Call for Trans Cultural Productions of the musical Variety!

Tranzister Radio is a monthly talk radio show by and for Trans People. We are preparing to go bi-weekly, which means we will have more time for music!

If you are a musician and or audio artist who is trans* and you would like your music featured on our radio show / podcast, please contact us - transfolkradio (at) gmail (dot) com. Feel free to tell us a bit about yourself, so we have something to say on the air.

You can also reblog this post with a link to your bandcamp, myspace, mixcloud, soundcloud or whatever, and people can find you in the notes. Or just anwser the question box below “What’s your URL?**”

(*Trans like Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Gender-Queer, 2-Spirit, Non-Binary, Bi-Gender, A-Gender, Questioning, Etc…)  (<**Obligatory Tumblr Post Ending Question Mark>?