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To know the dark side is merely to stop lying. Stop pretending you don’t want what you want. Stop pretending you don’t fear what you fear. Half the day is night, Master Yoda. To see truly, you have to learn to see in the dark.
—  Count Dooku, Yoda: Dark Rendezvous (Sean Stewart)


Counting The Stars Masterlist

Here is the link to the Masterlist which will be by far the most up to date list of all the lists.

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Friend or Lover, It’s One or the Other (Complete)

Love Will Be Our Downfall

Night Demons

One Shot

(PG13 is **)

A Rock - Niall Horan One Shot

The First Time - Liam Payne One Shot **

Slurp and Personal Space - Niall Horan One Shot

Night Owl - Niall Horan One Shot

Little Man - Liam Payne One Shot

One Night - Liam Payne One Shot **

Sick - Louis Tomlinson One Shot

Slippery Slope - Liam Payne One Shot **

Long Day - Harry Styles One Shot **

Broken - One Shot

Don’t Leave Me - One Shot

Weight - Louis Tomlinson One Shot

Concert Jitters - Liam Payne One Shot

He’s Not Right For You - Niall Horan One Shot **

Anger - Liam Payne One Shot

Anxiety - Harry Styles One Shot

Tease - Liam Payne One Shot **

A Little Bit In Love - Louis Tomlinson One Shot - Part One  Part Two  Part Three

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Smol child Noctis

Yes, smol child Noctis too

  • Baby Noctis in a Bennu onesie.
  • Baby Noctis in a moogle onesie.
  • Baby Noctis in a black chocobo onesie, too.
  • Indeed, baby Noctis has many different onesies.
  • 2 y.o. Noctis is constantly trying to smack the people that wear swords or that he’s seen fight.
  • 2 y.o. Noctis constantly tries to smack Cor.
  • 2 y.o. Noctis constnatly trying to smack Clarus.
  • 2 y.o. Noctis also is constantly trying to smack Gladio.
  • 2 y.o. Noctis wants to prove he’s strong, too, and better than them all so he’s trying to smack them.
  • Gladio’s included because big kid that’s patrolling around his crib has a sword, but smol kid Noct is not scared of him >:(
  • 3 y.o. Noctis is hitting at Cor’s leg with all his might.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis is falling on his buttocks from the effort.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis is standing up to continue on his task.
  • Smol kid Noctis likes to draw a lot.
  • Smol kid Noctis has a wide collection of crayons.
  • Smol kid Noctis doesn’t want to share them with smart bigger kid >:’(
  • Smart bigger kid pets him and feeds him cookies, so smal child Noctis will start lending him his crayons.
  • 6 y.o. Ignis gifted 4 y.o. Noctis the prettiest blue crayon he found.
  • He likes to color even if there’s no drawing.
  • 4 y.o. Noctis has colored on the walls of the throne room.
  • Smol child Noctis as picky eater.
  • He’s fighting and squirming in his high baby chair because nannies are trying to give him more of that green stuff that he hates.
  • “Prince Noctis, please, eat your-”
  • “NOOO!!”
  • “It’s yummy! Look! Yum! Your turn!”
  • “But why not? :’(”
  • 5 y.o. Noctis has discovered Warping on his own. 
  • Nannies wanted him to eat, so he ran away. 
  • When he found they were catching up with him, he decided to let Mr. Moogle to save himself, so he threw him ahead.
  • He wished SO HARD to go as far as Mr. Moogle so quickly.
  • POOF.
  • 5 y.o. Noctis just warped.
  • Nobody should have let this kid discover how to do that.
  • He’s warping away from eating things he doesn’t like.
  • He’s warping off bed when he doesn’t want to sleep.
  • He’s warping out of the bathroom, still naked, because he doesn’t want to bath and you’re not forcing him.
  • Smol kid Noctis likes pianos.
  • Smol kid Noctis sits at the piano when Mr. Scientia’s playing it.
  • Smol kid Noctis smacks the keys because THEY SOUND SO PRETTY I WANT MORE >:(
  • Smol kid Noctis likes naps.
  • It’s always nap time.
  • Smol kid Noctis falling asleep in cute but non conventional places.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep under the crib.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep curled up on the throne.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep in the Crystal room, who the hell let him in?
  • What do you mean he just appeared there.
  • Smol kid Noctis is a sneaky bastard.
  • There were kid Gladio’s running non-stop into places he shouldn’t be in, Noctis just randomly appears in those places.
  • Back to innapropiate sleeping places.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep on the training hall.
  • Smol kid Noctis, for some reason, is asleep on top of a door’s entablature.
  • How.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep in an elevator.
  • Smol kid Noctis is asleep at the entrance of the Citadel, at a random step of the staircase, curled up in a corner.
  • “Noctis, why do you insist on running away from your nannies and sleep in random places like that?”
  • “It’s warm.”
  • Smol kid Noctis thinks his first name is Prince. 
  • Smol kid Noctis names people the first words they say if he doesn’t know their name.
  • It’s a bit complicated when he’s known over 20 “Hello”s and can’t difference them.
  • Smol kid Noctis then starts naming people the things they do or carry around.
  • “Lady Paperwork.”
  • “Mister Long cape.”
  • “Mister Shield.”
  • “Lady Curl Hair.”
  • “Mister >:| face.”
  • That’s Drautos.
  • Like smol child Gladio, smol child Noctis’ favorite word during a stage is “No”.
  • Except he says it with much more frequency.
  • On a much longer stage.
  • “NO”
  • No what? Basically everything.
  • “NO! >:(”
  • Wanna eat someth-
  • “NO!”
  • “Okay, then don’t eat anyt-”
  • “NOOOOO!”
  • “What are you drawi-”
  • “NO!”
  • “Do you want to-”
  • “NO!”
  • You’re standing there.
  • “NOOOOOOO! >:(”
  • Smol child Noct likes to touch everything.
  • Smol child Noct wants to touch everything that he finds pretty or strange or curious.
  • Smol child Noctis is touching all the bushes and flowers.
  • He’s touching kid Gladio’s face.
  • He’s touching kid Ignis’ face.
  • He’s touching kid Gladio’s toy sword.
  • He’s touching kid Ignis’ shoes.
  • He’s touching the dogs.
  • He’s touching the throne.
  • He’s touching his dad’s legs.
  • He’s touching Regis’ beard.
  • He’s touching the grass.
  • He tried touching birds.
  • “Birbs don’t like me, Iggy :’(”
  • He’s touching people’s eyes.
  • He likes eyes.
  • He’s touching Cor’s legs.
  • They so strong.
  • Smol kid Noctis loves water bodies.
  • Smol kid Noctis is definitely putting his hands inside any water body that crosses his way.
  • Smol kid Noctis is constantly falling down in the garden’s ponds.
  • Smol kid Noctis has half the body inside fountains.
  • It’s the upper part of the body.
  • Smol kid Noctis is putting his hands in the fish tanks.
  • Smol kid Noctis is putting his hands in the rain.
  • Rain’s the worst because he can’t catch it.
  • Nannies take advantage of his curiosity for water so bathe him.
  • Smol kid Noctis loves fish.
  • He tried touching them.
  • Crownsguards have found smol prince Noctis inside the pond walking after the fish.
  • “Fish don’t like me either, Iggy 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 “
  • “Prince, please, don’t cry ;_____;”
  • Both kids are crying.
  • Smol kid Noctis is staring at the fish tank for two hours in silence.
  • Smol kid Noctis is staring at the fish pond for two hours.
  • Smol kid Noctis adopts a fish.
  • He swears he found it and that it followed him home.
  • It was a gift from Regis.
  • Smol kid Noctis is going to scream at a person if they’re smoking in his sight range.
  • Not like a terrified scream. More like a fierce warcry.
  • But he’s 3 y.o.
  • He’s not shutting up until you put the cigarette down or leave.
  • If he’s with dad and somebody walks in and says “Your Majesty-” Noctis will scream, too until you leave. 
  • It’s because smol kid Noctis knows that “Your Majesty” is always followed by “We required your presence in (X) place” and smol kid Noctis wants his dad with HIM, not with THEM >:(
  • Smol kid Noctis is climbing up places.
  • He likes climbing up places.
  • Smol kid Noctis is climbing up Claru’s cape. 
  • The Shield has a kid hugged to his head because smol kid Noctis doesn’t know how to get back down.
  • Smol kid Noctis is smacking Gladio on the chest and legs constantly.
  • He doesn’t like to be smaller.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis hears kid Ignis has to go with the Orthopedist.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis is crying. He’s bawling and screaming. It’s terrible.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis thinks an orthopedist is kind of like a Grim Reaper.
  • 3 y.o. Noctis thinks Iggy’s going to die. :’(
  • 3 y.o. Noctis won’t let kid Iggy sleep anywhere else that isn’t his bed for a week.
  • 5 y.o. Noctis is questioning Cor.
  • “If you’re so immortal why are you old?”
  • “How did you become Immortal?”
  • “It’s only a name.”
  • “Your mom named you Immortal?”
  • “No, I mean, I’m not Immortal, it’s just what people call me.”
  • “So if your mommy names you Immortal you become Immortal?”
  • “That’s now that I sa-”
  • “I am Noctis. What does that- what is a Noctis?”
  • “Noctis is-”
  • “So how do I become Immortal?”
  • “You’re not letting me answer anyth-”
  • “Does it work if I change my name when I get old like you?”
  • “You shouldn’t cha-”
  • “Or do you have to be born named Immortal?”
  • Smol kid Noctis isn’t the friendliest.
  • Smoller kid Noctis has to be carried by Regis or is constantly carried by him, and if introduced to other people, Noctis will hide in papa’s chest/shoulder/neck/cape.
  • He’s not going to show himself no matter how hard you try.
  • Smol kid Noctis is smacking adults that get too close.
  • Smoller kid Noctis is slapping Drautos and crying if the man picks him up.
  • Smol kid Noctis is still slapping Drautos, but trying to fight him if carried by him.
  • Smol kid Noctis doesn’t like Drautos.
  • That perceptive little shit.
  • Smol kid Noctis doesn’t like to be carried. Unless it’s dad. 
  • Smol kid Noctis likes singing. Only if he’s alone.
  • Smol kid Noctis goes around the Citadel touching things and asking people to let him touch their eyes.
  • Smol kid Noctis doesn’t understand tag game.
  • Smol kid Noctis is kicking kids that make a mean comment about kid Iggy.
  • Smol kid Noctis constantly wants to fight Gladio.
  • If they start fighting, kid Noctis will start crying if Gladio’s hurt.
  • Smol kid Noctis is hugging him and apologizing.
  • Smol kid Noctis is fighting him again next day.
  • Smol kid Noctis yells in joy when he sees the moon.
  • Smol kid Noctis has a daily ritual of going out at night to see the moon.
  • He freaking adores the damn moon.
  • Smol kid Noctis has created a dance for full moon.
  • “What are you doing, your Highness?”
  • “MOON’S HAPPY o(≧∇≦o)”
  • “Okay.”
  • Smol kid Noctis is mimicking dad.
  • Smol kid Noctis has put mud to his face.
  • “I have beard like papa :3″
  • “I’m a king.”
  • “Gladio, you’re your papa now, and you’re my shield and yes and Iggy’s there too.”
  • Kid Gladio and kid Noctis are running through the Citadel covered in mud, chased by the nannies and Crownsguards.
  • Nobody can catch those damn kids.
  • Kid Iggy gave himself to the adult authority when they found them in that mud puddle.
  • Kid Iggy had refused to get in there, but smol child Noctis threw mud at him anyway.
  • Smol kid Noctis is in the fish pond. Again.
  • Smol kid Noctis is putting away the books with no pictures.
  • Smol kid Noctis is trying to count the stars.
  • “It’s not impossible, papa, I can do it >:(”
  • He swears there’s “a thous-hundred and two stars.”
  • He counted them all, he’s sure.
  • Smol kid Noctis has snitched one of his father’s capes.
  • He could wrap himself in it like 10 times, but…
  • Smol kid Noctis is wearing it.
  • Smol kid Noctis is calmly walking around the Citadel SUPER PROUD and wanting people to see how kingly he looks. 
  • It’s an adorable sight, though.
  • People are still bowing at him to make him feel happy.
  • Smol kid Noctis fails to hide how excited he feels when people tell him he looks “like a king”.
  • He’s falling asleep curled in the cape, too.
  • In the middle of a hallway.
  • Smol kid Noctis is like a panda bear; there where he feels sleepy, there he will lie down and sleep, even if that’s in the middle of a hallway.
  • Smol kid Noctis has set up a barrack of pillows and sheets at his room because he swears there’s an evil monster ghost trying to attack him.
  • Kid Gladio joins him in their night watch.
  • Regis SO is scaring them with unexpected noises.
  • Kid Gladio and kid Noctis are screaming their lungs out and accidentally tangling in the sheets and falling down in fear.
  • Clarus shouldn’t be, but he’s laughing,too, like Regis, outside the room.
  • Smol kid Noctis will ask you to come closer and will put his hands on your mouth.
  • “You talk too much, stop >:(”
  • Smol kid Noctis apologizes to his hair when it’s cut.
  • Also his  nails.
  • Speaking of nails, smol kid Noctis is watching garden snails for an entire day if he spots one.
  • “Where are they going, they have their house on their back, so if they are not going home where are they going, where, where?”
  • It’s a calm day for his guards and nannies when he spots a snail.
  • Smol kid Noctis LOVES FLOWERS.
  • Smol kid Noctis has “secret hideouts”.
  • Smol kid Noctis sits there for hours if he’s feeling a little anxious or sad.
  • Yes, kids can feel anxious and sad.
  • There’s a hideout in the garden. He’s invited kid Gladio in that one cause kid Gladio loves flowers too.
  • There’s one in an unoccupied office of the Citadel.
  • Kid Noctis has invited kid Iggy there because kid Iggy likes books.
  • Kid Noctis is visited in his hideouts by the respective kids that know about them if he takes long in there.
  • Kid Gladio brings him candies.
  • Kid Iggy brings him cookies.
  • Kid Noctis LOVES PIRATES.
  • Kid Noctis has a toy pirate ship to play with in the tub.
  • He’s Captain Noct the Extra Mega Immortal.
  • “But Iggy can’t fight! D:”
  • The Pirates are the Crownsguard trainees.
  • also Cor.
  • Cor the Immortal is enemy pirate.
  • They’re fighting him as soon as they see him.
  • Cor is “fighting back.”
  • Sometimes Cor will throw himself to the ground and let the kids “hit” him.
  • It doesn’t hurt, but he’s going to groan anyway.
  • “So this is the little prince :)”
  • “I’m Captain Noct.”
  • “Oh, really? As in Crownsguard Captain?”
  • “NO! Pirate ship Captain!”
  • Omg please tell us this is not our next king.
  • Smol kid Noctis likes to sleep on top of the piano.
  • Smol kid Noctis likes to dance, but he’s a bit arrhythmical.
  • He feels shy if somebody watches him.
  • Kid Iggy will be his companion because he’s a bit more secure with him, but it took him months to let Iggy watch him.
  • Kid Iggy is ridiculously patient with him.
  • Smol kid Noctis never mastered it, but he was so happy with the little improvement he did get. :3
  • Smol kid Noctis will go to Iggy’s uncle and pull from his pants.
  • Smol kid Noctis is too shy to ask him, but Iggy’s uncle already knows, so he takes the little prince to the music room.
  • Smol kid Noctis wants to hear him play.
  • Too shy to ask for lessons.
  • Smol kid Noctis is SHY.
  • Tends to hide it behind smacking people. Possibly noticed that with the amount of smacking headcanons above. <— Explanation.
  • Smol kid Noctis has thumb in mouth when sleeping.
  • Smol kid Noctis is best friends with a plastic snowman.
  • It’s called William.
  • It’s a girl.
  • She knows the secrets of everyone in the Citadel, and shares them with him, but he has sworn to keep it secret, that’s why you can’t hear what he heard of you.
  • Smol kid Noctis likes to hug the pilars of the Citadel.
  • “They stand all this weight all alone, they’re so strong and must be so lonely, thank you for not letting the roof fall on us, Big Thing ;_____;”
  • Columns are Big Things.
  • Smol kid Noctis is a frog if there’s full moon on cloudy Fridays.
  • He swears.
  • Smol kid Noctis is hugging his friends and petting their heads if he thinks they’re sad.
  • Smol kid Noctis is holding to kid Iggy’s hand if he’s feeling insecure or anxious if Gladio’s not around.
  • Smol kid Noctis will hold to kid Gladio’s arm if he’s feeling insecure or anxious if Iggy isn’t around.
  • Smol kid Noctis will stand in between his friends if both are present if he’s feeling insecure or anxious. No need to hold their hands; he’s feeling safe enough being flanked.

This is smol child Noctis.

Here’s smol child Gladiolus.

Here’s smol child Iggy.

They’re adorable and harmless. Do hug them a lot.


Star Wars Clone Wars Era Japanese Covers:

Outbound Flight


The Cestus Deception 

Jedi Trial

Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Labyrinth of Evil

leia, princess of alderaan

  • not as bad as i was afraid it would be? not my fave book by any means, but not the worst
  • love interest dude was bland and boring, i really, really don’t understand what leia saw in him
  • but hey, the main message of the book seemed to be that if there are bad people out there in charge, then it’s your duty to fight them, and if you try to betray those fighting to the authorities you die
  • even if they did throw some saw bashing in there—you can fight but not TOO violently
  • it really should’ve been a leia/amilyn holdo romance, i honestly think they had more scenes than leia had with love interest boy, and amilyn actually is invested in the rebellion
    • (also she’s way more interesting than love interest boy)
    • (and i’m definitely hyped for her appearance in tlj now)
  • i wasn’t entirely fond of bail’s characterization, but breha was pretty fabulous
When All the Stars Align

Originally posted by 1980vibes

“We can meet in the middle, 
Bodies and souls collide,
Dance in the moment,
When all the stars align
For you and I
For you and I
- You and I by PVRIS (the music video has some flashing images/lights in it like most of their other videos so be careful)

Book: The Royal Romance (Book One)
Pairing: Maxwell x MC
Word Count: 2,091 words!!!!
Summary: The stars align for MC and Maxwell on the night of the Coronation Ball
Warnings: Some swearing so M for mature! also it might make you sad, sorry!
Notes: This is for this week’s choices creates, which has the prompt of movement of the stars. And as a big space nerd, this is my kinda prompt :D The song I used for the title makes me think of a couple who have been trying to be together for so long but the universe is always against them, and then one night, the stars align, and they can finally be together, even if it’s just for that one night. And idk about you guys, but to me, that just pERFECTLY describes Maxwell x MC, so here we are! also pvris are so good check them out, and they have a new album which just came out on Friday!!! (and i need to listen to it)

Also, shoutout to @gayforgayle, who requested a fic where Maxwell and MC dance to So Close from Enchanted together, and I had to oblige, so look forward to reading that in this fic!

@hollyashton & @alwaysanotheroc 

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maliwarm  asked:

1, 2, 6 and 49 for Blop and Solvent. :U


1: what inspires you?

Hmm… pretty much all kinds of media?? Like AMC was inspired by various music (most notably Counting Stars by Coldplay) and a book I read back in high school, T/U was inspired by the Metallica song of the same name and the movie The Island, and OTOLOS was actually inspired by a fanfic I read back when I was like 13 lmao. Not to mention all the daily inspiration I get from me friendos, either by reading what y'all write or just talking ❤️

2: one of your favorite comments/reviews

Jfc, that’s hard to say… these days reviews are at such a premium it makes my day even getting one 😂 and any time you, Ghostie, Ru, etc. have left one it’s always been that much more special to me.

But if I had to choose one, I’d probably have to look at AMC, bc there were so many times that someone said smth and I’d have to close my phone and just. think abt it for a while, lmao. Like “holy shit??? they mean that???”

But one of them I always think about was actually from @weezernaut, Mercutio left a string of reviews on AMC and in one of them asked if I had ever considered writing as a career. And that just. Rlly stuck with me?? Bc before that point I had never thought about becoming an author a lot, it was just kinda an afterthought. But that review is what made it a legitimate goal for me to get published one day. It just meant so much to me, and it definitely helped me push on and finish AMC and begin writing other things.

6: hardest/easiest character to write for?

Easiest for me is definitely Silv, but I feel like a lot of the sanic characters are easy to write. Silv’s so headstrong, you can shove him in p much any situation and he’ll probably react the same each time - do anything to be proactive about it. The hardest part abt writing him is coming up w new ways for him to get in trouble, lol.

Hardest to write for me has always been Rouge, for whatever reason. Idk why exactly, I guess I’m always afraid of simplifying her character too much, lol. That’s why I’ve always shied away from her when it comes to casting for fics.

49: this character’s starbucks order?

Blaze: Any frappuccino, but vanilla bean is her fav. Likes the cold drinks bc she’s always hot (👀)

Silv: Hot chocolate. Whatever the biggest size is. Doesn’t rlly like coffee but could drink hot chocolate all day long, it helps him relax.

A Bucket List; A Reminder of the Things I'll Never Achieve if I Don't Try; Thoughts in the Order They Come to Me

Be a ballet dancer
Learn the piano
Learn the violin
Learn how to play an instrument you don’t know the name of
Travel the world
Make someone smile for the first time in a long time
Smile for the first time in a long time
Save an animal’s life; size doesn’t matter
Make a blanket
Donate to charity
Find your hero
Be someone’s hero
Find the perfect pair of socks
Find a place where your heart sings
Find something your heart can sing for
Turn a room full of heads
Write a song that makes you or someone else cry
Be an artist
Paint something you’ve been wanting to paint for a while
Paint it on your lover’s back
Fill your house with flowers
Give your favorite song some meaning
Make a baby giggle
Dye your hair the PERFECT color
Make someone believe they’re lovable
Make someone believe they’re loved
Help someone discover their raison d’être
Discover your own
Climb to the top of something really high
Admire the view
If you want to jump, let yourself feel the feeling for only five seconds
Count them out loud as your eyes are closed
Say “this view is beautiful and I need to look at it some more”
Look at it for ten seconds
Repeat as needed
Take a picture of all the flowers you want to pick instead of picking them one time
Develop the pictures the old-fashioned way, in a dark room
Get in touch with someone from high school
Go on a lunch date with a stranger
Buy that “blind date with a book” thing
Learn how to read Braille
Count the stars in the sky
Find shapes in the stars
Name your new constellations after people who’ve changed you (for good or bad)
Make wishes on them; who cares if they’re not shooting stars
Bake a cake
Start a food fight
Appreciate something nobody appreciates
Make a house for the rat in your apartment, complete with furniture
Hug someone and mean it; make sure they mean it too
Let yourself experience happiness