You ask for freedom, they give you chicken qurma


Amid heaps of books piling on my tbr list on my good,this one has waited the longest.

At last when it landed my shelf ,to an ingratiating respite,I liked it.

Dark,bold,whimsical, its a masterstroke of sheer talent only.T

he political drama of 1980s cant be made more succulent,more meaty and more creamier for reader’s consumption.

Gladly its not too political to tick off casual reader temperment,and not too naive to be downplayed for its failed attempt to fathom politics into a story that truely engages.

For punchy lexicon lovers like me,its a treat.There are some well-excecuted Aha moments too that defines what fullness of style and script really means

The historical incidences it recounts as part of story makes me selfishly wish it were all true.Yes i still need to figure what part of the plot is self -conjured and what are actual hard facts.This capturing is the story which goes a step further to challenge our views about historical chatacters we love to see in sacred light of glory.

When the story climaxed at the historical plane explosion of Zia mid-air,it was exactly that same time when I was still hanging “in my plane mid-air”.

Think “thrill”