book: the house of hades*

ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck


Annabeth’s voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her–a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.

One thing I love about the heroes of olympus is that not only it makes us see gods a little bit more human, we also see the monsters as a little bit more human.

Like in The Lost Hero, when Medea explains why she was not a crazy bitch and she had reasons for killing her kids (Jason didn’t love and abandoned her).

And in The House of Hades, when Hazel says that she always saw the Minotaur as the victim (he was born a monster, not loved by his own parents and locked in a labyrinth for eternity).

I hope Rick show us the human side of other greek mithology characters in Trials of Apollo.

And I wish people would realize how much books can change kids minds and work it in their favor.