books 2 thrift


Books 2 Thrift

If there is one thing we are constantly thrifting too much of, its gotta be books. I would bet that the only thing we actually own more of than second-hand books is probably just second-hand clothes. Crazy, I know… 

But a year or two ago we thrifted a book that turned out to be a double whammy for us. Not only was it used, but it was useful. The book, Miller’s Collectibles Price Guide, is a great resource for all kinds of antique and vintage finds. The book provides tons of need to know information on anything and everything collectible. Included are specific details including worth, price range, designers, years produced, and a brief history behind each item. It also happens to be an amazing visual reference guide as well, helping you to hone your skills on what exactly to look for. Whether you’re starting to build a collection of your own or picking for re-sale purposes this book is a good primer on all things picked, passed along, and prized.

Here goes a link to Amazon where you can still get it in great condition.