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Marbled Monday: SC&A joins the Art Department

For this week’s “Marbled Monday” post, I am sharing something a little different than usual. Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting professor Bill Kitchen’s bookbinding class in Loyola’s art department. As project assistant in Special Collections & Archives, my background in bookbinding and repair is something I love sharing with students interested in book art. I spent the afternoon teaching art students one of my favorite sewing patterns: the French-web or two-hole link stitch binding. I often use this particular sewing structure when repairing dis-bound books in our stacks. I chose to incorporate handmade paper tapes to add a bit of style to the exposed spines of their books and also allow for hard-cover attachment. 

A student trims her folios on the board shear, which is essentially a giant scissor used to cut square, accurate measurements.

Before sewing, each section of the textblock was punched using an awl, punching jig, and cradle to keep the paper steady.

A student positions her sewn book on davy board to measure her covers.

After sifting through the class’ selection of decorative wallpaper samples, this student chose a fun vegetable pattern for the cover of her book.

-one marbled board attached, and one to go!

-a finished book with a French-web sewing pattern over handmade paper tapes attached to marbled covers.

-a happy bookbinder with her finished book!

Thanks again to Bill and his wonderful students! 


Summer A semester started off right away with Beginning Bookbinding class looking at our Book Arts & Typography collection! #bookbinding #bookart #ucfspecialcollections #artistbook


A togepi crochet custom I had done for someone in my bookbinding class!! See I had been working on I think squirtle and a few kids were like can you make x pokemon? so i went hells yeah if you pay me. And… well they did :’3c so This was one of them. I really like how it came out and this cutie’s owner was so super excited about having it!! It was defs an experience figuring the pattern out for it but for my first go I think it’s pre good considering everyone knew right off what it was even before the red and blue part was on it!

Over my vacation last week, I took an intensive bookbinding class from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Had a blast and learned lots! :)

Above are the blank books we made (thirteen pictured, plus two folding books I didn’t bother with because they’re just on boring white paper). The books are all roughly 4.25″/10.8cm x 5.5″/14cm.

If you’re wondering why some of the patterns on the cover papers are going in the “wrong” direction, it had to do with paper grain and getting as many covers as possible from a sheet of paper.

hyena7  asked:

Is there any guide or tutorial that´s good to get into book binding?

Learning by doing is your best bet.  Depending on where you live there may be bookbinding classes available.  If you are in the DC area The Smithsonian Associates offers beginning bookbinding classes (disclaimer I actually teach some of these classes!) There are often local arts organizations that offer similar classes.  Some good traditional books on the topic are:

Bookbinding and the Care of Books by Douglas Cockerell. 

Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand by Laura S. Young.

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding by Arthur W. Johnson.

For a more modern take I recommend:

Non-Adhesive Bindings: Books without Paste or Glue by Keith Smith.

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith.

Books, Boxes and Portfolios by Franz Zeier.

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volumes I & II by Carol Barton.