bookish thought

That feeling when you’re reading a book and maybe it’s a love scene, or maybe it’s a character learning something about him or herself, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always thought but never knew anyone else thought or felt that way too, and your whole body grows warm and tingly and there are tears in your eyes… that. That’s why I read. To feel. To connect. To understand. To have my whole body warmed while I forget to breathe.

It's dangerous to read books

Beginning to read new book….more like forgetting your whole life….

I wonder what time it is…?
Shit, I forgot to eat!
I haven’t eaten all day!
Fuck, it’s late!
When was the last time I visited the loo?
Am I dead?
Do I have work tomorrow!?
Is it tomorrow already?
Oh fuck!

Some nights I would type “I miss you” on your chat window, but I would never really send it.
It’s not because I was strong enough to restrain myself.
It’s just that I was afraid you wouldn’t reply and my frail heart would collapse all over again.

Since the beginning of this year, I have started putting down a lot of books instead of pushing myself to finish them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the book you’re reading, I encourage you to put it down! I always forced myself into book slumps and it feels so good to feel like I’m reading for the enjoyment of it again! I always put so much pressure on myself and it’s good to be reminded that reading is my hobby, it’s something I love and it gives me joy. If I’m not enjoying something, I feel comfortable now realizing I don’t have to read it, and I can put it down and know that maybe I’ll pick it up one day when I’m more in the mood for it.