Remember this one unfinished drawing where Lavi has a tattooed right arm and covers his right eye? I always wondered why the tattoo is shaped like a couple of eyes and it got me thinking: 

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but what if it’s not? I mean it’s just a tattoo but then again, Allen’s arm looks like it’s just tattooed as well.

After all Lucia said that Bookman doesn’t have a successor anymore so who knows what Fiidora did to Lavi.

Top 5 Hardest things to explain in D.Gray-Man

5. The second exorcist project

4.This fucker

3. Where’s Lavi

2. Millenium Earl

1. How Kanda has this L'oreal Paris hair when he wash it with soap

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So Bookman no longer has a successor and there are already so many theories about why that happened so I thought I might share my thoughts as well… What if Lavi can’t become a Bookman anymore because he lost his ability to memorise everything / his eidetic memory? 

After all it’s possible to suffer from memory loss and similar things after an intense shock or a violent experience. Because Sheril probably meddled with Lavis head. And now his long/short-term memories are all fucked up.