What: Story of the kids of Perdidio Beach, as they deal with the disappearance of adults from the town, an inability to leave the town and the fact that some of them are developing supernatural abilities.

Why: Cool storyline, amazing female characters (and gay characters in later books) and people with superpowers.[x]

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury 

I am dying to read this book.  I think it would make an excellent first choice, as it’s is supposedly an excellent blending of fantasy (the current book genre) and horror.  
It has themes of good versus evil, and how each of us is to choose our fate.  I think it seemed really cool.  

It’s one of Bradbury’s works that many people (myself included) have probably not read.  I really think any chance to read Bradbury should be taken.  He’s an excellent writer, and this would give us a chance to read the recently departed author. 

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Do you love Destiel? Do you love reading fics? Do you love sharing and talking about Destiel, AUs, and fics? If you answered yes to those questions, this is the network for you!

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What we’ll do:
-read Destiel fics together sorta like a bookclub
-”meet” monthly via Skype or messenger to discuss the Fic of the Month
-share fic recs, fanart, and such
-enthuse over Dean and Cas and their profound bond

If you’re accepted:
-include a link to the network on your blog
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First members will be announced August 18!

That’s all! Any questions, please ask here!

Sci Fi/Fantasy recommendation.

As an English major, I feel contractually obligated to nominate a classic: Frankenstein.

Yeah, I know a lot of us were or are being made to read it in high school, and I know that just because something is called a classic doesn’t make it good, but it’s easy to get a hold of, is interesting to talk about in a variety of critical lights, and lends itself well to reading during a July thunderstorm.

Not to mention a book that practically spawned a new genre of literature, multiple classic horror films, and a fantastic Broadway musical, can’t be all bad. 

Mrs Arabella Strange
I’ve really been enjoying the BBC series of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.  The production design is beautiful.  I’ve missed it so much between episodes I started the book last week and it’s instantly got me hooked! :3




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Read Print - Thousands of online books, including ratings and reviews, book clubs and discussions, and literary quotes.  This website is easy to navigate and reads like a book!

Questia - Over 5,000 books in the public domain.  Easy online reader!

Online Book Page - An index of over two million online books, including banned books!

Project Gutenburg - Offers over 46,000 ebooks: choose among free e-pub books, free kindle books, download them, or read them online.

Bartleby - Famous for it’s diverse selection of reference books, anthologies, verses, fiction, and non-fiction.  Includes the complete Gray’s Anatomy! - Includes novels, short stories, children’s picture books, poetry, and even books on writing from a wide range of authors.

Classic Literature Library - Classic literature in the public domain.

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ByGosh - Illustrated children’s books and children’s classics.

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“Bee Basics:  An Introduction to Our Native Bees” by By Beatriz Moisset, Ph.D. and Stephen Buchmann, Ph.D.  Learn about North American native bees and how to grow gardens that support them.

“Opening the World Through Nature Journaling” by the California Native Plant Society.  Curriculum for keeping a field journal, includes writing prompts, drawing tips, and educational lesson plans for implementation.  



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Spreeder - A free web app for learning to speed read.  Simply paste the text you’d like to read.

I’ve compiled this list in light of launching the Via Violet Book Club, with the hopes of making books more accessible to readers.  The author Flannery O'Conner once wrote, “I write to discover what I know,” but it’s through reading that we discover what we love.  This post will be regularly updated.  If you find it helpful, please bookmark it for easy reference.  

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It was really tricky because I said I was gonna choose 5-10 members and 44 people applied.. really guys? ReaLLY? Thank you for thinking my idea was worthy for 44 applications tho xox

Please remember even if you aren’t chosen right now you still have a chance maybe over the christmas holidays or next summer- consider this a trial run, these people are kinda guinea pigs tbh.  

The first few members ARE:

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS i went wholly on form applications for my choices so well done for doing that well (everybody did but i just thought you guys were even tip-top-er)

you should all receive a message soon about emails and joining the chat and polls and stuff 

now i’m going to have a nap because choosing this was rlly hard

nomadicwanders replied to your postAnyone else waiting for this book club thing, or…?

What book is being read in the book club?

Gone by Michael Grant.  We were supposed to read the first three chapter by today and then have a discussion, but I’m not seeing anything about the discussion happening.

so how about if combeferre decides to have a bookclub with all his friends, and that’s how enjolras and grantaire get introduced to each other. grantaire hates all the books enjolras loves and vice versa. but as they discuss them they often end up changing each others ideas so enjolras realises that the book he loved has some really problematic elements, or grantaire discovers that if you look at that book he hated in a different way it’s a cynical deconstruction of romance tropes and yeah. they start going out for coffee sometimes…



Check it out on youtube for the list of all the books that I read and their goodreads links :) :)