For All Your Uni Textbook Needs

Hey guys if you’re struggling buying books this semester there’s a great website you can use:

It’s called and they’re having Free Shipping Until January 19th. 

Textbooks are expensive as heck and I’m renting these books for soo cheap. 

I friggin heard about this website through an Instagram post and lemme tell you, it’s fantastic. 

Also, if you google “ coupons” there’s promo codes to get $10 off or 5% off and things of that nature. 

Good luck this semester! 

To anyone who purchases/rents textbooks and actually cares about where their money is going as well as protecting their credit card information:

DO NOT USE! Since they don’t allow people to post actual feedback on their site, possibly because they know that their customers don’t have the nicest things to say about them, I figured I should at least warn anyone I have access to by whatever means possible. They will charge you for payments that you DID NOT authorize. If you call customer service, pray to the good Lord that you get someone nice, because that’s hard to come by. Don’t even attempt to cancel an order, because they will tell you that they have no means to do so. They will tell you that they can’t remove your credit card information from their site, nor delete your account, even if there are no pending/processing orders. If you go to their website, their “About Us” section is a joke. They have had 31 processed complaints with the Better Business Bureau within the past 12 months. Compared to the 11 processed for a much bigger company like, that’s a pretty big concern. I’m honestly shocked that there haven’t been more judging by the experience that my sister and I have had today. I hate to whine and complain on social networking sites, but I feel like people should be warned and shouldn’t be taken advantage of.

My sister placed 3 textbooks in her cart. While beginning the checkout process, the site informed her that one of the books was no longer available, so it was removed from the cart. She authorized a payment of $49.50 for the other 2 books, then immediately got a text from her bank stating that $119.58 had been taken from her account. Turns out this shady site charged her for 2 copies of the 2 books she agreed to purchase, then also charged her for the 3rd book that was “unavailable.” Upon contacting customer service, she was told that they wouldn’t cancel her order, nor could she delete her account even after this bogus transaction was completed. She has contacted her bank and they have blocked from getting any money from her, so we aren’t really concerned about things on our end at this point. But I want people to know that this site is not to be trusted.

Thanks to renting college books I am now broke as hell although I really shouldnt be complaining, my mom showed me these websites that instead of buying textbooks for hundreds of dollars I probably saved a lot by renting all four books for $170 which is WAY cheaper than actually buying them, especially since I’m not going to need some of them when I graduate


This website can save you a lot of money!

It’s exactly what it says. You rent the books instead of buying them and save money. Pandora just gave me an ad for this site and I urge you to check it out. gyfhbrhgjdfhjdhfjhfjhfjehje thank you Pandora!!!!

why NO ONE should EVER buy/rent a textbook from

I ordered my biology textbook from The version I ordered stated twice in the title that it would come with the supplemental material (an access code for a website that has practice quizzes and textbooks and is mandatory for my biology class because quizzes we take there are part of our grade. the access code can also be purchased through the publisher for $66.). When I received the book, I expected to get an unused access code (knowing that there’s a possibility of receiving an access code that had already been used). When the book didn’t come with any access code at all, I called BookRenter and spent over 20 minutes on the phone with them explaining why I was upset that my book didn’t come with the supplement I expected it to (again, considering it stated in the title twice it would come with the supplement). Finally, the lady on the phone said that a replacement book would be sent to me and that it was customary for the replacement books to come with an unused access code. I told her that I needed the book as soon as possible because my first assignment was due by September 3rd and she said that it would be sent with expedited shipping, to arrive on Friday, August 30th. That Friday, I went to my mailbox, and there was no textbook. I figured maybe it got delayed a day, so I waited until Saturday and checked for the book again. Nothing. I went to my online bank account to see if they had charged me for anything, but I had been refunded the full price of the book, which I wasn’t expecting because I asked for an exchange, not a refund. I called that night and there was no answer (I’m assuming they were closed for the weekend/holiday). Yesterday, September 2nd, I had no choice but to go to the publishers website and purchase the access code for $66 (besides getting a zero for my very first college assignment, which doesn’t look too good). I called again today, and after spending 30 minutes on the phone with an extremely condescending man that had no interest in understanding the situation, it turns out that my order for the textbook had been cancelled and I was never notified. He basically said it was my fault that I didn’t get the access code I expected to receive and told me that I should be grateful for the refund. The part he refused to understand is that I have no problem with paying the price of the book.I just want the book I ordered. Plain and simple. 

Even though BookRenter had really good prices, it is most definitely not worth it to buy/rent a textbook from them. Should you have a problem with your textbook, you’re on your own. Both times, the customer services representatives were rude and looked for any way to get out of the conversation without actually solving the problem. And in the end, I had to pay $66 because of a mistake on their part. BookRenter sucks.