HARLEY QUINN fangirl starter pack:

  • flavored lip gloss
  • cartoons
  • loose bullets rolling around the bottom of your purse
  • bubble gum
  • anything that smells like bubble gum
  • a psychology textbook; you do not have to read the entire book
  • red and black fingernail polish
  • carnival ticket stubs that are sticky from cotton candy
  • more cartoons
  • a romance novel; for maximum affect, daydream about yourself as the main character while reading 
  • a teddy bear backpack 
  • sugary breakfast cereal with a children’s character on the box 
  • mascara 
  • doggy chew toys
  • why are you reading this and not watching cartoons

(requested by @aharleyquinnade)


Listen up, y’all.

@lifeinahole27​ and I are in the middle of a very, very miserable grading fest.


It’s slow going, and it’s going to take hours. We need your help. How can you help?

Please write us kinky, smutty ficlets.

Predominantly Captain Swan preferred, but here are some other pairings or trios we would be open to seeing some smut for:

French Captain Swan
Captain Book
Red Swan
Red Captain Swan
Irish Swan Trio
Captain Swan Queen
Captain Frozen Swan
Frozen Swan

Feel free to use existing Kinky Prompts as a jumping off point.

Please tag us both and SAVE US PLEASE.

Sixpenceee Dare #2: Red Book

Red Book is a paranormal game from Mexico where you use a book to contact a spirit that will answer questions about the future. 

Warning: Be very careful when lighting candles and handling matches. Working with fire can lead to injury and can potentially be fatal. If you are under the age of 16 we advise you to have an adult around. Proceed with caution.

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Farewell, Steve

I’ve only looked at the ‘HSPN’ tag in Tumblr twice ever, both times by accident; I guess it’s a combination of only having enough time to post and also it literally never occurring to me that anyone else used the tag. But the last time I glanced at it, I was surprised that not only had other blogs actually used it, but also that it was used exclusively to discuss Steve Holland. If the thing we’re best known for is our love of Steve Holland, that’s not bad.

The irony of this is, of course, that Steve himself would probably be mortified that anyone was paying attention to him, let alone documenting his every move and giving him a pictorial farewell tour. (To quote one of our best posts about him, ‘Even I don’t get this one, and I’m Steve Holland.’) At the recent trophy celebration, he seemed baffled that anyone would want him to make a speech. But he was–and is–just as much a part of our narrative as anyone there, perhaps even more so, given his longevity as a member of the backroom staff and across the club. His service deserves to be recognized and celebrated, even if it’s only by a blog about hair jokes.

So thanks for everything you did for Chelsea, Steve, the greatest man in recorded and unrecorded history.

Some Steve Holland highlights:


Red Dwarf Books

  • Red Dwarf Survival Manual
  • Red Dwarf log no. 1996
  • The Official Red Dwarf Companion
  • primordial Soup - Script Book
  • Son of Soup - Script Book
  • The Making of Red Dwarf
  • Red Dwarf Quiz Book
  • Red Dwarf a Question of Smeg Quiz Book
  • Scenes from the dwarf - Script Book
  • Red Dwarf programme Guide
  • Red Dwarf VIII - Script Book