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There’s enough of a scandal with Danvers’s and Sawyer’s interHouse relationship.

Enough of a scandal around the Danvers sisters, being Sorted into Houses typically considered polar opposites.

It’s already started to cause a sea change in the Great Hall during breakfasts, on the Quidditch pitch during matches.

A Slytherin – the baddest and most talented of them all – fiercely protecting her Hufflepuff little sister.

A Slytherin – the most desired and the most aloof of them all – fiercely kissing her Hufflepuff girlfriend.

It’s more than enough of a scandal as it is.

It’s all about Alex. 

The scandal. The intrigue. The mystique.

Because everyone looks at Kara as the innocent Danvers sister, the one who is too kind, too sweet, too… well, Hufflepuff – to do anything but love her Slytherin big sister.

But then she falls for a Ravenclaw girl, and then the gossip really starts to fly.

Because Maggie starts making room for Lena at the Hufflepuff table, and Winn starts making room for Kara at the Ravenclaw table.

Because they start taking long walks around the Lake together, and the rumor is that they’ve started holding hands.

The rumor is that the older Danvers follows them around, wand out, to be on hand to hex anyone who so much as looks at them cross-eyed.

Not that she needs to. Lena is quick with a spell and almost as quick with her temper. Especially – only – when she’s protecting someone she loves.

And it’s becoming clear, quickly, that she loves Kara Danvers.

Because there’s no other explanation for the way her eyes light up while they’re studying together.

No other explanation for the way Kara blushes and adjusts her glasses and splutters whenever Lena comes within ten feet of giving her a compliment.

Which is all the time.

There’s no other explanation for the way Kara describes Amortentia as everything Lena smells like, and there’s no other explanation for Lena’s sudden knitting of a scarf that’s both blue and bronze, yellow and black, and her wearing it to every Quidditch match, to every Herbology lesson.

And there’s really no other explanation for the way that Alex Danvers teams up with that Olsen boy and Lane girl from Gryffindor to start protecting more than her little sister and her girlfriend.

Because suddenly Alex Danvers is protecting that spluttering, bookish, clumsy and charming Schott boy, who’s always with Lena Luthor when Lena Luthor isn’t with Kara Danvers.

And suddenly Alex Danvers is protecting Lena Luthor – though Lena doesn’t exactly need it – and that, as much as the longing glances between Kara and Lena, as much as the moments that the Great Hall erupts because Leslie Willis swears she just saw the little Danvers girl and that Luthor chick making out – that proves that they’re totally dating.

Half the Great Hall – including the professors – win a bet, and half the Great Hall loses one.

“The Danvers girls and their interHouse girlfriends, huh?” Professor M’orzz murmurs affectionately to the Headmaster.

Headmaster J’onzz just chuckles to himself, shaking his head with a soft smile on his face.

“It certainly seems that way.”

Show Recommendations

Since a lot of my favorite series are beginning to come back for Fall, I thought I’d give you a list of some of my favorites if you’re looking for something new.

The Good Place

Why you should watch it:  It’s absolutely hilarious, the premise is pretty original (trying not to give spoilers here), and my mom will watch anything with Kristen Bell.

The Librarians

Why you should watch it: Again, very witty, charming, bookish humor in this one.  Good for fantasy lovers and classic lit fans alike. 

People of Earth

Why you should watch it: Okay, so this one recently ended, but I watched a good chunk of it in just one day so boy, is it worth your time.  It’s funny, has hot guys, and you quickly become attached to many of the diverse characters this series has to offer.

Others you might have missed:

The Night Manager - Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston.  Need I say anything more?

Over the Garden Wall - The only cartoon on this list.  Perfect for October, and has Elijah Wood.