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New Year, New Rules. From now on, the judgement of winners will not be based on who has more members (which did not work at all); instead people who are in the Hero vs Villains family submit posts to me via tags. This is really easy.

1. Remember who you picked as your character.

2. If and when you see a post with your character or the work that your character is in (and only your character’s, no others) on your dash and you want to reblog it; or if you make something yourself, tag it with either bookphile’s heroes or bookphile’s villains and the current month, depending on which side your character is on.

3. Which ever side submits more posts into the tag, wins!!! At the end of the month, I will reblog the submissions (one per user to avoid spam though submit as many as you want) and then post the list of the winners as I did before.

Also, if you recently changed your user name please tell me. Because I don’t know and I will delete names with dead links and give them to other people.

I think this way it will be more fun and more interactive.

To join Bookphile’s family of Heroes vs Villains:

1. Pick a character that’s not already been chosen, check here.

2. Send an Ask saying: Character’s Name, Work, Author’s name, Side (hero or villain). People who do not follow this format will be ignored because I do not have time to look everything up.

2.1 You can be a double agent if you character walks the grey area or can be both. But the thing if you have to convince me and I will reject you if I don’t agree or if I think your argument is weak. Also, in that case, you can submit to both tags.

2.2 You can only switch sides on the last day of the month or the day I announce the winners. No switching sides allowed otherwise.

3. When you see a post relating to your character, reblog it, or if you make a post, tag it with either bookphile’s heroes or bookphile’s villains.

4. At the end of the month, the side with more submitted posts wins and I will spend the day reblogging the submissions.

5. What the hell is the point? Fun. You don’t have to do this and I’m not making you. It’s my book family, just a little more interactive than most. Also, when I post a list of people who joined, I want people to see and hopefully click and find blogs who enjoy same books and love the same characters and this way find new friends. Also, currently, everyone in the family gets 3 extra entries in the giveaway.

anonymous asked:

what happened to the heroes vs villains thing? :)

It crashed and burned, and I was too dissapointed to bring it up again.

I mean, I thought the new rules would make it more interesting and people (over a 100 people on the list) wouldn’t mind just tagging a post or two.  But I got one submission. One.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I gotta rethink the whole concept. Until then, it’s just another book family.