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mansmindmedic  asked:


Who shops for groceries?

Hannibal. Though Clarice comes along sometimes, just for something to do. 

Who kills the spiders?

Hannibal has no qualms about squishing spiders. Clarice doesn’t either, but she will go out of her way to get bugs out of the house happy and unharmed. 

Who comes home drunk at 3 am?

While that’s not something that I think either of them would do, I think Clarice would be more likely to do it. Clarice isn’t a heavy drinker, but Hannibal knows his alcohol tolerance better. 

Who makes breakfast?

Hannibal. Though that doesn’t mean Clarice hasn’t tried to cook before—it ended in a kitchen catastrophe. A fire in the oven and flour everywhere. Hannibal probably found it endearing.

Who remembers to feed the fish?

They both would, if they had fish. When he feelt like it, Hannibal would drop a few flakes in the tank. Clarice would be meticulous about it, though, never missing the proper time to feed them. 

Who decorates the apartment?

Again, I think that would be both of them. Hannibal values Clarice’s opinion above just about everyone’s, and Clarice would not live in an apartment if it looked anything like how Hannibal’s house looks. She wouldn’t want all the skulls and weird ass paintings (like the one of the lady being fucked by a swan??).  

Who initiates duets?

Singing—that would be Clarice. She would normally start out by humming the lyrics and then she’d sing them—usually they consist of Amy Winehouse or The Beatles. As for duets, I don’t think Hannibal would sing along usually. Maybe hum along. Perhaps he’d sing if Clarice urged him to. 

Who falls asleep first?

Hannibal usually does—Clarice will always have trouble sleeping. Even if her nightmares ceased, the anticipation for one would always be there. On her particularly restless nights, Hannibal may stay awake with her.

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“Smooch!” -okay I couldn't help it-

Send “Smooch!” for a reaction to my muse suddenly being kissed by yours.

Clarice was…surprised by the sudden kiss. She made a small sound (one along the lines of a startled “meep,” if that was a word…) Clarice was obviously not used to these kind of gestures—she was more used to unwelcome gazes taking in her backside, not tender expressions of affection (if that’s what this was, of course; that’s what kisses usually were).

She was quite a bit shorter than the doctor, so when she looked at him again, she had to look up. “Ehm—thank you..?” she said finally, rather unsure what to say. What was she supposed to say? ‘That was nice?’ or something about lips?

To spare herself from embarrassment, she just offered him a rather shy smile.