Reminders for readers:
  • It doesn’t matter how many books you read. 
  • It doesn’t matter how many books others read.
  • Don’t worry too much about your reading goal.
  • Don’t judge others on their preferences.
  • Nobody likes book snobs.
  • Don’t worry about how many books you own. 
  • Don’t force yourself to read books.
  • You can put a book down if you aren’t enjoying it.
  • Life’s too short to read books you don’t like.
  • You are allowed to reread books as many times as you want.
  • Ebooks are books and they’re great. 
  • Audio books are books and they’re great.
  • Physical books are great too.
  • You are still valid. You are still a reader. It literally doesn’t matter how or what you read. 
  • Don’t worry about what everyone else is reading.
  • Don’t worry about other opinions. 
  • Read what you want. 

I hate when people are like “it’s not spoilers anymore if it’s been out for 2 years! You had plenty of time to read it!” like, just because you read it .2 seconds after it came out does not mean that everyone had the chance to. Don’t spoil the ending of a book just because you read it when it first came out  


When you were an infant a Dornish trader landed on Dragonstone. His goods were junk except for one wooden doll. He’d even sewn a dress on it in the colours of our house. No doubt he’d heard of your birth and assumed new fathers were easy targets. I still remember how you smiled whn I put that doll in your cradle, how you pressed it to your cheek. By the time we burnt the doll it was too late. I was told you would die; or worse, the Greyscale would go slow, let you grow just enough to know the world before taking it away from you. Everyone advised me to send you to the ruins of Valyria to live out your short life with the stone men before the sickness spread through the castle….
How to Ruin a Romance in 5 Easy Steps by Elizabeth Vail
Ruining Romance is a time-honored, cost-effective way to gain acclaim for yourself and your superior literary talents.
By Elizabeth Vail

The best way to Ruin Romance is to read Objectively Good Books so you can inform your readers what literature should be like for everyone. The books you read aren’t bogged down by superficial hot-button issues like race, gender, or sexuality. No, they deal with timeless, universal themes – like having a hard time feeling special at your expensive prep school.


My best friend has been a Harry Potter fan for over ten years, and earlier this year I finally broke down and watched the movies so that we could fangirl together. The trouble is, whenever I voice a solid criticism I get cut off by, ‘Well, you should just read the books.’ I’m on the second book, but I read very slowly and don’t have a lot of free time. I’m bummed that I can’t share my love of the characters with her because it feels like my opinion isn’t valid if I haven’t read the books.

remember: you are under no obligation to enjoy so-called “classic” literature because a bunch of old people with values from the 1800s decided it should be revered. you like zombie vampire princesses? that’s rad keep reading what you’re interested in and never let someone tell you what you should and shouldn’t read

Book Snob Dillane confirmed! 

“I wish I’d read the books - I might have got a better idea of where it was all going,” he said. “I just felt as if I didn’t get it, and had I read the books, I might have had a better idea of the role of the character - what he was meant to be. It might’ve helped.”

He still doesn’t get why anyone likes this turd of a show:

“I could’ve done with another year,” he said. “But as far as whether that character should’ve continued or not continued… or what the investment in him is, I really don’t know.”

Nor does he miss it:

“You’re such a cog in the machine,” he said. “I missed hanging around with some of the people, but the actual experience of filming? No, I don’t miss that.

Thank you, Stephen Dillane!

And now I know who should have won the Golden Carol for “most meta line”:

Definitions of a real reader abound on the Book Riot Facebook page, and they make me sad. Sometimes they make me angry. Often they make me really want to not hang out with people who read, because man… People who read kinda sounds like jerks. Real readers only love to dig through stacks; real readers hate sterile new bookshops; real readers only read printed books; real readers hate ebooks; real readers don’t read audiobooks; real readers don’t write in books; and real readers read slowly. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the comments on our posts, in the comments on our Facebook, in the messages we get on Twitter, we at Book Riot are regularly told how we (and the readers who like our take on things) don’t measure up as readers.

We build our lives in books. But we are not Real Readers.

Tyrion Lannister did not except himself. His tongue had earned him some stripes on the back in the beginning, but soon enough he had learned the tricks of pleasing Nurse and the noble Yezzan. Jorah Mormont had fought longer and harder, but he would have come to the same place in the end.