bookfair frankfurt

do you hear the people sing?


so GUYS. we had a group last saturday at Frankfurt Bookfair! all those cuties were so amazing and i’m very much in love with all of them. Have a first group picture!

Enjolras & Grantaire & Marius & Cosette & Eponine & Jehan & Bossuet & Joly | Les Misérables | Photo


So, I usually don’t post my cosplays here (you can check out my instagram for that), bit with this I make an exception.

The makeup was inspired by @bubblline and their beautiful artwork
I am honestly so in love with this qq sadly I don’t have any pointed ears here and I was too lazy to paint my arms and neck as well, but maybe I will when I cosplay this version at the Frankfurt Bookfair next weekend.

The art is for @shions-heart amazing fanfiction called Being Human and you should definitely check it and the other fanfics out, because I adore them so, so much

Please ignore the crappy quality, I took it wih my phone at night so…