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I forgot to brag about some of the cool bookish things I got for my birthday a few weeks ago! The top one is a tote bag from my amazing mother-in-law (”When In Doubt, Go To the Library”), and the bottom one is a picture from online of the library “due date” socks I got from one of my bosses.

So happy! :D

6 Reasons Why Nico di Angelo Deserves All the Love the Fandom is Giving Him

UPDATED: Added 2 more illustrations.

Nico di Angelo. Pale as the dead, implacably angry (or so it seemed) and a total loner. I cannot really explain why, but even since Titan’s Curse, I’ve always had a soft spot for Nico. I always looked forward to seeing him appear in scenes. I wanted him to be one of the Seven*. I was thirsty for his story. And today is his birthday, so. Bring out all the party hats and confetti!

1. He is So Full of Wide-Eyed Enthusiasm. Or was.

Remember that googly-eyed Nico di Angelo circa Titan’s Curse?

“Nico di Angelo ran up to me with a big grin on his face."Percy, this is awesome!” His blue-feathered bronze helmet was falling in his eyes, and his breastplate was about six sizes too big. I wondered if there was any way I’d looked that ridiculous when I’d first arrived.“ - Percy Jackson, Titan’s Curse.

2. Because Best Brother Badge.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Bianca’s (her sister in both parents) death pushed him to cultivate his Hades-esque path. He made bad choices but it was all out of grief and pain. Then he tried everything to resurrect her. But spoiler: he didn’t succeed. And in Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series, he saw another sister, from the godly side, Hazel Levesque. This time, he was able to bring her back to life and had been an amazing brother to her since.

3. Because Badass.

He not only a convinced Hades to join the Second Titan War but also b shadow-travelled the Athena Parthenosyes that Athena Parthenosfrom Greece all the way to Camp Half-Blood. With Reyna and Coach Hedge. Not to mention a vicious giant and its mob on their trail. Not convinced? Continue.

4. He Found the Doors of Death.

He. Found. The. Freakin’. Doors. Of. Death. People.

5. And He Escaped Tartarus.

Alone. He escaped Tartarus alone. Seriously.

6. Because, Despite Everything, He’s a Friend.

Proof? Here:

"Jason saw the moment when Percy returned and told Nico that Bianca was dead. Nico had screamed and called him a liar. He’d felt betrayed, but still… when the skeleton warriors attacked, he couldn’t let them harm Percy. Nico had called on the earth to swallow them up, and then he’d run away—terrified of his own powers, and his own emotions.” - House of Hades.

“Thank you,” Percy said.Nico frowned. “What for?”“You promised to lead the others to the House of Hades,” Percy said. “You did it.”“Also,” Percy said, “you visited Bob …”He told Nico about their trip through Tartarus. He figured if anyone could understand, Nico could. “You convinced Bob that I could be trusted, even though I never visited him. I never gave him a second thought. You probably saved our lives by being nice to him.”“ - House of Hades.

There. Happy birthday Nico di Angelo! Hope you’re basking in the sun and music**. *Winks.*

More illustrations:

All these incredible illustrations are from the terrifically talented Viria, Minuiko, Mike and Burdge (click the images to know which is by whom).

*That is why I was so relieved to find out that he’s one of the pov characters in The Blood of Olympus.

**See what I did there?