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BOP BOP BOP BOP TO THE TOP! It’s a truly motivational song! Nothing wrong with returning to the fabulous soundtrack of my pre teen childhood😂💖 Lovin it! *now switches to P!ATD or Bon Jovi* 🎼
Here is also a little page I made in my Bullet journal do add a lil doodling into my BUJO☺️✏️ hope you use some too!

Here’s a couple of throwbacks from the 1970’s and 80’s that some of you may know.
On the left is ‘The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies’, by Nathan Elkana and Published in 1982 by Finbarr Books.
On the right is ‘The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals’, by Frater Malak. Published by Parker Books in 1976.
These were certainly products of their time so don’t let the cheesy covers distract you on how good these can be, even now people swear by them and are still widely used today with much success.
The Master Grimoire on the left was written by Nathan Elkana, a pen-name for a guy called Basil La Croix, aka Basil Crouch who was a high Priest from a traditional coven in the south of England from the 1940’s through to the 90’s. The books magic is for everyday use covering everything from health, love, money, astral travel, protection, talismans, dealing with enemies etc… the techniques used are ancient Cabalistc and Graeco-Egyptian which are amongst the most powerful. There were only two editions of this book published, the one above from 1982 and another in 96, both are quite rare.
The next book being The Mystic Grimoire on the right is another classic from the 70’s by a guy called Frater Malak who was the head of a coven in the US. The coven spent years testing thousands of rites and ceremonies, documenting their results and eventually putting the most powerful ones in this book. If you go online to the Studio Arcanis forum you will find many people still using this fascinating grimoire. Again like The Master Grimoire it covers everything from health, love, money, curses, etc… The book above is the only edition of this text published. If your interested in any of these two books then the best place to find them is on Amazon.com

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Book Review: The Critic by Peter May is a book written in 2007 but it hasn’t been published in the Czech Republic until this year. Actually, it’s the second book by a Scottish author Peter May that I’ve read so far and I must say that his name is a new item on the list of my favourite novelists. The Critic is the second part of The Enzo Files – a series of detective novels with their main character Enzo Macleod. He is investigating the murder of an American wine critic. The plot will surprise you. Frankly, I loved reading the book as much as to begin drinking good wine. Thank you @martinus_cz for a lesson in wine degustation.

I have no time lately to take any proper pictures or to read basically so here’s one I took two weeks ago. How’s your week going? ✨💕
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[ Saturday May 21st - 06:20 am ] Yawn. Yawnyawnyawn. Yawnyawnyawnyawnyawn. Yawn? 😴

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