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I’m sorry I’ve been a bit mia this past week. I went on holiday with my family and I didn’t have wifi so it was good for disconnecting from social media. One of the days we went to a theme park and it was my favourite part of the trip. I also read a lot when we were at the apartment (I read Caraval and loved it).

tag yourself: summer routine edition
  • icon: wakes up at 7 am, moisturizes, works out, loves smoothies and little new recipes, long summer to-do list, their summer self = best self
  • a lovely mess: wakes up after noon, doesn’t leave the house at all, listens to the same 5 songs, planned to do all these things but … meh
  • winging it: spends way too much money on books, late summer night walks, tries to be productive, forgets everything
  • softie: creates little summer playlists for their friends, the window is open all the time, tries to go to sleep at a reasonable time but fails every time
  • productive procrastination: is learning a new language during the summer, distracts themselves from the fact that the new term is starting soon, buys too many empty notebooks

Hey guys!

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It’s getting super close to when I’m supposed to be moving in to college and as per usual whenever I’m preparing for a big change in my life my to-read list becomes massive! No worries though because I actually have a good list of books that I’m either gonna read for the first time or re-reads that I think can help me in the world of adulting and going to college. These are the books I’m planning to read before college:

  1. The financial diet: I love watching the financial diet on youtube and I browsed through their new book that they have in barnes and nobles and it seems pretty interesting and not too financial and stuffy, like I would need a cup of coffee to get through, so i’m gonna pick this one up for some everyday, real life financial advice.
  2. The life changing magic of tidying up: I’ve read this one before and it absolutely changed my life, ever since then my mind has been cleared and my space actually stays tidy for way longer, but since i’m gonna be moving to college ( and to a different country)  and have to downsize, i figured and i would read this book again for moral support while i declutter and consolidate my life.
  3. Rich dad poor dad: another re-read this summer because I cannot sing the praises of this book enough. I’m gonna need this one to remind me that buying a car isn’t an asset when you’re a broke college student (it’s gonna be hard cuz i’m lazy and love convenience lol)
  4. Broke millennial: very similar to the financial diet. its an urban, young woman (or man’s) guide to just getting your financial shit together. If you cant tell i’m into these more fun financial books.
  5. Profit first: I don’t know much about this one (except that its finance and business related) but I heard someone on a podcast I listen to rave about it and say it was one of the books that made a huge difference in how he approached finance and business, so of course I decided that I have to pick it up!
  6. Lean in: women, work and the will to lead: ok so this one is a bit of a doozy for me because I don’t think women should need a book particularly for them in leadership (its kinda condescending IMO) but of course the reality is leadership for women in the workplace is different and its important that we not only address why that is but to learn how to deal with this while it’s happening also. I hope this book give me some insight into that since its so highly rated, I’ll keep you guys posted.
  7. The immortal life of Henrietta lacks : Again, I don’t know much about this book, but the blurb sounds super inspirational like it’s going to be about womanhood and perseverance and as black person moving to the united states I figure it would be a fitting and inspirational read.
  8. A mind for number: how to excel at math and science: nuff said lol. I’m not a math person at all ( science I can deal with) and I’m starting to think I have such a mental block against it that it will forever be a roadblock in my educational path, so I’ve decided that I’m hopefully not going to college with this issue and this book is highly rated so fingers crossed it helps ya girl out.
  9. Dear Ijeawele: if you don’t know this book was written by Chimamanda Adichie and ugh, her mind is just so powerful. Her thoughts on feminism are so concise and inspirational, i just have to read this book again before i go to college.
  10. Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that won’t stop talking: ok so this book has been on my tbr for freaking ever and I finally decided that I MUST read it before I go to college, if there’s ever a time in my life where I need to know how to wield my introvertness to my benefit rather than being crippled by it, its now.

So there’s my before college tbr, its quite ambitious but I have about 2 months of free time (lol this was written in June!) to read these and hopefully get all the inspiration and motivation I need to have a kickass first year of college. Remember I haven’t read most of these so if you read any of them and have any opinions please message me! I hope guys have a lovely day.


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