some storyboard works from ep 5 animatic of ‘legend of korra’ 

this is one of my favorite episode from book1. it’s been a long time to see my old board work. so embarrassed to see my work… but it brings up old memory~

Favorite antagonist in Atla as voted by people.

It’s no surprise that our beloved Fire nation princess Azula was voted as the favorite antagonist in the series. She is perfect villain! No other character could compare to her in her sheer power, skill, and awesomeness! Her failure brother as always came in second place. :D It looks like he is destined to stay in his younger sister shadow.

Surprisingly Ty lee got to the third place. Never trust that pink happy-go-lucky girl when it comes to villainous plots and schemes because she will back stab you at the first opportunity she gets and leave you lying on the ground.

The failure lord Ozai failed to surpass the acrobat and ended in fourth place. There was only two vote difference from the fifth place where creepy bloodbender Hama reside.

The first five places and the votes they received!

1. Azula 298 votes 67,6%

2. Zuko (book1) 41 vote 9,3%

3. Ty lee 18 votes 4,1%

4. Ozai 17 votes 3,9%

5. Hama 15 votes 3,4%

Honorable mention: Combustion man and Zhao both got 12 votes.


That reunion scene is still one of my favorite moments in the series so far. 

I love that these two are bffs, and I’m sat that that fact isn’t used more often. Skulduggery and Valkyrie have a close relationship I wouldn’t trade for anything, but they don’t have the history that war buddies have. Skulduggery was really upset about Ghastly in book1. It said a lot about both of them. In a world where everyone’s out to get you, it’s good to have someone you trust.