…Does anybody else understand the mix of absolute frustration and excitement all at the same time? Because this new book cover is lovely, but because I’m a book snob I have to buy the first one with the new cover (lucky for me its just under $6) I’m still really excited to read this trilogy though! I just want to finish Stalking Jack the Ripper and The Bear and the Nightingale first

remember: you are under no obligation to enjoy so-called “classic” literature because a bunch of old people with values from the 1800s decided it should be revered. you like zombie vampire princesses? that’s rad keep reading what you’re interested in and never let someone tell you what you should and shouldn’t read

Last night’s preview party was a success!! 1. The guests were LOVELY and not book snobs who poo poo’d me for my confusion over the exact meaning of the word ‘prologue’. 2. I gave a speech which accidentally gave the ending away and they didn’t throw rotten tomatoes at me. 3. We supplied no rotten tomatoes. 4. #WildeLikeMe is out there in the book critic’s hands- let’s see what they think!!!!!!! 🍾🍾🍾

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Wow 38 with two kids and a Harry Potter lover! How awesome. So who is you guys' fav characters, scenes?

I literally love all these characters. I can’t think of a single one I didn’t enjoy. The heroes, the villans, the magical creatures, the background people. All interesting and worth reading about!

Some scenes/things I enjoyed the most:
- OotP was my favorite book, because I’m moody and difficult and I enjoy getting my heart ripped out. Harry’s fit in Dumbledore’s office hit way too close. Anyone over 30 needs to remember what it was like being a teen, when you’re old enough to take on the world’s problems, but not old enough for anyone to take seriously!

- The part when the twins magic’d dinner over to the table and, after Molly yelled at them, food got everywhere and the knife got lodged in the table. Hilarious!

- The entire Quidditch World Cup. Arthur trying to light the fire and being delighted when he keeps failing, the stubborn old wizard that refused pants, Salem Witch’s Institute! (Salem, MA is real close and awesome and fun and witchy and I screamed at the reference!)

- Can we talk about Bellatrix literally orgasming when the Dark Lord killed Harry? It’s there! She was so psycho, I loved that. Then again, I’m that sicko that cheers for villans (and enjoy watching them lose in the end!)

- When Harry’s letters kept changing addresses; the cupboard under the stairs, the smallest bedroom, the floor in the hut on the rock.

- Hermione steadily losing her shit from taking All The Classes third year. Attacking Malfoy, sassing Trealawney (which I cannot spell) etc.

- Umbridge vs McGonagall!! Harry’s sass was epic, don’t get me wrong, but McG, you’re a treasure!

- I’m a hardcore book snob, but there was a scene from the movies I liked over the books: the way Lavender and Ron broke up. “Won-Won, I’m here for you!” “….Hermione….” *runs away crying*

There’s probably more, lol. ~Taiga

I can’t stress the importance of remembering why we read in the first place. For a few years, I’d forgotten what it was like to be totally consumed by a story, and to read it for the pure enjoyment of it, not for aesthetic or because you “ought” to read classics. Don’t forget the charm and beauty and captivation of a young adult novel, of fantasy worlds that spread over multiple books, science fiction, cheesy teenage romance novels. Don’t be a book snob, it took the fun out of reading while I forced myself through “classics” that were a bunch of fancy words but no plot that excited me enough to stay awake into the night and unable to put it down. Reading is meant to be enjoyable. Don’t forget it.

probably the first photo of my face I’ve posted on this website, but I’m still super happy about this cosplay I wore at @iceandfirecon just a little over a week ago: Sansa Stark from A Storm of Swords. You can’t really see it in this photo but there’s a silver hair net with amethyst beads :) 

the post-con blues are so fucking real you guys.

photo is off-center but oh well #SANSA FOR QUEEN