The Night Circus

The bonfire ignites in an eruption of yellow flame.

Then the second chime follows, the second archer sends his arrow into the yellow flames, and they become a clear sky-blue.

A third chime with a third arrow, and the flames are a warm bright pink.

Flames the color of a ripe pumpkin follow the fourth arrow.

A fifth, and the flames are scarlet-red.

A sixth brings a deeper, sparkling crimson.

Seven, and the fire is soaked in a color like an incandescent wine.

Eight, and the flames are shimmering violet.

Nine, and violet shifts to indigo.

A tenth chime, a tenth arrow, and the bonfire turns deepest midnight blue.

On the penultimate chime, the dancing flames change from blue to black, and for that moment, it is difficult to discern the fire from its cauldron.

And on the final strike, the dark flames are replaced with a blinding white, a shower of sparks falling like snowflakes around it. Huge curls of dense white smoke swirl up into the night sky.

The colors of the seven Harry Potter books

My first attempt at visualizing the colors in a book. 23 different colors were searched for in the text and each match was drawn as a line, reading from top to bottom, for the 7 books.

I will start adding visualizations of other books, and will try to add improvements to this method.


The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Take 3)

Here are the colors mentioned in the book, this time they are sorted separately for each chapter. 

And another color quote from the book:

We climbed a wooden stile, hand in hand, and reached another field, planted with what looked like small reeds or furry snakes, black and white and brown and orange and grey and striped, all of them waving gently, curling and uncurling in the sun.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Take 2)

This time I tried sorting all the colors found in the book instead of plotting them by where they were found in the text.

The colors that jump out to me are the grey and pink of Ursula Monkton, and the orange of the sky.

Future goal - try sorting each chapter separately - what would that look like?

And here’s another color quote from the book:

He gave my sister and me an opal each, a rough black rock with green-blue-red fire in it.