It’s been too long since I drew ’Mama Lin’ (who now has a name, Lawara…) My two main headcanons about her and her boys is that Fundin was helplessly smitten with her, and that Dwalin was more or less a mama’s boy and very attached to her (much more than to his father, and more than Balin is at least)

because the wip thing for this is super outdated and I didn’t wanna work on it anymore

here’s to possibly my favorite artist of all time, orlandofox  vuv  she’s been a source of inspiration and just overall an amazing role model for quite some time now, so I thought I’d try to show my appreciation with some lazy fanart  ;v;  you’re the raddest!!

(next up is Rebs’ Doll and Mike, watch out nerds)

The One Where They Kiss

Prompt: SouDam, first kiss.

Reasoning: Gift-fic for art-of-the-booky, for various reasons; the chief one being that she happens to be a an all-round awesome person~ 

Summary: Of all the things Hope’s Peak Academy has taped of its illustrious students, they say there’s one cassette that’s utterly infamous – scandalous, even...

Details/Warnings: Soudam (Souda/Tanaka), first kiss oneshot. Set well before DR1 happens - slight spoilers for Twogami, but no spoilers for anything else. Contains some level of horror/suspense, but nothing gory or actually horrific. There’s lots of kissing descriptions, and a lovely Ishimaru at the end for extra awkward. You can read it (and comment on it, yay!) on AO3 here, or just click that read more and carry on…))

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A Constant Forge: The Life and Art of John Cassavetes

Films have been miracles in my life.

A breathtaking 200 minute journey through the life of a film pioneer, A Constant Forge: The Life and Art of John Cassavetes is an essential documentary on the art of cinema and the unforgettable filmmaker John Cassavetes.

A Constant Forge explores the career and personal life of John Cassavetes while maintaining a focus on his approach to filmmaking. The documentary is formed by interviews with those who shared a personal and working relationship with the film director, as well as excerpts from his films, rare photographs and archival footage, and the director’s own narrated words. It also details the filmmaker’s focus on emotion, his creative and collaborative filmmaking process, the way he guided the special performances from his actors, and his deep acknowledgement of the meaning and purpose behind his films: to portray human life, how people behave, interact…live.

A revealing portrait of an artist, enjoy and absorb A Constant Forge: The Life and Art of John Cassavetes!



Hello again!!

I received a message that the old PDF download link wasn’t working for the COLLAB OF ICE AND FIRE Game of Thrones/ASoIAF fanzine.

The PDF can be downloaded from Gumroad at a choose-your-own price (so, free! But if you want to help pay off my debt for printing the physical copies you’re more than welcome!!) here:

Many physical copies of the fan zine remain! And the price has dropped to a mere $6 USD! They are available here:

I am still paying off the cost to print all these fan zines, so I appreciate each and every sale immensely.