The Titan’s Curse: Artemis is captured and forced to hold up the sky. Apollo is ordered not to intervene. Apollo disguises himself as a hobo and gives Percy important directions for his quest.

The Dark Prophecy: Apollo is made human and forced to undertake a series of incredibly dangerous quests. Artemis is ordered not to intervene. The Hunters of Artemis just so happen to be in the right place at the right time to save Apollo’s life.

Thalia hugging Percy at the end of Titans Curse, saying he is her friend and as  handing him the position of hero of the prophecy, bc she was too fed up with all the bullshit from the gods,  being a tree and loosing a brother  and she wanted to be alive

i would give anything for the complete Thalia story


Zoe all formal and aloof like a princess, Thalia with her ratty clothes and her rebel attitude. But there was something similar about them, too. The same kind of roughness. Right now, sitting in the shadows with a gloomy expression, Thalia looked a lot like one of the Hunters. 

A feeling of panic seized me. “Annabeth, ” I said under my breath. “Don’t. ”She frowned at me. “What?”

“Look, I need to tell you something, ” I continued. The words came stumbling out of me. “I couldn’t stand it if… I don’t want you to-”

“Percy?” she said. “You look like you’re going to be sick. ”

And that’s how I felt. I wanted to say more, but my tongue betrayed me. It wouldn’t move because of the fear in my stomach. (с) The Titan’s Curse