I have battle scars

They are meant to say redemption

But deep inside my heart

They say

Never Forget

anonymous asked:

"Korra and Asami chemistry was first noted by the FANS and then writers recognized it and made history." Actually that chemistry was totally intentional, the writers planned for Korrasami endgame since pre-production of season 3.

They had chemistry even before tho? People shipped them as early as that episode in Book1 with the race track.

Since Book3 writers simply acknowledged that fanbase likes it and that it works, thus taking steps to build up an actual relationship(albeit sadly mainly subtextually, thanks Nick…). But lot of fans recognized it even before that when it was still unintentional. :)

l-aurora  asked:

Hi, so yesterday I ate a lot of food with nuts in it, which I rarely do, and I feel -and look- like I've just gained a ton of weight, and I'd just started seeing real progress in toning my body. So I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do, like drink a lot of water, to like "go back", or do I have to start over in losing this fat again..? I did have a week or two of not eating enough up to yesterday so that might be why it shows btw but... it's annoying. Thanks!  

Its not healthy to try to correct for one bad meal, what is healthy is educating yourself on a lifetime of good meals.  Keep following the guidelines and increasing your ability to cook, eat out healthy & get ready for our next video that shows the power of empowerment.