Recently I was contacted by Welcome to Night Vale because I was selling cross stitch patterns for my WTNV bookmarks online. I’ve since had to take them down.

I guess if anyone wants to cross stitch this pattern, here it is! It’s one of my favorite patterns I’ve created so I’m hoping you can all enjoy it too. Check out my etsy for some other fun patterns!  


I made a thing!
I finally got around to cross stitching this little bookmark. Five hours later, it melted under the iron (curses, not 100% cotton floss!), so these are the only pictures I have. Sob! 
In any case, i thought that they were appropriate, seeing as how we’re now only days away from the new season. Anybody excited?


It’s International Book Giving Day this Sunday, 14th February!

Decided to take part this year as I’ve got a good amount of books that deserve to go to a better home that will give them the attention they need. 

If you’d like to take part, clickity click on this for more details! There are bookplates and bookmarks available for download to print on the site as well, to slot them into the books you’re giving.

I couldn’t help scribbling a bookmark for the occasion and you’re more than welcome to download and print it!