As the nights get darker, look no further than our latest item. Take a glance in this fascinating art journal, the ‘Anatomia Humani Corporis’, ultimate Renaissance anatomical sketchbook – scientific masterpiece with lucid insights into the functioning of the human body.

Full leather bound blank book in size of 8 x 10.6 inches and thickness of 3.5 inches on higher place. The book block has around 260 leaves (520 pages) of special, vintage paper type. Paper is coffee stained and carefully aged to look like in very old books.

On front cover plate, dominate an exquisite leather rib cage. Its hand carved from thick leather, realistic formed, hand toned and canned with special bookbinder’s mixtures. Book cover plates has gradient levels with many layered applications, embossing, carvings – over all, specially designed to be unique book in the world.

Once you’re a reader, you never quite grow out of it. You may not have much time for it as an adult, but you’re still hooked on that magic.