Reasons You should Read The Silo Series:
- Dystopian novel that isn’t about teenagers falling in love
- In fact teenagers are treated as children throughout the whole novel it’s refreshing
- Jules
- Technology isn’t treated as some horrible enemy to a loving society
- Optimistic take on dystopian society
- Juliette Nichols
- Please for the love of all that is good read this and learn about Juliette

Why you should read the All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic
  • If I had to put Ao3 tags on these books they would be the following: 
    M/M; slowest slowburn to ever burn slow; broken boys; enemies to family; protective assholes; violence; blood; swearing; alcohol & drug use; tw for sexual abuse; sports fiction; aggression problem; attitude problem; 
  • Yeah, yeah, I know. Sports fiction?, you think. But believe me when I say it does not matter if you’re into sports or not. It’s also a fictional sport, mixing lacross, hockey and whatever else and it’s so freaking fast and aggressive, point is the writer invented a sport just for this story.
  • The ship may not be actually canon until the third book but the slow burn is heart wrenching and so well developed it blows my mind.
    Seriously you don’t even know it’s happening at first, you might even have problems figuring out who the ship even is, but when you do suddenly everything in your life makes sense
  • The women are awesome. I have seriously never read women in fiction this well and realistically depicted. You could literally swap every gender in this book and it wouldn’t change a thing.

more reasons to read these books: 

  • Neil: problematic and so not innocent, but still a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure, must be protected at all costs, has lived trough so much and continues to live through so much
  • Andrew: literally a small ball of self-distructive psycho with a huge overprotective streak, you will hate him and then you will love him; just imagine a mixture between Ronan Lynch and Mickey Milkovich and add a little more aggression, unpredictability and pain and you got it (thanks to coldsaturn i can now not picture him as anyone else but Noel Fisher), sometimes he makes literature references
  • Matt: the true cinnamon roll of this story, still a little aggressive, but good to the core
  • Dan, Renee, Allison, Nicky, literaLLY EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHAracter

Endless List of Books I’ve Loved
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet,
And those I kiss but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.

At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair,
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.

By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.

For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When I kill, I do it slow…

Cordy’s LGBT Book Rec

This is for the anon who had doubts about the hetero-ness of TRC!  If you’re looking for an explicitly LGBT book, here you go!

These books are 100% super actually gay:

  • The Song of Achilles
    • big shocker here!  It’s about Patroclus and Achilles and their love from childhood to Troy
  • The Captive Prince trilogy
    • This one is an adult series, not YA, but still great  Prince Damianos is captured and sent as a pleasure slave to Prince Laurent in a neighboring kingdom.  Damen can’t let Laurent know who he is or he’ll be killed, and Laurent needs to navigate the complicated court politics with his uncle (who is King Regent until Laurent is fit to take over the crown).  It’s fantasy gay fun, what’s not to love??
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
    • This is a really great coming of age tale of two young Mexican American boys in the 1980s who are close friends and grow even closer as they grow up.  
  • Beauty Queens (by Libba Bray)
    • Lord of the Flies only with beauty queens!  There are all kinds of girls here: gay and straight and bi, cis and trans, different races and body types and skills, one of the girls is deaf.  It’s so diverse!  Basically, a plane crash lands on an island and the girls have to work together to survive!
  • Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda
    • Two gay email pen-pals are hopelessly in love but don’t know each others’ identity.  Simon has to figure out who his mysterious love is while navigating high school as the only out gay boy.
  • The 5 Stages of Andrew Brawley
    • Andrew’s parents have died and now he lives in a hospital, not ready to face the outside world.  He gets a job in the cafeteria, hangs out in the ER, and sleeps in an abandoned wing.  He has friends in the children’s ward and he reads to another teen boy who he quickly starts falling for.
  • Great (by Sara Benincasa)
    • It’s the Great Gatsby but with lesbians.  If you’re looking for a happy lesbian story, this is not it.
  • Ash (by Malinda Lo)
    • A retelling of Cinderella where Ash is actually bisexual, never falls for the prince, and has to choose between an elf prince and the mysterious huntress. 
  • The Dark Wife
    • It’s the story of Hades and Persephone, only Hades is a woman and not as bad as you think.  
  • Proxy series (by Alex London)
    • Based off of The Whipping Boy, Syd is a poor proxy who gets money by being the the whipping boy for a spoiled rich kid named Knox.  This is set in a dystopian future and is a really wild ride.  The poor people of this society are kept down by the proxy system, and Syd decides that something should be done about that.
  • Fanart (by Sarah Tregay)
    • This is about Jamie who’s in love with his best friend, but doesn’t want to ruin the friendship.  The girls in his art class decide to draw fanart of him and Mason, which eventually helps Jamie tell Mason what he’s been so scared to say.  (This one is a little iffy for me bc people are outed against their will, so beware of that)
  • Archangel Academy by Michael Griffo
    • This series is basically gay Twilight set in an English boarding school.  There are water vampires and swim teams and Michael and Ronan are hopelessly in love.  Very sappy!
  • Openly Straight
    • Rafe is sick of being the only out gay kid in school so he transfers to a boarding school in another state.  There, he pretends to be straight so that he doesn’t have to deal with the stereotypes and attention that comes with being out.  However, he learns that forcing himself to be someone he’s not just to fit in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  There really isn’t much of a romance in this, it deals more with gay identity.
Hey all my bookish friends I have a request!!

So a friend of mine last night asked me if I could recommend any female lead books that have zero romantic plot or subplot.  I had a hard time giving him more than one or two.

It got me thinking that, even more than wanting to give him a good list, I would love to read more books like that too!

So can any of you guys recommend any? (and if not can you reblog this so your bookish followers can possibly help us out?)  Any genre is fine! :)

anonymous asked:

I just got the Aristotle and Dante book from the library. Convince me to read it please

anon what hte fuc k do u mean i fuckign,.,,,, i fuckign hat e this boo k

  • It’s a 1980s setting. 80s books are so great okay
  • its not like some ridiculous love at first sight thing its very clear that their friendship is the most important thing. friendship comes first 
  • the writing style is absolutely stunning. you can see everything and more importantly you can feel everything. every sentence is a punch to the gut tbh its all so profound and so goddamn beautiful
  • its a really quick read i read it in a day. like its not too time consuming. not having the time to read it is an invalid argument 
  • theres something about it that makes the world seem more beautiful
  • dante addresses how he doesnt always feel mexican because he feels like he doesn’t “act mexican” or “look mexican” which is a really important topic to address and the book does make sure to validate that he most definitely is mexican despite all this
  • racial representation in general!!!!
  • canon lgbt+ protagonists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Its at least a little implied that ari is ace which is like!!!!!! yes (this might be wishful thinking but i care so little about that tbh)
  • Despite being about lgbt+ boys, its not a coming out story, its a coming of age story, which is really refreshing. like a story about lgbt+ stuff that isnt about coming out is such a nice thing to read
  • This book will guaranteed make you feel alive 
  • i love this book
  • so much
  • please read it

@pliotpoe and @greekhalfblood can 1000% back me up on this ok great

anonymous asked:

I'm reading More Happy Than Not and I finished the Captive Prince trilogy yesterday, can you rec me others books that you like? because I see that your taste is amazing lol

why thank you! all right, here we go, these are all my faves. well, the good ones.

lgbtqia+ books

ink and bone (it’s a trilogy, sequel coming out soon. we have a canon otp here, although the focus isnt on them, but wow. so imagine that the library of alexandria exists!)
gives light (disabled boy ends up in a native reservation, the plot is wow, angst, fluff, gayness. the first four books cover the story, then the next one is from a different pov.)
know not why (seriously, one of the cutest gay stuff i’ve read.)
suicide notes (the focus is on the lead character’s illness tbh, but liked it a lot.)
simon vs the homo sapiens agenda (should have started with this one, re-read it like four times. epic, fluffy, funny, one of my favourites of all time.)
fire from heaven (early life of alexander the great, including meeting hephaestion, them becoming friends and.. lovers.)
we are the ants (just came out, beautiful writing, asks the realest questions, focuses on loss, family, bullying and friends.)
carry on (magic, wizards, dragons, vampires do i need to say more)
laughing winds (f/f story, a girl ends up in a death camp, the focus obviously isn’t on their relationship, but it’s a tearjerker, if that’s what you want.)
rock (by anyta sunday, it’s a book that will question your morals about step-brothers falling for each other, but damn, i finished it in one sitting, its so good. bisexual character!)
willful machines (shakespeare-obsessed teens in the future where A.I. might take over the world.)
white whale (oh, this book made me so angry, almost as angry as more happy than not. i was loathing humankind. i was praying for us to die. author of laughing winds and gives light, about a native guy during the second world war, who kills for the american government because he has no choice, and. very very saaaad. and cute.) 
aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe (tumblr favourite)
the song of achilles (second favourite after the captive prince trilogy. i promised myself i would never ever re-read it again, the pain is unbearable.)


the manifesto on how to be interesting (coming-of-age, unpopular girl gets makeover willingly to get a taste of being popular)
the strange and beautiful sorrows of ava lavender (breath-taking writing, girl with WINGS)
am i normal yet? (girl with OCD tries to blend in by being normal and finding a boyfriend, finds feminist friends instead, very very cool)
every last word (girl with mental illness becomes friends with this really awesome girl who introduces her to this poetry club. just. epic)
to all the boys i loved before (kind of a chick-lit, but i enjoyed it lots.)
made you up (!!!!! big favourite from 2015. girl with mental illness, from enemies to lovers story basically?)
the fill-in boyfriend (so predictable but fake dating, we all love that shit)
all the bright places (oh what a tearjerker. what a beautiful, beautiful story. another big fave from last year, i was crying for hours, because.. its really personal for me?)
eleanor and park (another rainbow rowell)

non YA:

the silver linings playbook (the book and the film always gives me such motivation to turn my life around. guy with mental illness tries to cope with his wrecked marriage)
room (have you seen the film yet? you should. girl gets abducted at the age of 17, she has a 5 year old son now, still captured. tw: rape)
flowers for algernon (this book had been my favourite for a long, long time.)
the fifth sally (woman with multiple personality disorder trying to get her shit together being unaware that she lives with four different personalities)

things to read

So the Captive Prince trilogy turns out to be kind of excellent why was I not informed about these books?

For real, though, the premise sounds like that smutty fanfic trope that I have *occasionally* seen done well (A prince! becomes a slave! of an enemy prince!).  And even then only in that way where you kind of turn off your understanding of real life human psychology and just go with it.  And for the first couple pages I thought that was where these were going. 

That is not these books.

For starters I like these people as human beings.  I like how POV captive-prince is optimistic and competent and tactically brilliant at fighting and battles and immediately sets about making smart plans and choices.  I like how he is set up not as the naive innocent (despite getting betrayed by indavisably-trusted loved ones), but rather as straightforward and loyal with a strong sense of personal integrity. I also like how, rather than be mired in his own issues he is instinctively empathetic to the circumstances and problems of the people around him–other prisoners, servants, guards, people fucking him over because they’re stuck in their own no-win situations.

Without saying too much about non-POV captor-prince, I like that he is younger and appears to have been raised in a much more dangerous and politically complicated court.  I like the intrigue of how he clearly masks his feelings, skillfully manipulates people, and does things for ambiguous and complex enough reasons that it makes it very hard to get a handle on his motives–and all of this aligns perfectly with his implied background and isn’t treated like a Flaw to Be Healed By Love.

I like how both princes have something to learn from each other and the story isn’t “fix your personality/values/weaknesses” it’s: “learn to also respect and value other types of strength.”

I like how the books set up two contrasting cultures with different value structures and complicated strengths and flaws that don’t slot into The Good Culture and The Bad Culture.

If I had to compare them to another series, it would be Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series which happens to be one of my favorite series of all time.  The Captive Prince trilogy only has 2 of 3 books out right now but I’m pretty sure it is going to get added to that list.

Alright, so based on the texts I got, messages received, and forty-two anons (I GOT THE ARISTOTLE ONE YEESH :)) I made a list of all the books mentioned. 

• Song of Achilles
• Captive Prince Series
• The Rifter series by Ginn Hale
• magpie lord by K J Charles
• Him by sarina Bowell
• Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander
• Stockholm Syndrome by Richard Rider
• Roads series by garrett leigh
• Five Boroughs series by Santino Hassell
• Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda  by becky albertalli
• how to repair a mechanical heart by j c lillis
• The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley
• nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling
• Temptation series Try, Take, Trust
• Alexander the Nice guy series
• Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

• don’t let me go by J.H Trumble

• cut and run series- Madeline Urban
• Hope Cove Series- Cate Ashwood
• SSU Boys-Maris Black
• Ivy Years Series-Sarina Bowen
• Southern Scrimmage Series-Mercy Celeste
• Aidan and Ethan-Delvin and Garrick-Cameron Dane
• Black Reek Series-Riley Hart
• Better Than Series-Layne Hayes
• Straight Guy Series-Alessandra Hazard
• First and Forever Series-Alexa Land
• Firehouse Six Series-Draven St. James
• Nothing Special Series-A.E. Via
• Chase the Storm-V.M. Waitt
• Fated Heart Series-Aimee Nicole Walker
• The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy
• Dancer of the Dance-Andrew Holleran
• Carry On (and series)- Rainbow Rowell
• Ask the Passengers
• All for the game series. first one is the foxhole court and its free on iBooks
• Freakboy is a novel written in verse about a genderqueer teen and a trans woman of color
• The Tameness of The Wolf
• Brothers of the Wild North Sea
• The Cranberry Hush
• Beauty Queens-Libba Bray
• Afterworlds-Scott Westerfeld
• Sarina Bowen
• Ella Frank
• Mary Calmes
• A.M. Arthur
• Eli Easton
• M.J. O’Shea
• Felice Stevens
• L.A. Witt
• Lisa Worrall
• cordelia kingsbridge

Blogs for more lists: 


….lets go read!

anonymous asked:

any ya genre fiction recommendations ?

[swells up like a giant balloon]

  • GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE BY ANDREW SMITH * – apocalypse via giant preying mantis. 
  • BONE GAP BY LAURA RUBY – magical realism; bees. 
  • THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS * – the background characters who have to deal with living in a YA genre fiction. 
  • CARRY ON BY RAINBOW ROWELL * – magic, magic school, magic shenanigans. 
  • A HERO AT THE END OF THE WORLD * – rubbish ex-Chosen One saves the world, sort of. 
  • HALF LIFE SERIES BY SALLY GREEN * – witches at war, from the point of view of the ‘‘‘bad’’’ (read: epically cool) ones. 
  • TITHE BY HOLLY BLACK – faeries!
  • MORE THAN THIS BY PATRICK NESS * – barren sci-fi dystopia realness.
  • TEETH BY HANNAH MOSKOWITZ * – human boy falls for mermaid boy and everything is fucked up af as fuck. 
  • THE GRAVEYARD BOOK BY NEIL GAIMAN – baby gets adopted by ghosts and raised by the whole graveyard + mysterious loiterer. 

* HELLA QUEER, also: wow, I sure do have varied interests(!)


What’s coming out next month? Anything good? Sometimes book releases creep up behind me and it’s not until everyone is tweeting about it, do I realize I forgot about the release date! Each month I’ll be compiling a list of some of the books that are coming out that month :)

The books above that I’m most looking forward to are Stars Above (Kai’s POV!!), Reign of Shadows, The Shadow Queen, Earth’s End, The Forbidden Wish, and Unhooked. February is a great month for book releases!

What books are you looking forward to most in February?

February 2

February 9

February 11

February 16

February 23

I’m SO TIRED of high fantasy books that are about mysterious, tortured straight dudes that are mysteriously good at everything, with whom the female character has a student/mentor relationship but will invariably end up sleeping with

And as much as I appreciate how good dystopian fiction can be for kick ass female characters, I just want some kick ass high fantasy female characters