviving High School and Cause of Death (that explains Wes, Autumn, Kimi and Owen in HSS, originally from SHS and the CoD references in Most Wanted). The Choices quest in High School Story and Hollywood U which it was seen as a mobile game, it’s actually Pixelberry’s advertising a new mobile game creation by them. It doesn’t affect the storyline.

- Conclusion, the Pixelberry universe is a very complicated universe but a very fun universe. 

- The Pixelberry universe contains supernatural/paranormal elements. 

Jeff Guinn’s biography, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson is now out in paperback. Guinn’s book has new information about Manson’s upbringing and how Manson came to San Francisco in 1967, after serving time in prison, and used what he learned from pimps, the Bible, Scientology and ‘60s counterculture to attract followers — mostly young women — and teach them to follow and fear him.

In the interview Guinn explains his method of writing history: 

“What I do in all of my nonfiction books is I try to pick an era in American history that I want to write about. Once I pick that era, then I try to find some iconic individual or event. The theme, the theory behind all my books, is that history doesn’t happen in a vacuum. So I look for interesting times in our nation’s history, when all of the different threads of things would come together to make one moment possible, be it a wonderful moment, be it something horrific like the Tate … murders. But really, the purpose of the book is to, through Charlie Manson, show the context of the 1960s.”

Charles Manson Photo: Michael Ochs Archives

anonymous asked:

What books did you get from barnes and noble today? <3

Goodness, okay, but I picked up quite a few things. :-)

  1. “Twisted” by Emma Chase
  2. “Telling Tales” by Charlotte Stein
  3. “Deeper” by Robin York
  4. “Lover Unbound” by J.R. Ward
  5. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey 
  6. “The Emotion Code” by Bradley Nelson 
  7. “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz 
  8. “Second Chance Boyfriend” by Monica Murphy 
  9. “Blush” by Lauren Jameson 
  10. “Down London Road” by Samantha Young 
  11. “The Vision” by Heather Graham 
  12. “Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover 
  13. “Nash” by Jay Crownover 
  14. “Searching for Perfect” by Jennifer Probst 
  15. “Hunted” by Karen Robards 
  16. “The Girl You Left Behind” by Jojo Moyes
  17. “Letting Go” by Maya Banks 
  18. “Rush” by Maya Banks 
  19. “Motorcycle Man” by Kristen Ashley 
  20. “Edge of Dawn” by Lara Adrian 

(not a book BUT REALLY COOL: “642 Things to Write About Journal” by San Francisco Writers Grotto) 

Please don’t consider any of these book recommendations, because I haven’t read any of them as of tonight and I’m still a little nervous about a few because I bought them on a whim. But here are just some things if you want to check them out yourself. I will be sure to let you guys know which ones I liked and didn’t like as soon as I start reading. X