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Legend of Korra - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Style (Opening 4)

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Character Development Speculations for Book 2

This is just speculations

Let’s start with…

 We notice she has still some development going on, we saw it from the animatics of Book 2 at Comic Con, it’s pretty much the aftermath of Korra learns energy bending and the avatar state, we know Aang didn’t liked the avatar state, reasons stated in episode 1 of Book 2:Earth and doesn’t like being the avatar, while Korra is so total opposite in that sense, she loves being the avatar so of course she loves the avatar state. However the similarity between them will come to place, not taking the fact being the avatar more seriously in their own way though(Aang more reluctant and Korra punch first and ask questions later).
Korra hasn’t fully realized the burden of being avatar, Aang had it sooner because he never wanted to be the avatar for this reason, the burden and responsibilities of being an avatar.
But this makes quite interesting, you know, Aang had to deal burden and responsibilities sooner and the privileges later, because once was revealed to him he was the avatar, changed perspective and life on him drastically, while Korra is the opposite, she already knew she was the avatar on her own at 5 years old for being able to bend 3 elements on her own, in another words, she had the privileges of being avatar since she was a child, bending more than 1 element, being taken care of, best bending teachers to go to South Pole just to teach her, very sheltered.
I guess that’s one of the purpose and what’s in store for Korra, the real weight of being avatar as if in Book 1 was pretty much a preview for Korra in this, the pressure, the burden, responsibilities, duties and expectations, the more she advances, the grander will be the scale of all being the avatar, Book 2 will be huge because Korra experiences the spiritual side in the spirit world.

 So Mako has an upgrade in his social and financial status, working at the police force, it seems at an high rank like we see in his badge, so I guess he will be a bit at ease of taking care of his brother, now he has a very stable financial life.
Of course he will still looking out for his little brother, probably now more of choices that may make or it is more safe for Bolin to chose, or spending less time with his brother, friends and his current girlfriend Korra because of work, it seems will have Lin sort of lifestyle in Mako, for this we will have more outlook for Lin’s past and choices, if Mako will follow the same steps as Lin’s becoming a loner or will he be able to manage the situation without following that path of ending alone, which priorities will he take? the work or the ones he cares about spend time with? This will be interesting development.

 This one is kinda easy to speculate, Bolin’s loss of innocence and maturing and start of what will becoming of him in the future, his quest of what he wants to do for his life, so is pretty much Bolin discovering deeper his identity, becoming less naive, think and take care of himself more on his own, he is more on his own from now on, so will be very relatable and interesting, his older brother will be very busy with his job after all, it seems this eccentric man gonna push this development a little more. it’s small the text, even though his development will be huge but resumed in a very small text.

 She will have an very interesting character development, it’s probably one of the arcs that carries over and links from Book 1 to Book 2, it’s pretty much the aftermath of the revolution, the consequences…all these consequences falling into her, it’s quite a huge burden on her shoulders given by her father and the revolution itself, she will be going through some hardships but will be these hardships that will give her a even brighter future. 
Once again a big development into small text.

Next will be Relationships (romance, brotherhood and friendship, family) 


I talk about the reveal of the Book 2 air date and the surprising change from Saturday Mornings to Friday evenings as well covering the new trailer.

LOK book 2 out by Christmas?

So I was trolling some fan pages onlne… someone said,

I just heard from a Avatar spanish page saying that Book 2 will be released at the end of this year.

If this is true I’m willing to wait. Book 2 must have some pretty awesome art styles, stories,etc for it to take so long. :-D