A writer’s desk is always cluttered with snippets of ideas, bits of broken words, scattered pieces of worlds we aren’t ready to use yet.
Keep reading. Read during your break at work, before bed, on the bus, in the waiting room. Read at the table, in the lunchroom.
Make time.
You won’t regret it.
It could be drugs,” I whisper to myself as I buy 37 new books with no shelf space and a tight budget. “At least it’s not drugs.
Don’t give up on reading. Some days you’re too busy, too tired, too distracted. Don’t worry. You’ll come back.

So ready for A Court of Wings and Ruin 😍

I mean, I just want to know what happens! Is that too much to ask? Lol 😂

Hanging with Rhysand for a bit today.

Bookstores and libraries are places of refuge, somewhere to go when the skies are dark and rain is beating on the windows.