some storyboard works from ep 5 animatic of ‘legend of korra’ 

this is one of my favorite episode from book1. it’s been a long time to see my old board work. so embarrassed to see my work… but it brings up old memory~

Legend of Korra FMA Brotherhood Style (Opening 1) 

This one was a fun one to make. I absolutely LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I watched the whole series about 4 or 5 times already. This made me think about making the first opening of Korra Season 1, Brotherhood style. So fans of both FMAB and Korra UNITE!

Seems legit. XD

Somewhere sa Introduction.

… … . 

If you’re ready, let’s begin. If this were a made-up story, It would begin at night, with a storm blowing and owls hooting and rattling noises under the bed. But this is a real story, so I have to begin where it really started.

It started in a toilet.

okena. done na ko sa book 1. not as good as the movie. 

brrr. Hollywood, Y U NO stay out of my books?. XD

OK. gagawa pa lang ng POA. 

A Hunger Games (Book 1) Timeline

Hi all!

About a month ago, I was inspired by an idea for creating a timeline for the HG books.   As a visual learner, I felt that something that anyone could reference easily for the details on when certain events happened.  So, I began going through the book, and what follows is a timeline based on the first book (page references are from the paperback edition).

My thanks to the always wonderful @mtk4fun and @norbertsmom for looking over and helping me correct mistakes and improve the details.  You both are the best!

So, here it is…

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