bookfair frankfurt


A few pictures of my Alois Trancy cosplay. ^_^ I wore it to connichi <3 and I’ll wear it again at frankfurt bookfair. I’ll also take a photoshooting then, hopefully. :) I still have to improve on the wig. >_< Come meet me at FBM? :D (sorry for my nose piercing and the mess in my room >_<)


First pics of my Dream-Dave cosplay! <3

I’m more happy with it than I thought at first, but I still have to add the stripes to the pants, make a wider collar for the sweatshirt, so you don’t see it and of course finish the Royal Deringer (it’s really the shittiest sword I ever made, I have to sand the edges etcetc)

All pictures taken by Kandah <3<3<3