The Time I Took On the Military (And Won)

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ok so it’s my sweet sixteen and i took two of my closest friends paintballing. We started off alone with just the three of us. Me and this girl formed a truce so we could take out her brother. He found a building with a roof to shoot from so i was criss crossing and sliding behind shelters.

Long story short with this guy i snuck up behind his building and shot him point blank in the ass while he was climbing a ladder.

Except now his sister is my enemy and a much larger threat.

I criss cross my way back narrowly avoiding being shot. I skid to a stop behind this bush with a really gappy fence and go GOOD ENOUGH BRING IT ON and poke my muzzle through. I cant particularly see but I remembered seeing her in a little chapel window. I aim that general direction and open fire. I immediately hear HIT. When she comes out i see where i hit her. Right between the eyes like I couldnt do that again if I tried. Ill take it.

We’re back at the base ops and these massive dudes come over like “yo wanna join us we need more players” and we’re like “oh ya bud the more the merrier” so we go over and everyone is freaking massive and there’s us three tiny lil teenagers. I over hear they’re a military team and just sigh because i know im dead this is just my luck

Apparently they wanted us so that they could simulate having civilian to protect, who were also armed. (They did a piss poor job of this seriously wtf)

So the game starts and im seperated from my friends. They’re on the opposite team.

Im sticking near the leader and just generally trying not to die. He’s giving me orders as softly and nicely as he can, thinking Im scared. I mean really who wouldnt be?

I wasnt. I was ready to kick butt. When I am silent, be afraid, im planning something.

Next thing i know he’s gone. Shot, running, hiding i dont know and i dont care i gotta move there are way too many heavily armed men in these woods for me to be comfortable

Im trekking through this woodsy area keeping as low as possible because the other team has a freaking sniper and im not dealing with that no thanks im just a tiny teenager leave me alone ok

Im doing my thing and trying to find people to shoot because everyone is mia when i see people ahead.

Not my people.

And they havent seen me yet. Im looking around looking for some decent cover or somewhere to take them by surprise and there is nothing. The entire area is just thistle bushes with massive thorns. And then my idea hits. A wicked, mischievous idea. I grin behind my mask and get ready to lay my trap.

I plop myself down right in the middle of these thistles and army crawl to the path their taking and just lay still.

These guys dont see me.

They’re not expecting someone to be in these bushes cause who is that dumb.

The one dudes boot is an inch from my hand and i spring up and yell SURPRISE before shooting him right in the chest and then the two behind him. Three down, way too many to go. I ran away cackling like a witch

Dont die dont die dont die

I head out again and meet up with some more of my group. They stick me at the back to keep me out of harms way. A valiant, if ineffective effort

Enter enemy attack.

We get split up into two groups to flank them and i end up alone again. I moving slowly, spinning in a slow circled because I am EFFED

I’m a tiny lil sixteen year old girl, all alone, with about 15 guns pointed at me. I was completely surrounded. My comrades who had fled to live and fight another day are now making haste towards me like WHO LEFT THE KID BEHIND HELP HER and im like

hell no i got this

I went absolutely ape shit on their asses.

Shots are flying around me like crazy and everyone is screaming. One of the enemies shouts FALL BACK WHAT THE FU–

I hear one if my partners like HOLY SHIT SHE’S ALIVE

I barrel over one of the attackers and side arm his gun away. I break out from the Circle of Doom and make a mad dash for cover.

I leap into the air and spin to fave them. Im not getting shot in the back I an a WARRIOR

I just start spraying with a battle cry to rattle the heavens

I smack back down to earth and land in a crouch

Every single one of the attackers were shot, usually multiple times, and i didnt get shot once. Frankly no clue how i managed but I am NOT questioning it. Luck or skill I dont care

Eventually it was down to two people. Me and the other teams captain.

He’s a big, scary dude. He had a custom gun that could pop off a frankly alarming amount of shots per second.

The odds arent exactly in my favour.

We find each other right in the middle with trenches and tiny little metal fences for cover. Im walking through like plz dont shoot me i am small be nice

The dude pops up from a trench and starts firing. No mercy here.

Fine then.

I duck behind a fence and it is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen.

I have barely enough room to crouch behind it because it’s so small. The other dude finds a nice big trench and big fence the lucky lil jerk.

So we’re poppin up like weasels trying to get a shot in. I cant hit him, he cant hit me. Up and down and up and down. My fence angles down ever so slightly so im tucked in as tightly as I could. My fence is rattling as shot after shot after shot hits. The shots stop, i poke my muzzle over the edge amd lay down some fire.

And the cycle repeats

I get tired of this little exchange so the next time he goes down i lay on some cover fire and sprint like hell for a near by trench like i am just bookin it thinking dont shoot me dont shoot me imma kill you

i slide in and pop up just as he rises to take a shot. Except im not where he thought id be.

I shot him right in the side of his bald lil head.

So i won. My team legit carried me on their shoulders back to base ops

And that’s the time I, a sixteen year old girl, beat a team of militarily trained behemoths

something else that nobody talks about: snapes first glance at harry and how it differs from the book

in the book, it says 

“it happened very suddenly. the hook-nosed teacher looked past quirrell’s turban straight into harry’s eyes - and a sharp, hot pain shot across the scar on harry’s forehead…..harder to shake off was the feeling harry had gotten from the teacher’s look - a feeling that he didn’t like harry at all.”

but in the movie, we get this exchange instead:

snape doesn’t look like he hates harry at all. in fact, it’s as if he’s realised something

a lot of alans performance, all the subtle movements and facial expressions, boiled down to what jk had told him before filming: that he was in love with lily. and i know we were supposed to be thrown off from his intentions in the books, but isn’t this somehow better? that we don’t get an exactly clear indication of snapes feelings for harry right off the bat, but rather a curious, almost unreadable, glance? 

ugh bless you alan rickman </3

gif credit to @severusnapers 

Recent #justracistthings in high-end fashion & beauty
  • In 2010, Jean-Paul Guerlain of Guerlain said he “worked like a n****r” to create a new scent
  • In 2016, Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill mocked an Arab man’s accent with her 30 something year old boyfriend in a taxi in Paris that was posted on Snapchat
  • In 2014, Zadig & Voltaire claimed that its boutique in a Parisian hotel will not be open to Chinese tourists
  • In 2013, Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Giampaolo Sgura wore blackface to an “African themed” party
  • In 2010, Swedish model Theres Alexandersson wrote on her blog that she was yelled by a  “n****r girl” on the subway
  • In 2015, Danish model Kirstin Kragh Liljegren posted racist remarks on Instagram and posted a meme on Facebook that stereotyped/mocked Black Americans
  • In 2010, Australian model Cassi Van Den Dungen posted a series of racist rants on Facebook that targeted East/Southeast Asians in France
  • In 2017, Gigi Hadid mocks the appearance of East/Southeast Asians
  • In 2016, Toni Garrn’s fondness for the n-word is exposed by Jourdan Dunn
  • In 2013, Sebastian Kim defends his use of a white model in blackface for an editorial titled “African Queen” for Numero France
  • In 2014, Dasha Zhukova poses for an online magazine in which she sits on a chair with a mannequin of a Black woman underneath dressed in bondage
  • In 2012, Karlie Kloss walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway in a  racially-insensitive Native American-themed outfit
  • In 2013, Chanel ignorantly showcased Native American headdresses for their pre-fall collection
  • In 2012, Dolce & Gabbana presented earrings that were reminiscent of Blackamoor statues which can be found in Italy, but more recognizably to non-Italians, Aunt Jemima dolls during their spring/summer show
  • In 2013, casting directors Barbara Nicoli and Leila Ananna made racist remarks when commenting about the bodies of Black and Asian models
  • In 2015, Valentino created a spring/summer collection that was inspired by “wild Africa”
  • In 2016, a non-Native American model appeared in red face done by makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench on the pages of CR Fashion Book
  • In 2011, John Galliano claimed that he “loved Hitler” and made a series of anti-Semitic remarks that was caught on video
  • In 2016, Marc Jacobs put non-Black models in dreadlocks for his spring/summer runway collection
  • In 2014, Alessandra Ambrosio posted a picture of herself in a Native American war bonnet at Coachella
  • In 2016, Dolce & Gabbana names a shoe the “slave sandal”
  • In 2014, Sephora deactivated the online accounts of users with “Chinese sounding” surnames
  • In 2015, Ondria Hardin uses the n-word on Instagram
  • In 2015, Sara Sampaio posts a video of herself singing along to the n-word
Chaos and the Calm

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N (Reader), Officer Jacobs (OMC), Officer Wheaton (OMC), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Garth Fitzgerald, John Winchester, Thomas Y/L/N (OMC), Dominique Sandgren (OFC).

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: AU, Language, Angst, slow build up (more warnings would be included in future chapters)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle aka my beauty, Nichelle’s Angst Challenge! I got the prompt: “She was an angel craving chaos, he was a demon seeking peace.” I really hope you guys like it and stick around for the ride!

**Also, huge thank you to @neversatisfiedgirl for reading over this and giving me the confidence to post it like this.** -This will be a series-

Chapter One: The Calm and The Storm

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#136: “Give me back my phone.” -Pete Dunne.

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Warnings: Slightly ANGST. Some swearing. 

A/N: I’m off my game today. It took me all day to write this. I hope it’s okay. 

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Spending the summer with Hermione Granger would Include

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  • You would definitively have a Summer Reading List
  • A lot of books would be the same, so you could talk about them together
  • Not really following the list because you visit bookshops so often
  • Staying up late for various reasons
  • Reading under the blankets with your wands
  • Lots of giggling when you got distracted in talking about your books
  • Or kisses
  • Lots of kisses
  • Heated kisses under the blankets after reading
  • You getting up early to make her a breakfast
  • She loves it
  • If you do decide to ever do anything fun, you probably will go swimming
  • Taking a book with you
  • But ending up swimming and laughing
  • Jumping into the water hand in hand
  • Tanning with a book
  • In the shadow probably
  • Maybe a nap
  • Not cuddling, because it is so damn hot
  • Cheeky jokes about how hot the other is
  • However, always holding hands
  • You not taking shit from anyone about Hermione
  • Boys often hitting on her
  • You almost hexing them
  • Laughing it off later
  • If one of you get sunburned, the other will help with the aftersun
  • it was probably just because you thought it would be fun
  • Being sad when the summer is almost over
  • but knowing you will go to the same school and spending lots of time together
  • so you are happy
  • But you will miss the fun times

I used to be confused, as a child, about why you would buy a new calendar in September – a calendar that would contain September-December and then the entire next year. Because surely you had a calendar that went through the end of the year, no calendar ever ENDS in August. 

But as an adult now I get it, because I keep a private calendar in google docs and I just had to move the October, November, and December tabs into the 2018 calendar since I’m already bookin’ shit out for January and February. At this point, starting in November I’m traveling at least once a month, every month, from November to June, except in May. 

Clearly I better book a trip in May. :D  

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons about the first time Peter meets other heroes? (Avengers, Defenders, and maybe justmaybebutyoudon'thaveto Miles Morales)

Peter is a huge fanboy and he cannot hide the fact…he can’t. 

  • The first time Spidey met Captain America he spluttered out “h-hi, hello! I’m um, I’m Spider-Man– don’t know if you’ve heard of me. But uh, it’s-it’s nice to meet you Captian America sir…hi.” 
  • And Steve being Steve took it all in strides and said, “of course I’ve heard of you Spider-Man, you do good work.” 
  • And Peter gets all excited a jittery because Captain America knows him! And when Cap reaches out his hand for a shake, Spidey takes it eagerly, unfortunately, though, Peter’s nerves get the best of him and he can’t unstick himself from the man’s hand. 
  • So basically picture a New York street being cleaned up by SHIELD after a battle, while Cap and Spidey are in the middle of the wreckage and Steve is just standing there with an amused smile on his face while Peter is yanking on his arm with all of his might, to get unattached from Steve.

  • Thor was something similar, except Peter just watched the man take out a whole fleet of Aliens single handily, so the teenager is left wide eyed and speechless, his arms noodles at his sides and his mouth a bit dry.
  • “You are really awesome.” “Aye, many seem to think so.”

  • Meeting Daredevil was an accident and kind of scary.
  • He had been fighting alongside the red clad man when everything went wrong and Spidey ended up falling from pretty high and blacking out in the middle of the battle. 
  • Peter woke up injured and in some random guys house. His head hurt and his leg wasn’t working right and this guys eyes were looking through him, and-and… it was really freaky. 
  • But then the redheaded dude made Peter hot chocolate and after a little bit Peter figured out that the man was blind and then said man, told the teen that he was a crappy vigilant and needed training…and well everything came out while Peter scoffed offended and Matt scolded lightly. 

  • Deadpool chased Spidey down while screaming “wait, puddin pop! sweet cheeks! come back!” and Peter knew who the man was because people had warned him of the mercenary Deadpool. So Peter was bookin’ it no looking back he was out of there. 
  • But somehow Deadpool cut him off and then tackled Peter to the ground. And Peter didn’t know if this man was here to kill him or not so the teen was all flying limbs and fists, yelling for the man to get off. 
  • When all of a sudden the man started…tickling his sides and stomach???? And Peter’s yells turned to laughing screeches of confusion and horror. 
  • Abruptly Deadpool stopped looked down to Peter’s masked, panting and scared face before saying, “you’re cute when you laugh pumpkin, but  y’er younger than I thought.” Before jumping up and running off. 
  • Peter still doesn’t know what that was all about.

  • Meeting Miles was weird. It was like the reversal for Peter, where he was always the youngest and the fan, now he was the older hero, and that felt off, it felt like a privilege Peter didn’t deserve.  
  • Miles had bounced around on his toes, babbling to himself about how awesome this was before abruptly hugging Peter, and welp, that is where the friendship started off. 
  • Miles is eager and ready to please, but that kid can kick butt. Peter and he make a great team and they are awesome buddies now, Peter has taken the kid under his wing and he doesn’t intend to let go anytime soon. 

  • Peter actually met Clint and Natasha while out of the mask, which was horrifying because Peter is pretty sure they both figured him out which means they know his identity. 
  • He was in a coffee shop waiting for Gwen when an explosion went off across the street, and Peter was on his feet and running towards a nearby ally before he could think. 
  • But then someone grabbed him from behind “no way kid, don’t try to be a hero.” and yup, that was Clint, Hawkeye is looking at Peter’s stinkin’ bear face, h-hol-y! 
  • Then out from behind a wall, “he ran pretty damn fast, you have something to do with that little explosion?” Ah, Peter is dead that is Natasha, Black Widow has seen his face. Great, keep calm Parker. KEEP CALM! 
  • And Peter isn’t really even sure what excuse he came up with, because people were screaming in the background and more explosions were going off, so he just sputtered something to the two adults before running away again. 
  • When Spider-Man came swinging in a few moments later, neither Avenger seemed that surprised. Peter doesn’t think he has anything that will bribe them into secrecy, but he isn’t sure he has to worry about it either.

That’s all I got for now Anon, sorry it took so long. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you everyone for indulging me my dentist-inspired series of flashbacks, which typically has ended up going on for a lot longer than anticipated…I have one more sequence to post, and then it will be back to Bridgeport and the aftermath of Roy’s barbecue, and after THAT I can’t wait to get back to Mia, Raj, Brent and Adrian and IP! I’m sorry for not being able to post ‘more’ of Joël and Georgie, I know a lot of people were disappointed, but as Georgie is only 16 I decided it would not be appropriate for Tumblr. As always, thank you for reading, and I love youse all!

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