Man…some of these SJWs douches (ha) really need to learn the meaning of satire. Taking something, sometimes a stereotype, and cranking it to the extreme until it becomes comedy.

Like calling Sausage Party racist? Really????

The mexican foods had accents oh nooooooo. The Mexican aisle looks like mexico boooooo. Salma Hayek voices a taco waaaahhhh

Theres a jewish and Iranian character booko i mean ya they fight each other as a parody of the real conflict between them but nooooooooo im triggered

Theres a bottle of whiskey named firewater and he is native american boooo i dont care that his only stereotype is speech patters or that he is portrayed as a wise character.

Just shut the fuck up and look at the message the film delivers. The idea that people blindly follow religions without questioning things. That it leads to conflict because people take the original idea and twist it to fit their agenda. That people will follow their entire lives following strict rules of their religion used to control them

You are all being douches. Literally you are all the villain of the movie

The best part? Im a fucking activist!!!